Someone has illegally claimed your…

today God is reaching out to deliver a message directly to you he’s like a

mighty Force ready to bestow magic upon your life showering you with blessings

as a testament to your unwavering Faith your name holds significance Beyond mere

letters it reflects your essence shaping the events that unfold around you but

beware there are those who has been illegally claiming your name and exploiting it for their own selfish gain

and God want wants you to remain Vigilant imagine spiritual blessings as

seeds planted in the soil of your heart they aren’t magic spells to be cast at will instead they grow from seeds of

faith and aligning with Gods will for you picture your heart as a garden you

can’t force the flowers to bloom but with patience and care they will Blossom

beautifully if someone tries to exploit your name for their own benefit it’s like they are straying from the path of

true spirituality it’s as if they are attempting to steal the sunlight from your garden to make their own flowers

grow but even if they receive blessings through deception their flowers won’t be

as vibrant because they lack the nourishment of Good Intentions God encourages you to share your blessings

generously like offering your favorite snack to a friend without expecting anything in return just as you wouldn’t

anticipate your friend giving you something back for the snack be cautious of those who might exploit your kindness

they’re like Birds trying to steal seeds from your garden if someone uses your name without your consent to gain

blessings be vigilant seek support from trustworthy people and maintain your

spiritual connection with God remember the blessings meant for you will come naturally and those who deceive you will

not succeed in the long run stay true to your honest humble and devoted self

trusting that God will protect and guide you on your journey listen closely for

these are not just words but a direct message from the father to you you don’t want to miss what he has to say it’s

urgent compelling and absolutely crucial that you watch this video until the very

end don’t let this opportunity slip away your soul depends on it the father says

today take heart and be courageous for the works of darkness will not overcome

you no matter how things appear right now the enemy found a gap in your defenses and you have felt its impact

but do not despair for I am bringing a swift resolution I am never late and I

never abandon my children do not let thoughts of being forsaken take root in your heart I am a god of blessing

abundance and I Delight in providing for you from my heavenly storehouses today

watch and see as I extend a blessing directly from my throne own room tailored to reach you exactly where you

are as you receive this blessing remember that I am a god of restoration

not only am I restoring you in this moment of need but I am also renewing

relationships dreams and opportunities that may have seemed lost just as I am

blessing you I am also extending a guiding hand to help you navigate through this challenging time know that

I am a God of Justice I see the wrongs that have been done un

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