Rejoice in My Name , God Message Today ,God Message for You Today ,God Message for me Today

my beloved child blessed are those who rejoice in my name all day long and

exalt in my righteousness this name which you know as Jesus represents me in all of my

glorious attributes when used with reverence and love it draws you closer

to my warm and loving presence I am aware that many misuse my

name turning it into a word of anger or frustration this misuse pains me deeply

for my name is sacred a symbol of my love and sacrifice for

Humanity yet I encourage you my faithful follower to lovingly utter the word

Jesus throughout your day use it to express your joy in me to

seek my guidance and to ask for my help remember I am God your savior I am

always ready to assist you to uplift you for the glory of my name I invite you to bask in the joy of

my righteousness to exalt means to be filled with delight Elation and

Jubilation think of this joy as the Triumph of good over evil of light over

Darkness recall the moment on the cross when I declared it is finished with

those words I proclaim the greatest Victory imaginable the conquest over sin

and death for all who believe in me this Monumental achievement has forever

credited my righteousness to you my beloved you are adorned with the robe of

righteousness a garment symbolizing salvation wear it with pride joy and

Jubilation I have empowered you to stand on the heights the term the heights can signify

many things literally it might mean something elevated like mountaintops or towering buildings figuratively it can

represent the Pinnacle of Joy or significant responsibilities as you strive to reach

these Heights in your life whether in achievements recognition or spiritual

elevation remember the responsibilities that accompany success take pleasure in the good you

accomplish through me with me and for me as you are mine you can stand firm

picture yourself girded with the belt of Truth and protected by the breastplate of

righteousness all of my teaching te ings are founded in Truth for I am the truth

this gives you a solid foundation a rock upon which to stand firm the

righteousness I have bestowed upon you is perfect and eternal regardless of the trials and

tribulations you face this righteousness will keep you

steadfast in your journey through life remember to seek me in all

things whether in moments of happiness or times of struggle turn to

me I am your guide your protector and your constant

companion when you feel lost or uncertain remember my words and my

promises they are the light that will lead you through the darkest of times

nurture your faith for it is the key to truly understanding my love and

grace faith is not merely believing in my existence it is trusting in my

goodness and my plans for you it is knowing that no matter what happens I Am

with You guiding and supporting you every step of the way practice compassion and kindness for

these are qualities dear to my heart show love to others as I have shown love

to you in doing so you become a Living testament to my teachings a Beacon of

Hope and light in a world that often seems dark and cold remember my children

that you are never alone I am always watching over you ready to listen and to help in times of

Joy share your happiness with me in times of Sorrow turn to me for comfort I

am your father your Creator and your Eternal supporter rejoice in my love and let it

fill your hearts spread this love to others for in loving one another you honor me

walk in my ways follow my teachings and let your life be a reflection of my love

and righteousness in the quiet Stillness of your heart as you Traverse through the

daunting valleys of Life know that you are not alone the path you walk though shadowed

by uncertainties and fears is illuminated by a divine presence that never falters nor f

this radiant light is a testament to an unwavering vigilance a constant Guardian

that Watches Over You ensuring that no depth is too profound no Darkness too

consuming for my sight there will be moments when you find yourself deviating

from the path slipping into pits of Despair or error it’s in these moments

when you feel mired in the consequences of your choices that my grace extends its hand most fervently

cry out to me and I shall lift you from these depths setting your feet upon the solid rock of my love and

forgiveness my commitment to you is unshakable for even in your faltering My

Love Remains a steadfast anchor fear a frequent visitor in the

valley May whisper doubts and paint Shadows of dread but remember this promise I am

with you always I have vowed never to leave you to journey ahead of you preparing your

way as you walk through the adversities of life let your heart Echo the

comforting refrain I will fear no evil for you are with

me in moments of loneliness when the world seems cold and indifferent remind

yourself of this truth I am taking care of you these words are not mere platitudes

but the Assurance of a savior who knows intimately the challenges you face this

world with all its imperfections and trials cannot separate you from my providential care when worries about the

future Loom large Retreat into the reality of my love and

protection like a child in a nurturing family you need not fret about the tomorrow for you belong to a Heavenly

family rich in resources and boundless in love your needs and concerns are not

burdens to me me but precious trust that you can lay at my feet entrust your life

to me and live with the confidence of one who is cherished by the king of kings in this assurance find your peace

your rest and your joy for in every Valley I am there in

every uncertainty my hand guides you in every fear my love encompasses you so

walk boldly beloved child for you are never alone I see your troubles and I

know the conflicts that weigh on your heart but I want you to know that you are not alone in this journey I am here

