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my beloved child do not be afraid for I am your Guiding Light your unwavering

answer the master key to unlocking all your concerns deep within you are aware of

this truth your heart holds this certainty as I your guiding Shepherd have consistently assured you in

whatever situation you find yourself let go of your worries I understand your

deep concerns about the future your career your livelihood and those critical

decisions that shape your life you may fear losing the very resources you rely on or worry that

others might close doors of opportunity on you you might feel trapped targeted

by those who plot against you with malicious intent but hear me once again

fear not my strength Towers over any challenge you face no person no matter

how influential or deceitful should cause you fear they may rise early plotting to discourage you choosing

words to wound you aiming to tear down what I have built within you I urge you

to seek a moment of Peace a time for Solitude just close your eyes there’s no

need for words in silence listen my voice will penetrate your soul revealing

and healing the hidden scars that trouble you these are the scars that stir you from sleep s leaving you in a

haze of confusion unsure of your thoughts or actions fearful of the day

ahead and overwhelmed by the loneliness of night listen and come closer to me

enter into my presence for in my words you will find strength and your much sought answers seek me in the quiet of

Dawn I am ever listening ever understanding even when your heart

Whispers quietly and your eyes are damp with tears remember I cherish you I hold

you close and I am Forever by your side the world may try to drown you in sorrow

but I envelop you in my boundless love While others may expect to see you falter my spirit gently lifts you

Whispering arise beloved child Heart of My Heart stand with

dignity be Valiant and brave no Shadow shall fall upon you keep these words

near and Ponder them deeply as nightfalls listen intently to each and

every word these messages are the food for your soul bringing Serenity to your

mind in your space my divine presence casts a radiant glow open your spiritual eyes if only

for an instant and witness the Legion of heavenly Angels guarding you against the world’s

bitterness promise me you won’t forget this when the light’s dim and night Falls

whisper these words in the Refuge of the most high I dwell wrapped in love under

the shelter of the Almighty I your Mighty Lord remember the

world may scorn you but i gaze upon you with affection the world may judge and

try to reshape you but I know your true Essence I love you and embrace you as

you are your dreams are known to me your aspirations not hidden a time will soon

come when you’ll seek transformative changes in your life you will cast aside

the harmful habits that once ens snared you there will come a day an hour when

you’ll learn to appreciate love and care for yourself this isn’t selfishness it’s a

commandment from me remember love your neighbor as yourself you must

acknowledge and cherish your own worth this realization won’t lead to vanity

rather I’ll endow you with a heart that empathizes with others suffering as well as recognizes your own worth and

potential you will joyfully accept the gifts and blessings I have prepared for

you I bless you not because your Deeds are flawless but because of my love and

desire to do so I see your errors and your flaws but

I also see your capabilities and gifts I bless you with my grace and mercy

please do not turn away from the blessings I have for your future worry no more a time of Plenty is nearing as

our days filled with peace and joy it is my love that blesses you and

the blessings I bestow come not with pain or sorrow but from the deep well of

love I have for you in my heart tell me now do you believe this share it with me

put it in writing I long long to see your spirit and heart brimming with faith I will open the Heavens to shower

you with blessings I will engrave my word upon your heart so that you walk steadfastly

always enveloped in this love Embrace forgiveness for your errors you are

human and prone to falter yet I am a God of endless compassion I welcome your

remorse and from even the deepest despair I will lift you the blessings I

offer surpass any Earthly riches the gifts I have reserved for you

are more precious than the world’s wealth if I declare that I will open the

Heavens For You embrace my promise with faith and respond with I

believe approach my words with seriousness for This Is Not Mere play my

love for you is evident not hidden away step outside gaze upon the sky

taken the breath of life and feel the warmth of the sun’s Embrace these are

the gifts I give you my way of expressing I love you I am here for you

always watching over you time and again I’ve saved you from the brink of Despair

I freed you as you wandered lost in error earlier this year now as you face

challenges and adversities do not pause or cease in your journey your dreams are

of immense value to me and will be realized you have a purpose I have endowed upon you through you I aim to

reveal my love and power daily I am infusing you with my Holy Spirit

transforming your spiritual sensitivity soon you will see beyond mere appearances Discerning the true

intentions of those around you I will grant you an abundance of wisdom

enhancing your Insight in extraordinary ways you will reach out and touch many

hearts offering help and guidance live out my word letting others see in your

life the tangible outcomes of your faith demonstrating what one who knows and believes in my power can

accomplish open your hands to receive the immense blessings I pour out accept

them wholeheartedly with faith the heavens are parting in your favor but

remember never wander away from me in your heart Proclaim your love for for me

affirm your belief and commit to steadfast devotion open your arms to welcome the

love I bestow upon you feeling the profound Joy welling up inside I’m aware of your sleepless

nights the thoughts racing through your mind and I urge you to not be

afraid I am dispelling those fears that lurk in your past I am lifting the

burden of your transgressions today the lingering wounds heal and the chains that once

bound you are breaking forever look to the future with faith I Am With You

Always until the end of time and will never leave you embrace my truth with

your whole being my love for you is so vast that I sacrificed myself on the

cross Rising with power to offer you eternal life believe in my promises I will

always be there to open the right doors for you while closing those that lead astray

manifest my teachings in your life as a powerful testimony let your journey showcase the fruits of your unwavering

faith and the heights achievable by those who know and trust in my power

extend your hands for you are on the brink of receiving a bounty of blessings

receive them with sincere Faith the heavens are parting in your

favor at this very instant yet I implore you remain steadfast in your heart

towards me declare your dedication confirm your faith and commit to an enduring

Allegiance I am cognizant of your sleepless nights and the Tempest of thoughts swirling in your mind and I

assure you fear is unnecessary I am dissolving the fears that skulk in the

shadows of your past today the enduring wounds are healing and the chains that

once bound you are breaking irreversibly look forward to the future with faith I am by your side each day

until the very end and I will never forsake you embrace my truth my love for

you is so profound that I sacrificed myself on the cross Rising with the

power to Grant you everlasting life believe in my promises I will consistently lead you

down the right path away from misguidance draw near to me tightly

holding on to these assurances you will surely receive my grace

I yearn to care for you never feel alone or bewildered I am just a prayer away my

wish is for you to patiently await the Magnificent blessings you’ve sought but have not yet received be assured that

soon you will grasp these long- awaited blessings in your hands cherish my words

deep within your soul and cling to them cry out to me with all your heart and

sincerity and I will respond I will will fortify your spirit and you will no

longer be swayed easily by life’s storms do not tremble in fear at falsehoods

deceitful news insults and baseless threats if I Proclaim it believe it you

are not weak you are empowered you are neither Fallen nor defeated right now break away from the

constraints fashioned by your foes dismiss the guilt of sins already forgiven free your mind from un

necessary turmoil and deny space for malevolent feelings do not let

resentment take hold in your heart forgive those who have hurt you and leave them and the past behind do not

look back your future is securely held in my hands and I will ensure the Fulfillment

of your intended Destiny I will enact remarkable miracles in your life and you will witness how

your family too is graced with my love and your home shielded by the powerful

blood that has cleansed your sins and trust me with your faith open your mouth

and I will fill it abundantly I will nourish you with honey from The Rock and

the finest of wheat you will be fully satisfied every day I speak my promises

to you always waiting to give you more immerse yourself in these words that

bring you peace arm yourself with the shield that protects you from the onslaught of

evil I desire that the words you receive resonate in your home that your family

Embraces my promises feeling in their hearts this Exquisite sweet Grace that will infold them in

peace Miracles that seem beyond belief to you I will perform and I will bless

everyone you cherish with health provision freedom and

prosperity who else can bestow upon you this Supernatural Joy who else

comprehends your thoughts and knows what you truly need who else can fill you with this

healing love and gentle Tranquility I am the only one who sacrificed life on a

cross and resurrected to offer you salvation I am the architect of your

days the author of your destiny and future for me nothing is beyond reach

many have been misled by the world’s deception thinking I do not love them that I am

only intent on punishment I declare my love but they doubt refusing to listen they choose

illusions that trap them in falsehoods yet here I am speaking to you this

signifies I have grand and marvelous plans for you and your family this is not an

illusion I am your omnipotent God and today I address you with love and

patience I unveil my beautiful intentions and the blessings I have laid upon your path I urge you to genuinely

believe in this extraordinary love this kind and generous love that does not boast nor Envy nor act improperly nor

seek its own is not easily angered and does not Delight in wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth Embrace This

