STOP ‼️ A SERIOUS PROBLEM IS COMING YOUR WAY.. || God’s urgent message today | #jesusmessage #god

to my cherished audience God is saying

to you do not be anxious I will provide

for you today my top priority will be

that matters that have been causing you

anxiety permit me to make a path for you

I’ll hold doors open for you please I

beseech you trust me and Don’t Stray I

ask that you kindly be patient while you

wait for me you are un aware of my love

and concern for you and I will make sure

that everything is taken care of Yes

means you’re in even though you don’t

understand what I’m doing you still need

to have faith in me your tactics are

lower than mine you have to believe that

things are being orchestrated by the

cosmos in your favor you will get what

you want if you follow my instructions

and and remain faithful to My Chosen

approach live a life of Faith trusting

in my grace for you nevertheless trust

in me always at your side this video is

for you if you believe in God you have

been dotting your abilities and strength

to carry out the mission I have given

you and I know it’s been weighing on

your mind recently says the Lord never

allow fear stop you from going for your

goals because I’ll be at your side every

step of the way and I know you can

achieve anything I set your mind to In

Christ never allow fear stop you from

going for your goals because I’ll be at

your side every step of the way and I

know you can achieve anything I set your

mind to In Christ press yes to make it

yours this time see if I can assist you

I will never let you take control of

things I stood in front of you I am at

your sigh right here I follow in your

wake please know that no matter what

you’re going through at the moment I’m

here for you we’ve paid attention to

your prayers I know that you’re not

alone my hand has a solid grip on you I

will give you the strength to persevere

when you want to give up I will give

away when all hope is gone have faith in

me calm down I got this I’m headed

toward restorative justice you’re in for

another Journey too La once more you’ll

have faith A smile will return to your

face I am far more capable than you

could ever ask for or dream send in I am

evolving to make sure God says to you

now I am aware that it has been

difficult there may have been times when

you thought your strength had completely

dried up and there was nothing more you

could do remember that I have helped you

overcome every obstacle in life I still

support you just as I did then an

improvement is going to occur trust me

no matter how far you have to go I will

always be by your side right I’ll be

there for you whether you’re celebrating

a win or lamenting a loss I promise to

always love you and never give up on you

have faith that no matter what obstacles

you encounter I will be there to look

out for you and stick by you click yes

if you believe in the existence of God

trust me I’ve supported you through

everything you faced I have never

wavered in providing for you and keeping

you safe in spite of the tears you’re

shedding I can see the bigger picture

clearly I’m going to make a change

therefore have total faith in me I

promise never to abandon you with me

your life is secure you can be sure I’ll

take care of everything watch out for

the small presence I leave for you every

day when you come upon them thank me set

aside your concerns about the task of

the day and focus on me and the

resources I’ve given you tomorrow is

already planned by me so come to me and

ask to be in my presence you’re going to

discover something today that will alter

your course in life for a split second

you fear that you won’t have enough cash

to cover your bills and all of a sudden

you find yourself drawing money like a

magnet perhaps you are in the middle of

a tempest and are unable to see a way

out God is saying to you God I know you

have amazing plans for me all I need to

do is follow them carefully be conscious

of the fact that I am moving forward in

your life I am LED and guided by you

take solace in the knowledge that I am

at your side you must persevere through

the storm no matter how severe it become

since the rain will eventually stop best

wishes you’ve

prevailed enter yes if you

agree I’m holding you tight because I

see what’s happening despite how unfair

it is every setback has been met with

Grace by me and and now I’m breathing

down your neck hold on because you are

about to start over there’s going to be

a breakthrough for you after years of

development this Innovation is now

available to you today there have been

times when it seemed impossible to

happen I kept it going despite it seemed

Doom to fail no you didn’t give up you

remained firm nobody knows what you’ve

gone through as a result the time for

you has come I have complete faith in

you you can relax I will not let you

down in case you found this useful flick

yes God is saying to you today keep

praying to me pray strongly and remain

focused have faith that I will always

answer your prayers and trust in me when

times are difficult remain patient and

continue to pray I can sense it when

they don’t say anything and can

interpret it since my love is felt in

the core of a person’s heart rather than

on their lips or in their head an

improvement is going to occur believe me

you seem to be thinking a lot right now

I can tell the maintenance of your

family the protection of your privacy

the handling of your finances and the

development of your career it seems like

all of the worries and anxieties in the

world are burdening you never lose sight

of the people who are concerned about

you anything that’s upsetting you pray

about it I am able to supply it see I’ll

make the way clear for you the entire

Heavenly Army is is mobilizing and

support of you there’s nothing to worry

about I am available to assist you enter

yes to confirm your affirmation this

time I know it has been bothering you

lately but you have been doubting your

strength and ability to complete the

assignment I set you I would like to

remind you that everything is possible

in Christ you’ve got never let fear stop

you from pursuing your goals recall that

you will succeed because I am at your

side you’re capable of doing this

because your methods and thoughts are

superior than ours I know that you are

