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dear listener God has given each of us

gifts and he’s given us Grace the

supernatural power to operate in those

gifts in other words if God has called

you to do something he has equipped You

by his grace scripture says that his

yoke is easy and his burden is light

that means when we are doing what we are

called to do when we are operating in

our gift there will be an easiness about

it that doesn’t mean there won’t be any

opposition it doesn’t mean there won’t

be obstacles or that it won’t take

effort on your part but what it does

mean is that you will have a

supernatural empowerment to do it it

will just come naturally and flow out of

you if you are doing something that

always seems hard always seems heavy and

drains the energy out of you you might

want to spend some time in prayer before

God and see if that’s really what he has

for you just because it’s a good thing

doesn’t mean it’s a God thing but when

it is God you’ll know know it you’ll

feel his Supernatural Grace empowering

you and refreshing you every step of the

way a prayer for today Father God thank

you for empowering me to live by your

grace help me to discern what you have

for me and let go of anything that isn’t

your best for my life I love you and

honor you in all that I do in Jesus name

amen like if you believe in


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  1. Thank you lord Jesus Christ your greach and empawering me lord wolk with you lord don’t live me lord stay my home with me lord Jesus ????? hold me your hands and protect ask from enemy ???and thank you for miracle ask Amen lord ????


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