to help you open your heart to me and you will witness the miraculous unfold before you

leading you toward the solution you seek you’ve made a Wise Choice by seeking me

in your time of need I desire more than just a passing encounter with you I long

to hold the most sacred place in your heart to be be the foremost occupant of your thoughts make a commitment to me today

not just for this moment but for a lifetime you will see how my presence in

your heart brings about a profound transformation a change you’ve been yearning for you sense a void in your

life an emptiness that needs to be filled invite me into your heart and you

will experience a transformation those who have hurt you will come seeking forgiveness closed

doors will swing open and those who once rejected you will now value you I will

introduce you to new Faithful Friends and I will chase away sorrow and loneliness from your life my words are

not empty they possess the power to change your circumstances for the better dispelling the darkness that surrounds

you do not be discouraged by unexpected obstacles or the words of others who who

may speak ill of you do not let misunderstandings or the criticisms of envious enemies affect your

spirit know that I hold you in my Loving Hands and I will shield you from their

malicious intent wake up each day with my words on your lips knowing that you dwell in the

shadow of the almighty embraced by his Divine love I love you deeply and I am

here to assist you because of that love you can face life with confidence

knowing that I am by your side even in moments of weakness and doubt my grace knows no bounds and my

Mercy is unconditional I have never failed you before and I will not fail you

now have hope when you wake up each morning for I am here to give you strength for the day

ahead trust in my love for I have a future of peace and joy prepared for you

hold on to my love with all your might for you must live you must

endure keep moving forward even in the face of challenges and fix your Gaze on

my promises when troubles arise do not be

disheartened when problems emerge do not lose faith when you are threatened

remember the courage that resides within you when you are in my presence believe with all your heart

that this is your year great spiritual and eternal blessings will emerge from

the lessons you learn in your current circumstances I will bless you

abundantly because I have chosen you seek me in prayer daily bow your heart

in humility and present your petitions to me fervently rejoice in my presence and I

will grant the desires of your heart you have heard these words and I know you

will take your life and your responsibilities seriously this year

remember this is your time seize the moment for I will bless you and your

family today I come to remove the inexplicable anguish from your heart the

sorrow that sometimes grips your soul I want to uproot anything that causes you

unexplained sadness know that I love you and I offer you true joy in my hands I

hold your letter of Freedom sent directly from heaven my child give me your worries your fears

right where you are as you listen to me feel the Gentle Touch of my hands caressing your head my

holy spirit’s healing power flows over you healing every ailment every mental Affliction every torment that plagues

your soul hear my powerful declaration you are cleansed from head

to toe even the deepest corners of your mind you no longer have to suffer

you have direct access to my Throne I am your father and the gift of life I have

given you is meant for you to enjoy with the people you love I grant you the

energy and the courage to wake up each day with a new spark in your eyes step out into the world let the sun’s Rays

illuminate your face and feel the gentle breeze on your skin raise your arms without fear or shame proclaiming to the

world that I am your Shepherd your provider your healer your strength know

that my word is a lamp to your path a light that guides you a map that leads

you to a place of blessings and prosperity but before you reach that destination you must heal dispel your

fears and stabilize your emotions you cannot Embrace new

blessings if your soul is burdened by anxiety and your gaze remains fixed on

the past I am the holy and Supernatural remedy for all your

ailments approach me with confidence when you are in need give yourself a

fresh start your sadness pain anguish and Desperation are now in the

past today you are free and you have received healing allow me a moment to embrace you

and impart more strength wake up each day with great joy and unwavering faith in in my immense

love for you no one can bring you down for I lift you

up no one can defeat you for I protect you no one can curse you for I bless

you no one can discourage you for my Holy Spirit fills you with confidence

enthusiasm and joy each morning as long as you place your complete trust in my

love and care believe with all your heart that

that I will always be with you when despair threatens to overwhelm you

remember these words I am your almighty God the creator

of the universe your father your guide your friend the Lord of your life the

one who extends a helping hand when you need it all I ask is for your loyalty your

faithfulness I understand that you may stumble in moments of weakness but I see your sincere desire to stay on the right

path if you come to me in Repentance and renew your commitment to follow me I

will forgive you and give you another chance the righteous may fall seven

times but my grace will lift you up a thousand times I promise you infinite

Mercy because I know that with the love I provide you will not play games or

imitate those who lead double lives you will not deceive others or misuse my name name you will be careful

not to fall into the snares of Deceit for I protect those I love from the hands of the

