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my cherished child I see tears streaming

down your weary face I feel the ache in

your heart as if it were my own for too

long those who Delight in wickedness

have brought Grievous harm without

restraint but their season of Cruelty

nears its end I’ve been infinitely

patient not Desiring any soul to perish

but yearning for all to repent

consequences must come for those stub

stubbornly entrenched in evil ways my

anger seees hotly at the Injustice and

abuse inflicted upon my precious ones

the day fast approaches when I will

violently shake and shatter the

foundations of greed and hatred the

fortresses erected by violence will

crumble into Rubble but you my beloved

have no cause to fear this shaking for

it shall come by my mighty hand in my

righteous anger I will lay low the

prideful and exalt the oppressed I will

exposed to the light all hidden

corruption and deceit my Justice will

stream forth powerfully like a raging

River sweeping away wickedness and

ushering in truth stand firm Upon This

unshakable Promise until at appointed

time draw close to me and renew your


unload the heavy burdens weighing upon

your soul ask me boldly for courage

wisdom and my perfect peace I will

sustain you through the refining fires

of adversity rest safely in my hands

speak my promises into the darkness

proclaiming life and blessing command

increase into baren lack by the power of

my Living Word activated through you

your lips Heaven stands ready to perform

the Declarations spoken in alignment

with my purposes and locking

breakthrough have no fear of the threats

raid against you greater is my spirit in

you than any enemy no weapon formed

against you can Prevail without my

permission my heavenly host encamps

around you take up your Authority as my

cherished child to Halt the works of

evil through praise prayer and

spirit-led Proclamation you shall tear

down strong olds of Darkness for those I

have marked for Destiny a long awaited

day of divine turnaround rushes toward

you that which was stolen will be

restored my glory Rises like the dawn’s

first light bursting upon you driving

back the Gloom the seasons of weeping

and waiting giveway at last to Joy my

right hand stirs to show forth my might

and perform wonders what cruly seems but

light and momentary trials will fade

into distant memory compared to the

weight of Glory soon to be revealed

stand firm through the fires seeking to

refine and purify your faith fix your

eyes on what is unseen yet Eternal in

the shaking of all that can be shaken

cling tightly to my unshakable kingdom

abide in my perfect peace strategies

from my heavenly Council will unfold

unleashing holy Fury against the works

of darkness have no part in the enemy’s

toxic fear or dismay over raging chaos I

command my angels to guard you as the

apple of my eye greater is he who lives

within you than he who blusters

threateningly the devil’s time runs

short lift your eyes above the clamor

and shifting Shadows to view the scene

through my eyes of boundless light and

wisdom if roaring waves of turmoil come

trust my able hand to guide Your Vessel

safely through raging storms into

Supernatural peace I oversee all things

skillfully turning even life’s bitter

hashes into gems of Beauty sorrows and

mourning will turn into Joy dancing rest

tranquil in my sovereign

omnipotence my righteous anger compels

me to decisive action after long

restraint I can no longer tolerate the

wickedness causing my precious ones to

suffer the day is coming when I will

thoroughly Expose and Purge all evil the

prideful facades will crumble and the

guilty will be held accountable but for

now my beloved child fix your gaze upon

my glorious face allow my perfect love

to cast out fears tormenting grip I hold

your future hope and every promise

securely in my hands despite surrounding

storms playing with stubborn Faith to

the unchanging truth you are safe in me

the appointed hour is nearly here when

and I will stretch forth my mighty hand

on your behalf in ways that leave no

doubt the Marvel unfolding originate

from me alone my power will astonish and

my Redemption overwhelms your

Vindication shall utterly display my

Supremacy and worth Precious Child walk

boldly into each new day clothed in the

Royal Robes of my righteousness pray

with confidence for your passionate

prayers Avail much let Praises well up

within to become your weapon of warfare

against encroaching forces of Darkness

lift your voice with courage releasing

songs of coming deliverance and victory

continue steadfastly sowing seeds of

goodness with a heart of compassion no

matter the troubles multiplying on every

side the Harvest of Jo prepared for you

cannot fail I am faithful to complete my

plan I will perfect all that concerns

you rest in my abounding grace now fix

your gaze a new upon your savior and

Redeemer despite surrounding chaos hold

tightly to my promises and face each

unfolding day with boldness and courage

The Battle Belongs to Me Take heart and

fear no evil for I have overcome my

triumphant love and goodness sustain you

now and forever dark days are coming

leaders you once trusted will be exposed

for the Sinners they are their wicked

Deeds Done in secret will be brought to

light but do not despair for I am

Sovereign over all my justice will

prevail though the enemy schemes

destruction I will redeem every hurt for

good the accuser’s plans will fail

spectacularly all that was stolen will

be restored with interest as I vindicate

the oppressed my glory will be seen to

loved one I never forget those who are

mine and my perfect timing I will honor

the faithful lifting up those the world

scorn I will defend the abandoned and

restore the outcast my people’s

steadfast Faith through f FY trials will

testify of my amazing grace for

generations to come their stories will

inspire many tumultous change is ahead

but do not lose heart in the transition

I myself will lift you up strengthen and

perfect you for the next season drawn

near to me your shelter in the storm my

word will anchor your soul unshakeably

my child I see the end from the

beginning you can trust me to lead you

safely through whatever comes refuse

anxiety and fear be a voice of my

compassion and peace amidst hysteria and

anger watch as I calm the winds around

you proving my faithfulness keep sowing

righteousness and Justice no matter how

chaotic the times lift your eyes weary

one your Harvest is comeing coming I

will bless you abundantly far beyond

survival with Revival and increase I am

preparing to pour out gifts and

breakthrough upon yielded lives with the

advance of my kingdom align yourself

with me and childlike trust the future

belongs to those who follow me boldly

defying limitations and logic take

courage refuse fear and see what what I

will do my plans for this world will be

accomplished through those unafraid to

obey me creatively lay down comfort and

convenience to become my vessel you are

called and equipped for such a time as

this the old ways are shaking familiar

paths are changing but do not mourn the

loss of old wine scans I am doing

something fresh stay sensitive to my


together we will welcome the new things

I am bringing forth rise up in faith and

strength my beloved I have crafted you

for these times trust in me your

unchanging and trustworthy father the

Lord your God is with you go in peace

for your prayers are heard your faith is

recognized and my love for you knows no


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