Open To Receive My Favour And Blessing | God’s Message Today | God’s Daily Message

dear listeners God longs to pour out his

favor and blessing on you he has rewards

Victory and promotion for you but these

things don’t happen automatically you

have to do your part you have to be

diligent first of all you have to be

diligent to seek his ways and follow his

commands then you also have to be

diligent with what you have in your hand

your time abilities and

resources in Matthew Jesus tells a

parable about three men whose employer

entrusted them with some money two of

the men were diligent and invested the

money and received a great return the

third man was afraid and buried what he

was given the first two men were

rewarded and praised for their diligence

while the third man was basically fired

today follow the example of the first

two men and look for ways to be diligent

with what you have in your hand whatever

you do do it with Excellence be the best

you can be go the extra mile even when

you think it goes unnoticed because God

notices and Promises to richly Supply

the soul of the

diligent a prayer for today heavenly

father thank you for your favor and

blessing on my life today I choose to be

diligent I choose to live in excellence

and do everything to the best of my

ability I give you all the glory and

thank you for your faithfulness in

jesus’ name amen like if you believe in



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