Devourer today I speak directly to your spirit urging you to open your ears and

give me your full attention I desire your freedom your healing your daily presence in my word

and prayer entr trust your life and your family to me and have unwavering faith

in the wonderful plans I have for you do not believe those who speak of misery

bitterness and defeat as your destiny I tell you that you are mine and

I will always be with you I have seen your repentant heart and your sincere intentions to strengthen

yourself and grow you will not return to the Past you

will distance yourself from those who criticize and attack you seeking the company of good-hearted people who

uplift you know me in a new and real way understand that my love for you is

greater than you’ve been told and know that I am not angry with you I desire

change for your own well-being I will grant you the strength to control your character to steady your

emotions in the face of adversity I will transform you into a new creation your joyful countenance

will shine fear will have no place in your gaze your steps will be firm and your words will be filled with

kindness I will fill you with unwavering faith and every morning when you awaken

you will remember my promises you will hear my voice guiding you along blessed and righteous paths

clearing the way and keeping your enemies at Bay you will sleep in peace

knowing that I watch over you even when a thousand fall at your side or ,

at your right hand and in return I ask for your unwavering

Faith your heart and your loyalty I do not want to take you away

from your dreams or your aspirations I simply ask that you put me first entrusting your paths to

me you will see blessings flow into everything you do because I have already blessed you abundantly and I will

continue to bless you even more listen to my words feel the

indestructible Eternal unwavering faithful and true love I have for you

merging with your thoughts bringing you great peace speak these words with your

own lips my God I love you I give you my life and my loyalty and I will love you

with all my strength for eternity better days are on the horizon beautiful days await

you prepare yourself for the blessings that are coming do not fill your thoughts with

complaints but with hope do not heed the judgments of Darkness let the light of

my promise illuminate your being the time of pain will soon be behind you you’ve spent enough time in

anxious waiting and now the moment of your breakthrough is approaching the dawn of your response is

Drawing Near and soon you will witness The Liberation that comes from enduring in silence without complaint and

patiently awaiting my grace I hear your plea and I extend my

Mercy to you do not worry for I shall bestow upon you far more than you ask

for I will grant you the most marvelous blessings for your life beyond your

wildest imagination as the days swiftly pass and the months fly by remember that the joy

you will soon experience was born from Pain watered by tears and nurtured by

Des insiration but it has transformed into new seasons of love and

blessing do not forget this for pride May tempt you into thinking you’ve earned these Abundant Blessings Through

Your Own Strength stay in prayer and be vigilant for the enemy seeks to undermine your

faith and destroy your cherished plans but you know my voice you are my

sheep and deep within your heart you recognize it

I am the one who assures you that nothing shall stand against you no one can steal the blessings destined for

you commit yourself to me and believe in me and I will not forget my promises

when the time comes to answer you your tears will not be in vain and you will receive the reward for your Valor and

sacrifice the years pass swiftly like a fleeting Breeze treasure and remember my words

for you shall never lose lose my love my grace or my Mercy Rejoice now for very

soon with open arms you shall receive my response I your heavenly father have

written your future even before your birth in my hands I hold the beautiful

things you desire and dream of those long cherished desires within your heart

your prayers for your loved ones everything is recorded in my sacred and Power powerful book and I forget

nothing for everything there is a season and a time my desire is to bless you open

doors for you nurture your wisdom Faith humility and

patience you are my cherished child and I have planted you in a place where you can grow and bear

fruit the map to Blessings is in your hands it is my holy and mighty word

learn from it with faith and fervor keep it in your heart if your past was filled with

failures if you gave up many times and lost good things declare these words

aloud my past is behind me from today onward my life my family my future shall

be blessed speak these words with me my past is behind me from today onward my

life my family my future shall be blessed never be ashamed to speak my word before

anyone there is eternal life in my promises Majestic Miracles Supernatural

events and answers to your prayers when You Face seemingly insurmountable

obstacles my sacred word will grant you the wisdom to overcome open your Bible and read it

again Desiring to learn and grow as you read you will feel my

presence beside you God guiding you word by word so that you may know me better

and learn more of me never doubt the faithfulness of my love and never think that I will destroy

you every time you make a mistake I have come to dwell in your

heart in my hand I hold blessings opportunities gratitude forgiveness

Divine strength and a true purpose for your family the days of fear are over I have

driven away the Devourer from from your midst surrender to me completely believe

in me without doubt or reservation and I shall bestow much happiness upon

you I have written and sealed it even before you were

born I love you and no one can harm you I will deliver you from your problems

and provide the solutions you seek today you shall witness a testament

to the greatness of my love for you you shall live live continue to fight and

your family is in my hands I hold the final word I determine your destiny your

mission is to persevere despite all you have been through keep your head high

your dignity intact and do not bow your knees to those enemies who seek to humiliate you recognize me as your

