Release Your Burdens | God Says | God Message Today

my child as you listen to these words pause for a moment and reflect do you sometimes feel

overwhelmed by anger or fear release these burdens and Trust in my plan for I

do not make mistakes each step you take is Guided by my hand serving a purpose Divine crafted

uniquely for you let go of the anger that seeks to consume your thoughts in said trust in

my timing perfect and just knowing I am reshaping your world according to my

impeccable design distance yourself from those cloaked in Envy for many may claim

friendship only to Desert you at the first sign of trouble but not I I remain steadfast by

your side you are on the verge of overcoming and I will gift you with a

victory that lasts in eternity with each challenge grow wiser

with every ordeal find strength a new the word defeat does not exist for you

for as long as I uphold you nothing can deter your path believe in my promise

that Improvement is on the horizon trust that my will unfolds perfectly do not be swayed by the

turbulence around you I have declared my intention to transform your environment

to change not only your circumstances but also The Company You Keep I will

surround you with those who bless not curse those who secretly wish for your failure will witness how I Elevate you

lifting you out of the darkness seek me in your prayers and do

not hesitate to share every concern talk to me about your daily struggles and

joys I am here to offer wisdom for each situation guiding your every step with

loving kindness let me envelop you in my loving Embrace providing the comfort you yearn

for I am here to liberate you from your fears and shatter the shackles of

anxiety that cloud your thoughts be assured victory is yours as

promised by your heavenly father you know me as your God your Confidant the

one you can rely on when all doors seem closed I am your creator your king your

Shepherd guiding you to Tranquility in Lush Meadow do not lose heart continue to trust in

my word and hold fast to my promises I will grant you the peace your soul desires I will mend the hurt you

endure watch as I rekindle the dreams within you those aspirations you thought

were lost I am at work adjusting circumstances in your favor remember

I’ve called you to be strong and brave for you are entering a season of both challenges and

blessings I will remove the barriers that block your path clearing the way I have set before you just promise to

persevere to keep advancing despite the difficulties I have endowed you with a

spirit of Bravery not of timidity for it is the Resolute who receive my

blessings place your trust in me for all rests securely in my omnipotent hands

nothing is beyond my oversight my angels will ensure your safety they will oversee your rest and

protect your loved ones the injustices that have caused you pain end this very

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