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my friend when God first put that dream

or promise in your heart you were

excited you told people what you were

going to do but now it’s been months

maybe years and things haven’t turned

out like you planned today’s scripture

says you are closer now to seeing it

come to pass than you’ve ever been

you’re coming into a high time high time

is when things suddenly change in your

favor when blessings chase you down high

time is when your healing shows up you

break the addiction you meet the right

person God makes things happen that you

could never make happen if you’re going

to see this High time you have to wake

up out of your sleep that means to get

your passion Back start believing again

start expecting things to change start

talking like it’s going to happen you

can’t be complacent and step into the

fullness of what God has in store my

question is are you awake a prayer for

today father thank you for the call to

wake up to get my hopes up to start

expecting things to change thank you

that I’m closer to going to the next

level to seeing explosive blessings than

I’ve ever been I believe that I’m about

to see this High time in jesus’ name

amen like if you believe in


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