Sovereign God your king your lord and your heavenly father challenges May lie

ahead But You Shall Believe in my power you shall walk firmly upon those

unstable waves of conflict and you shall not sink my hand will always be ready to

rescue you and when doubt assails you grasp my hand firmly you have my support

have confidence that you can approach me knowing that I will not reject you I will deliver you from these troubles I

will help you advance toward Victory even if you have to walk against the turbulent winds

I love you I am filling you with courage and determination and you shall fear nothing you have my grace and

favor your Triumph is part of my plans March as a Victorious

Warrior you are not weak you are strong and you are not alone I am with

you I will lift you up as an example before your family and friends so they may see that it is possible to overcome

problems need illness and above all that they may have the assurance that they can defeat their

cruel enemies prepare for a time of Happiness where those you love will recognize that

you are a blessing to them I have granted you my grace I have poured my

anointing upon you I have placed you as the head and leader of a generation I will work through you to

perform great Miracles and many will witness them but do not open the door to

Pride or fill yourself with vanity guard your heart submitted to my

word treat others with love and humility I desire to manifest my love to the

world through you it is time for my purpose for your life to be

fulfilled I love you you are blessed your faith is unshakable and you have

chosen the right path you are doing well and this is how

I want to see you may your eyes remain focused on my Commandments and may my word always fill

your being it has been a challenging journey to correct your path changing the course

of your ship with all your might so that a divine wind would blow upon your sails due to your change of attitude and

your desire for transformation I have come to bless you supernaturally these words you hear

signify life this is my way of showing you my love and taking you by the hand so you may

conquer all your battles I am blessing you with intelligence increasing your Prudence

changing your character and gifting you with much patience I am transforming your entire

life my spirit covers you from head to toe you shall no longer walk toward

error nor desire to sin you shall be amazed at how much you

have changed and how blessed you have become people around you shall respect

you and they shall forget your past faults and the offenses you caused they shall forgive

you I have deposited so much grace in your soul that from this day forward

doors shall open new blessings shall come and job offers shall bring provision and prosperity to your family

I am opening A New Path for you free from the fears and tensions caused by your mistakes

a life of Peace awaits you immersed in Tranquility free from fears and

Nightmares my blood’s power has set you free no one can harm you with lies

witchcraft or their Messengers you are pure in spirit Soul

lips mind and heart this is the reward I give to those who are unashamed to share

my word who repent of evil receive my forgiveness and decide to listen to me

coming into my presence on their knees every day to receive my

blessing you must trust me and give me your hand during this time of Affliction

so that threats and problems do not steal your peace and confidence I feel compassion for you

when I see you suffering your sincere heart moves me as I mentioned before I

shall bless you because I want to and because I can what I promise I shall

fulfill I have always been with you I have never abandoned you even in this

stormy time I shall not leave you my plans are better than yours my thoughts

are permanent and eternal they shall lead you to a safe and prosperous

destination things may appear difficult if you view them with fear and despair

but if you change your way of thinking and firmly believe in my word your life

shall change seek me in the morning throughout the day and before going to sleep at

night bow your knees before me for I Delight in hearing you speak with your

natural eyes you may not see it at this moment but the heavens tremble when your lips open in Praise When you pray with

faith and ask me to protect your family from diseases and pandemics when you cry out with

confidence that I shall never forsake them listen to my

response I shall say it again even if the whole world abandons you I shall

never forsake you your family and you your future and your health are in my

hands appreciate value cherish do not risk your blessings do not underestimate

them if you are faithful in the little things if you care for what I give you in times of need my word promises that

your blessings shall multiply and I shall give you even more valuable things of Eternal worth my

beloved child do you love me if I were to assure you that everything will be

well I implore you to have faith if you continue to worry about the

burdens you’ve entrusted to my care you shall find yourself drained of

strength you’ve given me your hand allow me to gently guide you toward Green

Pastures I desire nothing but abundance for you to fill your soul with Divine

affection and tender Grace do not fear the Shadows that may loom for you shall stand firm and I

shall never release my grip I understand your moments of weakness which is why I speak to your

heart now instead of wandering in confusion and despair sit with me for a moment do

not be consumed by fears of the future or the state of the world focus on what truly matters your family

