Shift Your Focus To God, STOP WORRYING God is Bigger Than Your Problems | Lord Jesus Say

hello and welcome have you ever pondered

on how big the universe is the oceans

the skies the hills and now picture your

problems alongside those magnificent

Creations beloved your troubles are

brief notes in the vast Symphony of

existence like a Soaring Eagle in the

sky God’s mightiness transcends all your

worries there’s nothing you go through

that’s bigger than him you might have

been struggling for a while but know

that nothing will last forever in life

challenges are inevitable they come in

various forms and magnitudes often

catching us off guard and leaving us

feeling overwhelmed problems those

situations we regard as unwelcome or

harmful demand our attention and

resolution regardless of our skills or

intelligence challenges are Universal

woven into the fabric of human existence

yet amidst the trials and tribulations

there lies a beacon of hope faith in a

higher power join us as we de delve into

the complexities of life’s struggles and

discover the transformative power of

faith in this script we unravel the

truth about challenges the role of faith

in overcoming them and the steadfast

assurance that God is ever present

guiding us through the storms of life so

let us journey together shifting our

Focus From the daunting trials to the

unwavering strength found in trusting in

the almighty take a moment and think

when was the last time you were in

trouble and thought it would be your end

at that time it did not look like you

would overcome and even live long enough

to tell the story but here you are to

the glory of God The God Who spared your

life then is still alive today this is

to let you know that God is always in

control when things seem bigger than you

it might be easy to think they are

bigger than God but that is one of our

costly assumptions in this video you

will be encouraged to shift your

attention from your problems to God

though you feel so overwhelmed you will

have a clearer perspective of how Mighty

he is I will also pray with you so make

sure you watch till the end before we

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problems are situations that we regard

