do you really claim to be a true

Christian if

yes then do you or your loved ones

really know if they are

saved have you ever

wondered what it takes perfectly to be


today Jesus has sent you this sign and

asking your immediate undivided ATT

attention for a couple of

minutes because your most beloved person

is not safe at

all Yes you heard it right the holy

spirit is telling that your closest

person is not

safe we all are

sinners we all have committed sin


intentionally or unintentionally

but God has given us a way of repentance

to find Redemption and reconciliation


him acknowledging a sense is the full

step towards a transformative journey in

Christ whether our wrongs were

intentional or

unintentional God’s Mercy is

boundless and he has provided a way for

us to turn away from our sins and draw

closer to

him the Bible assures Us in John

verse if we confess our sins he is

faithful and just and will forgive us

our sins and purify us from all


but this message today is a sign from


almighty that your closest person is

still being deprived of the privilege of

repentance which is ultimately making


unsafe they need to repent for their

sins and put Jesus first in their life

so that they will accept Jesus Christ

wholeheartedly and will be rewarded as a

gift of

Salvation I hear the Holy Spirit saying

this to me to tell everyone

that our

child hear this Divine

message you a soul Adon with kindness


compassion have embraced the path of


Christ your life a testament to love

reflects the teachings of our

savior the spirit rejoices in the love

you have

shared eing the call to love others as

you love

yourself yet in this sacred moment a


unfolds while you dread the path of

repentance someone dear to you is yet to

experience this profound

Grace in this intersection of

Eternity and the every day the Holy

Spirit beckons you to share the love and

mercy you have encountered with your

beloved your pure Soul attuned to the

Divine can be a conduit of

redemption lift them in

prayer let your words steeped in

compassion resonate with the Divine

Mercy speak to them of repentance and

salvation your words infused with Divine

love can guide them to

solace in the arms of

Christ continue walking with

Jesus not only for yourself but as a

living testimony for those yet to

experience his Redeeming

Grace your actions can be a beacon

leading others to the shows of

redemption may your pure

Soul a glow with Christ Light be a

vessel for the holy spirit’s Divine

sermon your prayers honest and


holds the power to lead a soul out of

Darkness type Jesus Is Our Savior if you

truly believe


it know that dear child of

God the Holy Spirit has led you to this

message he too intentional to let you

know that you must be vigilant and

careful about the people around

you including the one who is dearest to


heart he’s too intentional and urging

you to awaken your friends and ask them

to repent right

now ask them to repent and turn to Jesus


wholeheartedly and follow his

teachings because this is the only way

they would be saved at the

end Jesus has clearly mentioned it in

the gospel of Matthew

– where Jesus describes a

scene where all nations are gathered

before him and he separates people into


groups much like a shepher separate

sheep from

boats the righteous are likened to sheep

on the right while the UN Rous are

likened to goats on the

Left To those on his right Jesus

commands them for showing kindness and

compassion by feeding the hungry giving

water to the Thirsty welcoming

strangers hearing for the sick and with

visiting those in

prison these acts of Love are seen as

expressions of their love for Jesus

himself to those on his left Jesus

rebukes them for neglecting these acts


kindness he points out that feeling to

care for those in need in

essence neglecting to care for him

the parable concludes with the righteous

inheriting the kingdom of God while the

unrighteous face Eternal

punishment this Parable underscores the


teaching that genuine faith is expressed

through love and compassion for



as Jesus identifies himself with those

who are hungry thirsty

strangers sick and in

prison the message is a call to live out

one’s Faith through acts of mercy and

kindness Matthew


says then the king will say to those on

his right

come you who are blessed by my

father take your

inheritance the kingdom prepared for you

since the creation of the

world for I was hungry and you gave me

something to eat I was

thirsty and you gave me something to

drink I was a stranger

and you invited me

in I needed clothes and you clothed me I

was sick and you looked after me I was


prison and you came to visit

me so all faithful children take heed of

this message from the heaven receive

these words in your heart and ask the

people around you to wake up to the

reality the time is

less be

compassionate and repent right

now now join me in this powerful prayer

and let’s repent together for our sins

and seek forgiveness for our loved

ones within the sound of my wise let’s


praying Heavenly Father

we come before you with humble HS

acknowledging our human frity and the

shortcomings that separate us from your

perfect love as we delve into this

moment of

repentance we recognize the need for

your mercy and

forgiveness Lord we confess that as

individuals and as a

community we have fallen short of your

glory we have not always been the

embodiment of your love and compassion

to those around us for the times we

turned away from the

hungry the Thirsty the stranger the sick

and those in prison forgive us Lord we

seek your mercy for every missed

opportunity to extend kindness and

Care in the spirit of the parable

of the ship and the

goats we acknowledge our responsibility

to be vessels of Your Love in This

World We repent for the moments when we

neglected to be the hands and feet of

Jesus to those in

Need for the times we allowed business

selfishness or indifference to hinder us

from expressing our love

please forgive us we lift up to you oh

God those we hold

dear our loved ones who may be walking a

path of separation from your

grace as we intercede on their behalf we

pray for their repentance and your

divine intervention in their

lives may the light of your truth

illuminate their hearts leading the them

to embrace of your forgiveness and the

transformative power of Your

Love in This sacred moment of collective

repentance We Stand

reunited seeking your forgiveness and

cleansing create in us clean Hearts oh

Lord and renew a right Spirit within

us grant us the strength and wisdom to

live out the teachings of Christ in

daily lives demonstrating Your

Love through acts of kindness mercy and

compassion Lord here our prayer for

renewed commitment to be faithful

followers of Jesus actively

participating in the building of your

kingdom on

Earth we surrender Our lives our loved

ones and our community

to your Sovereign

care in Jesus name we pray

amen now share this message with the

people who are important in your

life and let them be safe through Jesus

blessings God bless you


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