Skip If You Don’t Love Me God is saying to you today

my child I know that life can be tough

there are times when it feels like the

weight of the world is on your shoulders

there are moments of doubt and fear but

I want you to remember this I am your

Refuge I am your strength when the

storms of life rage around you I am the

solid rock on which you can stand in

times of Darkness I am your light when

you feel lost I am your guide when you

are weary I am your rest when you are

broken I am your healer I am with you in

every moment in every circumstance

offering you my love my grace my peace

type Amen in the comments if you believe

I know that you have dreams and desires

hopes and aspirations I want you to know

that I am not indifferent to your dreams

in fact I have placed those Desires in

your heart I have given you gifts and

talents not to tease you but to empower

you I want to see you flourish to see

you reach your full potential but I also

want you to understand that your journey

may not always be smooth there will be

challenges obstacles and setbacks there

will be moments when you feel like

giving up but I want to encourage you to

keep going to keep pressing forward you

see it’s often in the face of challenges

that your character is refined your

strength is tested and your faith is

deepened just as a diamond is formed

Under Pressure so too are you shaped and

molded through the trials of life you

are stronger and more resilient than you

realize when you encounter difficulties

don’t see them as roadblocks but as

stepping stones on the path of

self-discovery and growth embrace them

as opportunities to become the best

version of yourself remember that I Am

with You guiding you through every

Challenge and that I will never give you

more than you can handle type Amen in

the comments and get blessed


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