Someone you loved passed away alerting you to…

my dear listener today there’s an

important message for you wrapped in a

bit of

mystery imagine someone you cared about

deeply has just passed

away along with the sadness they send

you a gentle warning from Beyond about a

person who seems kind but is hiding

dishonesty let’s think about what this


means picture this you’ve lost someone

very special maybe a friend or a family


amid all the tears and kind words a

quiet warning tugs at your

heart it’s as if the loved one who’s

gone is still watching over you

whispering to be cautious about someone

deceptive among your friends or

acquaintances pause and think is there

someone around you who fits this

description someone who appears honest

but might not

be if you feel this message is for you

silent ly think I claim this message

let’s delve

deeper the loss of a loved one is a

stark reminder of how precious life

is and why we must choose our friends

wisely sometimes people charm us with

their smile and sweet words but their

true intentions are

hidden this message is a call to see

beyond those

smiles have you seen any warning signs

are felt uneasy around someone lately

often these uneasy feelings are like

secret hints guiding

us if you trust these instincts quietly

affirm I trust my instincts and move

forward with a clearer vision in your

relationships it’s important to remember

not everyone might look out for your

best some people could try to use your

goodness for their own

benefit but don’t worry you’re not alone

the universe is always there to help and

protect those who keep their hearts

open take a moment now to fill your

space with love and

light imagine asking for Heavenly

protection to keep you

safe picture a bubble of bright white

light around you keeping all the bad

vibes and dishonesty away trust in this

light to protect you from any

harm now let’s take a moment to think

about what we can learn from this

message what lessons are

there perhaps it’s a nudge to have

stronger boundaries with others or to

trust your gut feelings

more challenges can teach us a lot so if

you’re ready to learn from them think to

yourself I embrace the wisdom of

adversity every tough moment is a chance

to grow and

change welcome this message with a

thankful heart

and let’s consider forgiveness and

healing when we lose someone we feel a

lot of emotions like sadness anger and

regret remember holding on to anger

doesn’t help us it holds us back think

about the person who might not be

honest rather than keeping bitterness

think about the power of

forgiveness forgiving doesn’t mean you

agree with what they did it means you

let go of the anger so you can hear

heal by

forgiving you break away from those

heavy feelings and open up to healing


peace let’s chat about forgiveness and

how it can help us heal

inside if you’re ready to drop any old

grudges and welcome

forgiveness think quietly I choose

forgiveness for my own

healing forgiveness is really like a

special gift you give to yourself it


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