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dear listener in the same way that Faith

opens the door for God to work in our

lives fear opens the door for the enemy

to work in our lives the Bible says that

fear brings torment fear has no mercy if

you act on fear instead of acting on

faith it will keep you depressed

miserable and lonely so many people

today are missing out on God’s joy peace

and victory because they keep giving in

to fear they feed fear by what they

watch on TV or read in the news or on

the Internet don’t let that be you

Romans tells us that faith comes by

hearing the word of God the more you

fill your heart and mind with God’s word

the stronger your faith will be so you

can stand against the powers of Darkness

choose Faith instead of fear by choosing

God’s word remember the power that is in

you is greater than the power of fear

when thoughts come that say you’re not

able choose Faith by saying I can do all

things through Christ Christ choose

Faith overcome fear and live in the

freedom God has in store for you a

prayer for today Father I receive your

word today which is life health and

strength to me I choose to close the

door on fear by guarding what I say

listen to and dwell on fill me with your

love and faith as I meditate on your

word in Jesus name amen like if you

believe in


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