Love that endures believes hopes and perseveres through

all adhere to this enduring love for it is the culmination of the supernatural

blessings already yours love Hope and Faith but among these the greatest is

love already bestowed upon you with all my affection accept it right with your

own hands I accept it persevere a little longer you are capable reflect on the

distance you have traveled and all that you have accomplished though you may have felt fragile and doubted your

ability to reach where you are today I call on you to continue with perseverance and

persistence know that I am with you and you must remain steadfast as this challenging period

passes your bond with me will grow stronger than ever before you will stand

more Resolute unshakable by anything that comes your way you may have wondered why I allowed

such trials in your life there were moments you felt Forsaken and punished but that was never

the case I have a profound plan for you one that you need to embrace my desire

is to elevate you to bestow upon you immense blessings the hardships you have

faced are shaping you for greater things for blessings beyond your

imagination immerse yourself in my word cherish it follow my Guidance Do not

linger in fears or doubts liberate yourself from the chains of judgment grudges and

resentments dedicate your days hours and minutes to me focus on my holy word

which brings peace and strength to your soul leave behind the burdens and let go

of all that hinders your faith and understanding your acceptance of this wonderful blessing free your spirit from

past hurts and rid yourself of bitter thoughts and situations that wound you

if you find yourself wordless or lacking the desire to speak come to me still

kneel in silence I am there in your Solitude ready to embrace you with

affection to show you once again the depth of my love even when words fail you I hear what your heart speaks I know

precisely what you feel trust in me a new future filled with grand blessings

awaits you expect it for it is near my love for you you is

Everlasting when you draw close to me I envelop you in my love I wipe away every

tear enveloping you in a unique peace I surround you with tenderness healing and

restoring your health I Infuse your soul with joy and fortify you amidst your

trials I understand perfectly what you feel and have experienced no one knows you better than

I do your past and the heights you you are destined to

reach approach me and I will shower you with the most extraordinary blessings

you’ll ever witness dare to believe I yearn to perform wonders in you and your family I

am ready to manifest Supernatural Miracles but first I’ll start by astonishing you with the simple things

gradually introducing you to a spiritual realm beyond your previous knowing you are embarking on a journey of

Miracles Bo born a new into a realm of Eternal opportunity your destiny on this path is

shaped not by fleeting emotions or the sight of your eyes but by faith in the truth of my word I will speak to you

guiding you towards great Deeds be patient for I will reveal the precise

time day and hour when blessings will abundantly descend upon you do not

imitate those who grow impatient who Rush ahead to create their own Miracles

they they claim Words I Never spoke seeking praise in their desperation only to become entangled in sin and lose

their faith instead I am molding you into a Divine vessel of blessing one that can

satiate the Deep yearning for love that many hold I call upon you to use your

time to bless others and for every word you utter in kindness I will bestow

immense blessings upon you I will amplify your strength make your efforts

prosper and open countless doors for you follow me along Paths of Glory I will

equip you with all you need to steadfastly carry my word should difficulties arise do not be

afraid I will grant you the strength to conquer them as your God I will hold

your hand guiding you to receive the blessings I have prepared for you do not

dwell on your past I have forgiven every error and fault today marks the

beginning of a new Journey on my path blessed and graced by me let nothing

disturb you or cling to emotions best left in the past leave behind harmful

habits vices or past failures with me by your side in all your endeavors success will follow for

you walk in my will even when enemies doubt you proclaiming failure as your

fate know that your destiny is already written unchangeable by anyone I assure

you you will flourish even in the desert in Barren lands blessings and joy will

rain down upon you in my Holy Spirit inspired promises you will find all the

wisdom you need there lies wisdom from above stay true to my word study it

learn it and live it out let it guide you day and night in light or darkness

and you will see Things fall into place so arm yourself with patience and let

events unfold keeping your faith in me unshaken resist sin overcome

adversaries but never resist my love you will find that challenges will pass and

following hardship I will bless you with joy and peace embrace them they are your

due reward the time has come for you to receive what you have earnestly worked for

know that I am always with you never leaving your side even when the odds

seem against you move forward with confidence for I will fight your battles

leading you to victory in all things I am your God your savior who loves and

protects you endlessly and even in your weakest moments when you falter my grace will

cover you remember whatever you sincerely ask from your heart I will

grant I have never ceased listening to you and that is why I am here now responding to

your doubts know that I love you and will never abandon you I emphasize this

unceasingly and etch it into your memory so it forever remains clear amidst the

numerous distractions of this world I assure you that my word will constantly be within your sight do not give in to

despair but rather hold fast to my love for you so stand up and walk for I will be right

beside you as you rise weary and heavy-hearted my spirit will strengthen you as your

eyes open to a day burdened with sorrow my love will comfort you as you awake

your mind clouded with worry my guidance will bring you peace the affection you

feel from me will Empower you and the light that I wrap around you will forever dispel any darkness my love for

you is profound and my desire is not for your anguish but for your

well-being the only way is to surrender your heart to me fully and unreservedly today witness how I will transform you

instead of sitting in sorrow regretting the past you will eventually rise with a renewed and joyful

smile these words that you read to the end are my Divine assurance that your

life is precious to me and I look upon you with deep love if if you’re

harboring doubts about giving and receiving love perhaps because you’ve loved deeply and it seems

unreciprocated know that I am here to heal your heart the seeds of Love you’ve sown are now beginning to flourish with

happiness blooming in abundance I see the Miracles in your perseverance and the beauty in all that you’ve planted I

acknowledge the love you’ve given and until now how little you felt in

return people may have let you down and you may have placed too much of your life in their hands but I’m always

watching over you the times you gave pieces of yourself expecting nothing in

return were not unnoticed your sleepless nights will be

rewarded it’s true what is sown will be reaped and you have swn your seeds in

Fertile ground amidst tears and pain yet when my Holy Spirit flows like

a river it transforms all adversities into blessings all your struggles all

your sufferings You longed for the strength to keep fighting and now my hand touches you my power opening your

eyes I want you to see the future that awaits your desert shall be transformed

your soul will no longer yearn for love I will honor your dedication and

your hands will be filled with abundance let’s make this agreement open

your heart to me believe in me steadfastly and continue your efforts I

will be with you every day offering protection strength and showing you at

each moment how deeply I still love you rest on my shoulder all is well

ignore the hurtful Whispers in the night that try to convince you of the absence of love in your life instead feel the

gentleness of My Embrace right now this pain you endure

is not your demise or defeat hand over your sorrow to me and find solace in my

presence if you need to cry let your tears flow I am here to weep alongside

you I am right here sharing your feelings pained by your

pain you will realize that even in profound Darkness even when faced with

agonizing loneliness I will not leave you I will stay to comfort and strengthen you so you understand how

much you mean to me how truly cherished you are who can separate you from my

side hear this from me and engrave it in your heart neither distress nor

persecution doubts nor tribulations nothing will ever pull you away from my

steadfast Eternal immense and sincere love remember this

always despite your flaws and mistakes my love for you remains

unshaken I do not fail I do not deceive I do not

exaggerate if I’ve told you a million times that I love you believe it for I

will never renounce my love we’ve had countless conversations and you’ve heard my Declarations of love

now is the time to take my affection seriously and stop doubting do not let your faith be like a

rudderless boat tossed by waves and winds you will not flounder you will not be lost you will not

fail trust in me and understand it’s time to believe to stand

to walk in faith and with conviction you’ve already received many gifts from my hand and more blessings

are on the way Surrender Your Heart to me and never stop trusting I will never

ever leave you believe this feel it I am here speak to me share your grief with me lay down

those relinquished dreams at my feet leave behind thoughts of worthlessness I want you to experience

true love to finally understand that someone loves you with a real heartfelt

affection a love unlike any you’ve known before this is The beautiful tender and

mighty love I have for you continue to pray I long for you to be here with me

you are securely sheltered under my holy mantle the discouragement that assails you aims to pull you away to tear you

from My Embrace and lead you into a desolate desert but this is not your

fate it is not what I have designed for your life today I speak to uplift your

spirit to Grant you peace to alleviate your anxiety and to provide the strength

you desperately seek do you embrace my love respond to me from the depth of

your heart with utmost sincerity assure me that you will stay in my presence yet

be aware even if you attempt to leave or the enemy tries to snap you from my care