at my side your words cause the

mountains to tremble and the Seas obey

all of your commands you bring life back

to those who have lost it in any battle

you are my Ally this situation is is

more complex than it first appears all

around me are a whole backdrop you have

never abandoned me in fact you are the

one planning every action I take on my

behalf you are incredibly devoted to me

how am I to think that your hands will

not support me look at what you’ve

managed to do thus far oh Lord the only

thing that gives me Faith is your word

to claim it just type I’m abundant

everything is new now that it was old

you are everything to me and I am making

every effort to make sure that my plans

turn out well for you so unwind I

haven’t forgotten about you you should

never look away from me nothing can stop

you from achieving the immense

achievement you are about to achieve

this is God’s way of saying to you I

know you’ve been questioning your own

abilities and whether you can truly

complete the task I’ve given you the

goal of the message is that all is

achievable with Christ you have to have

no fear of pursuing or giving up on your

dreams I know that a lot of things are

happening right now that are confusing

you since there are so many things going

on around you that you don’t understand

even though you feel lost right now

everything will work out in the end be

not afraid I am here to help you will

find joy in the morning if you continue

to believe and pray the mountains will

move recall that I am with you at all

times Mark amen if you concur I am aware

that you have had a difficult year and

that a lot is on your mind at the moment

including your loved ones your financial

status your career and your ability to

remain composed I’ll clear the way so

you may go you have all of Heaven’s

power behind you you don’t have to worry

I support you God is saying to you today

you’re are going to make a breakthrough

so the enemy is working very hard to get

you to give up but hold firm I say to

you have faith in what I’ve said avoid

being distracted

proceed despite appearances the devil is

defeated maintain your ground say the

phrase amazing things are about to

happen everything is fully set up for

you to be sure just type I welcome the

new your strength is demonstrated by

your ability to survive surv many people

are unaware of the experiences you’ve

had not many people know in any case

I’ve always been there to pick you up I

want to carry on the habit of never

letting you down that I have started

throughout our relationship your facial

expression doesn’t even reflect what

you’ve been through the good news is

that I’m not done with you yet whatever

you desire or believe I am capable of

achieving it abundantly you know that I

can be trusted I have supported you

during every difficult moment you have

faced you have always understood that

you can count on my support despite the

fact that your current situation seems

difficult right now have faith in my

timing something is about to change

remain composed you can relax I’m not

going to give up on you we’ll get back

to you right


away to be sure click the yes button I

am purposefully doing you this favor

permit me to fulfill your dreams more

quickly my gift to you will be what you

didn’t deserve you’re going to find

yourself in a position where you

otherwise would have been totally

powerless it’s time to get ready now I

will give you even greater benefits as

long as you maintain your faith obey my

word and and show

loyalty nobody else can understand what

it’s like to be Cohen through a

difficult moment someone will belittle

you ridicule you level

accusations against you Etc this is a

reminder not to rely just on your own

understanding you have to have faith in

me no matter what their evaluation of

you is only that evaluation maintain

your happiness despite what other people

may say or believe simply input I’m open

to change to make sure we encourage all

believers to become subscribers to our

Channel God tells you now remember the

times I have been true to you in the

past when you are doubting consider the

occasions when I have unexpected L

benefited you and the instances when

your prayers have been fulfilled

together with the times I shared the

storms with you forever and ever my love

and faithfulness will never alter there

may be days when you feel stronger than

others since life is a NeverEnding

battle it’s possible that obstacles you

face will be more difficult than you


no matter how little you feel I will be

by your side every step of the journey

because you are stronger than you

realize continue when things get

difficult to be sure click the yes

button God’s fire is infused with

purpose the god of purpose is right by

your side even amid the heat God is

speaking via the fires even if it feels

hotter than ever the light of God

endures in the midst of the darkness

that aims to destroy your hopes your

convictions and your destiny we are

developing a trait in ourselves that we

could not have developed in any other

way one Peter for the glory praise and

honor at Rose from the revelation of

Jesus Christ to be found in the

sincerity of your faith more valuable

than gold which loses its Brilliance

even when burned help yourself and help

will come to you the universe is working

together for your success the instant

you express to the universe a true

desire from your heart things start to

go in your favor for manifestation to

occur you must act and have faith in the

divine plan you’re starting to perceive

ideas and feelings more clearly you know

that your efforts are appreciated and

that opportunities and luck are flowing

into your life at an incredible Pace

prepare yourself for a world of Novel

prospects closures and New Beginnings

are happening simultaneously keep the

leaving and letting go of everything

that doesn’t fit well take a look in

this direction to my small flock

blessings remain where you are I

available to you always my whole

universe revolves around you you are

mine Redemption is finished you are

drawn to me because of my compassion you

are under my wings Gathering you up my

affection envelops you like a flag I am

your cloak your defended City the person

you love a body of yours the god of your

