PREPARE FOR THIS IMMEDIATELY | Gods message today | Gods message for me today | Gods message Now

my beloved child if these words find their way to you know that it is a

testament to the strength of your faith deep within you long for a life of

purpose joy and fulfillment who dared suggests that you

are undeserving of such blessings cast aside those misguided

Notions and baseless accusations you are a cherished member of my family one who has opened their

heart to me and seeks my my presence each day as my child you are entitled to an

inheritance of all that is good Noble and true the dreams borne from your

compassion and pursuit of righteousness will come to fruition no matter your age or perceived

Readiness it is never too late to begin this journey I Empower and equip the Willing

personally calling out to those who earnestly seek to serve me your past

missteps and setback acts do not Define your purpose through your faith in My

Sacrifice and Resurrection you are forgiven and granted a clean slate a

chance to rebuild and begin a new I will transform you into a Beacon

of Hope within your household a conduit of blessings for those closest to you

those who once belittled you will fall silent as they witness the value I place upon you and the love I have for you pay

no heed to to those who claim you are inadequate I am your God the almighty one who rescues and redeems who showers

you with favor and compassion with each breath I renew your weary spirit and

reveal the depths of my love for you your role is to trust me completely and

accept my love without condition for it is this trust that unlocks your Eternal Joy well-being and

blessings never Tire of expressing your love and faith in me in times of of

Celebration and hardship alike I remain steadfastly by your side it is because

of my love for you that I bring this special message today your vibrant sincere faith has caught my attention

revealing a maturity and understanding of my ways you have learned to trust and

patiently await the appointed time to receive the blessings I have prepared for you I am assembling an army of brave

souls those eager to live with passion and purpose ready to share my love and

commit to a life of transformation and renewal you my child are among the

courageous ones I have chosen however be cautious of what you allow to influence your thoughts and

actions let my word be your primary focus engaging with it in every way that ignites your spirit reading listening

proclaiming writing and singing as I prepare to bestow abundant blessings upon you I ask that you learn

the art of stewardship nurturing and protecting these gifts the blessings and Authority I grant are not

meant to feed your ego or fuel Pride rather they require a humble heart to

grow and flourish refrain from participating in or endorsing gossip or slander and never

act or speak against those who respect you assist you or provide for your needs

instead Channel your energy into your work service and being a blessing to your family and Community you are chosen

to bear fruit and Venture where I lead you fostering prosperity and blessings within your home I speak to you as a

trusted friend to experience true transformation you must choose to follow

my commands and walk alongside me commit to this path for you are

entering a new phase of life where obedience leads to success I have appointed you as a

Defender for your family guiding you from one Victory to the next

ensuring my presence accompanies you in every Triumph you will ascend from one level

of Glory to another through your praises and a grateful heart that resonates within you and fills your

home my precious one I love you deeply as the champion of champions I will

bless you for I made no mistake in choosing you I want you to understand

the extent of my love which is why I must share this crucial message with you with you do not disregard these words

instead Embrace each one and share your thoughts on this matter I bring before

you I come to you with a promise I will never cease to remind you of my

boundless love for you finding delightful and meaningful ways to make you feel enveloped shielded and

perpetually blessed my unwavering affection for you is rooted in my

immense love a love that is intricately woven into my words confirmed by my

sacrifice and affirmed by the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit within you

the spirit burns like a purifying fire A Mighty Wind that uproots every painful

memory granting you Serenity and wholeness it provides you with an unshakable strength and a Heavenly peace

that steadies your steps uplifts you and empowers you to Embrace Life fully

dedicating More Love in time to those who matter most this extraordinary gift I offer is

wrapped in eternal love for I came to save you and secure a wondrous and unique place for you in

Paradise though that day of reunion is yet to come while you walk this Earth

hold fast to the words I share with you each night as you lay your head upon your pillow Even If Tears threaten to

fall release your fears and extend your hands to receive this sacred anointing

that heals both body and soul you will rest peacefully

undisturbed by the cares of the world and wake feeling refreshed and free from

anxiety I will continue to remind you in every moment of my love your worth and

the high esteem in which I hold you I am diligently working on your

behalf striving to smooth your path so that all things work together for your

good may your family be filled with peace your children grow in wisdom and

your home abound with prosperity may you be liberated from

debt and may all sorrow in your heart be banished forever you will hear my voice and sense

