Only Real Followers Of Jesus Will Find This Blessing Message

my beloved child when I say blessed are

the peacemakers for they shall be called

the children of God it is not a casual

statement but a profound call to embrace

a sacred role at the heart of this

message lies an invitation to embrace

the divine nature of peace peace is not

a mere absence of conflict but a state

of Harmony unity and well-being it is a

state where hearts are tranquil and

relationships are balanced it is a state

that resonates with the very essence of

my being as your creator I have

instilled within you a profound Yearning

For Peace it is not a desire born of

weakness but a reflection of your

innermost Essence I designed you to seek

and cultivate peace both within yourself

and in your interactions with others

when I declare blessed are the

peacemakers I recognize the significance

of those who actively work to create and

maintain peace peace makers are not

passive bystanders but active

participants in the process of healing


Reconciliation they are the bridges that

span divides the healers of broken

relationships and the bearers of

understanding peacemakers are blessed

with a unique ability to bring Solace to

the troubled Unity to The Divided and

love to the conflicted they are

co-creators with me helping to manifest

the divine plan for Harmony on Earth in

their actions they exemplify if y the

very qualities that resonate with my

divine nature when I say for they shall

be called the children of God I

emphasize the sacred nature of

peacemakers they become a Living

testament to my love and grace being

called children of God means that they

exhibit the qualities and attributes

that reflect my divine nature in their

commitment to fostering peace

peacemakers align themselves with the

Divine Purpose they are channels through

which my love and and compassion flow

into the world their actions Echo the

principles of forgiveness reconciliation

and understanding which are Central to

my plan for Humanity peacemaking is a

bridge that connects the human

experience with the Divine it is a way

for you to manifest my love in your

interactions with others when you

actively seek to resolve conflicts you

become an instrument of my grace your

efforts to mend relationships and Foster

understanding mirror the love I have for

each of my children by embracing

peacemaking you participate in the

Fulfillment of my divine plan for the

world you help create a world where love

and harmony Prevail you are not merely

working for Earthly peace but for a

reflection of the Heavenly peace that

transcends all understanding peacemakers

understand the profound power of

forgiveness they recognize that holding

on to grudges and harboring resentments

only hinders the flow of love and

harmony to be called children of God one

must be willing to let go of anger

bitterness and the desire for Revenge

forgiveness is not a sign of weakness

but an act of strength it is a conscious

choice to release the burdens of the

past and create space for

reconciliation as you forgive you open

the door to healing and transformation

both in yourself and in others

peacemakers also possess the courage to

confront conflict and address its root

causes they understand that peace is not

achieved by avoidance but by addressing

the issues that give rise to Discord

confronting these issues requires a

willingness to engage in difficult

conversations to listen with empathy and

to seek Common Ground the process of

healing and Reconciliation is often

challenging but it is a path that

peacemakers willingly tread they

understand that the rewards of Peace

unity and understanding far outweigh the

discomfort comfort of facing conflict

head-on in conclusion the message

blessed are the peacemakers for they

shall be called the children of God is a

profound Declaration of the importance

of peacemaking in the grand scheme of

life it invites you to embrace the

divine nature of peace to actively work

toward reconciliation and understanding

and to become a Living testament to my

love and grace peacemakers are called

children of God because they reflect the

qualities and attributes that resonate

with the Divine Purpose they bridge the

gap between The Human Experience and the

divine plan manifesting love forgiveness

and understanding in their actions in

doing so they contribute to the creation

of a world where love and harmony

Prevail leaving a lasting Legacy of Hope

and healing as you Ponder these words

know that you have the capacity to be a

peacemaker to create peace in your own

life and in the lives of those around

you it is a secred calling a blessed

Endeavor and a path that aligns you with

the Divine Purpose for a more harmonious

World embrace the message my child and

let it be a Guiding Light in your

journey toward creating Harmony and

understanding in the world with

boundless love and unwavering support

your heavenly father

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