Only Sinners Will Skip Jesus Today | Urgent message from God | Jesus Affirmations

my cherished child I invite you to place

your unwavering trust in me and in doing

so you will discover the Embrace of my

steadfast and boundless love it is not

uncommon for some among my beloved to

lose their hope along the intricate

journey of life

they may find themselves burdened by

disappointments which in turn deter them

from embracing hope and taking risks

once more consequently they may Traverse

the path ahead with mechanical motions

their hearts devoid of the spark of hope

that fuels vitality and purpose in the

Quest for hope some may turn to worldly

Solutions seeking solace in the realm of

Medical Treatments the fluctuations of

the stock market or even the Allure of

the Lottery’s uncertain promise yet I

extend to you a Divine invitation to

place your hope entirely in me

regardless of the formidable challenges

that may currently overshadow your life

remember this

your life story has been intricately

woven with a glorious and joyful ending

although the road ahead may seem

shrouded in Shadows and uncertainty

there is an eternal light of Hope

waiting to illuminate your path at the

culmination of your Earthly Journey

Through the Redemptive work accomplished

on a cross the hope you truly need is

securely yours and it is unequivocal

Embrace this profound assurance and you

will Infuse your present Journey with

exuberant Joy the more you invest your

openly the more brilliantly my love and

light will shine upon you dispelling the

darkness of doubt and despair I the

creator of the boundless Universe stand

with you and for you in my presence you

find all that you require and what more

could you possibly need type Amen in the

comments and get blessed today

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