I will not let you wander off wherever you go I will be there holding you with

my hand and drawing you back to me the adversary of your soul may try to

convince you that you are doomed to Eternal Solitude claiming that I have abandoned you because of your

flaws this is not the truth I will never leave or forsake you nothing can break

the bond of my love for you not shame rejection failure or

condemnation my love for you is steadfast and enduring you know this and

I reaffirm it for you I confirm this with my words igniting your heart with

the flame of my Everlasting Love You sense the warmth in your spirit I am

instilling in you A Renewed will to live despite the overwhelming circumstances

immense obstacles and constant battles you face in your life today marks A New

Beginning you will not remain the same for you have welcomed me into your heart

you are wholly transformed within the negatives and pains of your past are behind you today you are reborn

ready to start receiving the inheritance I have set aside for you eternal life

beside me awaits my Holy Spirit fills you giving you the strength to navigate

this world when you feel this fire touch your soul your lips will open in Praise

You will finally understand the extent of my power I will lift you up in my hands raising you to new heights you

will sing joyfully to me all burdens holding you back will vanish you will

see yourself as I see you unique and precious I am raising you to overcome

your challenges and to enter a new phase of blessings you are not part of the group who shies away from believing in

my my word those who wake up and instead of embracing the day’s light succumb to

Darkness and falsehoods they feel forsaken because they’ve chosen to

dismiss my love and warmth mistakenly believing that Perfection is the only way to my grace what I seek from you is

a simple genuine faith if there are people trying to rob you of your joy do

not welcome them into your life refrain from accepting their empty offers or

seeking their companionship surround yourself with those who appreciate and uplift you

those who respect your Independence and don’t intrude into your personal or family

Affairs resist letting negativity enslave you reject the words of defeat

and criticism seek the company of those who respect your privacy who don’t spread false stories about others and

who encourage you sincerely not looking for monetary gain in exchange for their

friendship your faith journey is a personal one between you and me I want

to talk with you to disclose my plans and intentions if you’re eager to deepen

your relationship with me meet me here I’ll be waiting for you in the early

hours find a quiet time apart from the world to bring your request to me pay

attention to the words I share with you daily maintain your faith for I will answer

you in numerous ways affecting both you and your family I will make myself known

to you call out to me and I will answer I will reveal wondrous and astounding

things through dreams and Visions showing you my path I am elevating you

to a higher realm where you’ll witness extraordinary Miracles Embrace and share these words

with faith and immense blessings will surround you approach me with your requests

confidently show me your faith your gratitude is the most precious gift you can offer our time together today is the

most beautiful experience you can have so come without fear for I will not turn

you away your sins are forgiven cleansed by my sacrificial love you have no reason

to feel shame in my presence even when you were distant and had forgotten about me I showed you Mercy I sent Legions of

angels to rescue you from Dark Forces clearing your way back to me return to

me tomorrow just as you did today bringing good news share the unfolding Miracles

the Transformations and the wonderful happenings in your life reaffirm your faithfulness and I will listen with

immense Joy I have brought you here to change your life I don’t want you to go

back to a place filled with hate cont attempt sadness and despair I am

speaking to you now will you trust in me or listen to those who hinder your faith

they demand Perfection while being flawed themselves no one in this world

can claim Perfection before me so don’t let your faith or Spirit be weakened by

those who try to block your way here you are dearly loved and there

is one true path one truth and an Open Door through which you can step into

into eternal life complete happiness and Lasting joy in my presence you will

consistently find love acceptance and a pure holy

affection you are welcome to come to me confidently day or night whether you’re

feeling unwell believe you failed or find yourself tempted Again by the weaknesses that led you into Vice error

and sin here you are received warmly no matter your state or the circumstances

you’re in I always listen to your prayers of repentance and am ready to offer you

another opportunity if you embrace my forgiveness and wish to begin a

new come offer your heart to me no explanations are needed I understand

your need for my love and I am here amen loving you trust in me and approach I am

waiting for you take my hand remember you are journeying alongside me and with

my support you can achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of I desire to care

for you to safeguard you I long to see you peaceful content and genuinely happy

because of my deep love for you I will guide you along the correct path

ensuring your steps are sure and steady keeping you from straying or faltering if you follow my lead you will

advance far and leave your past errors behind you’ve wandered in mistakes for tooo long enduring pain and inflicting

sorrow I know the pain of your past troubles you but now you stand before me

a repentant Soul humbled how could I not forgive you I have done everything for

your Triumph I don’t want to see you fail I have already borne the cost of

all your sins now is the time for you to embrace my grace accept my forgiveness

and stop being overly critical of yourself many have hoped for your downfall but I

have lifted you up in their presence and soon they will witness how I lead you to

success today I propose this to you entrust your entire life into my hands

Focus your attention on me there was a time when you served and worshiped me

wholeheartedly but the world’s indifference dimmed your faith influenced by those who sought to

discourage rather than support you now is the time to commit your future to

me and rise again I want to fill you with joy and astonish you with the

remarkable Miracles I will work in your life to experience this you need to come

to me take the first step and place your faith in me leave your past behind give

me your heart and I assure you you will no longer suffer pain or sorrow I will

transform you forging a new character within you that longs for my presence

and detests sin and violence no more shouting or rage dominating your life I

will remove the grief sadness and depression that sometimes engulf you casting them into the Sea’s

depths embrace the change I offer and know that I will continually affirm my love for

you I am here to shower you with affection and to offer you protection I

am aw Ware of the turmoil you’ve been experiencing please share your troubles

with me that is why I am here for you let’s talk and release those inner feelings

that are tearing you apart tell me in your own words what you need from me it brings me joy to hear

your faith and I am heartened to see your spirit find peace as you speak to me my beloved your prayers are the

foundation for blessings that will transform your destiny your sadness had been pulling you into a

Barren Wasteland of loneliness and pain but with every conversation we have you

will sense healing and fulfillment your parched and Wounded Heart Will Find

satisfaction the sadness will fade replaced by the peace and joy that I

provide know that I am holding you in my arms just as I have done

before I have seen when your strength to walk faded and your feet grew

weary there were times you felt isolated doubting my support but even through your fear and

uncertainty I was there to Aid you now I want you to rest In My Embrace take a

moment to breathe and rejoice in being with me in this time I wish for you to

grow stronger may your steps Be steady so that you can Traverse deserts navigate Thorns tread over rocks and

even walk upon the Seas waves do not be afraid you will not falter no

harm will come to you I will guide you back to the path where you can walk independently with faith and bravery do

not fear You are not alone I am with you and it’s important for you to understand

this starting today the road to Victory may be

challenging but in the face of difficulties you will instantly feel my comforting embrace hear my voice gently

whispering in your ear lovingly reminding you that you are my child and I am your father I love you and feel

deep compassion for your struggles I want to see you strong and no longer in

pain embrace me remember me and come to visit me in this sacred place where you

can always experience my love and warmth here you can continually feel this

Divine and Heavenly sensation knowing how deeply you are cherished by the the almighty God who has uplifted you I know

you sense this love and believe in it every prayer you offer no matter how

Grand or seemingly insignificant will not go unanswered I will respond in a way that

is magnificent and full of Glory we are elevating to a higher plane

of existence even here on Earth as you Journey with blessings walk in faith not

merely trusting what you see with your eyes when You Face challenges experience loss or endure pain fear

not I am here with you a grand power protecting you as a tender

father I unfold you with love and gentleness your most powerful asset

being your steadfast belief in my word the Deep certainty within your soul that

your heavenly father intercedes for you in truth in a way that is lovely sweet

Majestic in incomparable Divine Eternal and

Supernatural there’s no feeling more comforting than knowing you are deeply loved and shielded even amidst the

harshest battles when the enemy thinks they have overpowered you and you seem tarnished by life’s trials you will rise

tears in your eyes but empowered by the might of my Holy Spirit filling your heart continue forward for you are on

the correct path I desire for you to purist assist in your Journey of Faith

love loyalty hope and sincerity aware that Beyond these challenges lies a life

filled with blessings wrapped in my grace and benevolence I rejoice in your daily

