my beloved child this week you’re going to see blessing after blessing unfold

right before your eyes remember me when you see how my promises come to life

I’ll shower you with blessings in your work your plans and everything good you achieved this

week whether you’re busy at work or relaxing traveling or spending time at

home your family is safe in my hands make sure to treat them well show

your love and share my word with them even if they’re hesitant to believe

remember you have many responsibilities yet don’t forget I truly want to bless

you and your job is to believe in that be strong be brave and don’t give up

keep these words close to your heart because when good news comes your heart will burst with joy what you’re hearing

now will resonate within you filling you with immense encouragement and

strength you’ll feel even closer to me secure in knowing that no challenge

enemy or mistake can pull you away from me my blessing is on its way real and

true but it is my desire for you to learn patience to Value care for share

and wisely manage all the wonderful things you will receive for those who love and believe in me

there is Victory and hope however for the impatient who quickly give up there

is only illusion and disappointment they cannot Rush the growth of seeds and in their haste they fall into despair the

adversary like a roaring lion prays on those who do not believe in me seeking

to trap them and bring them to ruin but you who love and believe in me

will remember me throughout this week when you wake up in the morning

even in the dark Before Dawn you will feel my presence you will hear my words grasp my

teachings and gain the patience you need to better understand your family to

treat your children even better so they don’t carry burdens when they go out into the

world change your outlook instead of living in fear hand those fears over to me leave your worries with me go forth

now with my blessing always remember how much I love you do not fear for you have

a special place in my presence what does it matter if people reject you even as you treat them with

kindness and respect some ungrateful ones may still respond with

disdain therefore today I aim to strengthen your spirit mind and body so

that you no longer falter or fall ill from disillusionment you need love good

holy perfect Eternal genuine love and this is the love I give

you those who hurt you may claim to offer love but always demand something in

return if you do not comply they make you suffer more each day today you will

be freed from this bondage you will no longer depend on anyone in this world

you will no longer need flattering words to feel good about yourself nor will you be distressed when

days pass without communication only for them to approach you seeking something or blaming you for their

troubles I am freeing you from the prison of wickedness you fell into by

trusting others too much your enemy disguises himself as an angel of Light

aiming to steal what is yours but I do not seek your money or possession to impress me I desire for

you to live a life free from sorrow and disdain you shall live for me you shall

be strong you will no longer feel hurt when many Overlook you or blindly trust

any human being no matter how pure and good they may seem you will be truly

courageous and exceedingly happy if you prioritize my word follow my will and

patiently wait for all the blessings I will bestow upon you I don’t want you to spend your days

in loneliness I will bring the right person into your life at the perfect

time I will provide you with the employment you need open doors for you

bless you abundantly and free you from debts all this I will do simply rest

with humility and gratitude trust in my love and power I

will perform many beautiful things within you you will be pleasantly surprised seek me every day tell me you

believe come to me if you’re feeling down today let go of what weighs you

down I will take your burdens and transform them one by one sadness into

Joy remorse into peace guilt into hope the depression That clouds your mind

that tempts you to believe lies I am erasing it forever I am the almighty God you are my

cherished child obedient and faithful you deserve the freedom I am offering

you today you must be free from all mental suffering through the power of my pure

and Holy Blood as you listen to my voice receive complete healing from head to

toe wherever you are Stand Up Lift Your Dreams from the ground and walk follow

this path that leads to the summit of the the Holy Mountain to the place of your Victory the feelings I am placing in

your heart are sealed by my Holy Spirit this blessing I set before you is true

and genuine you are receiving it if you believe in me and in my Eternal

Word you are not mistaken entrusting your heart to your heavenly father who

loves you deeply it’s not just in your mind powerful and super natural Miracles

will happen to all who listen to me and dare to believe with humility and simplicity who respect my word

acknowledge their faults abandon evil and choose to March forward without looking

back beloved child I hold you dear I long for your healing and to break the

chains that bind you I am removing Every curse and spell that has trapped you

making you believe in falsehoods in this universe there is no power greater than mine anything else is

a fabrication just lies upon lies the heavens and the Earth tremble

at the sound of my voice and the forces of Darkness fall defeated unable to withstand the glory I

