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said my dear son I feel compelled to

record these words filled with affection

and tenderness because my heart

overflows with love for you from the

moment I breathe life into your lungs I

have been a Vigilant spectator of every

step you take every smile that brightens

your face and even every tear that

emanates from your eyes today my desire

is to express what often remains

implicit but is of utmost importance for

you to internalize my love for you is

eternal unconditional and unshakable

since the dawn of time you have been the

embodiment of my dreams every detail of

your being was meticulously planned with

love and care you are a unique

Masterpiece a singular manifestation of

my creativity every delicate feature of

your face every intricate Nuance of your

personality is an expression of my

infinite love for you even in moments

when you feel lost I want you to

understand that you are an invaluable

part of my divine plan throughout your

journey keep in mind that I am always by

your side in the joys that warm your

heart and in the Sorrows that make you

feel overwhelmed I am there when you

find yourself lonely know that you are

never truly forsaken as my love

envelopes you like a warm embrace even

when you unintentionally drift away my

love persists unyielding and constant at

times I perceive that you question the

purpose of your existence I want you to

understand that you were created for

something Grand something that

transcends human understanding every

challenge you encounter every obstacle

that seems insurmountable is an

opportunity to mature and discover the

intrinsic strength within you fear not

the adversities for I Am with You

guiding your steps and fortifying your

spirit on your journey you will

encounter other human beings each one a

creation of mine remember that each

person is unique with their own battles

and triumphs cultivate love and

compassion in your heart for it is

through these virtues that you will find

the true essence of life loving others

is a way to express the love I have

bestowed upon you radiating it into the

world around you do not neglect the care

of the temple that is your body it is a

gift I granted you to experience the

wonders of existence treat it with

kindness nourish it with goodness and

respect and it will become a valuable

instrument to achieve great feats during

your Earthly joury Journey even as you

strive to the utmost I know there will

be moments when you feel overwhelmed in

these times remember that you can seek

refuge in me I am always willing to

listen to your prayers to reach out and

calm the storms that may arise in your

life do not hesitate to seek guidance

for my love for you is also a safe guide


uncertainties along your path you will

encounter numerous blessings celebrate

each one and be grateful for what you

receive simultaneously be prepared to

learn from challenges as they will shape

your character and strengthen you every

experience whether positive or negative

is an opportunity for growth and

transformation finally my beloved Son

know that the essence of my love for you

transcends the boundaries of words it is

a love that surpasses the limits of time

and space an expression of affection

that knows no barriers when in your

contemplations you gaze upon the night

sky and Marvel at the vastness of the

universe remember that you are an

intrinsic part of something magnificent

Something divinely Beautiful with love

God I hope this message has been an

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