your spiritual life nurturing your soul with my word and doing good show Mercy

to those who have wronged you even when they continue to mistreat you despite your boundless kindness turn the other

cheek if they strike you again demonstrating a love so profound just as I gave my life for my

children you too must be willing to fight to ensure your family knows me receives blessings and attains

freedom while the World Turns and the drums of War Echo do not cease to

pray write in your Book of Prayers the names of those you cherish and tell me

what you wish for them I already know their lives and thoughts but I desire you to exercise

your faith to learn the art of prayer for matters of true

significance even when everyone around you trembles with fear due to the the ominous signs neither you nor your

family shall be abandoned or forsaken be prepared for as others

succumb to fear you shall witness great Miracles the trumpets are sounding and

the time of your Liberation draws near so believe fight and live without fear

of what may come trust in my word for nothing is impossible for me declare

your love for me as I am hastening the times to bestow blessings into your

hands and Grant the answers you’ve long awaited the changes I’m bringing about in your life are for your ultimate good

prepare your heart and mind open the doors of your home allowing my presence

to occupy its rightful place within your Abode just as you hear it today I

promise that your life will transform I know your needs even before you do but I

desire Clarity in your thoughts and desires that you may be certain of your aspirations and

goals if you seek Triumph it comes at a price true Faith fervent prayer hard

work and personal sacrifice I shall Grant you success that brings Eternal blessings to your family

and yourself I shall not bestow upon you anything that brings sorrow or separates

you from me I do not wish for your absence to bring suffering to your family family may you Triumph in the

world shining as a beacon of light but when you return home May Darkness never

follow you forget not those you love and avoid the strains that might compromise

your well-being I desire true peace for you sincere Faith a life lived in

Tranquility unburdened by material concerns Earthly possessions are

fleeting you brought nothing into this world and you shall take nothing when you

depart however the love and kindness you’ve sown in those who cherish you the faith you’ve shared the assistance

you’ve offered to those in need and your unwavering loyalty shall bring you a true spiritual

reward I shall tell you my beloved Child come faithful one a great blessing

I have sent and one day you shall receive a crown upon your head which I

shall place with my own hands I possess the power to change times and

Seasons to transform hearts and to set everything in its rightful place so that

you may Revel in my blessings though you may suffer know this I stand at the door and

knock open it now for I wish to dwell in your home and I pray that all in your

family may be filled with my wondrous peace you are on the brink of receiving

the blessing you’ve yearned for so long that is why the enemy has come with all

its Fury attempting to pull you away from my side if things are not unfolding as you

expected do not grow disheartened or Surrender today I understand your feelings look

into my eyes we shall Rectify matters do not distance yourself from me do not

hide how could you ever doubt my exist assistence where did you gather the

notun that I cannot love you why do you underestimate yourself so your thoughts

have brought tears to my eyes for I to possess a heart that

feels indeed I love you deeply and I never wish for you to stray from

me you are my cherished child and how could I not love you when you were

submerged in depression and Oblivion believe beling your final day had arrived it was I who sought you out you

did not seek me first I came to where you were and held you in my arms with great

tenderness I cleansed your soul and heart forgave all your transgressions comforted you healed you and stood you

upright you walked a new Reborn give me your attention now for at

this moment you shall understand that my promise is unwavering and unbreakable no one can snatch you from

my hand for my love is eternal if doubts are filling your heart it is because you

are believing another but let us forget about that now

come into my arms we both shed tears your running toward me touches me

deeply such is life struggles shall come and doubts may

linger however they are like birds circling your head and if you are not

careful they enter and nest in your mind filling your thoughts with refuse

causing confusion disconnecting you from my love making you forget the Beautiful Moments you’ve experience by my

side you see only the dark side of the struggles you faced do not allow those thoughts to

enter reject the idea of death that the enemy seeks to plant within you let me

remove those doubts from your mind you shall emerge from the sadness you now

feel I am inscribing my name in your heart so you shall never forget or doubt

that all my love is yours my beloved Warrior I speak to you

now with a heart overflowing with love and compassion hear my words for they are

meant for you my Valiant child I have affirmed this to you many times but I

implore you do not disregard my message for it holds the key to your

path you may be tempted to use your age health or financial struggles as excuses

but I ask you to resist that Temptation I promise for those who believe in my

word I will part the seas of adversity and open doors in ways that defy

explanation you are not just my creation you are my cherished Sons and Daughters

handpicked by me and I am diligently preparing you for victory in moments of Doubt cling to the

hope of embedded in my promises with all your heart for I will surely fulfill my

purpose in your life and wondrous things will unfold this is your moment to embrace

your inner strength unwavering faith and remarkable courage do not shrink from

Financial burdens health challenges or familial trials for when you heed my word I can split the Sea of conflicts in

two and guide you towards resolution when my command urges you to persist and

walk with unwavering determination know that you will conquer the abyss treading upon turbulent Waters