salvation is you oh Lord I am known to

you as Abba my father is you each and

every one of you I breathe my own life

force into you I have given you my Holy

Spirit bringing you back to life my dear

get up and follow me you have fascinated

me I Rejoice with music I I pray that

you suddenly become filled with hope I

hope the enemy scheme backfires and you

come out stronger not weaker from your

experiences your stronghold on God’s

promises will terrify and demoralize the

enemy may you find happiness despite all

the hardships you

face God’s promises provide you strength

and Supply what you you felt was lacking

your Crut understanding of God made dwar

Fanny preconceived notions you had about

him everything has life because of him

at last you find success furthermore he

will come to your Aid persevere my

strong one welcome God’s presence we

have to respect God by keeping a mindset

centered on faith you can stay out of

trouble the incorrect individuals will

be turned away with God’s assistance and

doors that you couldn’t have opened on

your own will

open he is going to make you feel better

overcome the illness overcome Injustice

overcome issues at work and overcome

loneliness you must tap into your



reserve but the affirmation I am ready

to shine in writing the darkness that

envelops you is causing many individuals

to become numb complacent and apathetic

even when evil is being done endlessly

and without shame in front of you many

people don’t really know me despite the

fact that many profess to the Holy One

is not known to them as he truly is many

accept and live for that which I

detested and for which I was whipped

decapitated and crucify the cross

represents my greatest desire for a


connection how many times did I say no

pass by and ignore am I have not been

asked for anything not many people are

interested in learning how much they

have Miss interpreted my suffering and

how long it has lasted dot God Heavenly

Father you are infinitely gracious and

loving your mercy has been a blessing in

my life every day and for that I will

always be grateful I am inspired by you

to keep going even when I am tired the

fortit to to hold fast to my beliefs in

the face of hardship and and the

composure to unwind in the midst of


chaos I am appreciative of all the gifts

you have given me but above all I am

thankful that you are my most valuable

possession I love you with everything in

my being May that come to

pass the Angels want you to know today

that you our special land should be free

to experience any feelings without

feeling guilty about it your journey and

the experiences you have are wholly

unique we fully support each and every

one of your growth related

initiatives we are fully behind you have

the same faith in yourself that we do

the subsequent step won’t be nearly as

challenging trust in the magic of new

beginnings Lord I ask that you lessen

the tension fear and anxiety in the

world thinking about all the issues

facing the globe makes me quite nervous

may your calm surround me and keep wor

out of my heart please provide me the

serenity that comes from knowing that

you are watching over wise and guiding

me no matter what today throws at me in

jesus’ name we pray You Are by my side

and even in the shadow of death I won’t

be afraid since I have a staff and a rod

from you for support remember that God

is watching over you and that he will

never leave you emotionally or

physically today God has multiple ways

of providing for

you because he is your Shepherd he is

with you through the good times and the

bad the valleys and the blessings if we

can’t always see or feel it we may begin

to doubt it or even become afraid of

it remind yourself that I am here for

you today though rather than let those

bad feelings and thoughts control you

blessings and inspiration to

you to be sure click the yes

button in your life new opportunities

are rising I’m moving things around to

accommodate you your health

inventiveness and vitality will all

drastically alter Prosperity happiness

love and peace of mind it’s time for you

to start receiving like crazy simply be

yourself and Express

gratitude typ how man if you’re a

Believer I hope and pray that you have a

bright and sunny day today I ask God to

Grant you the necessary breakthrough in

every area I’m pleading with God too

fortify your faith so that you can have

confidence and to uplift your spirit so

that you might be blessed abundantly may

you find comfort in the peace of God

understanding that according to the

power at work in you he is able to

accomplish far more than you could ever

ask or think you can relax knowing that

God is now at work on your behalf he is

working for you and at your sigh more

strong than any enemy you encounter May

that come to pass God desires for us to

remember the lesson of his

transformative activity in us for all

eternity the teachings he teaches us as

he lives through us are the keys to

living meaningful lives his kindness

love loyalty and constancy serve as our

models for how to live these attributes

when him and his people over and are

highly prized the father wants us to be

encouraged today because he will teach

us how to live a life life that honors

both himself and other people kindly

check yes if you

concur your life will never be the same

after learning this all of a sudden

you’re stuck financially constantly

concerned about finances in a split

second after that like a magnet pulling

in steel you’re attracting in money God

is speaking with you today I have been

following you and I have seen everything

you have gone through I witnessed your

collapse I have personally seen your

suffering I watched you strain to get

back on your feet I’ve observed and

you’ve been learning in front of my eyes

you have grown I’ve seen firsthand how

much effort you’ve put into becoming the

best version of yourself how beautiful

your heart is today

all natural it’s ready to be loved just

like I adore you get ready for the

answer to your prayers is going to show

up take care of yourself yes if

everything is set and send this video to

five people who believe in God Jesus as

Lord appears as a comment kindly

subscribe and enable Bell notifications

if you enjoy our Channel and would like

to help



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