Someone is setting a trap for you, And this is…

have you ever felt like you’re walking

uphill through thick fog always feeling

a bit

behind and no matter how much effort you


in your goal just doesn’t seem to get


closer well get ready for a Twist

today there’s a trap set just for you A

big sneaky trap filled with doubts

worries and all sorts of negative

thoughts it’s there to stop you from

getting to where you want to be

and from feeling the happiness and

success you

deserve but don’t worry because today

there’s a special message from the

Angels just for

you this cloud of negativity could be

coming from other people or tough

situations in your life like a stressful

relationship or a job that drains your

spirit sometimes it could even be a big

problem affecting everyone like a

worldwide issue that makes everyone


but often the trickiest Trap is the one

we set for

ourselves we get stuck in our own heads

replaying things we wish had gone

differently and worrying about what

might go wrong

next type I see the trap to accept this

message the angels are telling you that

you’re stronger than you

think you have what it takes to break

out of these self-made limits and step

into a brighter path start by being

aware take a little time to calm your

mind and really notice what you’re

thinking and

feeling do you keep beating yourself up

over old

mistakes are you always doubting

yourself write down these thoughts and

share them in the comments

below it’s the first step to moving past

them once you spot these limiting

beliefs it’s time to question them are

they really true or just fears

pretending to be big problems

replace those negative thoughts with

strong positive statements that feel

right to you remind yourself I am

worthy I am capable I deserve love

success and

happiness say these things every day and

watch your confidence grow type I am

breaking free to embrace this message

make sure to hang out with people who

make you feel good and motivate you push

away the negativity and start

appreciating the good things around

you being thankful isn’t just nice it’s

a strong tool that can change how you

see things and bring more good stuff

into your

life sometimes the bad vibes come from

outside and it might feel like too

much maybe you’re stuck in a place that

sucks your energy and stops you from

growing like a difficult job or tough

family situations

even if you’ve tried to fix things and

it didn’t


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