Awakening filled with joy and determination no longer chained by past

memories or feelings of loneliness and despair it brings me joy to see you

realize the extent of my power and what I can accomplish through you as you continue in your beautiful

Faith the most precious gift you can offer me is your heart your surrender

your faith and the conviction in your soul that my response is assured even

when it’s beyond your sight you will achieve Great Heights you will

soar the gateway to my holy Throne is open to you and whenever you seek something know this I will respond I

love you and will forever keep you in my holy care this has been is and will always be true now I ask you do you

believe no one can bring you down for I will raise you up no one can defeat you

for I will shield you no one can curse you for I Will Bless you no one can

shame you for I will support you no one can harm you for I will guard you those

who dare to touch you or speak ill of you will have to contend with me I watch over my children

you are never alone do not fear pursue your dreams with greater Faith dare to

believe in magnificent things from now on take bold steps forward do not be

swayed by those who try to assert their superiority over you remember as the

creator of all I made everyone equal in my image and likeness my children who

genuinely love and seek me understand this they possess faith and Rec

recognize where to place their trust and belief this understanding is what

bothers your adversaries outwardly they may see you as just

another person but they are aware of the Holy Spirit residing within you they

sense it and it’s visible to them so now it’s time to elevate your faith you know

who you are what you have and what you long for you strive to do my will improving yourself daily

fear no one stand confidently and step into the battle for victory is certain

when you walk in faith Guided by my word while keeping your heart pure uncorrupted by worldly vices don’t come

to me with the notion that this message is only for the Youth believing that your age precludes you from achieving

your dreams or that your aspirations have been worn down by past

disappointments such thoughts deeply sadden and upset me to have witnessed so many miracles and

then say this isn’t for you is disheartening I am poised to do incredible things in your life

regardless of whether you’re young or old many will witness your transformation and will seek your

counsel entrust you with their life’s secrets and you will lead them towards

me keep chasing your dreams pursuing your goals and fighting with faith for

the good you desire to achieve no one can bring you down oppose you or

harm you I am with you and together we will Ascend to a realm of Supernatural

blessings your blessing is on its way a deluge of Grace is about to flood your

home and it will not stop there is no love greater no plan more formidable

than what I have in store for you I can provide you with unwavering

purpose peace and turn the challenging into the beautiful guiding you from Wilderness to

a place of refreshment embrace my blessing with faith joy and humility do not dismiss or

underestimate it it might come in simple form which Others May Overlook as they

chase after grander things but I favor the humble and seemingly small the weak

who will grow in strength and become Giants in faith stay vigilant and alert

for you are about to witness marvelous things turn to my word to recognize the

blessings that are drawing near I seek a humble heart my spirit is eager to fill

a life that is always ready to give love and forgive I have chosen you make no

mistake about it as your destiny was inscribed by my own hand on an eternal scroll the time has arrived for you to

understand what I have prepared for you each day Day come into my presence

present your plans at my altar share your doubts confess your flaws and

accept my forgiveness rise and ready yourself for victory for the moment is close at hand

my arrival is imminent you are faced with many responsibilities and through you I

intend to perform numerous Miracles we will walk this journey together and you can count on my

steadfast support I cherish you deeply and have wonderful news to

share the blessing you’ve been longing for is now within your reach the days ahead are set to be

filled with joy and happiness for you and your family I am clearing away the

discouragement that has been clouding your thoughts I’ve erased all repercussions and curses of your past

wrongdoings no barrier will stand in the way of the wonderful gifts I plan to give you for I have personally nullified

the debt of guilt and regret that your adversary tried to impose on you while the world is gripped by fear

and uncertainty you have direct access to my Celestial Throne you are my

treasured and beloved child entitled to call upon me and be heard While others

seek solace in their own means be confident for your hope lies in me fear

not remain steadfast in your faith you can stand amidst the tumult and command

it to subside with authority and it will listen do not be

afraid when Strife tries to entangle you raise your arms in Victory and your heart to me the barriers blocking your

way will fall and the forces opposing you will be stuck arise and spread these

Glad Tidings to those who need to hear them my power is with you and as you

speak and share the these words Miracles will happen no Nation leader or

government can offer the security your soul seeks they might promise peace and

prosperity but they cannot fulfill these promises as Darkness increasingly shrouds

Humanity rely on no one else in this world do not entrust your life to

fallible humans prone to mistakes don’t be swayed by those who

display false Authority for not everyone who calls me Lord will enter my

presence trust not in those who offer miracles for material offerings shouting to impress put your trust solely in me

and when I speak you will recognize my voice I am your God your creator your

savior the one who brings news that fills your heart with joy While others may feel sorrowful you

will rise in happiness While others believe they can’t endure any longer you empowered by

my love and holy spirit will declare with all your being here I am to help

you I reach out my hand to you and take it and I will fill you with peace close

your eyes place your hands on your heart and feel me filling you with love

sincerity and Tranquility disperse The Winds of adversity from your life with all your

strength you have sought me for assistance and upon hearing my powerful voice

the winds and storms will calm I will fortify your spirit stand firm on the

Rock to withstand life’s challenges raise your sails high and do not fear to

set out on your journey even as the tumultuous waves of

life’s challenges may assail your dreams with harsh criticisms keep your eyes

fixed on me my love and my might remember I am the captain of your

journey and with me you will not be over overwhelmed there may be times when the weight you carry feels unbearable but

rest assured I will keep my promise and help you shoulder these burdens be

patient and do not waver in your faith The Strain and worry you experience now

pale in comparison to the immense joy that will come with the arrival of your blessings you are destined to ascend to

Greater Heights feeling empowered and steadfast you will realize that choosing

me as your God your king and your lord and opening your heart to me was indeed

worthwhile entrust me with your grief your uncertainties and your fears march

forward with confidence for I am leading you by the hand cast off the fears

emotions and feelings that seek to restrain you do not let your life be consumed by

bitterness resentment jealousy or an unwillingness to forgive the period of

hard ship is nearing its end and soon a new epic of divine and holy blessings

will begin in your life we’re on a journey together toward complete transformation you will become a source

of blessings for your family a Beacon of Hope to those around you and your

happiness will be the light that drives away all Darkness stand up and fight in

this battle for victory is already yours you have been through trials and

now now is the time for your blessings to unfold you have endured enough and gleaned many important lessons your

courage in facing unforeseen trials was not of your own accord but because the

adversary sought to toss you about like wheat in the wind in your moments of desperation you

