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Jes as you step out from the Haven of

your home pause a moment to share your

thoughts with me whisper your very first

words revealing the secrets tucked

within your soul like a dear friend your

bed cradles your dreams and before you

embark on any venture or utterance have

a heart-to- heart with me speak of your

loves your hopes your dreams with words

that sparkle like gems of affection

don’t rush into the day without a pause

to thank for the blessings you’ve

received there are hidden challenges

seeking to Cloud your memory of the

kindness that surrounds you let’s pause

for a moment and offer a prayer together

heavenly father in this sacred moment as

we step into the Embrace of your love oh

Divine we open our hearts to share the


within like a dear friend cradling our

dreams we embark on each Venture with a

heart-to-heart connection with you may

our words Sparkle with affection weaving

a tapestry of Love Hope and

Dreams grant us the strength to face

hidden challenges with unwavering Faith

Guided by Your Divine Light amen if you

find solace in these words subscribe to

Jesus talk for more Divine guidance and

inspiration your spiritual journey

Matters from now on let’s set morning

meeting amidst the bustling hours find a

space to confide in me share your life’s

journey your family your work all that

makes you uniquely you you are precious

to me dear soul and so are those who

dwell within your home let none replace

the special place we hold if you seek

Joy strength and Triumph don’t brush

aside my words my Whispers In Your Heart

carry guidance a road map through the

challenges hold on to the light of faith

if you let doubt seep in if you allow

the storm storms to Cloud your skies

fear not I am your shelter remember it’s

not about a trouble-free life but about

facing each test with unwavering

strength I gift you power wisdom and

blessings that flow like a stream my

light will illuminate your days and

darkness shall be Cast Away you are

never alone when adversity knocks Let My

Words echo in your heart a revelation

shall come unexpectedly showing your

purpose your unique role in this Grand

Design will unfold my strength resides

within you empowering you to stand tall

against the Shadows listen to my voice

and Trust for my words hold promises

veiled but real there’s more to the

world than meets your eyes my love and

care Encompass all even those who doubt

your time to shine has come your age

your place these matter not believe have

faith in my words for you possess the

courage to March forward un swayed by

distractions focused on the destiny I

have pinned gratefully accept my

blessings for you are worthy approach me

unber in your ha my doors are open

inviting you to share I am here Vigilant

and eager ready to respond with

Revelations you’ve never known your

faith is a flame Let It Burn away doubts

and offenses leaving behind only Purity

let gratitude fill your heart as I

shower you with love with your own words

call upon me and I’ll answer Divine God

beloved father I need you your trust

pleases me I’ve seen you pray through

every challenge our prayers are incense

to me a fragrant offering your

unyielding Faith shows your deep

understanding of my love I’m here to

guide you soothe you fulfill your needs

your fervent prayers have power when you

touch the ground you touch the heavens

and my hand caresses your head with love

the skies Echo your your prayers with

amen Venture forth with confidence for

Angels walk beside you and my love

surrounds you have faith for I’ve

bestowed courage and honor upon you do

not bow to defeat do not yield to

Darkness know that it is I who speaks to

you now you who have felt lost are not

alone I am here to offer Solace to

infuse hope to guide you your battles

against loneliness and pain shall be won

you’ve persevered and in acknowledging

your need for help you find me today

marks the day you realize that only I

can mend your wounds heal your soul let

my love envelope you and remember you

are cherished you are heared and victory

is yours I gave everything for you

bearing your mistakes on a cross I

offered my life to banish darkness and

guide you toward my light on the third

day I Rose from death’s grip with a

joyful voice voice this eternal powerful

life is the gift I want to give you

today once you recognize your need

Celestial celebrations commence yet your

adversaries tremble aware that their


dwindles within you awakens a courageous

Champion igniting a fire of

Bravery you possess inherent worth and

dignity fear shall hold you captive no

more the hurtful words and disrespect

hurl it at you will trouble you no


those who harm you will be sent to where

pain recedes while I place the crown of

life upon you Reese my champion and

stand for your loved ones divisions in

your home will vanish my Divine spirit

will watch over your home doors will

open wide ushering fresh chances lifting

you to a spiritual plane where success

flows from an untarnished heart filled

with humility in this realm of Wonder

the proud find no Sanctuary nor do those

to pretend virtue while pointing fingers

you stumbled before but you won’t fall

again I am at your side if you surrender

hold my words close and weave me into

your dreams blessings will shower upon

you Victory will Grace every battle come

to me as you are acknowledge your flaws

share your heart now is the time to seek

me to ask your questions I’ll Grant you

faith and confidence a new no challenge

will over power you for you’ve given me

your life and I hold you with love and

boundless power woe to those who oppose

you if you listen and Grave these lines

