Pause For a Moment

my dear child pause for a moment and lend your ear to my

voice let the world around you quieton there is nothing more pressing than what

I wish to impart to you now hear me as I speak again of my boundless love for you

a love that transcends mere words or fleeting emotions this love I bear is an

everlasting promise an eternal Covenant I have declared my love for you time and

again inscribed by my own hand it is a vow sealed by My Sacrifice unchanging

and unbreakable in my heart you will forever find your

Sanctuary look to the night sky my child each star twinkling in the vast Heavens

serves as a beacon on your darkest nights a reminder of my enduring affection for you

and the sun which bathes you in its warm light exists to make you feel the warmth

of a love unseen yet so profound it chases away every shadow in your

soul every evening as you settle into sleep envelop yourself in my love and

when Dawn breaks let it greet you a new Carry This Love through each day

believing steadfastly in its reality this love is no figment no

concoction of the mind what you seek most true love is what I freely offer

you before you walk out of your home come to me let your first waking moments

be filled with words to me whispered or thought right there where you rest

before your feet touch the floor before the day’s duties call to you share your

heart with me in tender adoration give thanks for all things

before you even open your door to the world there are those who would distract you make you forget the source of all

your blessings so set aside a sacred time

each morning amidst the rush and the responsibilities to kneel and bring to

me your worries your loved ones your work your

life I cherish you deeply and every person under your roof is precious in my

sight I ask you not to place what is mine in the hands of

another if you seek Triumph joy and fortitude you cannot neglect my

teachings or disregard the guidance I place in your spirit through my word I provide clear

instructions that with faith and assurance will lead you to Solutions and peace amidst

trials but if you overlook this unending love that I have for you if you let

malice and mistrust seed doubts within you and among your kin the old fears and

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