reveal no creature mortal or spiritual can oppose you harm you or cause you

distress for you are never alone My Embrace surrounds you you my Holiness

envelops you and the power of my blood protects you day and night no more sorrow no more pain the

tears of Despair will stop flowing Embrace and feel the peace and joy I’m giving you

now acknowledge that you receive it and believe in me kneel down in gratitude

for the love and wonders that are about to unfold do not be afraid for the

trials of day may have caused you grief but as you hear my voice these words

reach even the darkest corners of your heart my light dispels all the darkness

that clouded your mind my Holy Spirit stays with you driving away fear there is no place for

fear here as you listen I comfort your soul heal your sicknesses and forgive

your sins even those that haunt you in your dreams and pull you back to where your tears once dried from weeping in

these moments with me much will change you will rise transformed shedding the

veil that clouded your spiritual vision opening your eyes to the supernatural realm seeing beyond what is visible to

Mortals I anoint you with the oil of wisdom igniting within you a fervent passion putting out the harmful words

you once spoke you will no longer hurt yourself with disdain or judgments of

defeat understand this this today marks the beginning of your

transformation soon you will see and others will notice the change in

you I have brought you here to live triumphantly not to fall back into despair or seek others approval and end

up crying in defeat you no longer need their acceptance nor will their words make you

sad I’m opening many doors for you and you must go through them you know what you need to do stand up move forward

steadily without turning back challenges won’t hold you back rumors won’t bother

you and slander and lies won’t shake you you are a conqueror the enemy has

not defeated you your love loyalty and bravery are stronger your commitment to

strive and endure remains strong I will make you Gentle in spirit and humble in

heart but with unwavering determination your faith is

unshakable today you receive this blessing you know it’s true I feel your

heart tremble as these words forever imprint on your soul you are reborn no

longer fearful should Storms Come Again you will find refuge in my arms you’re

looking for a miracle and it will come quickly you’re in the right place and

your attitude is commendable I am deeply pleased when you worship me alone in your room laying

your soul at my feet shedding tears as you tell me all your pain and needs I

admire your faith and trust sometimes you feel like you can’t share your

troubles with anyone else just you and me understand you’ve taken on this heavy

load but remember I’m here to help you’ve sought me wholeheartedly and

I will always respond to you you need my help to break free from the things that hurt confuse and worry you

you long for my power for peace and Tranquility to sleep soundly and wake up

joyful here’s my answer hold tightly to the faith that keeps you going and the

promises I’ve made to you I’m your Advocate your Defender your

Shepherd your provider your God I hope hold you in my safety I am

your friend together we will celebrate when your long awaited blessing arrives

I promise it expect it and guarantee it you will receive it things are going to

change fill your thoughts with my promises that bring healing change how

you think react differently when You Face challenges remember first that I will never leave

you no matter how tough the trial you can always hold my my hand you know I

love you I could never abandon you after giving you so much love you are my

precious child deeply important to me whenever you encounter tough situations

the enemy will try to bring you down pushing you into despair but deep down

you know you’re not alone not abandoned you are invaluable to me you

are my beloved child never forget this truth always hold on to my promises they

are true powerful and effective my Covenant with you cannot be

broken my commitment to you is forever I will always be with you I love

you if you’ve just woken up say my name if you go to bed weary and wake up

anxious call on me if your mind is overwhelmed by sadness or thoughts of

defeat say my name shouted if you must let your ad Aries see your bravery in

believing in me steadfast because of your love for me without shame sing it

out shout it loud your voice is sweet to my ears say my name Call on Me Jesus

Jesus Jesus from Nightfall to Dawn keep calling my name talk to me with kindness

express your love for me by simply saying my name heal your soul bring peace where threats quiet down enemies

disappear illnesses leave and pain Fades from head to toe my power performs

miracles in a Heart Like Yours one that finds joy and is not embarrassed to call

out my name at any time Jesus I love you to push away all

negative thoughts say it loudly Jesus I trust in you let fear leave and let

strength and courage return to you go ahead do it

Call My Name with faith and confidence because it is certain that every knee will bow every tongue will confess and

every nation soul and heart will declare that I jesus am the king of kings Lord

of lords my spirit will fill you and will always be with

you know that in my Holy Name lies all strength all power all authority and and

the whole universe waits for my return Heaven and Earth will fade away

but my words will last forever but my words will persist and I

hold for you here blessings Beyond Your Wildest Dreams you have heard many say that

