God is

concerned because many of you are

unaware of the impact of the water you

are drinking on your health and

well-being for several past

months you have been unaware of this


truth the water reaching your home

especially your Thro is under the

influence of many unseen forces and

including the

devil the words I’m about to share are

crucial for your

wellbeing so please heed them with alert

minds and do not disrespect the word of

God by neglecting this urgent

message before I delve into the details

of these words let us pray to the Holy

Spirit to to the almighty God because

the words I’m about to share might be

even triggering to some of the people so

I request you to please say this along


me dear

God thank you for your incredible love

and for protecting

us we your

children asking your

protection please help those watching

this video right now and let them feel


presence Lord remind us to come to you

when we are

struggling when we are

rejoicing and to find peace in your

company when we are scared or worried

calm our minds and let us know you are


us guide us in everything we do when we

feel weak give us the strength to keep

going and overcome the

challenges Lord thank you for revealing

these hidden secrets of the enemy and

thank you for protecting us thank you

for hearing our prayers in Jesus name

amen now what I’m about to share with

you is a vision that God gave me on


just right before the bth

this vision is not ordinary or limited

to a specific person but is meant for

all the chosen people of

God what I saw was a massive leakage in

the water lines causing the water to

burst out of the pipes and Sprint

everywhere however some of the water was

able to continue flowing through the

pipes reaching their homes directly

I witnessed many people drinking this

water without realizing the power it

possesses and how it affects their

health then I saw some people undergoing

baptism in the same water feeling as if

they had been given a new

life in another Vision a group of people

in the church was performing rituals of

cleansing and purification

in yet another Vision rain was cleansing

the dense atmosphere of pollutant making

the air fresh and the easiest to breathe

in upon seeing these things I realized

that the water my body intakes every

single day has the similar kinds of

powers however man many of us are

unaware of this truth and are not

benefiting from this Godly

element and suddenly I heard the Holy

Spirit say this

that the enemy is putting

curtains but God will remove all of

them I realized that the devil has

clouded our minds to such an extent that

even after no doing these things we are

not utilizing them this ultimately

causes harm to a body mind and

especially our Mental Health on a larger

scale the devil is incredibly clever

he’s the father of deception he’s

resisting our use of this Godly element

which is water for our well-being

because it would Aid in our spiritual

growth ultimately

ly this is the reason people of God that

I received this

Revelation along with a Bible verse that

God showed me on my phone which was from

Genesis which

says now the Earth was formless and

empty Darkness was over the surface of


deep and the spirit of God was hovering

over the

waters this verse indicates that the

water existed before the creation of the

world suggesting its Primal nature as an

element from which life

emerges and the other one from Luke

and where it

says for there is nothing concealed that

will not be disclosed or hidden

that will not be made

known what you have said in the dark

will be heard in the daylight and what

you have whispered in the ear in the

inner rooms will be proclaimed from the

roof did you hear that nothing hidden

will remain concealed forever and all

secrets will eventually come to light

God has promised that no evil scheme

Dark Secrets lies or enemies agend us

will remain hidden for

long they will eventually be revealed

and received by the people of God for



today God has revealed the power of the

water reaching their homes and how he

commences to utilize its powers for our

Welling I heard the spirit also said

this be positive while you

drink so what I believe is that we are

being commended to be positive while we

intake the water so before drinking the

water we can recite a short affirmation

once or twice a day

it could be something as simple as I am

protected and I’m grateful thank you

God by seeing this affirmation we are

not merely drinking water we are

consciously inviting positivity and

wellness into our lives we acknowledge

the divine power in the water allowing

it to nourish not only our bodies but

also our

souls know that people of God our bodies

may feel more energized our minds

clearer and we may find ourselves more

at peace more in tune with the Rhythm of

Life this is the power of the water

working within us Guided by our

affirmations and our

faith remember God in his infinite

wisdom and justice

has assured us that no evil plot hidden

agenda or lie can remain concealed

forever these dark secrets these

malicious plants are like seeds sewn in

the soil of

Deceit but just as a seed must

eventually break through the soil to

reach the light so must these secrets

break free from their dark hiding

places child of

God understand the urgency and

seriousness of this

message it is vital that we share this

information with the loved ones and

encourage them to be cautious about the

water we

drink so be a messenger of God and share

this message with people in your


whom you love the most and help them

become aware of the power of this Primal

Godly element and how the devil has

clouded a vision to neglect this

truth also do you remember noas

AR during that

time God used water to cleanse the Earth

and wipe out every unrighteous

person have you ever wondered why God

didn’t use fire or cause an earthquake

or any other

disaster let me tell you God’s choice of

water instead of fire or earthquake may

be seen as a symbol of his mercy and his

desire for Renewal rather than

destruction the flood was not meant to

Simply destroy but to cleanse the Earth

and give Humanity a second

chance so give yourself another chance

at a fresh thought by using the drinking

water as God is commanding you to use

and see what changes come into your

lives remember even in the darkest times

there is always hope for a new beginning

now that you have received these words

to me a favor give this video a like to

help the algorithm reach more and more

people so that they may be aware of this

truth also if you admit these words type

God is in control and join me in this

very powerful preer that I’m about to

pray right

now Heavenly Father we come before you

with hearts full of

gratitude acknowledging your infinite

wisdom and love love that guides and

protects us each

day thank you for the blessings of Life

Health and

provision As We Gather in prayer we lift

our voices to you Lord knowing that you

hear us and respond to our

needs as We Gather in prayer we lift our

voices to you knowing that you hear us

and and respond to our

needs Lord we recognize that nothing is

hidden from your

sight you see the secrets of our hurts

and the struggles we

face help us to trust in your

promise that no evil scheme or hidden

agenda can remain concealed

forever give us the courage to bring our

concerns to you knowing that you are our

ultimate protector and the

defender we confess Lord that sometimes

we forget the power of your presence in

our lives we get caught up in the

busyness of our days and Overlook the

signs of your love and

guidance forgive us for the times we

neglect to seek you in prayer and feel

to recognize your hand at work in Earth

lives Thank You Lord For The Gift of

Water a symbol of your lifegiving powers

and cleansing

Grace help us to be mindful of the water

we drink knowing that it sustains our

bodies and refreshes our souls may we

approach each sip with gratitude and

reverence recognizing the Divine Powers

within it Lord we ask for your

protection over our minds and hearts too

guard us against the schemes of the

enemy who seeks to clar a vision and

lead us

estray grant us the discernment to

recognize the truth from falsehood and

the strength to resist

temptation we pray for a spirit of

positivity to fill our hurs as we drink

the water you

provide thank you Lord for the assurance

that even in the darkest times there is

always a hope for a new beginning so

give us the faith to believe in your

powers to remove the cence of deception


reveal the light of

Truth in the end we just want to affirm

the words of gratitude spoken by our

hearts that I am protected and I’m

grateful thank you Lord May these words

be a constant reminder of your love and

provision in our lives in Jesus name we


amen so stay blessed all the lovely

people and don’t forget to share these

words remember God loves you and I love

you too

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