my presence for I will always hold you close tenderly Whispering of my enduring

marvelous and divine love declare your desire to hear feel and reciprocate this

love for I designed your future before your first breath I hold the wonderful things you

yearn for the profound desires of your heart that you have carried for years

and the prayers you offer for your loved ones everything is recorded in my book

of remembrance I am intimately acquainted with your hopes dreams and the burdens

you carry when doubts assail you and the voices of the world try to drown out my

Whispers lean in closer quiet your soul and listen for my

still Small Voice guiding you along the path I have laid out for you as you

navigate the twists and turns of this life remember that I am your constant

companion your steadfast guide I will never lead you astray or abandon you in

your time of need when the storms of life rage around you I will be your shelter your rock Rock and your Refuge

cling to me and I will carry you through every trial and tribulation in those moments when you

feel overwhelmed by the weight of your responsibilities remember that I have not called you to carry these burdens

alone I am your strength and your support ready to shoulder the load alongside you cast your cares upon me

for I care for you deeply and am more than able to handle every challenge you face as you continue to grow in your

faith and walk with me I will reveal new facets of my character to you each

revelation will draw you closer to my heart deepening your understanding of my love and the plans I have for you

Embrace these Revelations allowing them to transform you from the inside out

your journey with me is one of ongoing transformation a daily renewal of Your

Mind and Spirit as you surrender your life to me

I will shape you into a vessel of Honor fit for my use trust the process even

when it feels uncomfortable or unfamiliar I am refining you purifying

your heart and preparing you for the incredible Destiny I have in

store throughout this process remember to extend Grace to

yourself you are a work in progress and I am not finished with you yet

when you stumble or fall short do not wallow in guilt or condemnation instead run to me for I am

quick to forgive and eager to restore my love for you is not contingent on your

performance but is rooted in my unchanging character as you walk in

obedience to my word and surrender to my will you will begin to see my blessings unfold in your life these blessings will

not always come in the form you expect but trust that I know what is best for

you I will open doors that no man can shut and close doors that would lead you

astray trust my timing and my provision for I am always working behind the

scenes on your behalf in the end my child remember that your ultimate purpose is to bring glory

to my name as you live a life of Faith love and obedience you will reflect my

character to the world around you your life will become a a testament to my goodness a living epistle written not

with ink but with the spirit of the Living God so hold fast to these words

my beloved hide them in your heart and let them be a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your path when the world

around you feels uncertain and the way ahead unclear trust in my unfailing love and

unshakable Promises I will never leave you nor forsake you and my plans for you

are good filled with hope and a future rest in my love my child and let my

peace guard your heart and mind you are mine and I am yours forever and always

walk forward in the confidence of my love knowing that I am working all things together for your good and my

glory nothing can ever separate you from my Tender Care my precious child in this very

moment as you navigate the ever shifting currents of life I am invite you to

pause and attune your heart to The Whispers of my love amidst the clamor of the world

there is a Sacred Space where you and I commune a place where the veil between the temporal and the Eternal grows thin

it is here in the sanctuary of our connection that I long to impart to you the truths that will guide your steps

and illuminate your path you are not merely a fleeting spark

in the vast expanse of the cosmos but a cherished Soul intricately woven

with purpose and Destiny before the foundations of the world were laid I knew you I formed you

in the secret place knitting together the very fibers of your being with infinite care and

intention you are not an accident or an afterthought but a Divine creation fashioned in my image and imbued with My

Breath of Life as you Journey Through the Landscapes of your existence there will

be times when the Shadows seem to loom large threatening to engulf you in their

darkness in those moments remember that I am your unwavering light piercing

through the Gloom and guiding you toward hope when the storms of adversity rage around you I will be your anchor holding

you steadfast amidst The Tempest and when the wounds of the world cut deep I

will be the bomb that soothes and heals mending the shattered pieces of your heart with my Tender Touch

your worth my child is not contingent upon your achievements or the opinions

of others it is an intrinsic part of who you are woven into the very fabric of

your soul the world may assign value based on fleeting measures of success

but in my eyes you are Priceless a rare and exquisite treasure when self-doubt Whispers lies

into your mind remember that my love for you is unshakable and unconditional

it is not earned through striving or Perfection but freely given a constant

stream of Grace that flows from the depths of my heart to yours in a world that often demands