Untouched by the storms that may threaten your destiny my dear Warriors

my sons and daughters of my heart your joy and blessings rest in my

hands I long to see you grow stronger with each step facing your adversaries

with unwavering Faith even in the face of terrible conflicts and desperate needs if you

cannot sense me see me or hear me rest assured that I will come at the perfect

time to rescue you your enemies will Retreat when they witness your resilience and their

threats will fail to instill fear regardless of their magnitude today I place in your hands a

sacred sword the power of my word upon your lips when you believe and speak it your

obedience and faith shall guide the way and my strength will uphold you when you

confront your fears my dear Warriors I hold you close

to my heart from this moment onward take the hands of those you love your

children your family and step into the doorway of your blessings with unwavering Faith and Hope I beseech you

you do not turn away when I speak with affection do not disregard me when I

call you tenderly and when I correct you firmly hold fast to my love for you know that I

love you make me this promise that you will not be angered when your prayers are not

immediately answered understand that many around you watch for signs of weakness there may be

times when it seems that things are going arai and they may even mock your faith yet my beloved my sons and

daughters you are not of their ilk your focus is on Heavenly matters and their

mockery should not concern you I have charted a unique path for you keep

walking while the mockers wander aimlessly lost in their pride and envy often spiraling into

despair but you are mine and you can approach me directly in prayer

I shall respond and those who ridicule you will be put to shame when they realize their error I have a special

blessing in store for you and if it is not yet arrived it’s because I am preparing your heart a person without

roots can be toppled and one without Focus can become lost in abundance

consumed by pride and arrogance beware for that is where the

enemy lies in wait be prepared stand firm be strong be courageous anchored in

my word with wisdom and Prudence as the Bedrock of your heart do not Retreat or

hide from those who Mock You Stop Believing you are worthless it’s a daily

battle and your mind is under siege but I shall fortify you we journey together

day and night in the morning share your plans with me at night your fears and

dreams trust me and do not yield accept my affection and recognize your worth

when you belittle yourself you wound my heart know this you will overcome you

must believe it for I love you even if you stumble and fall I shall never ever

forsake you do not be disheartened this state will not persist Divine Justice Reigns

and there is a God in the heavens no force in the universe can stand against

you those who seek to harm you shall be ashamed and your dignity will be

restored those who concocted lies about you shall reap the bitter fruit of their deceit the verdict is clear and those

who sought to plunder you have been declared guilty destined to be captives of their own

schemes you shall reclaim all that you have beseeched for and marvelous things

shall come your way I am your Advocate your Defender the the judge of your adversaries I am your father your friend

patient and gentle with you I am here today so you may feel

secure knowing that I truly listen to you your destiny is securely in my hands

and no others I shall cause you to flourish even in Barren lands where others bemoan

scarcity and want while they abandon hope you my beloved shall grow stronger right there

your dreams shall be reborn and success shall be your guaranteed portion all that was intended to harm

you I shall transform for your betterment what appears to be an

insurmountable trial today shall become a mighty testimony tomorrow A great

miracle is on its way your prayers have been heard what I wish to bestow upon

you is far grander than anything you might request of me I shall astonish you

with great blessing have faith in me even when the path ahead seems

unclear no matter how low you have fallen my hand can lift you

up at times it may seem that I am silent but I am never absent my hand shall sustain you until

you Triumph and I have granted you victory over your accusers the timing is in your

favor seize the moment the time of Triumph has arrived when I in instruct

you to walk walk when I command you to rise rise I declare you a conqueror and

a Victor open your heart to my words and do not dwell on past mistakes and sins

the past is behind you transform your life and I shall make you entirely new

your future rests securely in my hands and I shall guard and protect you in my

presence thus I implore you once more do not not be afraid for there is no

adversary in the universe that can defeat you now Proclaim with your lips that you

believe in me if you seek to overcome the challenges that besed you today

listen closely for today you shall hear the solution from my very

lips you may believe your situation is too complex but remember that you have

already entrusted your life and heart to me reflect deeply upon this truth

nothing in all creation can separate you from my love it is I your lord your creator the

one who calls each Star by name who says this do you understand the breadth and

the depth of This Promise in your world separation is a common ache loved ones part dreams