there is power in the name of Jesus and now it is time for you to say it to feel

it to witness the amazing and wonderful events that can happen around around you

I want your testimony to be genuine to spread my grace and mercy with eternal love and Majestic glory to everyone who

approaches me each morning unafraid to speak boldly with courage faith and

confidence in my holy and Powerful name say it Jesus Jesus I trust in you

always when you come to ask of me come confidently show me your faith your

gratitude is the best gift gift you can offer me this moment we share is the most

wonderful thing that can happen today so come without fear for I will

not turn you away your sins have been washed away and paid for by my precious blood there is

no reason to feel ashamed when entering my presence even when you were farthest away when you forgot about me I had

mercy on you I sent thousands of angels to rescue you from the clutches of evil

to clear every obstacle from your path so you could come back to me tomorrow

you will come again you will bring good news to me you will share with me the Miracles

you’ve started to see the changes and wonderful things happening in your life

your loyalty will be confirmed and I will listen with immense Joy this is why I have brought you here

again to transform your life I don’t want you to go back to a

place filled with hatred scorn sadness and despair I’m speaking to you will you

believe me or will you listen to those who try to pull you away from your faith demanding Perfection from you while they

themselves are filled with sin and wrongful thoughts in this world no one can claim

Perfection before me so don’t lose your faith or spirit because of those who close doors on you here you are dearly

loved and there’s only one true path an open door for you to walk through and

receive eternal life complete happiness and Lasting

Joy with me you will always find love acceptance genuine affection and

Holiness you can come confidently day or night whether you feel you have failed

or if you’re dealing with weaknesses that led you to mistakes and sins

here you are accepted come as you are no matter your

circumstances I always hear your prayer of repentance and I’m ready to give you

another chance if you accept my forgiveness and want to start over just come and give me

your heart you don’t need to explain anything I understand that you need my love and here I am loving you let me

hold you close in your time of difficulty I hear your your thoughts and know you’re hurting today from the

moment you woke up I’ve been listening your distressed Soul felt alone but I

was already here and I won’t leave you there are days when you feel strong but

in this world full of hardship don’t feel guilty or defeated if you think your faith is

faltering I want to tell you something you believe in me you’ve witnessed many

miracles and you know I am always ready to help you again and

again listen to me and make this promise if you feel good you will believe and

even if you feel bad you will continue to believe my love envelops you my hand

supports you and my word strengthens you come to me every morning and night

don’t stop just because you think something in your life isn’t

right if you have failed know that my arms are always open to forgive you if

you feel like your faith has waned remember it’s not really your faith that’s wavering it’s your emotions

trying to deceive you you’re growing in spiritual maturity

learning to walk by true faith not swayed by feelings or perceptions but

grounded in my promises if I have spoken it I will fulfill it if I have promised I will

deliver I am not like humans who lie if I have said I love you my love is

unwavering if the power of my blood has cleansed you then see yourself not as

guilty but free your past sins are gone and your path now leads towards a

brighter future there will be times you feel my presence vividly but remember feeling me

is not always a constant to witness true miracles trust in my promises joyfully

and rely not just on your senses or what you see turn to the Bible my word in it

is the truth the promises I have made to you and your family will happen

everything is possible for those who believe in me I love you your prayers

have been answered I am setting the stage for a tremendous victory in your life you will

weep with joy for I will heal your wounds and trans transform your life I’m

lifting away the anguish that has overwhelmed you soon you will recover

things you thought were gone forever I see your bravery and your

choice to trust me wholeheartedly as you read these words hear my voice speaking directly to you

listen closely and know that my love surrounds you and my holy spirit is reaching out

to you we both understand stand the source of your pain yet this sadness

will not last forever it ends today I will fill your soul with peace

and your heart with joy I will answer your prayers and my response will be

even better than what you hoped for you will witness how situations that seemed

against you will turn out for your benefit I do this because I love you

because I have witnessed your zeal the honesty of your faith and your dedication to seeking me and doing my

will despite the challenges you faced you might not fully grasp everything but

you have stayed true you haven’t given up on believing you’ve reserved a

special place for me in your life and home teaching your family to seek me with that same faith and