Conformity and suppresses authenticity I invite you to embrace the unique song that resonates within your

spirit you are not meant to be a pale echo of another but a vibrant expression

of the beauty and creativity that I have woven into your very being do not shrink back from the gifts and

passions that set your soul Ablaze for they are my handy work upon your life as

you navigate the complexities of relationships and the intricacies of Love know that I am the Wellspring from

which all true love flows when the world’s love proves fickle and conditional mine remains steadfast and

unending I am the one who sees beyond the surface gazing into the depths of

your soul with a love that transcends human understanding in me you will find

the acceptance validation and belonging that your heart yearns for allow my love to be the foundation

upon which you build your connections and watch as they flourish in the nurturing light of my

grace there will be Seasons when the path ahead seems shrouded in

uncertainty and the decisions that Loom before you feel overwhelming in those moments trust in

the the gentle Whispers of my spirit guiding you with wisdom and

discernment I have not called you to walk this journey alone but have promised to be your constant companion

Illuminating each step with the lamp of my word seek my face in the quiet places

and I will reveal the plans I have for you plans to prosper you and give you

hope plans to lead you toward a future filled with purpose and fulfillment when the weight of the world

threatens to crush your spirit and the burdens you carry seem too heavy to Bear

remember that I am your refuge and your strength in the sanctuary of my

presence you will find rest for your weary soul and renewal for your tired

mind cast your cares upon me for I am the one who sustains you allow my peace

to wash over you like a soothing balm bringing Tranquility amidst the chaos and Stillness amidst the storm in a

world that often celebrates self-sufficiency and individualism I invite you to embrace

the power of community and the beauty of interdependence you were created for

connection to be part of lives joined together in love and support surround yourself with those who

uplift and Inspire those who speak truth into your life and challenge you to grow

be a bearer of my light in the lives of others extending Grace compassion and kindness

wherever you go for it is in giving that you receive and in pouring out that you

find yourself filled to overflowing as you journey through this

life there will be moments of profound joy and seasons of deep sorrow in the heights of Celebration

remember to give thanks for every good and perfect gift comes from above and in the depths of grief know

that I am the god who draws near to the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds I am the one who transforms

morning into dancing who brings Beauty From the Ashes of pain and loss trust in

my Redemptive hand for I am able to work all things together for your good and my

glory when the demands of Life leave you feeling stretched thin and overwhelmed

remember to carve out moments of Stillness and Solitude it is in the quiet spaces that you will hear my voice

most clearly with whispered in the language of your soul immerse yourself

in the pages of my word for it is a lamp unto your feet and a light unto your

path let my promises wash over you Renewing Your Mind and transforming your

perspective and as you commune with me in prayer pour out your heart with raw

authenticity trusting that I am the god who hears and understands who meets you

in the depths of your need with boundless compassion as you navigate the

everchanging Landscapes of your journey hold fast to the truth of who you are in

me you are not defined by your past mistakes or your present struggles but

by the Redemptive work on the cross in him you are a new creation clothed in

righteousness and filled with my spirit you are chosen beloved and called for a

purpose that transcends the temporary and reaches into etal ET ity walk in the

confidence of your true identity not as the world defines you but as I see you

radiant restored and deeply cherished and when the final chapter of your

Earthly story draws to a close and you stand on the threshold of Eternity know

that I will be there to welcome you home in that moment when the veil is

lifted and you behold my face you will finally understand the depths of my love and the magnificence of the plans I have

always held for you until then fix your eyes on the

Unseen realm anchoring your hope in the promises that will never fade

away remember my child that you are never alone I am with you in every moment in

every breath in every heartbeat my love for you is vast and unending a love that conquered death and

shattered the chains of sin it is a love that pursues you relentlessly a love

that calls forth your true identity and beckons you into the fullness of life so

embrace the journey trust in my faithfulness and allow the story of your

life to be written by the hand of the one who loves you beyond measure beloved child hear my voice

echoing through the chambers of your soul in moments of anger distress and

provocation pause and breathe in the serenity I offer resist the temptation to react with

hostility for it will only burden your spirit and Cloud your judgment these

words are meant for you a direct message to your essence preserve them return to them and

let them guide your steps choose to trust in me to seek my direction in every facet of your life

allow my presence to lead you even in the smallest of decisions I long to lift you from your

troubles to ease the sadness that weighs upon your heart when memories overwhelm and past

sins cast their Shadows I will steady your emotions and shield you from

despair the question before you is simple yet profound whom will you choose to live

for will you grant me the rightful place in your life or will you heed the voices