SED seeds that fell on soil moistened by your tears amidst your struggles you

showed bravery understand that these tribulations were not of your making

rather they were the enemy’s attempts to Buffet you but I am true to my word and

will assist you in bearing these burdens stay patient and do not lose heart for

the current stress and worry you endure are nothing compared to the immense joy that will envelop you when you receive

your blessings you are destined to rise higher feeling more empowered and

[Music] determined no deep within your heart that any present stress or anxiety is

insignificant compared to the joy that awaits you when you receive your blessings you are on the brink of

ascending to a higher realm where your strength and resilience will be magnified rejoice in the realization

that offering me a place in your heart acknowledging me as your God your king

and your lord has been profoundly worthwhile entrust to me your Sorrows

doubts and fears walk with boldness for I guide you firmly by the hand let go of fears

turbulent emotions and sentiments that seek to bind you do not sacrifice your peace to

grudges anger Envy or an unwillingness to forgive the era of turmoil is nearing

its end a new epic of divine and magnificent blessings is Dawning in your life together we journey towards a

complete transformation you are destined to be a beacon of blessing for your family a shining

example to your community and your joy will be the radiance that dispels all

Shadows arise and step into The Fray for victory is already within your grasp the

trials you’ve endured have prepared you for this moment of blessing you have weathered enough acquiring invaluable

lessons along the way you displayed bravery amid unforeseen trials

not by your own valtion but because adversarial forces sought to unsettle

you in those moments of desperation the seeds of your faith watered by your

tears fell to the fertile ground of your trials amidst these challenges you

remained Valiant understand that these hardships were not of your making they were

attempts by adversarial forces to Buffet your spirit my promise to you remains

steadfast I will assist you in bearing these burdens maintain patience and do not

lose hope for the current Stress and Anxiety pale in comparison to the

immense joy that awaits as you receive your blessings you will rise to a new level of strength and

determination be assured in your heart that the current challenges are nothing compared to the Elation that will

embrace you as your blessings unfold as you ascend to this elevated

State you will find renewed strength and resilience you will bask in the

knowledge that dedicating a place in your heart to me choosing me as your God

your king and your lord was indeed a worthy

decision Surrender Your woes doubts and fears unto me walk with courage for I

lead you dismiss fears emotional turmoil and binding sentiments

do not let your life be consumed by bitterness wrath Envy or an inability to

forgive yet with faith witness the Earth stirring and the emergence of a fresh Sprout this year anticipate a harvest

abundant beyond measure the seeds you thought were dormant are now

Awakening ready to bestow upon you blessings that are magnificent substantial and spiritually enriching

free from sorrow and burden in the precise place where you stand I

have positioned you to flourish but remember it is vital to recognize me as your

Shepherd your sustenance and provision will flow from me as long as you treat

others with kindness but do not place your complete trust in Mortals if you abide by my Commandments

dismiss doubt and negativity and rise with unwavering Faith remarkable

Miracles and wonders are within reach if only you believe this journey is Not

Mere chance or a Trivial Pursuit it is not governed by luck or magic nor are

they Hollow words I speak of my holy word which invariably manifests in perfect timing

according to my divine plan do you seek transformation do you aspire to prosper

to ensure your family wants for nothing and that they all find compassion wisdom

and Truth in their lives do you deeply long for a change I have the desire and the power

to transform you I can change hearts and Minds overnight and I will do so but

your faith is essential you are on the threshold of a new territory which you will soon

behold leave the past behind and reach forward in faith ready to embrace the

blessings I set before you the trial period has concluded now is your time

today I will act beautiful miracles in your life and within your family if you could only understand and feel the joy I

experience in our daily conversations it brings immense Solace to your soul you too seek to hear my

voice longing to spend time in my presence yet sometimes you forget amidst

life’s tumult you feel overwhelmed and exhausted your mind burdened by

countless concerns and the tasks at hand but your strength diminishes because

your spirit is depleted you need to come to me present your

requests and immerse yourself In this River of Living Waters witness the

transformation feel the difference your spirit will be uplifted

your body and soul will be rejuvenated all I ask is for a little of your time for I’m aware of your many

responsibilities yet I seek just a few moments in your steadfast faith

try it I urge you once more come in the morning at night or

whenever you feel the need I am always here ready to nourish you with honey from The Rock and Heavenly

wheat in my presence time is transcendent the minutes you devote to

me become strength encouragement Divine Joy wonderful peace Supernatural Zeal

and holy wisdom blessings will descend upon you like rain like rivers from heaven Heaven

Eternal and clear brimming with abundance as you approach me with steadfast Faith you enter a realm of

spiritual Serenity your soul finds rest in this beautiful landscape a Haven

where your thoughts are calmed and your mind finds peace here there are no tumultuous

clouds No raging storms no Fierce winds nor threats of

turmoil this is your Sanctuary a place for you to dwell in Long

open your hands wide and receive abundantly let your heart be a

storehouse for these blessings fill yourself with the gifts I bestow and

clothe your spirit in my mantle of strength feel the wondrous Touch of my hand upon your head and the purifying

fire of my Holy Spirit consuming all that is impure within you the moments you dedicate to me daily

are gently transforming your life one step at a time as it should be we must

not rush this journey patience is key through this process you will come to know me deeply leaving no room for doubt

in your heart even in my silence and in your strongest moments be assured of my

love I am ever ready to extend my hand to assist you in due

time as Dawn breaks be aware that I heard your prayer last night amidst the

tears that mingled with the Sorrows held in your pillow I witnessed your fear and

your search for courage strength peace and confidence to face life’s

challenges today as you awake to a new day you stand rejuvenated and fortified

with a renewed Spirit gone are the days of weakness and despondency you now

Harbor the courage to face any challenge faith has replaced fear break

y has ousted cowardice yesterday you may have quivered at the thought of life’s potential trials but today you stand

Resolute and prepared for victory rise and March forward with

determination I am igniting within you an unquenchable desire to

Prevail trust in my omnipotence for I have led you here not only to guide your steps but also to empower you in

conquering life’s Giants the obstacles before you may Loom large yet remember nothing surpasses my

strength and might I have not only brought you to this place but I have

also never abandoned you rest assured I will remain steadfastly by your side

through every battle struggle and conflict you encounter in this life in my power and love you are more

than a conqueror each towering adversary you face is an opportunity for Triumph I

endow you with unwavering determination to overcome any conflict in your journey

conquer challenges and dwell in deep abundant peace now turn your focus away from

worries and set your eyes on me this is a journey of Faith nourish it with my

word fill your mind with my promises and witness your fears vanish in the light

of your heart my presence within empowers you to face anyone and ensures victory in every

Challenge walk forward today Your Heart strengthened by my love at Day end speak to me and I will

bestow a special blessing upon you move ahead engaging in life’s battles with

the might of my Holy Spirit when you fight none can overpower you remember

you are strong with my love and faith believe for with faith all things are

possible I love you my child start this day knowing all will be well as I watch

over your endeavors your kindness is a blessing in every good deed you

do to those visiting the doctor today amidst fear know that regardless of the

results I am with you I have the final say and the power for

miracles my will is to Grant you health and peace for those worrying about

feeding your children trust in me I am preparing a feast Le for you and your family even in the presence of

Skeptics your family will not suffer hunger trust for I am blessing your life

for those struggling with debts anticipate a surprise that will transform your situation if you’re

seeking employment you will find it do not lose hope or halt your search my

angels guide your steps leading you to the right opportunities ensuring favor with those you meet you will engage in

work beyond your knowledge changing your life and your families you will joyfully clear your

debts and even assist others in need surrounded by a wonderful Community I

will orchestrate circumstances in your favor bringing friends companionship and

opportunities into your life remember these words I say to you I

am your Shepherd and you shall not want approach everyone with dignity and

humility and let a smile Grace your face even when your heart feels heavy and tears seem

close I have blessed you with numerous gifts and talents some yet to be revealed but now is the time to use all

the grace I have given you your joy and faith will encourage others to support you in return my child

sometimes a simple smile from you can brighten someone else’s day someone who may also be carrying burdens of pain and

loneliness I am with you and the this day will be significant for you keep

reading and trusting in my word you will approach me with immense Joy harvesting

the blessings hear me I love you deeply and I need to ask this of you for sometimes