as unwelcome or harmful they must also

be sorted out or dealt with without

delay because they might escalate as

time passes however no matter how

skillful or smart you are

challenges are one of the things that

all men have in common there is no man

without challenges they might not come

in the same Dimension but when they come

they can be

life-threatening like many others you

may think that becoming a child of God

would end your suffering only to

discover that you still experience some

chaos in your life even after believing

in God if this person looks like you do

not feel bad we will also address this

in this video beloved in Christ you see

God has never promised to take our

troubles away there is no Bible verse

where he says if you come to me you will

never be troubled again so we must be

careful to hold on to what God says and

let go of what he never said holding on

to what God has not promised you will

leave you weary and angry at God for not

fulfilling the promises that you assumed

he made to you the truth is God is only

obliged to keep to his word Jesus says

in the book of John

I have told you these things so

that in me you may have peace in this

world you will have trouble but take

heart I have overcome the world these

words are clear because he did not

intend to deceive you into believing

that things are all Rosy and comfy on

this side he wants you to know that

troubles are a sure thing however his

powerful hands will subdue and overcome

them in trouble it’s natural to run

around for Solutions or trying to figure

things out yourself but here is Jesus

presenting himself as a guaranteed

solution for your troubles he wants you

to see him as the solution deliverer and

savior When Trials Loom like Mountains

and the storms of life rage know that

God is the steadfast Lighthouse guiding

you through he is mightier than those

storms he holds the universe in his

hands and your problems are mere

fragments within His Infinite Creation

have faith for it is the key to scaling

through shift your Focus from your

struggles to him whenever the trials of

Life throw you down he promises to be

your Shield sucker and everlasting peace

rest assured God is larger than any

troubles that come your way only by

faith can you find Solace amid turmoil

strength in times of weakness and hope

when despair prevails your faith is the

torch that illuminates the thick

Darkness the devil may have planned to

overshadow you don’t give in to the

plans of the enemy do not succumb to

despair fear and hopelessness in fact

the moment of adversity isn’t the time

to give in to depression it’s time to

trust God the more trust in the

mightiness of God’s power trust his

ability to save and deliver trust his

power to do the unimaginable and perform

a miracle in your life losing faith at

such a time is the worst thing to do


says we are hardpressed on every

side but not crushed perplexed but not

in despair persecuted but not abandoned

struck down but not destroyed that

should be your confession too that’s the

spirit and mindset God desires you to

have in times of adversity rather than

voicing out negative words every second

scare off your afflictions with your

words of Faith declare that no matter

what the devil does it won’t Crush you

such declarations move the hand of God

to work mightily on your behalf or would

you rather rather go through all of

these alone would you rather focus on

your struggles rather than invite God

God loves you so much that he wants to

be a part of every jot in your life he

does not want you doing life alone

because he knows things can become

really dangerous out there nevertheless

he will not impose himself on you you

may feel that what you are going through

is way bigger than you and I cannot

agree more your financial problems may

be in such a manner that if there is no

divine intervention then there is no

getting out of it your family may be in

a season where it will take only God to

bring about a positive change which is

okay what is not okay is trying to fight

alone why are you worrying over a

situation you know you cannot handle why

are you troubling yourself when you have

someone who is the master of this game

all you need do is just believe believe

everything the scriptures tell you about

this God believe the test testimony of

other believers about him because he is

all of these and even more the scripture

says God has made the heavens his throne

and the Earth his foot stol do you know

what that means it means the world in

its vastness is nothing compared to your

God you are like a pinch of sand in one

of the numerous seash Shores on the

earth now imagine how insignificant your

problem is whether you believe it or not

your problems are tinier than what you

can see imagine how inconsequential your

troubles are compared to the almighty

God do not be deceived into thinking

that God is weak or powerless just

because you are he is strong when you

are weak and Powerful when you are

helpless he can do more than you imagine

his abilities are Limitless let us read

from Mark

a furious Squall came up and the

waves broke over the boat so that it was

nearly swamped Jesus was in the stern

sleeping on a cushion the disciples woke

him and said to him teacher don’t you

care if we drown he got up rebuked the

wind and said to the waves quiet be

still then the wind died down and it was

completely calm as you can see Jesus was

sleeping in the midst of a storm that

was strong enough to drown him and his

disciples amazing isn’t it yet this is

how he wants you to approach your

problems he does not want you to fret

and chicken out when the wind blows he

wants you to be settled knowing that

there is one with you who has the

ability to calm every storm at his word

this is part of what we mean when we say

I believe in Jesus Christ it means we

believe that he is that he can and that

he will if you panic at the appearance

of problems then your beliefs are

questionable being a Christian and yet

fretting out and lamenting when things

are unwelcoming has been the norm for a

long time it is now time to come out of

the norm and do what God expects you to

do to focus on him rather than the

situation at hand in times of difficulty

and uncertainty it’s easy to become

consumed by your problems allowing them

to overshadow your faith and hope the

enemy understands that your faith will

begin to sink if he can get you to be

