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in this heartfelt prayer we come before

our heavenly father acknowledging his

greatness seeking his forgiveness and

surrendering Our Lives to his will with

humility and faith we invite you to join

us in lifting our voices to the almighty

believing in his boundless grace and

mercy let us unite in prayer knowing

that where two or three are gathered in

his name he is present Among Us ready to

hear and answer our petitions therefore

I say to you whatever things you ask

when you pray believe that you receive

them and you will have them this is what

Jesus said according to mark

now to all those within the sound

of my voice let us go to the Lord in

prayer I want you to pray this prayer

with me so that you can have all the

blessings of this prayer let us pray to

our gracious and loving God heavenly

father almighty God I praise your Holy

Name you are the alpha and the Omega the

beginning and the end the first and the

last your greatness is unsearchable your

power is infinite and your love is

Everlasting your mercy never fails and

your truth endures to all Generations

Lord you are my rock my strong tower and

my deliverer you are the one whom I take

refuge you are my shield and the Horn of

my salvation I praise you for you are

the king of kings and Lord of lords let

your kingdom come and let your will be

done on Earth and in my life as it is in

heaven today I come before you with a

humble heart ready to receive your

boundless Grace heavenly father I thank

you for the precious gift of life thank

you for keeping me and for your guiding

hand Lord thank you for the assurance

that every day is a new beginning a

fresh opportunity to love to learn and

to live fully in your grace I receive

the fresh mercies and goodness that you

have laid out before me gracious and

merciful god I approach your throne of

grace with a contrite heart seeking

forgiveness for the times I have strayed

from your path in humility I acknowledge

my mistakes the moments of weakness the

words spoken in haste and the actions

that did not reflect your love I’m

grateful for your promise that if we

confess our sins you are faithful and

just to forgive us and cleanse us from

all unrighteousness let your forgiveness

renew my SP spirit that I may walk in

Freedom and with a heart aligned to

yours as you have forgiven me I also

forgive those who have wronged me and

release any form of bitterness create in

me a clean heart and renew a right

Spirit within me in the name of Jesus I

break the chains of resentment that seek

to bind my heart I place my trust in you

dear Lord knowing that you will lead me

in a plain path I am grateful that you

are my provider and my sustainer let my

spirit be clothed in gratitude as I

reflect on the countless ways that you

have shown me blessings and favor today

I ask for wisdom that you freely give to

those who ask for you are the source of

all knowledge and understanding I

declare that my steps will be sure and

my path straight for you are the lamp

unto my feet Heat and the light unto my

path father God I seek the peace that

only you can provide I ask that you fill

me with your peace that surpasses all

understanding the peace that guards my

heart and my mind in Christ Jesus I

declare that your peace and

righteousness will reign in my heart as

I submit to your Sovereign will Lord you

have called me to be a bearer of light

in a world that that often Walks In

Shadows I pray that I may be an

instrument of your love showing kindness

and compassion to all I encounter I

stand in the confidence of your word

declaring that I am a child of the most

high fearfully and wonderfully made as I

face each challenge I find courage in

knowing that I am yours father I thank

you for the armor that you provide the

belt of Truth the breastplate of

righteousness the shoes of peace The

Shield of Faith the helmet of salvation

and the sword of the spirit I declare

that I am armored in the truth and

strength of the Lord thank you for the

assurance that greater is he that is in

me than he that is in the world almighty

God my refuge and shield I call upon

your mighty name for protection and

deliverance from the snares of of the

enemy in the powerful name of Jesus I

bind Every curse every negative word

spoken against me and every darkness

that lurks in the shadows I renounce any

stronghold that seeks to oppress my

spirit or hinder my journey lead me away

from Temptation strengthen my heart

against the subtle lures of sin and set

a hedge of protection around my life by

the authority of Jesus Christ I declare

that no evil shall befall me and no

disaster will come near my dwelling for

you have commanded your angels

concerning me to guard me in all my ways

Lord of hosts I stand firm in the

victory that you have won on the cross

where every chain was broken and freedom

was proclaimed in the name of Jesus I

rebuke every spirit of fear anxiety

worry and confusion that tries to take

hold of my heart and mind mind I declare

that I am secure in your Mighty hands

for you have not given me a spirit of

fear but of power love and a sound mind

Sovereign Lord you are Jehovah Rapa the

Lord who heals me and in your hands rest

the well-being of my body spirit and

soul I humbly ask for your healing touch

upon my life to mend what is broken and

to strengthen what is weak may your

healing power flow through every part of

my being purifying restoring and

renewing me so that I may stand as a

testament to your miraculous works thank

you Lord that everything is working for

me and not against me in your loving