of those who neither know me nor desire your highest good embrace my empowerment and you shall

walk with confidence unswayed by the judgments of others false accusations

will lose their sting as you draw near to me seek me out engage in heartfelt conversation with me request my

assistance and I will provide answer and reveal a love that surpasses

understanding make me your unwavering focus and fear will find no foothold in your life witness the miraculous

movements of my Holy Spirit as you trust in me anticipate joyful news for my

power manifests in those who believe with sincerity and wholehearted

devotion Miracles abound when you dedicate your heart to me refusing to entertain doubts that Drain Your

vitality and obscure your Clarity I desire to fill your breast with Divine sensation an everlasting

reminder of my promises When Trials Loom on the horizon as you listen attentively to me

in the morning still know that I am commanding your attention for a purpose I hold your well-being in the highest

regard and have crafted a future of Harmony and prosperity for you my desire

is for your family to be liberated from negative Emotions free from strife and division you have a pure heart maintain

that Purity and witness the downfall of those who ridicule and oppose you they

may deem themselves clever and Wealthy but they stumble daily mired in

spiritual poverty and consumed by malice and jealousy my blessing rests upon you even

as challenges arise along your path when confronted by adversaries cling to this

immutable truth I am your protector you do not believe in a fictitious deity but

in a living powerful and genuine God my love for you is real and I have

demonstrated the lengths to which I will go on your behalf refuse to succumb to sadness despair or

the lies that threaten to overwhelm you I stand with you ready to rescue you

from the assaults of wickedness from danger want death and illness receive my blessing and declare your belief in me

come to me pour out your heart if you are burdened or unwell release those feelings into my capable

hands I will transform them one by one transmuting sadness into Joy remorse

into tranquility and guilt into hope the depression that gnaws at your

mind compelling you to heed deceptive voices from the past I am destroying it

forever more I am the omnipotent God and you are my cherished child Faithfully

obeying and believing in me you deserve the freedom I long to bestow upon you

and it is available to you right now by the power of my pure and Holy Blood as

you hear my voice receive complete healing and health from head to toe wherever you may be rise up gather your

dreams and aspirations and embark on this journey that will lead you to the Pinnacle of the Holy Mountain the place

of your Victory the sentiments I am planting in your heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit and the blessing I set

before you is certain and true receive it by believing in me and my Eternal

Word you are on the correct path when you place your trust in your heavenly father

who holds you in deep affection this is not a figment of your

imagination remarkable Divine acts will unfold for those who heed my voice and choose to trust with sincerity and

openness honoring my teachings acknowledging their faults turning from wickedness and pressing forward with

determination I cherish you my dear child and my desire is to heal you and

break the chains that bind you I am dismantling Every curse and spell that

has misled you suggesting that there is any power in the universe greater than my

own when I speak the heavens and earth tremble and malevolent forces crumble

powerless against the radiance of my presence no entity whether Earthly or

Supernatural can contend with you harm you or bring evil upon you for you are

under my watchful care My Embrace surrounds you my peace guards

your mind and the power of my blood protects you continually release your sorrow and

suffering and bid farewell to tears of distress embrace the peace and joy I

offer you in this moment and affirm your acceptance of these gifts declare your

faith in me kneel before me and express your gratitude for the abundance of love and miracles that are about to manifest

in your life be be attentive for I am announcing the end of your waiting your

dreams desires and blessings are transitioning from future hopes to present

realities prepare your heart for the impending joy and astonishment may cause you to question your worthiness of the

bounty I am eager to Lavish upon you once again I am reaching out to your soul with tenderness patience and love

urging you to renew your mind I recognize that you cannot accomplish

this transformation through your own strength and I am here to assist you in the areas where you struggle however you

must take action stand up in faith and begin to read your Bible daily surround

yourself with individuals who nurture your faith who speak words of encouragement and support your growth I

am not distant I am right beside you whether you are kneeling by your bed

closing your eyes in the sanctuary of your home or stepping out side to bask

in the warmth of the sun engage in conversation with me wherever you find yourself share your thoughts your

emotions and the passions that ignite your zest for Life cultivate a heart of

Perpetual gratitude for it is the key that unlocks the floodgates of my blessings as you navigate the path ahead

remember that you are never alone I am your constant companion your guide and

your source of strength when the world around you seems chaotic and uncertain find solace in the

knowledge that I hold the universe in the palm of my hand I am orchestrating every detail of