more concerned about the problem the

only person who probably does not know

this is the believer that is why we are

quick to jump out in order to seek

Solutions instead of realizing that

there has been and a solution with us

all along Jesus when you are faced with

challenging situations it is essential

to remind yourself that focusing on God

rather than your problems can provide

Solace guidance and the strength needed

to navigate through life’s challenges

faith hope and strength these three are

intertwined if your faith is unwavering

you will be full of Hope and Hope on the

other hand is a ray that draws from

God’s Supernatural strength

those who lose Faith eventually become

hopeless and those who are hopeless

become weak and give up God is the

ultimate source of peace and wisdom when

we turn our attention toward God we

Embrace a higher power greater than any

obstacle we may face by placing our

trust in him we acknowledge he holds the

solutions to our problems even when we

cannot see these Solutions Psalms

says I lift up my eyes to the


where does my help come from my help

comes from the Lord the maker of heaven

and Earth he will not let your foot slip

He Who Watches Over you will not Slumber

indeed He Who Watches Over Israel will

neither slumber nor sleep we mostly use

this scripture when we want to pray for

protection truly it is a beautiful psalm

for protection however I want to point

out that the psalmist did not stop at

acknowledging that he needs help he went

further to to establish that God is the

source of his help he did not lift his

eyes to the mountains or his needs he

had them on God no wonder he could

dedicate the remaining verses of this

Psalm to God he spoke about God’s nature

and ability about God’s strength and all

that God can and will do this is a sign

that his attention was on God not on his

needs it may not be easy taking your

mind off what you can see and focusing

on that which cannot be seen but that is

what we call

Faith the moment you can fix your

attention on God you will realize that

your problems are overrated you must

realize that your troubles only enlarge

when you focus on them in his infinite

wisdom God has asked you to treat them

as they are by fixing your Gaze on him

you need likewise to know that God is so

intentional about you that is why he

will never leave you stranded he will

always come to your rescue if you

acknowledge you need help no matter how

Fierce the batt battle remember you’re a

work in progress and God won’t leave you

alone until he’s done he will turn

things around he will save you from your

struggles medically Sarah was not fit to

Bear a child but because God makes a way

where there seems to be no way and his

word doesn’t return to him without

fulfilling its purpose she conceived and

bore a son David Rose from being a

Shepherd boy to becoming a king he

wasn’t qualified but God chose to honor

his years of pain frustration and sorrow

from being a prisoner Joseph was made a

prime minister because of God’s hand in

his life when God moves he does so in

Grand style for all to see so be patient

and Trust in God’s omniscient nature

when it appears that all options are

exhausted and every door is closed you

must remember that God’s knowledge

surpasses yours in all ramifications you

must consciously acknowledge his wisdom

knowing he can turn even the dest

situation ation around for your good

where others have failed by his infinite

power you’ll succeed your finite mind

May struggle to comprehend his plans but

placing your trust in his perfect

knowledge assures you that he will make

a way according to his Divine Purpose

now let us pray closing prayer Father

Who Art in Heaven We hail your name and

we bless you for being the God that you

are we have done nothing to be one of

those who you have made a promise to

saying I will never leave nor forsake

you we are most especially amazed

because you are faithful even when we

are Unfaithful for this and many more we

lift you high we have lifted up our eyes

to the mountains to the hills and around

us and we now know that our help does

not come from any of those our help

comes from you alone the maker of heaven

and the Earth father is there anything

you cannot do is anything too difficult

for you to do we have searched over and

over again yet we couldn’t find anything

bigger than you King Jesus your beloved

children are encompassed with loads of

trouble and we have no one to run to

except you we humbly ask that you

manifest yourself as the omnipotent God

in our lives in jesus’ name in this time

of trouble we come before you seeking

your Solace strength and guidance you

are our Alpha and Omega you know our

beginning and our end are not hidden

from you you know our struggles and

understand the depths of our pain s we

come to you pouring out our fears and

worries knowing you will bring us

comfort and peace in this time of

trouble grant us the courage to face our

challenges help us to remain steadfast

may we find refuge in your Embrace

trusting that your love surpasses all

understanding and that your grace is

sufficient for us Lord we surrender our

burdens at your feet for We Trust in

your promise that you will never give us

more than we can bear strengthen our

hearts oh God God and fill us with your

peace grant us the will and wisdom to

discern your will amidst the chaos of

life we pray for clarity of Mind wisdom

to make the right decisions and patience

to endure help us to rise above

adversity emerging stronger and more

steadfast in faith in jesus’ name may we

never lose sight of your eternal love

and fill our hearts with gratitude now

and always in conclusion remember that

problems are a part of life but they do

not Define your destiny as you journey

through challenges keep your focus on

God for he is the ultimate solution to

every trial trust in his power hold fast

to his promises and you will find

strength hope and peace amid life storms

so as you face each day may your faith

in God Be Your Guiding Light leading you

through every difficulty with unwavering

confidence God bless you on your journey

of faith we offer this prayer in faith

trusting that you hear us and are with

us every moment for in Jesus’s mighty

name we have prayed amen if you enjoyed

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this journey of faith God bless you

thanks for watching

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