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listener sometimes I think about my life

how in the world did I get to where I am

I’m not the most talented or the most

qualified I’ve done my best to be

faithful to make the most of what God

has given me the fact is that you can

only go so high in your own strength you

can reach a certain level with your

education your talent and your ability

but it’s the goodness of God that will

open doors you could not open on your

own the goodness of God will cause the

right people to notice you the goodness

of God will take you places you never

dreamed of I know many people can say

that God has given them favor promotion

and increase he has made things happen

that you could not make happen by

yourself it’s important to acknowledge

Him and praise him for his goodness why

don’t you take some time today and tell

someone about what God has done for you

praise him and glorify him because he is

worthy tell of his goodness and watch

what he will do in your future

a prayer for today father thank you for

your goodness and faithfulness in my

life I will tell of your love I will

tell of your good deeds I choose to

glorify you in everything I say and do

in Jesus name amen like if you believe



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