Only Faith Hope And Love Will Last Into Eternity | God’s Daily Message | God’s Message Now

so often it’s easy to get caught up in

our to-do lists of life you might even

have a spiritual checklist so to speak

of all the things you think you need to

do in order to please God and we should

have the desire to please him and follow

his commands but pleasing him starts

with our heart condition scripture tells

us in Corinthians that only faith hope

and love will last into eternity the

point is that we have to adjust our

focus and make sure that we aren’t just

going through the motions in our

spiritual walk we can do a lot of good

things but if we don’t have love they

won’t matter in eternity we can have a

lot of knowledge but if we don’t have

love it won’t do us any good when love

is the foundation for everything we do

it’s a different story love honors God

and opens the door for the life of

Victory and blessing he has in store a

prayer for today father thank you for

your blessing and peace on my life today

I choose love knowing that it fuels my

faith I don’t want to go through the

motions I want to love the way you love

me show me ways to grow in love as I

keep my heart and mind fixed on you in

jesus’ name amen like if you believe in


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