Proof of God’s existence

when one of the things I think that’s

happened in the religious community is

you see people who are brought up in

religious homes and they’re taught the

stories of the Bible they’re never

taught any deeper philosophy or theology

that attaches to that so they have sort

of a children’s eyes view of what God is

and and how to how to think about God

you sort of think of God still as the

old man in the sky who’s controlling

things what if what in your opinion is

the most reasonable proof of God what

have you found to be the most convincing

proof of God’s existence well I think

that those are two questions for me my

favorite argument for the existence of

God that I find the most compelling is a

version of the cosmological argument

which goes like this

whatever begins to exist has a cause

something can’t just come into being

from nothing secondly the universe began

to exist I think we have both good

philosophical arguments and scientific

evidence for the finitude of the past

from which it follows third therefore

the universe has a cause and when you do

a conceptual analysis of what it is to

be a cause of the universe you arrive at

a being which is an uncaused

beginningless timeless spaceless

enormous ly powerful personal creator of

the universe so for me that is a very

convincing argument for God but I find

that with university students that’s not

the most convincing argument you can

ignore philosophical arguments for the

finitude of the past or scientific

evidence for the beginning of the

universe but the argument that they find

I think the most compelling is what I

call the moral argument and it would go

like this one if God does not exist then

objective moral values and duties do not

exist that is to say in the absence of

God everything’s becomes

socio-culturally relative to but

objective moral values and duties do

exist there are some moral absolutes

some objective values and duties

therefore God exists now this is an

argument which is impossible I think to

ignore because every day you get up you

answer by how you treat other people

whether you regard them as having

intrinsic moral value or whether they

are mere means to be used for your ends

and so this argument I find tends to be

the most convincing for people

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