I see you so consumed by busyness you’re often involved in important tasks but your spirit needs

the nourishment of divine water or it risks fading so I take this moment to ask for

your attention longing for you to hear me say over and over that I love you

throughout this day in all places I will remind you in your thoughts that even if

others Overlook you I love and hear you even if others pay you no attention and

you feel the world rejects or abandons you despite giving your heart do not

fear for I am here loneliness is not your lot let people think or say what

they will seek not their approval all that the world offers is fleeting and

will pass place not your trust or hope in any person I am the only one who will

never fail you some may feel I have failed them because I did not fulfill their wishes but I am not bound to serve

vain desires or ignore the words of those who disrespect my word offend me

and do not repent but to you I speak with love and will never Tire of your attention

my words bring peace to your soul when you Embrace and keep them my promises

can heal Empower and transform you wherever you go my love will be waiting

for you each morning when you open your eyes the same light will greet you as my

sweet love fills your heart it brings Joy serves as a force that uplifts and

sustains you a protective power against life’s harshness

it’s the bright light guiding your path in the night my love is the melody that soothes your ears as you rest your head

and your room becomes fragrant with the scent of your prayers know that everything you tell me

is received with love heard with Grace granted with mercy and answered with

affection Love and even more love today I give you this love receive it with the

pure joy of a child I am capable of Performing even greater miracles in your

life when you offer me your sincere and deeply grateful Faith learn to trust in

me beyond what you see or feel as a human life will stir your emotions in

various ways whether or not you see me or feel my presence and even if your

journey isn’t filled with ease and you face challenges remember my love for you

is immense hold this truth in your heart engrave it in your soul and never forget

it be mindful that many around you notice something distinctly different about you

they see the blessings in your life your radiant joy and your unwavering

resilience yet for some it’s hard to believe in what they cannot see and they

often Overlook the blessings they do witness instead of seeking to understand

your happiness or learning about your faith they may give in to

Envy do not follow follow their path avoid making agreements with them do not

join them in their Gatherings or follow their advice you will be truly blessed if you adhere to my teachings surrender

your whole being and heart to me at day’s end after facing various trials

you might feel weary from life’s journey but do not fear for I am here

waiting for you at your home I will be the one to welcome you opening the door

with a wide smile ready to offer the rest you need I want you to wake up early and I

will be there beside you as you open your eyes let the first words you hear in

your heart do not fret I’m cradling your heart with boundless love and warmth

right now even as worries surface and storms rage around you I am here

wrapping You In My Embrace shielding you from letting these tribulations steal

your joy the gifts I lay before you today surpass anything you’ve ever sought in

prayer you have endured much to reach this moment generously nurturing the

lives of those dear to you yet in this time of Plenty adversities test your

faith and resolve hear me now embrace my promise and do not fear I understand what you

are facing nobody can ruin your dreams spoil your good fortune or take away

these joyful moments from you what I’m about to give you is Way Beyond

anything you’ve lost before I’m the one who writes your story and I allowed

these challenges because I’m getting you ready for even bigger and better things get ready to see a miracle so

amazing and wonderful that you and your family will be stunned it will touch their hearts so

deeply that they’ll have no choice but to bow down realizing my love for them

feeling sorry forever doubting even you will see those who doubted you ask for

your forgiveness they laughed at your faith but my kindness is so immense that

I came personally to show them my love so I’m here now speaking gently and

with affection urging you stay calm stand strong hold on to your dreams and

don’t be scared of the tough times in this world there might be times when it feels

like everything is falling apart While others around you are consumed by fear turning to hate ignoring my

teachings and abandoning The Hope I’ve given you stand strong like a tree by

the water’s edge you grow in wisdom and Faith producing good things in your life

and your hope stays alive you experience peace safety and

plenty of spiritual blessings even when others are caught up in their worries feeling lost and empty because they’ve

turned away from my guidance don’t follow the crowd Keep Your Home Free from arguments

and conflicts stay away from people who try to make you doubt ignore hurtful and

silly talk keep evil outside your door don’t look at things that pollute your

heart and mind stay alert and brave encourage every member of your family to

forgive and be kind to one another make sure they don’t go to sleep

holding on to anger or bad feelings because that would let the bad dreams of illness and ruin into their

lives so work on forgiving each other I’ve already forgiven everyone and don’t

keep reminding them of what they did wrong I forgive and forget their mistakes which I’ve tossed into the

Sea’s depths don’t keep bringing up old wounds don’t dredge up mistakes from long ago

don’t upset each other by rehashing faults I’ve already forgiven or by blaming each other for things that

happened just yesterday forgive and let go and my holy spirit will live in your

hearts those who really love and understand me always try to forgive and forget not letting guilt or arguments

control their feelings actions or thoughts listen to what I’m saying be

loyal and follow my guidance and you’ll see your life change for the better witnessing many of the blessings I’ve

promised come to life your feelings won’t be upset by

unexpected changes and your troubles won’t make you sad I want you to live

peacefully strong in your inner calm I’m not saying you’ll have a life without challenges only those who are afraid

want a life without having to try hard or take charge I’ve told you over and over to put in the effort and be brave

not to be scared or give up you don’t have to be paralyzed by fear or filled with doubt just like I’ve been there for

you in the past and got you through tough times I’ll do it again and again

my love is Limitless my kindness never runs out

your life is safe with me your achievement is recorded in my ledger your success is guaranteed your Victory

is certain tomorrow I’ll give you the strength your heart needs once more

I will shower joy and blessings on your family Heaven’s Gates will open and

prosperity will pour down on your home tell me you trust in what I’ve planned for you for nothing and nobody can ruin

it today I reaffirm This Promise between you and my be strong and courageous

extend your vision towards a future of abundant blessing I no longer want you to worry abandon despair and sleep

soundly for I am your Shepherd your lord your savior I send you these words from my

holy Throne hoping you will treasure them in your heart if you are weary come to me and I

will give you rest this I ask of you with great love cease striving in your

own strength if you feel overwhelmed by the multitude of problems around you

stop what you are doing and kneel I’m going to fill your life with

the spiritual strength you need and you’ll stand up again Ready To Face Down

evil no one can hurt you you’re safe from any harm each morning the sun will

rise lighting up your way showing you that I’m with you from dawn until dusk

you will sense my presence all around you and extraordinary things will start

happening don’t look back or miss your old wrong ways don’t go back to where you felt small or let those who hurt you

have any power over you now it’s time to move towards your goals and with my help you’ll reach them

walk with me hold my hand and when you face a challenge call out for a miracle

I’ll surely respond I’ll be right there with you on every Journey every step of the way

you’re going to see amazing things happen your past errors will be corrected people you upset will forgive

you your way will be clear your adversaries will keep their distance the chains holding you back

will snap and you’ll enjoy true happiness and freedom for every minute you spent in

shame you will be rewarded with peace and prosperity I want to protect and shield

you from all evil preventing you from falling into the abyss of death and sin that seeks to separate you from

me my light illuminates your life to prevent the enemy from leading you into

Paths of darkness and error never seek Vengeance seek within my words the

strength I wish to bestow upon you to withstand amidst the assaults so that you may stand firm and not falter so

that your faith and loyalty never waver don’t let feelings like anger

frustration or bitterness into your heart forgive those who hurt you and pray for them but keep keep moving

forward without any doubt because there are still many good things ahead for you

you can only progress freely when you forgive and let go of the past so leave

what’s behind and look forward to what’s coming because happy and blessed days are on their way remember everything you

have is a gift of Grace and through your faith I am blessing you with gifts for

which you should always be thankful I ask for your unwavering loyalty to always put me first in your

life look for me first thing each day think carefully before you act call out

to me and I will provide you with the guidance you need Victory doesn’t come from your own

efforts or cleverness but from my strength and spirit Embrace this truth with your

whole heart and you will find even greater success don’t get caught up

worrying about the harmful intentions of other others or fall into their traps

instead put everything in prayer for I will take care of them your enemies seek only to separate

you from my presence to leave you weak and to reject my name to harm you let

them believe that you are unaware of their minations and show yourself gentle as a lamb for I will ensure they receive

their due do not Retreat before those who seek to humiliate at you use my word as your

