Share Your Heart’s Yearnings with Me | God Message Today

[Music] my beloved child in the calm Whispers of

your heart know that the Wonder you desire is nearby closer than the very

breath you draw let my utterances be the foundation for your trust a solid beacon

in stormy times I summon you now in this holy moment to spill out the longings of

your heart write down your profound desires and reveal the burdens that press upon your soul soul in the remarks

below I am here ready and waiting to hear and respond to your appeal disclose

your struggles your deepest pains to me and let each of your wants be voiced with unwavering belief and an enduring

desire as you heed my advice you will find not just Solutions but a path to

peace for the issues that trouble your soul follow my appeal do not shun my

words for each sentence I speak tenderly Strokes your spirit and calms your heart

you will be enveloped in my constant presence throughout your day In My Embrace of love I will guide you down

the correct path I am here to calm your thoughts and dispel your uncertainties I do not desire you to

respond rashly in times of distress my wish is for you to be peaceful and confident sensing my voice resonate in

your heart especially in those moments when silence speaks fear but fear Not

Your Divine father father is here to take your hand to support you in all things to guide you through the darkness

and to elevate and strengthen you when you feel you can Journey no further the truth is you are capable I grant you the

energy to continue in your endeavors I long for you to live and achieve the wonderful Destiny I have designed for

you at times your ideas may be obscured by negativity you persuade yourself that

the promises made to you are unreachable and you doubt that my answer will come before the night ends in your bed sleep

evades you as fear Whispers that everything will be gone that you are unwanted and alone yet no these fears

are but lies planted by your foes you are not defined by their words nor will

you become what they assert others do not determine your fate they hold no

authority over your life remember no one comprehends you as I do so let me fill

you with hope and encourage at this moment dismiss those negative thoughts

and listen to my voice keenly my love for you surpasses all in this universe

it is my plan for you to realize the dreams I have implanted in you my Holy

Spirit dwells within your heart making all things possible through me your past

mistakes are not obstacles to the blessings and prosperity I have in store for you choose this day to seek me

continuously to absorb my words and to draw strength from them today I am here

to revitalize your dreams I aspire to rekindle your lovely aspirations those

neglected or believe to be lost you will witness my Supernatural power reigning

upon you revealing your spiritual eyes to the Wonders that my strength can achieve remember that I suffered on a

cross enduring lashes of immense pain yet I endured with you in my heart no

blow or insult could stop my steps I endured this for you carrying the burden

of your sins so that today you can advance toward your blessings liberated from excuses you are able to achieve

greatness but you must focus on my words avoid the advice of false friends who

envy your gifts and resent your success believe in me for in my presence and

guidance you will find the way to your true calling hold tightly to this steady

truth no force can lead you astray from from your destined path welcome the


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