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God is saying to you

today oh my loving children when you ask

for something simply consider you

obtained from that second onwards

communicate like you’ve got obtained

what you have asked stroll like you’ve

got obtained what you’ve got asked stay

like you have received what you have

requested and

improve even if it would not show up IM

immediately give way to me as like I

answered what you have asked always

remember religion is self assurance in

what you hope for and warranty

approximately what you do now not

see I can trade something and provide

you with what you’re asking through your

small little religion in

Me God claims if you want my grace type


in Bible vce Romans to always says

for the whole lot that becomes written

inside the Beyond turned into written to

teach us so that via the patience taught

within the scriptures and the

encouragement they offer weed have

hope lovely kids I am by using your s

equipped to guide you VI the challenges

you face

I see the struggles that burden your

soul and I Renown your plea for help

your religion at the acceptance is true

within me have not long gone not

noted rest confident expensive toddler

that I am operating behind the curtain

to bring on the answers you searching

for though the direction may appear

uncertain at instances realize that I am

orchestrating events for your desire

trust in my Divine timing for I realized

what’s high quality for

you like this video if you trust God is

unwavering sweet kids in your moments of

Doubt don’t forget that I even have

bestowed upon you the strength and

resilience to triumph over any

obstacle you possess the energy inside

you to rise above adversity and include

the benefits that watch for you have

religion in yourself as an awful lot as

you have got religion in

me take comfort in the information that

I am listening to your prayers and my

Divine love surrounds you

continually trust that I will guide you

towards the light illumin ating your

path with no high and

readability open your heart to receive

the symptoms and messages that I ship


manner remember my child which you are

cherished and cherished past measure in

instances of uncertainty call upon me

and I shall offer you with the peace and

steering you are searching for trust in

our divine connection action and

recognize that Together We Will Conquer


barriers typ I love you

Dad the almighty said behold Rejoice

that I understand you completely and

love you with ideal NeverEnding love

many absolutely

o many human beings are afraid that

anybody who involves realizing them

fully will appearance down on them or

maybe reject them so they attempt to

keep others at a safe distance

disclosing only the parts of themselves

they think are

proper this manner of interacting with

others tends to feel more secure however

it results in loneliness be thankful

that there is one who sees straight

through your defenses and pretenses

there is no hiding from me I know in

reality the entirety approximately

you so relaxation and The Wonder of

being completely no but delighted in you

don’t must work at looking to earn my

love the reality is nothing should ever

stop me from loving you because your

mind bought with my blood you are

standard and valuable forever

you want to tell yourself this truth

over and over till it seeps into your

inner being and ifications way you view

yourself self-recognition is the course

to self forgetfulness which is the Royal

Avenue to

Joy my love seeps into the inner

recesses let of your being do now not

close off any part of yourself from me I


understand you interior and out so do

not attempt to present a cleaned up self


me wounds which you shut away from the

light of my love will fester and emerge

as wor me secret sins which you hide

from meek and break up off and broaden

lives in their very own manipulating you

without your figuring out

it open yourself fully to my transform

ing presence Let My First Rate love

light search out and spoil hidden fears

this manner requires time alone with me

as my love soaks into your innermost

deing enjoy my perfect love which expels

every Trace

offer type if you

believe sweet kids your worry can trade

you and your situation in the equal way

your faith can change you and your

scenario you realize which is the high

quality and you recognize not anything

takes place apart from what I says on

your lifesty and even Yano the entirety

occurs for my purpose so select

accurately either Faith or

worry if I gave Victory to Gideon and

have sh my glory whilst he fought along

with his soldiers in opposition to

the midianite Army don’t you think you

may win the Warfare you are facing and

will display my glory for your

conflict is anything to hard for me you

are not on my own the battle you face

belongs to me so don’t worry I am with

you I will provide you with the Victory

to each struggle which you face and will

show my glory what you need to do is

agree with

me share this video with seven people

who believe in God by typing Jesus’s

Supreme in the comment

box loved listeners let’s join our

prayers together heavenly father I

recognize we stay in a large World there

are are a number of people that we meet


day there are occasions that decide

wherein we live and paintings I

recognize that whatever you’ve got

written will come to bypass I pray would

you help me observe the steps to

discover my soulmate deliver me from

traps so that it will postpone our being

collectively help me withstand The

Temptations to settle for a person who

does now not percentage my love and

passion steer me away from those who

will subsequently harm me and lead me to

an early grave bless my footsteps and

order them into situation so that it

will disclose me to my

soulmate like a lost sheep is looked for

with the aid of a worried Shepherd allow

us to look for each different help us

discover every different and be

collectively like your created for Adam

create someone for me help me stay

patient and hopeful until I discover

them help me now not rush into any Hasty

choices my heart longs after the one who

will share my soul the most effective

one my soul longs to love the one made

for me

help us discover our bths in Jesus call

amen type amen if you believe

Jesus I preserve my eyes continually on

the Lord with him at my proper hand I

will no longer be shaken Psalm

– always keep in mind beloved child

in existence the various demanding

situations we are facing our honestly

distractions from the enemy to preserve

us from pursuing our

future maybe someone within the office

isn’t as pleasant to you as you would

like maybe you’ve got a neighbor who

usually parks in the front of your house

and blocks your

mailbox those things may be irritating

however they have got little

significance whilst you look at the big

photograph of Eternity you can’t allow

the little matters to reason strive to

your life in scripture just earlier and

David fought the Giant Goliath his

brother eliab tried to confront

him but David knew that arguing with

eliab wasn’t even really worth his time

and electricity he knew his actual

conflict change tend to with with

Goliath and he did not want to be

distracted he clearly turned away from

eliab and stored his recognition on what

he became known as to

do let’s comply with the example of

David and maintain our eyes on what is

maximum vital in life instead of being

led away with the aid of frustrations

allows awareness the large photograph

know when to shrink back from strife and

Acquire The Mark of honor the Lord has


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