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hello and welcome in this video we delve

into the profound healing power of faith

and prayer drawing from the Timeless

wisdom of the Bible we explore two

compelling stories that exemplify the

transformative influence of belief and

Trust in the Divine first we reflect on

The Narrative of the woman with the

issue of blood from Luke whose

unwavering Faith led her to Touch the

Hem of Jesus’s garment resulting in her

miraculous healing secondly we

contemplate the account of the blind man

from Mark whose fervent plea for

Sight was met with Jesus’s compassionate

response your eyes are healed because of

your faith with these narratives as our

guiding lights we embark on a journey of

prayer for healing seeking Solace and

Restoration in the Embrace of Divine

Mercy through heartfelt supplication and

the invocation of God’s grace we place

our trust in the hands of the almighty

confident in his his ability to heal and

redeem join us as we unite in faith and

reverence offering our prayers for

healing and renewal in the name of Jesus

Christ the ultimate source of Hope and

healing for all Humanity amen Hello

friends welcome to this channel before

we say this healing prayer it is

important to do this one thing first

think about one Bible story where a

person received healing from our lord

Jesus and put yourself in that story

this will build faith in your heart I

will give you two stories from the Bible

First you can think about the woman with

the issue of blood from Luke she said

to herself if only I Touch the Hem of

Jesus’s garment I will be healed and

when she touched it she was healed Jesus

said daughter take courage your faith

has made you well imagine Jesus healing

you and telling you those words daughter

take courage or son take courage your

faith has made you well and if not this

story put put yourself in another

powerful story of a blind man from Mark

when he heard that it was Jesus from

Nazareth he shouted Jesus Son of David

have pity on me Jesus asked what do you

want me to do for you the blind man

answered master I want to see Jesus told

him you may go your eyes are healed

because of your faith so as we say the

prayer today put yourself there with

Jesus in faith so now with the power of

faith in our heart let us pray in the

name of the father and of the son and of

the holy spirit amen healing prayer in

the name of Jesus prayer for healing

dear Lord you are the just judge holy

and true you are the highest God

powerful and Almighty you gave me life

you hold power in your hands please have

mercy on me and heal me you are the

Mighty God who carries the world and is

ruler over all the Earth you oh most

blessed one are The Giver of Life please

perform a miracle in my life and heal me

me from my sickness and pain in you Lord

are all the good things in you there is

healing of all illnesses you have the

power to free me from sickness and this

pain you Lord are full of mercy and

Grace please forgive my faults do not

hold my sins against me put my sins far

away from me look with mercy on me a

poor sinner Lord Jesus in you all

healing is performed you are The Miracle

Worker in your spirit the gift of

healing is alive I can put my trust in

you because you can heal me from this

illness just like you healed the lepers

the blind the lame the paralytic you can

heal me today you can protect me from

sickness sent by the enemy you can

protect my soul from Death you are a

miracle worker for the sick and for the

lost souls you can cleanse me and make

me born again you can give me a Clean

Heart full of peace and a healed body

help me put my trust in you you are the

greatest physician you heal you protect

you care you love you are you are kind

you are patient you are thoughtful You

Are My Strength you Lord are my Creator

you know my thoughts my pain my size and

My Cries you are wonderful and you make

all good things for those who love you

heal me Lord if it is your will at this

moment please ask for everything you

need and believe in your heart that you

will receive it write it in the comment

section with complete faith in God

loving God I pray that you will comfort

me in my suffering lend skill in the

hands of my doctors and bless the

medicines used for my cure give me such

confidence in the power of your grace

that even when I am afraid I may put my

trust in you Lord Jesus Christ by your

patience and suffering you gave us the

example of obedience to your father’s

will be near me in my time of weakness

and pain sustain me by your grace that

my strength and courage may not fail

heal me according to your will help me

always to believe that what happens to

me here on Earth is not significant

because you are the god of eternal life

Jesus with just one touch from your

Almighty creative hand you have healed

the sick and raised the dead how amazing

is your lordship over all the Earth how

powerful is your redeeming love please

look with Mercy on my situation and heal

me from this disease how great was your

sacrifice to go before us and bring

forgiveness and hope by your stripes I

ask for healing standing with in your

presence and power I humbly ask for your

restoration May life and wellness grow

in me until I am healed I believe that

you want to heal me I believe that you

have the power you have said that Faith

as small as a mustard seed can move

mountains I have complete faith in you

my lord and I believe that right now you

are working on my behalf I thank you I

praise you and I bless you Lord thank

you for your healing thank you for your

grace I now offer this prayer for my

healing now we will say the animac

Christi prayer for healing soul of

Christ animac Christi prayer for healing

sanctify me Body of Christ save me blood

of Christ inebriate me water from the

side of Christ Wash Me Passion of Christ

strengthen me oh good Jesus hear me

within your wounds hide me permit me not

to be separated from you from the wicked

foe defend me at the hour of my death

call me and bid me to come to you that

with your Saints I may praise you

forever and ever amen Our Father who art

in heaven Hallowed be thy name thy

kingdom come thy will be done on Earth

as it is in heaven give us this day our

daily bread and forgive us our

trespasses as we forgive those who

trespass against us and lead us not into

temptation but Deliver Us from all evil

amen Prayer of St Dominic may God the

Father who made us bless us may God the

son send us healing Among Us may God the

Holy Spirit move within us and give us

eyes to see it it ears to hear with and

hands that your work might be done may

we walk and preach the word of God to

all may the angel of Peace watch over us

and lead us at Last by God’s grace to

the kingdom gracious God I call on you

right now in a special way it is through

your power that I was created every

breath I take every morning I wake and

every moment of every hour I live under

your power I ask you now to touch me

with that same power for if you created

me from nothing you can certainly

recreate me fill me with the healing

power of your spirit cast out anything

that should not be in me mend what is

broken root out any unproductive cells

open any blocked arteries or veins and

rebuild any damaged areas remove all

inflammation and cleanse any infection

let the warmth of your healing love pass

through my body to make new any

unhealthy areas so that my body will

function the way you created it to

function restore me to full health in

mind and body so that I may serve you

the rest of my life your love has held

me and kept me through this suffering

now may your hope and healing lead me

quickly to a place of restoration the

oil of your healing flows through me

like a living stream I choose to bathe

in these clear waters each day I will

keep my eyes on you and trust in you

that I will fully recover I give you all

that I am and rest in your peace I hold

tightly to your promises they are like a

spring that overflows with goodness in

jesus’ name amen as we conclude our

prayer for healing remember the stories

of Faith from the Bible that we’ve

shared whether it’s the woman with the

issue of blood or the blind man Envision

yourself in those moments of miraculous

healing standing before Jesus with

unwavering Faith now let us hold on to

that Faith as we entrust ourselves to

the loving mercy of Our Lord amen before

we finish I pray that God will bring

healing in his Mercy remember to say

this prayer for the next days share

this prayer with someone who is sick and

suffering subscribe to get inspiring

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select all thank you for watching and

may God’s healing power be with you

thanks for watching

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