your life with purpose trust in my timing even when the weight feels

interminable I am working behind the scenes aligning circumstances and preparing the way for your

breakthroughs each delay each setback is an opportunity for growth and a chance

to deepen your faith in me embrace the process knowing that I am refining you

like precious metal purifying your character and shaping you into the person I created you to be in the face

of adversity do not allow fear to take root in your heart I have equipped you

with the strength and resilience to overcome every obstacle that stands in your way lean into my presence and draw upon

the reservoir of my grace it is in your moments of weakness that my power is

perfected and my strength is made manifest when the voices of doubt and

insecurity whisper lies into your ear combat them with the truth of my

word meditate on my promises and let them take up residence in your mind and

soul I have called you chosen beloved and fearfully and wonderfully made you are not defined by your past

mistakes or present struggles but by the identity I have bestowed upon you as you step into the future I have

prepared for you do so with boldness and confidence I am Paving the way for your

success and opening doors that no man can shut trust in my provision and watch as

I Supply every need according to my riches and Glory I Delight in lavishing my children

with good gifts and I have an abundance in store for you above all remember that

my love for you is unconditional and unshakable there is nothing you can do to earn it and nothing you can do to

lose it I love you with an everlasting love a love that knows no bounds and no

end allow that love to permeate every fiber of your being healing your wounds

and restoring your soul as you embark on each new day do so with the assurance

that I am with you fighting for you and cheering you on I am your biggest

Advocate I believe in you even when you struggle to believe in yourself together

we will write a story that will leave a legacy of faith hope and love so take heart my child and press on

with courage and determination The Best Is Yet To Come and I am eagerly anticipating the moment

when you step into the fullness of your destiny trust in me lean on me and watch

as I move mountains on your behalf you are loved you are valued and you are

destined for greatness my beloved child in your life

there are golden moments created by the hands that have touched your heart the

experiences that have shaped your soul these are the treasures that make you truly wealthy far beyond any material

riches cherish them for they are the proof of my unwavering love for you I

ask you to take my words and etch them upon your spirit let them be the compass that guides you

the anchor that steadies you in the storms of life do not merely recite them but allow them to permeate your being to

become a part of who you are for in them you will find the Assurance of my love

the revelation of my power and the unshakable faith that I have a glorious plan for you and those you hold

dear the dawn of a new era is breaking upon your life no longer will you be

Shackled by the chains of sorrow or suffocated by the weight of Anguish in

every corner of your existence there will be an abundance of Peace A Wellspring of provision that never runs

dry I extend my hand to you inviting you into a sacred

Covenant each morning come to me with an open heart ready to receive the words

that will breathe life into your soul allow my love to penetrate the the deepest recesses of your being Renewing

Your Mind and filling you with unshakable peace from this moment forward expect my

presence to fill your home to permeate every room with my glory before the

sunsets on this year you will see joy in the lives of you and your loved

ones my love for you is an ocean without Shores a sky without

Horizon your faith is the key that unlocks the floodgates of my blessing

the trials you have endured the battles you have fought they are not in vain

they are The Crucible in which your character is forged the fire that refines you into pure gold so take heart

my child these words are not mere platitudes but a Lifeline thrown to you

in your darkest hour the challenges that have held you captive are crumbling the shackles that

have bound you are breaking the blessings you have longed for are rushing towards you like a mighty River

I have been your Shield your Fortress your everpresent help even when you felt

alone I was there fighting alongside you carrying You Through the flames and now

the manifestation of my promises is at hand every word of encouragement every

Whisper of strength that I have spoken over you will come to pass you are on the cusp of victory so close that you

can almost taste it do not grow weary do not lose heart the adversities that have

drained your strength will soon be nothing more than a distant memory lack and insufficiency will be swallowed up

by my abundance and every wound inflicted upon you will be healed by my loving touch on the other side of this

trial lies a joy so profound so all-encompassing that it will set your

spirit soaring and it will not be yours alone for the relationships that have

been strained and broken will be restored knit together by the threads of my grace you will celebrate this

glorious Triumph surrounded by those you cherish most but there is a part for you

to play cling to me in prayer Never Letting Go cast aside the distractions that

would lead you astray the thoughts that would undermine your faith in my goodness separ separate yourself from

those who would poison your mind with doubt who would suggest that trusting in me is a futile