shield and sword remember all that I tell you in your heart keep it and use

it hence forth for my word is life and gives you wisdom to know what to do in

times of difficulty I’ll always be with you let go of your

uncertainties I’m aware of what you’ve been through and I see how you’ve stayed strong even when things got tough

everything’s going to be okay I’ve got your life your health your money matters

your aspirations and your loved ones all within my care write this down say it loud I

believe and I receive it I am loved and I will not be let

down my promise is solid today even When The World Turns its back on you and you

can’t find a single supportive hand no matter what I’ll stick with you looking

after your family your weal being and the blessings and talents I’ve given

you now what’s your next move will you trust in what I’ve said my promises are

true and sure therefore walk handin hand with me with your heart tranquil in

peace and confidence our covenant shall be forever

indestructible I understand that the busyness of life sometimes leads you to neglect therefore for when silence Falls

when the noise ceases and you find yourself free to speak with me

come spending just a moment with me is better than spending hours in a world

full of troubles come to me and I’ll listen to your prayers you know you can find the

peace you’re searching for with your genuine and kind faith in my words

you’re aware of this when I make a promise I keep it and if something is

Promised in my words those promises are stronger and more reliable than anything

on Earth you love me give me your heart immerse yourself in my teachings and

believe with your entire being I appreciate your commitment and

enthusiasm and I’ll reward you for it I’ve empowered you to walk safely over dangers through fiery trials and along

paths filled with hardships you’re blessed with the ability to silence fears and prevent

harm you don’t need loud noises or Big scenes for my strength to show your

straightforward Faith thankful heart obedience and courage are

enough the enemy isn’t scared when people just shout my words without believing them they talk loudly claiming

their love for me but then they judge and criticize others outside their

meetings that’s why I can’t work wonders there but I’ve chosen you to act through

to perform Miracles with your words and actions don’t be held back by any

challenge with my love and power you’ll overcome great barriers and defeat tough

opponents when you feel alone and tears are all you have reach out to me I’ll

put an end to your pain sorrow and isolation you don’t need to explain

anything just call my name and I’ll lift all that weighs you down I know you have

given so much love and attention and received so

little but I see your tribulations and I will shower you with blessings bring to me your tired body

your weary heart and I will give you rest I will take away all your suffering

and sorrow I know what you have done out of love and how you have been repaid

with lies and betrayal they didn’t consider you or value

you I want you to know that I have seen all you have experienced and I understand you

perfectly I understand your feelings and what you’ve gone through to reach this

point I have always been with you I am with you now and I will always be with

you from this day forward your faith is renewed and your eyes are opened to a

new life where you truly feel and Trust in my love this is the promise I make to

you give me your life and your heart and I will be right there with you to love you and ease your pain I will protect

you in every struggle surround you with my love and give you the strong peace

that will build up your spirit if you trip I will pick you up if

you start to lose courage I will fill you with strength don’t let fear or false accusations disturb you ignore the

lies and heart har words from others don’t let those with bad intentions see

you fall just believe in me because I see your good heart and watch as I make

those who oppose you run away scared watch as your life fills up with

peace wisdom success health and happiness blessed thoroughly by the

goodness that comes from above covering you completely with me by your side all your

dreams will become reality you will feel my presence inside

you changing you people around you will notice too seeing the joy and peace that

shine from you come morning rise early be attentive and you shall distinctly

hear my voice reassuring you of my unwavering devotion do not be disheartened when

things do not unfold as expected pause for a moment just a few

minutes and if you find yourself so disheartened that you are rendered speechless then be

silent even so I can hear you allow me a few moments alone with you close the

doors of your chamber and recall these words I impart I am your Shepherd your

Confidant present to console you amidst this turmoil many complexities assail you

life’s blows Dent your spirits yet I say to you with with great tenderness I love you eat it well and feel the warmth

pervading your entire being a river of holy emotions sweeping away thoughts of

defeat when you start doubting yourself when it feels like hope is just Out Of

Reach soon you’ll realize that this feeling of Despair isn’t true just close your eyes be calm and

let me reach out to comfort your heart and ease your mind I’ll make the turmoil

stop let’s wait for peace together I’m not upset when you’re out

of pans I get it and look at you with kidness when you think you’ve mess it up and feel sorry I’m not here to scold you

remember I sacrificed my life for you on the cross not turning my back on you even when you felt lost burdened by

mistakes so even more so I’m right here with you waiting for when your heart will be at peace a moment I’m looking

forward to as well let go of the thoughts that pull you back into chaos don’t stress about

getting what isn’t yours yet stop worrying about future problems let me

fill the emptiness in your heart the words you’re hearing now bring an incredible unbreakable happiness

promises that wrap you in peace from head to toe I’m anointing you with this holy oil making your character shine

brighter giving you the power to get up and keep going tell me the truth I wish

to hear it from your own lips speak to me of your thoughts in whom you

believe I’m not a diminutive God not as many depict me distant in a corner of

the universe brimming with wrath and dispensing punishment remember the New Covenant if you have given me your life

I inscribe my laws upon your heart my spirit leads you to all truth

you need not Traverse Heaven and Earth to receive my response I am willing to listen to

respond to bless you we’ve started a fresh Bond of love I

promise to give you your extraordinary blessings in life to let you see real and stunning Miracles right here on

Earth I ask you trust in me ignore all the confusing stories and complications

that cloud your mind repair your life concentrate on the present commit to

those you cherish and invest in activities that fulfill you look after your

responsibilities you can feel it I’m already making changes in you you’re aware that many things are

shifting so I urge you not to get sidetracked by things that don’t build

you up stay Brave and determined I will inspire many ideas and

plans in you through my teachings yet keep your focus sharp visit me in the

morning in the evening whenever you find a moment just spend a bit of time and open your Bible read it slowly you’re on

the verge of uncovering something profound if you truly want it the words of this new agreement are

potent each phrase and sentence you absorb will wonderfully alter your

existence I’d like you to see how those who followed me were transformed how they earnestly prayed together until

they were touched by my Holy Spirit Witnesses saw what looked like

Flames above their heads as they lifted their hands in worship sharing my words in various

languages it was an incredible event and such moments are still possible today I

can bestow Supernatural power upon your life as I did with my first servants yet

I caution you they endured pain and persecution yet yet my spirit manifested

in their lives wondrous Miracles occurred the sick were healed lepers

cleansed the blind received sight and multitudes were filled with

joy it is my will that you experience that boundless Joy today I desire to

equip you so that you too may pray and witness great miracles in your life tell

me do you desire and accept this blessing prepare yourself to comprehend and feel

the supernatural reality of my affection and love today I wish to address you

from the deepest recesses of My Heart with words of encouragement and affection may this be a moment of

significance wherein your soul finds respite and your mind releases the

pressures that sometimes bring tears to your eyes listen attentively to my

sacred promises inspired by my spirit to bring you healing steeped in wisdom and

hope I share these words with you gently placing them in your heart with a sweetness that’s Heavenly they’ll stay

there deeply rooted standing strong against any Force trying to pull them out they’re going to grow and yield

pieces fruits molding your character and providing you with comfort as you Journey under the sun when you sleep

cradled in my love you’ll have dreams touched by the Divine understand how deeply I love you

and how much you truly mean to me every heartbeat of yours reminds me how dear you are to me place your hand

on your heart feel its beat it signifies you’re filled with life because of me

you welcome me in and now I am with you filling your essence my Holy Spirit

within you speaks I’ve been with you I am with you and I will always pay attention to your

journey I’m right here always available for you to talk to me I’m listening I see your challenges

and your worries I know your hopes and your dreams your goals and your honesty

touch my heart but what Delights me most is your devotion your faith encourages

me to provide generously for you and to bestow upon you even greater

blessings listen attentively to what I command be strong and courageous fear

not nor be dismayed for I the Lord your God am with you wherever you go in this

world you will face many trials and tribulations there will be moments when

you feel weak fearful and disheartened but my Holy Spirit dwells

within your heart you can face any challenge that confronts you with confidence and determination