wither and Shadows Fall upon the hearts of the hopeful yet amidst these tides of

change there remains a constancy a sure anchor my love a fortress Against The

Winds of isolation I beseech you hold fast to me

with unwavering confidence this is your strength your bul workk against the Tremors of an

uncertain world for the thoughts that haunt you that stir the Waters of fear

in your soul know they Wilt before the steadfastness of my love when fear Whispers your name

remember reach for my hand with the innocence and Trust of a child in the

sanctuary of my presence understand that perfect love casts out all

fear consider the riches of the earth gems buried deep mountains crowned with

gold yet they are but dust compared to the wealth of my love for you this love

boundless and unfaltering is your inheritance your Birthright given freely

to all who step into my light my child pause and listen to The

Whispers of the spirit for they speak of love unfailing your faith in me should be as

Resolute as the Sunrise unwavering as the course of the Stars remember the lies of the field how

they grow they toil not neither do they spin yet Solomon in all his glory was

not a raid like one of these if I clothe the grass of the field with such Splendor will I not much more provide

for you oh ye of little faith be still and know that I am God in

the Stillness you will find me your compass and guide your journey through this life is

not meant to be walked alone the road will twist and turn Shadows may fall but one truth remains

un unyielded my love is the compass that points you home rise up beloved with the

dawn of each new day embrace the promise of my presence for I have told you I

will never leave you nor forsake you this is the shity that Cleaves to your

side even as the mountains May crumble and the Seas May Roar take heart for I

have overcome the world in this Victory you too shall share

for the challenges you face the mountains you climb they are but Shadows before the light of my

love your heart a vessel of my spirit is an invincible Fortress

again now I call upon you live boldly live with conviction your faith is the

flame that burns away doubt let my love be the beacon that guides you through

the storms a lighthouse steadfast upon the shores of your soul

trust in my love for it is the Bridge Over Troubled Waters the light upon the

path The Whisper Of Courage when the night is silent remember I am with you always to

the very end of the age go forth in peace my child and live in the fullness of my

love for you are mine and I am yours forever more my beloved child lend me

your heart and your ears for it is I the Lord your God speaking directly into the

deepest recesses of your soul in this very moment tighten your grasp feel my fingers interlaced with

yours a covenant of my unfaltering presence do not fear I will help you is

not merely a phrase it is a promise etched in the annals of Eternity inscribed by the hand that flung Stars

into the night sky remember I’m the Potter you are the

clay I fashioned you with intention and purpose each curve each line a testament

to my thoughtful design as you yield to my touch watch how beautifully I can remold and fit you

for the wondrous plans I have a vessel of Honor steeped in my

love when Shadows Loom and the chill of Doubt creeps into your heart call out out to me whisper shout let your words

soar on the wings of prayer for the righteous cry out and the Lord hears

them in the sacred echo of your pleas find the assurance that you are heard

and in my time a time that seeks the perfect harmony of all things you will see my

Deliverance Envision David a mere Shepherd boy who faced Goliath a

towering Testament to fear yet within him a steadfast Spirit

bolstered by the knowledge that the battle is the Lords take this to Heart dear one for

your battles too are mine and in my might you will overcome I beckon you come and sit at my

feet let the words of life I spoke in ages past the Beatitudes The Parables

the Psalms be the bomb to your weary Soul as Mana from Heaven sustained the

Israelites in the desert so shall my word sustain you Open the Eyes of your

heart and behold my creation a canvas of my glory the Rising Sun that scatters the

darkness the boundless Skies that Whisper of Freedom the delik at flower

that speaks of new beginnings they all mirror the Resurrection Life I offer

you in those silent hours of the night when sleep eludes you and the ticking

clock seems to mock your turmoil remember Gethsemane recall my son Jesus who in his Darkest

Hour sought not his will but mine in your Gethsemane moments may you Echo his

surrender and in that surrender find my strength made perfect in your weakness

therefore cling to Hope hold fast to Faith and let love be the current that propels you forward for faith hope and

love remain these three but the greatest of these is love

it is love that led me to the cross for you love that triumphed over the grave

and love that beckons you to a future filled with my goodness in closing do not merely walk

walk with purpose do not simply live live abundantly and do not just hope be

anchored in the hope that is as steadfast as my promises as sure as my word and as enduring as my love for you

so now my child go forth walk boldly in the path I have laid before you for I am

with you every step of the way this day this hour this Breath You are never

alone when the night falls upon your life and shadows cast their doubts let

not your heart be troubled for it is in these moments of seeming darkness that my presence can

