everything will soon come to an

end it is already too late for many

Christians and now they are all going to

collapse The Chosen

One the upcoming words are not to insert

fear in your heart but this is what God

has boldly declared

and it will affect millions of people

globally prepare yourself for the Lord

has issued a warning ahead of time for

the remaining Christians who are still

having a chance to protect themselves


collapsing second Peter

says but the day of the Lord will come

like a thief the heavens will disappear

with a

role the elements will be destroyed by

fire and the Earth and everything done

in it will be laid

bare did you hear that when it says the

elements will be destroyed by

fire can you sense what is happening

around the world and how it is

fulfilling this specific prophecy

child of God let me make it easy for you


understand recently a very rare event

happened in the space above a highly

unusual occurrence unfolded on the night

of May th

as an extreme G solar storm

began this severe geomagnetic storm is

predicted to generate widespread Aras

over the weekend following the eruption

of a massive

Sunport that Unleashed five solar storms

space weather experts are sounding the

alarm warning that Earth may be on the

brink of experiencing one of its most

significant geomagnetic storms in ears

due to the substantial activity from


Shadow these incoming storms have the

potential to illuminate the skies with


auroras across much of North


furthermore adding to the celestial

events of

significance in April

the largest total solar eclipse in

recent memory a


cut this all inspiring phenomena

captivated observers worldwide as the

moon completely obscured the sun casting

a shadow over vast regions of the

Earth can you now guess what God is

trying to warn us

about child of God the son is ejecting

fire flares towards the Earth and many

elements like man-made satellites are


destroyed leading to potential

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