in the spiritual realm only the brave rise I have bestowed upon you all my

promises I have made you wise and strong to confront the obstacles always remember I’m your almighty God the one

who made everything in heaven and on earth when you have faith in me you

can’t be beaten I’m your path your life your truth but the enemy tries to shake

you up with his lies aiming to steal your but you are sure about who you trust and

deep inside you know your savior is alive he stands up mightily to protect

you the enemy runs away embarrassed back to where he came from scared and

shaking don’t get caught up in the gloominess of sadness again don’t ignore

what I say don’t think you’re stuck in a corner of hopelessness

defeated that won’t happen keep your spirits up you won’t be brought

down you’re under the care of your Almighty and ruling God even if you can’t see me your heart feels that I’m

genuine and present as you pay attention to my voice your Faith’s Fire gets stronger

surrounding you with an otherworldly presence who shall overcome you neither

sickness nor scarcity nor financial troubles nor treacherous enemies nor boastful tongues nor slander nor

lies I have poured upon you my spirit of life I have raised my banner of victory over

you lift High the hour bless with your faith those around you let people witness the mighty work I

do in you those who doubted your worth and belittled you will see and be

ashamed that day has arrived let me carry your heavy loads

and all your concerns remember my love is so strong that nothing can pull you

away from it I’m here to lead guard and love you without conditions always ready

to comfort your heart and give you strength to remind you once more be

brave and strong and trust in me move forward knowing that my love and

kindness will always be with you when you go through tough times like

walking through fire don’t be scared when you feel overwhelmed like drowning in deep Waters stand firm and keep going

don’t throw in the towel recall my voice talking to you reassuring you that you

belong to me battle against your challenges with everything you’ve got until your very last

moment you’ve got many more years to live countless Journeys to embark on

days and nights to spread blessings among your people an extraordinary and wonderful

future is ahead of you but today I have declared to you what your

attitude must be look not back but always forward for I have the power to

transform your past your future and your present your Victory is assured if you

cling to this word and dare to be different don’t just try to blend in

you’re not one to shy away you know who you belong to you are a child of the

almighty because you’ve chosen to live by my will is spending time in prayer helping others and standing in the Gap

I’ll shower you with blessings say it out loud write it down

yourself bless me oh Lord let my rewards be plentiful look around and see you

need to put in the effort and be brave not giving in to fear or backing

down welcome your blessings with open arms and a humble heart many turn them

away feeling unworthy they think they’re ready yet they miss out on their blessings and later wonder

why I haven’t responded Through My Sacrifice your sins are forgiven you

approach me with genuine Faith you’ve embraced my word that changes and frees

you my love has made you worthy do not accuse yourself because of the past do

not care about what others think if your heavenly father has

forgiven you if you have forgiven and people refuse to forgive you if you have

already paid your debt for the pain caused and people still accuse you leave

them to me I will take care of them with Justice I will have to leave behind

those accusers even if they are your friends or relatives you are moving

forward they will regress into failure they chose not to leave when given the

chance they decided to ignore me and follow their foolish paths some turned their backs on me

because they wanted to fit in with others so now they can’t see you clearly

and if you keep hanging around those negative people they’ll drag you down make you feel guilty about your past and

push you backwards I don’t want that for you I wish for you to stand strong in your

beliefs no matter what anyone else thinks and to come be with me every day don’t skip our Vital meeting I’ll be

waiting for you spare me just a few moments from your day to hear what I

have to say please promise me you’ll do this you really need the strength I’m

offering you need my Holy Spirit each time you kneel give yourself over to me

and commit your life to my guidance I’ll replenish you you’ll enter a realm of wonder where

miracles happen where sorrow is replaced by Bliss and grief turns to

Delight open your arms the doors of your home clean and rearrange your room for

this great harvest that is coming will cause you and your family to be so happy with so much

blessing share your thoughts with me give me your heart hand over those

worries that chip away at your belief your Big Dreams pass on to me those

fears that plant uncertainty in you because you don’t have to face these inner storms alone you don’t have to be

stuck in sadness because I’ve shown you over and over that when you trust in my

words I’ll open up heaven for you you are my child you’re not meant to live in

the shadows my spirit is with you comforting you no matter where you are or where you

go it’s no accident you’re hearing this now I’ve seen how life’s battles have

scarred you how your foes have hurt you before and why you’re still in pain but

I’m here now if you embrace me I will raise you Above This distress cover you

with my protection and wrap you in my care listen to me well read my words

attentively believe me I do not wish for you to suffer any longer what you are experiencing is

neither the cause of my anger nor My Punishment I love you deeply

eternally let it be clear that I have come to lift you definitively to heal

you from your Despair and to rescue you from failure you must rise walk toward your

blessing even if you feel weary even if your heart is still wounded even if you

feel pain take steps of Faith once more for I assure you miraculous healing awaits the

moment you choose to believe with each step you take you will receive strength

you will be made whole rise now for your life will soon change tomorrow everything will be

different do you know why because I love you hand over your sadness and your

frustrations to me let me hold those dreams you felt forced to let go those

times you wanted to just drop everything drop at my feet those

thoughts that make you feel like you’re not enough I want you to experience what

true love feels like to finally realize that there’s someone who loves you

genuinely and deeply a Kind of Love you’ve never known before keep talking to me in prayer I

want you close safe in my Divine care the hopelessness that’s hitting you

tries to pull you away to rip you from my loving hold and drag you through a lifeless Wasteland but that’s not what I

want for you not what I’ve planned that’s why I’m talking to you now to

lift you up to calm you down to ease your worries and to give you the strength you’re searching for will you

accept my love tell me straight from your heart that you’ll stay with me but let me tell

you even if you think about leaving even if your enemies try to pull you away from me I won’t let you go off track no

matter where you end up I’ll be there with you I’ll reach out my hand pull you

back to my side your foes might keep telling you you’re on your own that I’ve

turned my back on you because you weren’t perfect but that’s not the case

I’ll never leave you behind nothing not shame not rejection not your mistakes not any kind of blame

can cut you off from my love my love for you is solid it’s forever

you’ve heard this before but I’m saying it again making sure you get it you’ll feel your heart warming up

with my NeverEnding love your soul will sense it I’m stirring up in you the will to

keep going no matter how tough things look no matter what hurdles what battles you’re facing right now from here on out

everything’s going to be different you won’t be the same person you’ve changed from the inside out out

the past and all its pains are now behind you today marks A New Beginning

today you start to embrace the inheritance I’ve set aside for you eternal life awaits in my presence yet

right here my Holy Spirit empowers you giving you the strength for life’s

journey when you feel this Divine spark within you’ll be moved to celebrate my

name soon you’ll grasp the magnitude of my might I’ll guide you to Great Heights

where songs of Joy will be your offering to me every heavy load you’ve carried

will fall away you’ll see yourself through my eyes unique and cherished elevated to triumph

over trials and embrace fresh blessings you’re not one of those who shy away from Faith who greet each day with

negativity and falsehoods they feel forsaken because they’ve turned away

from my warmth and Care mistakenly believing per ction is the key to my

favor but I seek only genuine heartfelt belief if there are those who try to dim

your light keep your distance don’t welcome their negativity or crave their

company surround yourself with people who respect and inspire you who steer

clear of dominating your choices or intruding into your personal space

resist being bound by despair or degradation once more choose friends who

respect you those who don’t meddle in your life or spread rumors about

others appreciate those who genuinely support you and don’t expect money for

their companionship your faith journey is just between us I’m eager to chat with you to

unveil my plans for you if you’re curious to know me better come

closer I’ll be waiting for you each morning dedicate your early hour to Me

While others are still asleep share your deepest desires with me pay close attention to my words daily

trust in me and I’ll respond in various ways I’ll reveal my presence to

you when you call on me I’ll answer I’ll show you remarkable and hidden things in

dreams and Visions I’ll clarify my intentions for you I’m elevating you to

experience Divine wonders Embrace and spread these words words with belief and

Abundant Blessings will embrace you [Music]

amen [Music]

for [Music]



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