Rewards Await Your Diligence |God message jesus | God Tells |

my beloved child everything happens for a reason I’m perfect in all my ways so

you should not doubt when I say that things will turn out in your favor I will always be by your side making sure

my plan unfolds in your life don’t lose heart keep learning from my words every

day because they hold powerful promises through them you will find peace

strength and courage do not be afraid for I am in control of your life’s

journey I’m at work removing obstacles from your path and clearing away conflicts but it’s not my plan to make

things too easy challenges will come cling to my promises for they will help you endure these trials and lead you to

the blessings I have prepared for you your efforts will be rewarded every step

you take towards gaining wisdom will be blessed and increased even though your enemies plot against you do not waver in

your faith in my words stand firm against them knowing that my angels are

watching over you before we continue our quest for Spiritual Enlightenment let’s

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Community of Faith and encouragement your engagement empowers our journey and together we Inspire transformation my

cherished child my presence surrounds you and I protect you and your family be

patient with those who irritate you do not hold on to resentment as it harms your spirit and weak Akens your

faith even though you have faced injustices and missed opportunities remember that my love for you is deep

those who have wronged you will be embarrassed and through your forgiveness they might find their way

back I promise to make up for what you have lost be ready to see the change in

those who have hurt you do not worry about those who do wrong but instead

focus on strengthening your family ties and managing your finances spend your

time in prayer and reflecting on my teachings avoid wasting your energy on unnecessary things for the challenges I

allow can be overcome by believing in my promises Victory is certain for those

who trust in me and approach each day with courage and Faith your success starts with each morning prayer you

offer to me my dearest child every twist and turn in life has its purpose I in

all my perfection assure you that everything will unfold to your advant vage I’ll forever Stand By Your Side

guiding the intricate dance of my design in your life don’t falter absorb the wisdom in my words for they carry

profound assurances of Peace fortitude and bravery fear not for I orchestrate

the Symphony of your journey I toil tirelessly to clear hurdles from your path yet I don’t intend to make it too

smooth challenges will arise hold fast to my pledges for they’ll embolden you

through trials leading you to the treasures of I’ve laid out for you your endeavors won’t go unnoticed each stride

towards Enlightenment will be showered with blessings even as adversary scheme

hold firm to your faith in my guidance my Celestial Guardians watch over you my

presence envelops you shielding both you and your kin practice patience with those who test your resolve Harbor no

resentment for it poisons your spirit and saps your faith though you’ve weathered injustices and missed

opportunities remember remember my boundless love those who’ve wronged you will find humility perhaps Redemption

through your forgiveness trust that I’ll mend what’s been torn be open to

transformation release your worries about the wrongdoers instead invest in nurturing familial bonds and tending to

your finances dedicate your time to prayer and contemplation of my teachings

shun distractions my promised triumphs await those who believe unwaveringly in my word victory belongs to those who

greet each day with courage and Faith commencing with the dawn’s prayer to me

I understand the trials you face those moments of uncertainty but release those

thoughts and immerse yourself in my teachings when life grows challenging I

am your Guiding Light lifting your spirits and fortifying your faith my

assurances shall be etched upon your heart steadfast beacons amidst life’s tempests keep your connection with me he

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