Skip This And Luck Will Leave You | Massage From God | #jesus #god

Jus my beloved child I am the Eternal

Beacon Always by your side and living in

the depths of your being I turn your

shadows into bright light there is

darkness in the world and in your own

heart every day but remember that I have

already won over the world you can think

about the hurt and mistakes you’ve made

or you can look at me the famous

beautiful conqueror you are welcome to

walk with me on the peaceful path I know

that you have a lot of things that want

your attention and responsibilities that

you need to take care of but I want you

to turn your attention more and more

toward me enjoying my presence through

both good times and bad you might not be

able to get this right the first time

but you can get better over time when

you think about me my unbreakable light

drives away the darkness this is the way

to peace this is how I shine a light on

the dark parts of your life get ready to

go up this beautiful mountain with me

during your journey there are times when

you long for simpler less difficult

times but I want you to see those times

for what they really were a beginning a

warm-up for the difficult Journey that

lies ahead you’re climbing a very tall

mountain and the top is hidden by clouds

so you can’t see how far you’ve come or

how far you still need to go in contrast

the higher you go the more you can see

even though each day brings new problems

and you’re often tired take a moment to

enjoy the beautiful scenery you are

getting better at seeing through a

Celestial lens that goes beyond the

everyday as we go on this journey

together the adventure gets bigger as

you go up this huge Peak the path gets

steeper and harder but the view is

better remember that the higher you go

with me the closer you get to your

ultimate goal which is the top of the

the sky I lead you with my love during

the day and my music makes you feel good

at night I am the Divine guardian of

your life don’t worry my beloved I

control every part of your life in the

morning I tell my love to bless you in a

million different ways so keep an eye

out for the many good things I scatter

along your path ask my spirit to open

your eyes so you can see and accept

these many gifts don’t give up when

things get hard that’s just how life is

in a deeply flowed World feel good

knowing that my song will be with you

even on the darkest nights while I watch

over you with love you can rest assured

that I am your source of strength when

you feel flat your tiredness makes me

want to start over and your weakness

makes a stage for showing off my

strength let go of the need to be

independent and let my grace be what

keeps you going take pleasure in the

process of change because you are

becoming more like my son the hard times

you’re going through now are making you

into the person who will lead you to the

wonderful future I have planned for you

as you give in to my process of refining

you the Eternal

Beauty I’m making you will shine through

time every day should be filled with

thanks because every breath is a gift

from me your life is held together by my

sovereign hands even though it is broken

up and complicated trust that everything

is working out for the best and let

gratitude be the tune that plays in your

head as you go through life inspiration

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