Prayer for House Cleansing and Blessing

hello and welcome to our channel in this

special video I invite you to join me on

a spiritual journey that will bring

peace and Harmony to your home whether

you’ve just moved into a new house or

feel that the energy in your current

home needs to be refreshed our prayer

for cleansing and blessing your house

will help you create an atmosphere of

love and light before we begin I invite

you to pause for a moment silence your

phones find a quiet place where you can

be undisturbed and prepare to open your

heart and home to God’s blessings let us

enter this space together with positive

thoughts and a willingness to let go of

old energies let us now begin our prayer

Heavenly Father we come before you today

to seek your blessing for this home we

thank you for the roof over our heads

and the walls that provide us warmth and

protection Lord we ask you to fill each

room of this house with your divine

presence let your Holy Light Shine into

every corner dispelling the Shadows of

the past and filling this home with your

eternal love dear God we also ask you to

imbue every space with your peace where

there has been Discord and disagreement

let your reconciliation Prevail where

there are worries and fears bring hope

and security bless each room so that it

may be a place of rest and joy for all

who live or visit

here Lord we place the foundations and

walls of this house in your hands

protect it from harm and danger both

from within and without

may all who enter through this door feel

your presence and leave strengthened and

renewed in the kitchen where food is

prepared to nourish our bodies we ask

you to bless it let it be a place of

community and sharing filled with

laughter and conversations that warm the

heart in the living room a place of

gathering and exchange we ask for your

loving presence May everyone who sits

here feel safe and accepted surrounded

by peace and Harmony in the bedroom a

place of rest and Recovery we ask you to

watch over every sleep let the night be

a time of renewal for body mind and soul

so that we may wake each morning

refreshed and ready for the challenges

of the new

day finally dear God we ask for your

continuous guidance and wisdom for the

residents of this house let them always

feel your closeness and live in the

assurance that you love them and will

never leave them bless bless this house

make it a beacon of your love and

kindness in the


Amen I hope this prayer brings blessings

and peace to your home feel free to

share this video and come back any time

to strengthen yourself during tough

times and to bless your home a

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for taking the time to watch this video

may peace be with you and remaining in

your home until next time

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