persistence you are about to overcome all the negativity that once made you pull back you felt fear for but you

chose to trust in my love and endless Grace you accepted my forgiveness and

held on to my promises that’s why I’m clearing away all obstacles all your enemies all

illness and from today onwards I will bless you

richly I see your bravery your deep understanding of the need to rise in faith pushing past discouragement and

doubt so that you can see and receive all the blessings I have for you they

are plentiful and they are given with sincerity the number of your words

doesn’t matter to me what matters is your faith my presence will fill your home and your family will see for

themselves how powerful I am they will be amazed as they see the

wonderful things I will do for you tell me that you believe in me I love you

deeply you are forever mine listen to me please you carry so many

burdens and today I’m here to take them off your shoulders let me help don’t hide them

learn to rest in the Embrace of someone who loves you unconditionally who never fails you who

keeps promises and can truly change your life I have the power love and

compassion to Bear all your moments of weakness to understand you and to see

you without judgment your soul is deeply wounded and sometimes you trust neither anyone nor

anything you’ve lost belief in love you think it doesn’t exist that

it’s not real even though many have shown you love and friendship though

sometimes with deceitful intentions let me tell you something important my child I love you I want to

heal your your mind instantly you might insist that you are fine that you don’t need my

help but if you could see your soul with spiritual eyes if you could look at your

spirit and heart you would see how deeply you are

wounded you would understand it’s not your fault not who you are the way you

act and react even when your family tries to talk to you that’s not really you you are so hurt inside that it’s

become unbearable and you’ve gotten used to carrying this pain every day listen

closely you wake up without the desire to fight so weary and disheartened that

you fail to see the good in anything not realizing the many beautiful blessings I have surrounded you with you are not

negative you do not have a bad character you were not born with anger and wrath

in your heart look in the mirror again the person you see is beautiful you

think you see nothing but look one more time see the days you laughed the nights you cried over a lost loved one

recognize that you have the capacity to laugh and to cry from love you know what

it means to love but you choose not to remember I will surround you with so

much love that you will not be able to forget these are not just words you happen to hear you need my love and you

know someone else who needs my kindness too if both you and that person give me

your hearts completely their healing will begin today share these promises with them

come and listen each day as you hold these words dear they will live within your soul and

spirit you hurt because someone looks down on you but remember I love you with

an everlasting love you cry because you feel ignored yet I have been knocking at

your heart’s door for so long Come Into My Embrace this is where you belong here I

will give you the love you deserve and you will understand your true value you

won’t have to beg anyone for scraps of love and friendship I will fill your life

completely for so long you’ve yearned to be loved endured painful loneliness and

then suddenly someone promised you love you gave them your heart and soul only

to be met with contempt disdain and

betrayal yet here I am still waiting for you I gave you a tender Spirit you were

made in my image I placed in you this deep need for love I waited for you to seek me to

notice the signs I showed you but you were misled you believed a liar who told

told you that you could never be accepted as you are you pulled away just when you had only begun to experience a

hint of my love you were afraid to come close to me and the more you drifted the

harder it became for you to find true happiness you didn’t understand what was

happening you still felt empty inside despite being surrounded by people who claimed to love and be your friends you

trusted them too much you opened your heart fully and they came in and stole your your

dreams they took years from your life they crushed your joy like a flower

blown apart by the wind they crushed what dignity you had left trying to

drown you in your own tears they broke their promise of love and instead gave

you a contract of bitterness signed in your own blood from the wound they

caused in your heart I see your pain and I love you so deeply my child

that your hurt pains me too yet let me assure you I am ready to forgive and

forget it all whatever you have done I forgive you your remorse is enough say

no more I yearn to embrace you to have you here by my side safe and secure

knowing that no one will ever hurt you again love will knock on your door again

but you will not be the same your heart will be stronger and you will no longer need to B beg anyone for

affection when that day comes you will realize how much you mean to me Others

May promise you the world but you will know that you are a child of the creator of

all you will recognize true and Lasting Love because your heart will be filled with my everlasting love and

care my dear child give this moment to me with all your heart I know you long

for me so I’m here to surround you with my love don’t turn away now trust that

the time you spend with me is never wasted after hearing my words you will feel free and complete my love supports

