Only Devil Followers Will Skip Jesus Today | God Message For You Today | Prophetic Word | God Helps

God is saying to you today

embrace your mistakes as opportunities

to draw closer to me

release your worries about your problems

trust in me peace and blessings are on

the horizon ready to Grace your life

if you’re reading this brace yourself

for a series of unexpected Miracles that

I’m preparing to unveil

show your Readiness by liking this post

and open yourself to receiving them the

adversary aims to consume your thoughts

with apprehension about the future

hindering your enjoyment of the present

counter this by standing steadfast in

faith divert your focus onto me and

Savor each day I’ve gifted you the month

you’ve long anticipated has arrived in

this month anticipate a remarkable

restoration one that elevates you from

the shadows of Shame and defeat I’m

Paving the way for you to smile and Rise

triumphably be assured that I’ll be by

your side addressing every need healing

sustenance guidance and direction

your time is coming

it’s about to happen for you and you can

feel it so many blessings are near keep

believing keep praying and watch your

life change for the better type to


In This Moment acknowledge that I am

your steadfast support amidst light’s

chaos remember you’re never alone

cast your burdens onto me all fashion

Pathways even in the direst

circumstances my angels encircle you

assuring you of my protection

let the number Echo your trust in me

for I’m orchestrating success abundance

and well-being for you and your loved

ones your faith fuels my blessings upon

you type Amen in the comments and get

blessed today

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