Only My Haters Will Skip | god message for you today | God


dear beloved child of

God it’s easy to lose hope when you’re


overwhelmed it’s hard to keep trusting

hoping or believing when you feel like

you’re being crushed by the pressures of

Life the enemy of our souls loves to

take advantage of those times of

weakness confusion disappointment or


he wants you to believe that there’s no

light at the end of the tunnel and that

you should give

up I’m here to remind you that this is

not the

end this situation will not take you out

your God loves you sees you hears you

and is with you he has not left you he

has not forsaken you you can trust God

even when you can’t trace him Jesus is

trustworthy have you ever wondered if

God is really going to be there for you

if you take take a step of Faith he’ll

really come through for you like most

people you’ve probably tasted the grief

and disappointment that come with

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