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dear friend so many people today are

living with less than God’s best because

they’ve allowed fear to creep in and

take root in their lives fear is the

greatest weapon the enemy uses to try to

hold us back fear is not from God

Scripture tells us that fear brings

torment it’s designed to paralyze us and

keep us from God’s blessings the good

news is that God is greater than fear

his power in you is greater than any

power that comes against you but in

order to walk in his power you have to

close the door on the enemy see the

enemy can’t have access to your life

unless you open a door and give him

access that’s why we have to be careful

about what we watch what we listen to

what we read and what we say when we

open ourselves to fear we give the enemy

opportunity if you’ve allowed fear to

steal from you in any area of Life today

you can be free you can be finished with


Conquering the enemy starts by making

the choice to close the door on fear and

instead meditate on God’s promises we

overcome by the blood of the lamb and

the word of Our Testimony let his truth

sink down into your heart declare it out

of your mouth let him set you free and

lead you into Victory as you close the

door on fear a prayer for today Father

God I come to you today declaring that I

am finished with fear thank you for

giving me power love and a sound mind I

choose to stand on your promises fill me

with your peace and joy today as I move

forward in Victory with you in Jesus

name amen like if you believe in



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