kindness I lift up my loved ones to you

father I ask that you watch over them

protect their health and wrap them in

your care for those battling illness be

be their comfort and healer for those

dealing with stress and mental issues be

their peace and Sanctuary may your grace

be their shield and your spirit their

constant companion gracious Lord as I

say this prayer together with everyone

listening I am grateful for every heart

that is humbled before you right now I

embrace the power of unity knowing that

you are present where two or three are

gathered in your name and also knowing

that our Collective faith can move

mountains we declare that together we

are strong in the Lord and in the power

of His might we declare that our

physical and spiritual needs are met

because you Lord are Our Shepherd and we

shall not want we declare your healing

and restoration over the lives of all

those who have joined us in this prayer

in the mighty name of Jesus we ask for

your healing hand to touch Our Lives

mending broken bodies soothing troubled

minds and restoring weakened Spirits we

ask for your Divine Touch upon every

joint and muscle every bone and Marrow

every organ and system and every cell

within our bodies we ask for your

restoration to flow through US repairing

what has been damaged strengthening what

has been weakened and renewing what has

been worn May our bodies function as you

have created them too in Perfect Harmony

and health we believe that nothing is

too hard for you and we trust in your

ability to heal us completely from the

inside out we lift up our spirits and

Minds to you Lord seeking your comfort

and peace in times of mental and

emotional distress heal the wounds that

are hidden calm the thoughts that bring

unrest and mend the Brokenness of our

Spirits we stand on your promise that

you will give rest to the weary and joy

to the sorrowful by the stripes of Jesus

we are healed and we claim that healing

now for ourselves and our loved ones may

your restorative power work within us

repairing relationships that have been

strained or broken and knitting together

the hearts that have been Tor by life’s

hardships pour out your blessings upon

each one of us dear Lord providing for

our needs lifting our spirits and

surrounding us with your unfailing love

Lord we come against any force that

seeks to hinder our progress and

well-being in your mighty name we

declare deliverance from Evil from the

snares laid by the enemy and from the

troubles that lurk in the unseen realm

we claim your promise of protection and

safety trusting that no harm will come

near our dwelling in the name of Jesus

we declare we are blessed in our coming

in and blessed in our going out we are

blessed in our work and in our rest we

declare that the dreams of our hearts

are blessed in the name of Jesus we

declare that our homes are sanctuaries

of peace and our paths are p Saed with

favor as we walk in obedience to your

word we affirm that we are the head and

not the tail above always and not

beneath we declare that no weapon formed

against us shall prosper and every

tongue that rises against us in judgment

we shall condemn we stand on the

Promises of your word declaring that

Prosperity is ours for you take pleasure

in the prosperity of your servants we

are blessed to be a blessing we are

channels of your generosity in a world

in need may your abundance flow through

us that we might SW Seeds of Hope love

and joy in fertile soil in the name of

Jesus we declare that our cups will

overflow and we shall dwell in the house

of the Lord forever for your goodness

and mercy shall follow us all the Days

of Our Lives May your peace reign in our

hearts your joy be our strength and your

grace enable us to overcome every

obstacle we declare that we are more

than conquerors through him who loved us

Lord guide our words and actions through

your Holy Spirit May the fruits of the

spirit be evident in our lives creating

an atmosphere that blesses those around

us let our lives be a testament to the

transforming power of your grace as as

we go about our day we do so in the

strength of your spirit with The Joy of

your salvation in our hearts for yours

is the kingdom the power and the glory

forever more thank you Lord for hearing

and answering our prayer in the mighty

name of Jesus Amen if you were blessed

by this prayer type the word amen in the

comment section below I declare that all

the blessings of this prayer are now

upon you in the name of Jesus I invite

you to listen and say this powerful

prayer for the next days and watch the

Lord do miracles in your life say this

prayer with faith believing and

expecting something extraordinary to

take place in your life within the next

Days be sure to share your testimonies

in the comments for we’re expecting that

they will be many our God is faithful

and we thank him for all the

breakthroughs deliverance and blessings

that we are about to receive we believe

in the power of prayer to bring Comfort

healing and guidance in accordance with

God’s perfect plan stand in faith with

us while we pray to God be all the glory

May the grace and peace of our Lord

Jesus Christ be with you all thank you

for joining us in this powerful prayer

if you were blessed by this prayer

please type Amen in the comment section

below we encourage you to say this

prayer with faith for the next days

and watch as the Lord works miracles in

your life remember you can help spread

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uplifting content may God’s blessings

and favor be upon you abundant G ly amen

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