Endeavor though they may wear the mask of friendship their intentions are not

pure stay vigilant for my word is a lamp unto your feet I warn you not to be

swayed by the opinions of men but to hold fast to the truth that I have planted deep within you you are crafted

with infinite love and care never doubt your worth never question your place in my heart though the path may be Steep

and the Shadows May Loom large know that you are not

forsaken my love for you is not a flickering flame but an all-c consuming

fire that grows brighter with each passing day and the blessings I have in store

for you are Beyond Your Wildest [Music]

he [Music]


dreams the mountains that stand before you will crumble the obstacles that

impede your progress will vanish like smoke in the wind stand firm in your

faith unshakable in your conviction your family will be restored the bonds of

love stronger than ever before everything that has been stolen from you will be returned multiplied and

overflowing I will make it abundantly clear to all who bear witness that you are mine that

my favor rests upon you like a royal garment those who once mocked your faith

will be silenced their eyes open to the reality of my love for you in your

moments of distress I am your Solace when danger threatens I am your Shield

when lack assails you I am your provision my support for you and your descendants is an Everlasting Covenant a

promise that will never be broken so do not be afraid my precious one I am with

you always in every heartbeat in every breath I am the balm that soothes your pain the comfort that dries your tears

your faith your devotion your unwavering commitment to walk in my ways these are the qualities that I

cherish Above All Else listen intently to my voice Let It Be The Melody that

fills your heart trust in me completely surrendering every worry and Care into

my capable hands Follow My Lead even when the way seems uncertain be patient

and steadfast refusing to be moved by the storms that rage around you do not

allow tomorrow’s troubles to rob you of today’s peace your purpose is to walk in

obedience to keep moving forward trusting that I will work all things together for your good when you choose

to worry instead of trusting in me it Grieves my heart and robs you of the joy

that is your Birthright I know there are moments when weariness threatens to overwhelm you

when the weight of the world feels too heavy to Bear but I am here not to

condemn you but to walk beside you to carry you when you can no longer

stand even now I am preparing a banquet of blessings for you A Feast of favor

that will leave your enemies in awe I will honor you you before all who know you exalting your name as a testament to

my goodness you are embarking on a season of Miracles a time when the impossible

becomes possible prepare to be amazed by the Wonders I will perform in the lives of

those you love Embrace this new chapter with expectancy knowing that my blessings are

about to overtake you but as you receive these blessings remember to guard your

heart walk in humility never forgetting the source of every good and perfect

gift make time for me each day seeking my face and basking in my presence ready

your spirit for the outpouring of joy that is coming your way open your heart wide making room for the abundance that

I am about to Lavish upon you believe in me with every fiber of your being for

your faith is the Catalyst that will unlock the floodgates of Heaven take my hand my child allow me to lead you into

a place of intimacy where my love will saturate every part of your being give

me this day surrendering your plans and desires seeking only to know my heart

and to walk in my ways I will show you that your blessings are not far off that

your time of rejoicing is at hand your soul will overflow with gladness as you

see the chains of bondage fall away as you experience the freedom that is your

inheritance in me you will come to understand that the tears you have cried

the burdens you have borne were not in vain for I have been with you through it

all my love for you


n [Music]



[Music] unwavering and secure the warmth of My

Affection will envelop you like a cloak driving out the chill of loneliness and

despair I long to lead you beside Still Waters to guide you into a place of rest

and tranquility I will lift the weight of worry from your shoulders and cast out the fear

that has held you captive for so long no longer will you be a slave to anxiety or

tormented by the ghosts of your past prepare to witness The Impossible becoming reality to see my purposes

unfold in ways that will leave you breathless with wonder my promises to

you will not return void but will accomplish all that I have spoken bringing transformation and restoration

to every area of your life this is a new day A New Beginning

embrace the Miracles that are about to unfold the blessings that will chase you down and overtake you take hold of my

hand and never let go for I will be your strength and your guide through every Valley and over every

Mountaintop declare to the world that you are not alone that your heavenly father stands beside you your

everpresent help in times of trouble I am waiting for you longing to draw you

into a deeper place of intimacy and Trust if you sense that now is the time

to step out in faith to begin again then do not

hesitate walk with me into the unknown into the adventures that I have

prepared for you since before the foundation of the world you will discover a joy that knows no bounds a

peace that surpasses all understanding you are blessed beyond measure my child

you are enveloped In A Love That Will Never Let You Go Proclaim it from the

mountaintops write it upon the tablets of your heart that you are mine and I am

yours now and forever amen

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