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today I want to speak directly to your

heart about a matter that has troubled

many of my beloved ones

anxiety I know every thought of yours

Every Beat of your heart and I’m here to

bring peace to your restless

Spirit from the beginning when I created

the world and everything in it I

established order and purpose for each


being you were molded in my image and my

peace is your true state of

being however I understand the battles

you face daily anxiety may seem like a

shadow that follows you a dark cloud

that obscures your vision of my light


love but know that I am with you in the

midst of all your

struggles anxiety often arises from

uncertainty about the future concerns

about life’s Necessities fears and

insecurities that plague the human mind

but I tell you do not fear for I am with

you do not be dismayed for I am your God

I strengthen you and help you c i uphold

you with my righteous right hand when

you feel overwhelmed by

anxiety remember that you are my beloved

Son my beloved

daughter I did not give you a spirit of

fear but of power of love and of

self-control these words are not just

empty prom promises they are the true

essence of my love for you I want you to

understand that anxiety is not a sin in

itself but when it allows itself to

dominate you and distance you from my

peace it can become an obstacle in your

path therefore I want to guide you out

of this Maze of worries and Lead You

Back to the calmness of my

love first and foremost I I want you to

learn to trust me

completely trust in the Lord with all

your heart and lean not on your own

understanding acknowledge me in all your

ways and I will make your paths straight

trust in me is the key to dissipating

anxiety because when you place your life

in my hands you can rest assured knowing

that I take care of you in every

detail secondly I want you to practice

gratitude in the midst of worries it’s

easy to forget the blessings surrounding

you always give thanks in everything for

this is my will for you in Christ

Jesus when you give thanks your heart

fills with joy and appreciation for what

you already have reducing anxiety about

what you have not yet achieved

furthermore I want you to develop a life

of constant prayer do not be anxious

about anything instead in everything by

prayer and petition with Thanksgiving

present your requests to me prayer is

the means by which you can communicate

your concerns to me ask for my guidance

and experience the peace that surpasses

all human understanding also remember my

promises I promise to take care of you

as a Shepherd cares for his sheep I

promise to supply all your needs

according to my riches in glory and


Jesus I promise that I will never leave

you nor forsake

you all these promises are a reflection

of my unconditional love for

you when anxiety tries to engulf you

remember my words come to me all you who

are weary and burdened and I will give

you rest I am your strength your safe

Refuge your unshakable rock nothing can

separate you from my love

understand that you are loved by me with

an eternal

love with Everlasting Love I have loved

you therefore I have drawn you with


kindness no matter what circumstances

surround you my love for you remains

constant and

unchanging I want you to remember that

you have a mission in this life you have

been called to be a light in the midst

of Darkness to bring hope to the

despairing and love to The

Forsaken when you focus on serving

others and fulfilling the purpose I have

for you anxiety loses its power over you

beloved child never forget that I’m

always by your side holding your hand

and guiding your steps do not fear the

future for I already know it and I have

plans of Peace for you in it rest in my

love and allow my peace to flood your

heart I know that this is a topic

that touches many hearts because anxiety

is one of the most challenging realities

that my beloved children face I want you

to know that I’m here present in every

moment of your life and I desire to

bring peace and comfort to your

heart anxiety is like a storm that can

affect anyone regardless of age social

status or life experience it manifests

in various ways constant worries

irrational fears racing thoughts a

feeling of

Suffocation and even panic attacks it’s

not easy to deal with but I want to help

you face this battle first and foremost

it’s important to understand that

anxiety is not a sign of spiritual

weakness many of my Faithful Servants in

the Bible faced moments of deep anguish

and anxiety remember job who endured


trials but in the midst of his pain he

turned to me in trust and

faith anxiety often arises from concerns

about the future life’s uncertainties

societal pressures and even past

traumas but know that you are not alone

on this journey I am with you holding

your hand every step of the

way I want to share with you some

powerful truths that can help you deal

with anxiety in a healthier and more

balanced way

the first and most important truth is

that you can trust me

completely I am your refuge and strength

a very present help in times of

trouble when you place your trust in me

you can rest assured knowing that I am

in control of all

things remember my promises do not fear

for I am with you do not be dismayed for

I am your God I will strengthen you I

will help you

I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand no matter what circumstances

surround you I am greater than any

problem you

face secondly I want to encourage you to

surrender all your concerns and

anxieties to me in prayer cast your

burden upon the Lord and He Shall

sustain you he shall never permit the

righteous to be

moved do not hesitate to share with me

everything that troubles you for I am

always always ready to listen and help

prayer is not just a way to ask for help

but also to cultivate an intimate

relationship with me when you draw near

to me in prayer you will experience my

peace that surpasses all human

understanding another important step in

the journey against anxiety is the

renewal of your mind do not conform to

the patterns of this world but be

transformed by the renewal of your mind

so that you may experience my good

pleasing and perfect

will feed your mind with positive

thoughts biblical truths and principles

that promote peace and serenity remember

that you are loved by me with an

unconditional and eternal love gratitude

also plays a fundamental role in


Anxiety when you focus on the blessings

you already have instead of just the

problems your heart fills with joy and

contentment give thanks in all

circumstances for this is the will of

God in Christ Jesus for

you practicing gratitude doesn’t deny

the reality of challenges but helps you

face them with a more positive and

hopeful perspective do not be afraid to

seek professional help and support from

the community I have placed people

around you to assist and guide you on

the path of healing and

growth beloved ch child always remember

that I am with you every step of your

journey do not let anxiety prevent you

from fully living the life I have

planned for

you trust in me surrender your concerns

into my powerful hands and walk with the

certainty that I am your God and I am

always by your

side when you are anxious pray father I

ask for your peace that surpasses all

human understanding help me to trust in

you completely to entrust all my

anxieties into your Mighty hands Empower

me to renew my mind to fill my heart

with gratitude and to seek help when

needed strengthen me to face every

challenge with courage and faith knowing

that you are by my side at all times may

your light shine upon the shadows of

anxiety dissipating them with your love

and Power

Lord amidst the uncertainties and

distress that anxiety brings I also ask

for renewed Faith strengthen my spirit

so that I may trust in your plans even

when I don’t fully understand help me

remember that in you I find the true

peace that the world cannot offer may my

faith in you be the anchor that keeps me

steadfast amidst life storms in jesus’

name amen


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