in your soul learn them by heart this

word will light your path in

uncertainty if you feel lost remember

that imperfection is human but your

loyalty persistence and devotion are the

pillars of your

faith make a covenant with me today day

to fight till the end to see yourself

cherished by your heavenly father use

this courage to help others and above

all hold yourself high as it pleases me

read this message three more times and

the profound Revelation that will

transform your life will become clear

listen and get ready to

Triumph I love you and will always do

how can I convince you I know what to do

I’ll take you by the hand and gently

kiss your forehead I’ll express my love

in a way that will touch you deeply

you’ll sense the fragrance of this

Divine love relieving your worries

immerse yourself in this beautiful

Eternal healing emotion a presence that

will never leave when you wake up

tomorrow you’ll be different this

wonderful feeling is love and if you’ve

never felt it before brace yourself for

I’m filling your heart with joy and life

I cherish you this tender emotion will

grow with each past ing moment your

peace will expand day by day your very

essence is

transforming the world Longs for Peace

and Freedom people want to escape

disillusionment and loneliness reach out

they often pull away rejecting the

Embrace of this powerful love that could

change their lives I give them courage

and strength to pursue their dreams

reignite their zest for life I make them

feel that they are straying and need to

return to me their true home let go of

malice nourish yourself with my word and

embrace my teachings in the world

suffering May persist Eternal peace

Divine Serenity and boundless happiness

reside in being with me let me tell you

again I love you today I’ll sprinkle

delightful details on your path open

your senses relish receive perceive and

experience again this Sweet Emotion of

eternal love surrounding you this is a

force beyond words felt through Sight

and Sound an Indescribable feeling that

encompasses and transforms you it

removes obstacles and fills you with a

magnificent Eternal and holy emotion

when you wake up tomorrow you’ll be


changed treasure this tender emotion as

it deepens each moment richer than the

last your peace will expand and your

whole being is undergoing a

transformation an emotion of awe and

Delight uplifting and healing never

fading it is truly Supernatural beyond

words experienced through your senses an

ineffable Sensation that Embraces and


you my power shows not only in your

emotions but also in your character and

actions you’re no longer a Barren tree a

scentless flower or a river without

water the mood swings that once troubled

you will end your life won’t be defined

by mistakes anymore myor Glory envelops

you comforting and imparting wisdom

approach with faith come to me in prayer

with Open Hands I long to bless you with

my power believe in me today make a

commitment to fight until the end see

yourself as cherished by your heavenly

father use this courage to help others

but most importantly hold yourself in

high regard as it pleases me read this

message three more times and you’ll

grasp the profound Revelation that will

supernaturally transform your life and

future listen and get ready to conquer I

love you and always will I want you to

know that my love for you knows no

bounds every day in countless ways I

show you my affection as you Journey

Through This World always remember that

you are in my presence and your place in

my heart is secure you and your loved

ones are precious to me both here on

Earth and among the stars above my

strength will shine brightly

touching the lives of those who embrace


message their spirits will be renewed

and they will receive Abundant

Blessings every home that welcomes me

will be filled with the Divine Light of


presence to you who are listening with

an open heart I extend my

blessings today and always I want to

bring you freedom and peace breaking the

chains that bind you your deepest

desires will be fulfilled through my

kindness I’m Det determined to remove

any obstacles that stand in your way

empowering your

efforts I Stand By Your Side helping

your dreams become reality it is my

deepest wish for you and your family to

be surrounded by blessings health and

cease challenges will arise and others

might try to steer you off course they

may want to see you falter disar n but

remember your Victory and favor canot be

swayed by anyone I see the struggles you

face and I promise you will

overcome believe in my words and let

that faith guide you treat your loved

ones with tenderness and Care recognize

their strengths and talents the good

they do encourage them with your words

giving them the energy they need each

day also Embrace their

differences among those you cherish

there are unique gifts waiting to shine

don’t underestimate their potential see

those you care for through my eyes each

person has a purpose even as they

grapple with challenges habits and

mistakes remember your own journey and

the progress you’ve made I know your

secrets and vulnerabilities yet my love

for you only grows stronger I’ve never

abandoned you and I don’t hold your

mistakes against you I ask the same of

you extend Grace to others many never

expected you to reach the heights you’ve

reached today with my guidance and your

unwavering determination step by step

you’ve achieved prosperity

I urge you to extend your hand to those

around you your family and even those

far away be there Rock showering them

with blessings prayers and encouragement

Inspire them to keep going when times

get tough


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