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gathered on a hillside beneath the

boundless expanse of a sky painted with

Hues of dusk Jesus stood amidst a Sea of

Faces men women children each one

bearing the weight of their own stories

their own struggles their own search for

belonging with a voice that carried the

authority of Eternity and the tenderness

of a Shepherd he began to speak weaving

a tapestry of Truth and Grace a sermon

that would resonate through the ages

my beloved Brothers and Sisters Jesus

began his words a gentle breeze stirring

the hearts of those who listened let me

share with you a parable a story of love

Redemption and the boundless mercy of

our heavenly father and with each word

he painted a portrait of a father and

his two sons a family torn apart by the

longing for independence by The Lure of

distant Horizons by the Folly of Youth

there was a man who had two sons Jesus

continued his voice carrying the weight

of a thousand sorrows and the hope of a


tomorrows and the younger son restless

and eager for adventure approached his

father with a bold request father give

me my share of the

estate in this simple request lay the

seeds of rebellion of a journey that

would lead the young son far from the

safety of his father Father’s Love far

from the warmth of his

Embrace not long after Jesus recounted

the younger son gathered all he had and

set off for a distant country where he

squandered his wealth in Wild living but

when a famine struck the land and he

found himself destitute he was forced to

hire himself out to a citizen of that

country feeding pigs in fields that were

not his

own in the depths of Despair amidst the

stench of swine and the echo of his own

Folly the younger son came to his senses

he realized the emptiness of his

Pursuits the futility of his Rebellion

the longing for the home he had left

behind and so Jesus continued his voice

tinged with compassion he resolved to

return to his father to confess his sins

to beg for forgiveness even if it meant

becoming a hired servant in his father’s

house but before the young son could

utter a word of Contrition before he

could take a single step toward home his

father saw him from afar and in that

moment filled with a love that knows no

bounds the father ran to his son

embracing him kissing him showering him

with grace and

mercy my beloved Brothers and Sisters

Jesus proclaimed his voice ringing with

joy the father’s response is a

reflection of our Heavenly father’s

boundless love for each one of us for

when we wander astray when we squander

the gifts he has given us when we find

ourselves lost in the wilderness of sin

he does not abandon us no he waits with

open arms ready to welcome us home ready

to forgive us our transgressions ready

to restore us to his

Embrace as the crowd absorbed his words

a hush fell over the hillside a hush

pregnant with the weight of Divine Mercy

with the promise of redemption for in

that moment they glimpsed a vision of a

love that knows no bounds a love that

reaches out to the Wayward and the lost

a love that calls each one by name and

welcomes them into the Embrace of

Grace but Jesus continued his gaze

sweeping across the faces before him the

parable does not end with the younger

son’s return for there was also an older

son toiling in the fields obedient yet

resentful faithful yet filled with

bitterness and with each word Jesus

peeled back the layers of

self-righteousness revealing the heart

of the matter a heart wounded by

jealousy by comparison by a sense of

entitlement when the older son learned

of his brother’s return Jesus recounted

he was filled with anger and refused to

join in the celebration all these years

he said to his father I have served you

Faithfully yet you never gave me so much

as a young goat to sell celebrate with

my friends in the Elder son’s words

echoed the cries of countless Hearts

those who felt overlooked unappreciated

unnoticed in their Devotion to

duty but Jesus proclaimed his voice

gentle yet firm the father’s response is

a reminder to us all my son he said you

are always with me and everything I have

is yours but we had to celebrate and

bead glad for your brother was lost and

is found he was dead and is alive again

in these words Jesus extended an

invitation a call to humility to

compassion to rejoice in the Redemption

of the lost even as we continue in

faithful obedience to our Heavenly

Father my beloved Brothers and Sisters

Jesus concluded his voice resounding

with Grace may we like the father in

this Parable extend Grace to those who

have wandered stray may we rejoice in

the Redemption of the Lost may we

embrace the boundless love of our

heavenly father who waits for us with

open arms ready to welcome us home ready

to celebrate our return with joy and

gladness like if you believe in God

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