become the brightest Beacon to your soul the path you walk riddled with

stones and Thorns has not escaped my gaze I have walked before you smoothing

the stones softening the edges so that what once wounded can now become a

testament of your journey towards My Embrace do you see my creation how the

intricacies of your life weave together a story a narrative filled with moments of

overcoming not in spite of the struggles but because of them each chapter that

unfolds even those Inked with tears is known to me I whisper in the silence speaking

life into your weary Spirit mending the fragments of a heart that feels broken

binding it with my love that knows no end as you reminisce on the trials of

your past let every memory that pains you be a canvas for my

grace remember I’m the Potter and you are the clay

together we can reshape the marred pieces into a work of art a vessel fit for new wine for New

Joy I’m not a bystander in your story I am its author and

finisher and in me every moment of your past has purpose every tear is accounted

for and every sorrow is seen in your present trials cling to me hold my hand

and feel the warmth of my grasp with each step Let The Rhythm of your your

heart beat to the Cadence of my love for it is steadfast and sure the adversities

you face will not consume you for you are more than a conqueror through me who loves you my light does not merely

Pierce The Darkness it overtakes it transforms it and calls forth beauty

from ashes do not fear the trials that test your faith for they come to prove the

genuiness of your trust in me refining you like gold

in this refining know that you are never alone I am with you in the fire in the

waters and through the rivers they shall not overwhelm you stand firm in the

faith that my promises are yes and amen I am your Shield your exceedingly great

reward look for me not only in the sanctuaries and the quiet mountaintops

but also in the hustle of life in the faces of those you meet in the simple Act act of kindness that go unnoticed

for I am there in the midst of it all working all things together for your

good your life is a mosaic Made Beautiful by each tiny seemingly

insignificant piece trust in my design for I am the master Craftsman and I make

all things new so come draw nearer to me let me envelop you in my love that casts

out all fear as you Journey forward May the echo of my promises be the soundtrack of your

life walk in the assurance that my love for you is unchanging my plans for you

are unshakable and my presence with you is unending because he has set his love

upon me therefore I will deliver him I will set him on high because he has

known my name he shall call upon me and I will answer him I will be with him in

trouble I will deliver him and honor him in the quietude of your heart where

The Whispers of the world grow dim and the clamor of self Fades into the background there you will find

me I am everpresent a steadfast anchor amidst the everchanging tides of

life from the very beginning when the first breath of life was drawn into the

lungs of humanity I have desired to walk with you to commune with you in every

Garden in every desert in every high place and valley low the rebellion in the garden where

the fruit of self-reliance was tasted has indeed marred the perfect harmony I

intended for my children yet in my boundless Mercy I set

forth a plan a way to restore you not just to my presence but to the very

heart of who you are meant to be in in me you are a new creation

liberated from the confines of selfish desires the spirit I have placed within

you is a Wellspring of Life a helper who empowers you to transcend the natural

inclinations of the flesh call upon me my child and say help

me Holy Spirit this simple prayer is a powerful key unlocking the door to a

life centered not on the self but on the Sovereign Lord

my spirit is ready and willing to guide you into self- forgetfulness where true freedom and Joy are

found for in laying aside the weight of self- preoccupation your soul is lifted

to higher Realms of peace and purpose the mirror of the world is

deceitful for it reflects a distorted image one that can ens snare you with its fleeting demands and Hollow

standards but remember you are made in my image intricately fashioned by my

hands do not be ens snared by the reflection of yourself Through The Eyes of

others instead fix your gaze upon me your lord who fashioned the stars and

calls them each by name as you look to me let your vision be

transformed see yourself as I see you whole beloved

complete and then with eyes anointed by my spirit look outward to those place in

your path each Soul you encounter is a treasure a story unfolding an

opportunity to reflect my love and grace as you do so you will find that

self-centered concerns Fall Away replaced by a love for others that mirrors my own

heart rest in the Assurance of my Everlasting Arms a Haven of safety where

fears are hushed and anxiety stilled you are enveloped by my love Sur

surrounded by my peace and filled with my joy in this place of divine Union you

become more yourself than ever before for you were created to live in me

through me and for me so come dear one and enter the sacred

dance of trust and devotion as you step out in faith moving

to the rhythm of my will you will discover the beauty of a life poured out in love the holy spirit will guide you

step by step into the Abundant Life I have promised a life where self is lost in

The Wonder of who I am and where each moment is an opportunity to know me more

to love me more and to become more like me [Music]


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