Only I Can Protect You From Death, My Beloved

my beloved child if your patience has

waned and you are weary of waiting I

will grant you more patience and greater

strength I will bestow my peace upon you

do not surrender now for you stand on

the brink of achieving your long-held

dreams it is crucial that you believe

wholeheartedly trusting in me for all

your support consult me before making

decisions for risking what you have

gained could lead to dire

consequences remember you are not in

competition and there is no need to

prove yourself to others your faith in

me has already been

demonstrated now simply walk with

unwavering steps slowly yet wisely you

will reach the place of blessings and

prosperity that you have yearned for as

you step into that Promised Land hold

these words close a season of profound

blessings awaits you and your family

your faith has endured you stand firm

ready for victory cast aside the

self-imposed limitations embrace the

truth that you are my beloved child the

trials you faced in the past have molded

you familiarizing you with the anguish

of living in fear and battling unfounded

worries throughout the day your soul

bore the weight of baseless fears and

your spirit endured the torment of

misguided thoughts though the journey

was painful it taught you valuable

lessons today you possess the wisdom to

make make sound choices and to select

true friends you are walking the right

path within my will poised for success

and ready to enter a new era of

extraordinary Miracles the blessings

that await you will Infuse your life

with strength and joy accept them

without reservation I will pour forth

blessings upon you to the extent that

tears of joy will flow do not yield to

despair I am listening protecting and

supporting you I am the Healer who

delivers you the rescuer who prospers

you seek me with your whole heart and do

not forget the Miracles I have ordained

for you seek the moments of

attentiveness when my spirit touches

your heart signifying the time for

transformation in your life Bid Farewell

to anger and negative influences today

immerse yourself completely in the river

of my love when I speak tenderly do not

disregard me when I beckon gently do not

turn away when I correct firm fir ly

that is the time to cling to my enduring

love I will save you from the enemy

deliver your repentant heart from all

harm and Grant the petitions you bring

to me in faith each day each morning I

await you appreciating the sincerity and

confidence in your

words believe that I will answer that I

am attentive and that I will never

forsake you when weariness engulfs you

remember that I am with you you can rest

your head upon my shoulder and you can

confide in me I am your friend your

Confidant and I pass no judgment your

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