SOME SERIOUS WORDS ABOUT YOU” – GOD👆 Divine Light From Heaven is Coming To

the night is almost

over and the day is about to

begin it’s time to live beyond the dark

Deeds welcome back to Lord heal’s

Channel this Tru is essential for

strengthening your relation reltionship


God as

Christians we need to write ourselves of

any actions associated with

Darkness things we have done in the

shadows far from the light of

day when we grasp the fact that Christ

sacrificed himself on the cross to

rescue us from

Darkness removing the blinders from our

eyes we realize

that those in

Christ no longer belong to the

night we are children of light and it’s

crucial to assess how we live live in


world know that God the creator of all

things possesses infinite

power he fashioned the

universe including you making him

intimately aware of your

being do not hesitate to commune with

God he eagerly listens to your concerns

guiding you on your path to

Salvation when life storms rage remember

that God’s presence


difficulties do not signify his

absence God always upholds his

promises we should always be aware that

the second coming of Jesus is Drawing


and this should deter us from engaging

in dark

Deeds while salvation is a gift bestowed

upon all

believers there are also rewards for

faithfulness and the loss of rewards for

unfaithfulness God is the ultimate

righteous church and he will examine our

Deeds whether they are from the darkness

or the light

to determine our

rewards Matthew reminds

us and whoever welcomes a righteous

person as a righteous

person will receive a rightous person’s

reward at the Judgment seat of Christ

there will be people who have spent

their lives indulging in dark deeds and

they will suffer the

consequences so dear children of God the

time has come for us to discard any

actions associated with Darkness Be

drunkenness immorality jealousy or any

form of

sin we should live as people whose Deeds

are Guided by the

light and

devoted to

Christ may God’s blessings be upon each

one of you in Jesus name


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