Stay True to Your Path | God Says

my beloved child the tough times you’re going through now don’t come close to the amazing wonderful blessings I’m

about to give you I’m going to put an end to these hard days soon you’ve been through a lot faced

many challenges and cried a lot but my love has kept you going when you hear or

read my words remember it’s not just a coincidence I have a plan for your life

that’s solid and true even when you’re sad or worried it’s possible to find

your way out because my comfort and kindness give you hope and my love calms

your heart you are alive and I want you to live a life full of triumphs and

victories that’s what I want for you I’m encouraging you to get up leave the past

behind and move forward walk through every door I open for you the blessings

I bring to your life will not cause you trouble or burden you with debts the

prosperity and abundance I grant you will not be a source of sadness look

ahead and focus on what’s in front of you stay true to your path ignore

distractions and don’t listen to those who try to lead you astray with negativity don’t let the

naysayers shake your faith with their gloomy predictions my promises to you are

unwavering remember them always doubting my words could bring you

down but you must trust with all your heart that my love for you is

steadfast I’m always here to strengthen and support you even when life storms

rage around you the worries clouding your mind will soon

dissipate you’ll see for yourself how deep my love for you is I understand

your heart and I know your faith is strong should doubts ever creep in just

kneel and reach out to me declare your trust and know that help is already on

its way I have promised to provide for your needs there is no reason for you to

fear or despair align yourself with me it is simple speak to me confidently

amidst your difficulties bring me all your concerns and I will fill you with

peace doubt not even on those cloudy days when everything appears gray and

you are surrounded by Myriad problems don’t ignore what I’m telling you don’t

look for comfort from those who don’t know you nobody else in this world controls your future or has the ability

to help you in your current struggles and guide you towards what’s ahead if you’re feeling exhausted and

overwhelmed don’t turn to anyone else just come directly to me I’m the only one who can give you the kind of peace

that will let you truly rest you might not be able to see me with

your physical eyes but through your faith and your heart you can sense my

presence remember me first thing when you wake up if you want your day to be filled with

blessings this is the ideal way to begin your day so you don’t start off feeling

confused lost or overwhelmed by negative thoughts you’ve been through a lot and

have stayed strong keeping in mind everything I’ve promised you so don’t give in now don’t let the enemy trick

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