thank you for joining us for a time of

Serenity and spiritual connection the

morning is the moment when the day

awakens and with it an opportunity to

renew our energy and direct our thoughts





in the name of the Father the Son and

the Holy

Spirit morning prayer Lord in the

Silence Of This Dawning day I come to

ask you for peace wisdom strength I want

to look at the world today with eyes

full of love to be patient understanding

Meek prudent see your children Beyond

appearances as you see them yourself and

so we will see nothing but but good in

every person cover my ears from all

slander guard my tongue from all evil

may only my spirit be filled with

blessings may I be so kind and cheerful

that everyone who approaches me feels

your presence clothe me with your beauty

Lord and during this day I reveal you to

everyone May the Inner Light we find in

this special moment shine in our lives

warming our hearts and inspiring us to

live with purpose thanks for sharing

this moment of spirituality with

us if you enjoy these moments of

reflection and prayer to receive more

spiritual and inspiring content don’t

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pray today and activate the notification

Bell we hope your days are blessed and

full of love peace and faith

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