RECEIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT |God message jesus | God Tells |

my dearest child I reach out to you through my Holy Spirit speaking softly to your heart and comforting your soul

with words of love that never cease you are my cherished Champion my faithful

Warrior and in your prayers I strengthen you with courage every Cry of your heart

every Whisper of your soul I hear and hold close to me you come to me with a pure heart trusting in my love and

knowing that I am always near ready to answer let’s create a ripple of positivity

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our Collective voice of Faith your participation propels our journey and together we Inspire countless others

with the power of divine affirmation know this my beloved you don’t have to wait until heaven to experience the

fullness of my glory in your faithfulness and loyalty you are already surrounded by blessings beyond measure

Miracles both powerful and Supernatural will unfold before you filling your life with abundance keep moving forward my

dear one for there are countless blessings on their way to meet you trust in me and I will provide for all your

needs surpassing even your greatest desires listen closely to my messages

dear heart open yourself to receive the Faith and Hope that I offer you each day

though challenges may arise fear not for I am with you always the enemy May seek to shake your faith

but remember that my love for you is unshakable trust in me and together we

will overcome every obstacle let me remind you of who you truly are deep

within your heart beyond the masks the world may have placed upon you you’ve never been defined by negativity you

opened your heart to me and I transformed you offering you a fresh start embrace yourself with love face

challenges with resolve and hold fast to my teachings remember my Commandments

and always know that I am your loving father just as I welcomed you with open arms when you were lost I am even more

embracing now my arms are ever open ready to forgive if you turn away from

your sins wiping away your past mistakes completely have the innocent Trust of a

child who not burdened by worries rests peacefully confident that someone cares

for them and meets their needs offer me that same childlike faith it is the most precious gift you can

give me receive these words born from My Love written tenderly for you who always

listen who close your eyes and choose to believe unashamed of your faith let

every word you hear wrap around your heart with soothing love bringing healing in a world steeped in Despair

and hopelessness where people strive for mere survival and envy those at peace many deem themselves wise yet remain

unfulfilled they live in anxiety feeling a drift seeking countless answers down misguided

paths but they refuse to acknowledge the almighty God who loves them endlessly

waiting with open arms I chose you for your simple genuine heart you’ve stayed with me leaning on

my strength praying even through your mistakes you recognize that nowhere else

will you find such love in arms ready to offer Second Chances be patient let these words sink into

your soul each day taking all the time you need create a sacred space and time

in your busy life every moment with me will be multiplied I will perform

Miracles beyond your asking leading you to places unimagined opening doors you

thought forever shut my promises are steadfast my words sincere they reach

into your life woven with your faith and prayers stirring my heart I love you and will abundantly bless you

banishing despair for good come sit with me and let’s bask in the warmth of these

words of blessing that soothe your soul and Infuse your heart with strength look out at the Horizon with me

painted in Hues of beautiful blessings and share with me the dreams that still reside within you do you remember them I

do back when you were small I planted those dreams in the fertile soil of your thoughts where they blossomed into to

visions of happiness and Adventures in Far Away places your joy was palpable

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