you my peace calms you new times are coming but you will face them with a

calm Spirit many around you may be driven by fear but you will remain

peaceful knowing that I love you and no matter what happens in this world I will always be with you say it

now write it down who loves you so deeply who Moved Heaven and Earth to

bless you to soothe your grief and wipe away your tears who gave his life for you and valued you so greatly who rose

from the dead with eternal power to show that you too can overcome all your

struggles and barriers you are a child of the Eternal holy and mighty king you

an heir to spiritual blessings you’re victorious in me you will find a a safe

haven I will always be there to Shield you under my wings comfort you in both

good and bad times give you strength help you rise from Deep pits and guide you with my

light in the darkest times today I ask you to listen to my words with a calm

heart do not fear when you find yourself on uncertain and dark paths You are not

alone my hand will always be joined with yours leading you towards a life of Eternal

blessing so rest in my unconditional love and trust that I will guide you

towards the light rescuing you from the darkness that sometimes surrounds your soul it is your faith that lights the

candle and makes clear my words it is your heart that rejoices when it hears

my gentle voice your future is safe in my hands I Will Bless You So abundantly

that you will forget your past struggles and the memories that once hurtt you will fade away the world and people

might tell you it’s not worth continuing to fight but listen to me I’m telling you

that you will long to live forever once you fully understand how much I love you

and how my love fills you wraps around you transforms you and surrounds you

with peace and affection making your problems disappear and all conflicts resolve

I did not create you to suffer endlessly let your faith be ignited dare to

believe I brought you into this world to give you the keys to my kingdom so you can be brave and claim the blessings

waiting for you sitting in a corner weeping and lamenting your situation is

not your fate you have been chosen to live from Victory to Victory from blessing to blessing that is your Divine

Purpose see how gentle and affectionate I am toward you feel how my presence covers

you how gently I hold you in my holy Embrace do not be afraid as you walk

even though many try to instill fear in you to make you doubt my promises and lose

Faith but my Holy Spirit fills your soul

and when moments of discouragement come I will comfort you with a whisper of love

it is not my will for you to live burdened by sadness and guilt yes I have forgiven your sins you

owe nothing do not let anyone convince you of guilt that isn’t yours or burden

you with bitterness you shouldn’t carry from dawn I bless your journey I

watch over you in all you do I guard you as you return home I protect you at night I’m always with you may these

words be precious to you do not forget or ignore them I want them engraved in

your heart for they are a gift of affection a display of love you know

that my words give you life fill your weary heart with courage and

energy I will continue to hold you in my hands no one can snatch you away not

discouragement not sadness nor the attacks of your enemies for my words give you strength and will lift you

up even if you have stumbled I love love you this is the truth there is no force

in the universe that can surpass this love respond to me with loyalty and

devotion take a moment to write down and tell me how you receive these words with

gratitude and what you hope for with faith and

blessing declare it and write it now I am listening and I accept your

trust with faith beloved your case is settled your mistakes are

erased you are forgiven I don’t even remember your sins anymore you have made Brave and

beautiful choices you decided to leave the past behind and walk in truth your

determination to stick to my word and to believe to the end what wise decisions

you have made I will make others see in you what I see a valuable and smart

person who knows what they want and understands the effort and courage it takes to achieve

it realize that faith in my word and prayer are stronger

weapons than any hidden schemes the enemy might use against you you stand

solidly on the rock of Truth you are an heir of my Everlasting

promise I protect you with love and care and my holy armies also surround you

rise courageously and go bring back those family members who are distant

from me use the power of my word to break through barriers many blessings

are yours I have granted them to you with Grace and love now fight for them

with determination and bravery do your part and let me also clear away what

holds you back I want you to shine brightly like a diamond go forth and fight for your

family go earn your livelihood fear no one and do not be overwhelmed

when opportunities arise everything you do is for the betterment and future of your

family my gaze has swept across the world and rested upon you I have seen

deep within you the heart of a brave Warrior I heard your prayer listened as

you earnestly sought my presence like a servant yearning for water your soul thirsts for me calling

out day and night I tested your faith allowed you to walk through a desert to

see if your faith was strong and pure enough to turn you into an unbreakable anointed

Warrior you passed this test with steadfast faith and devotion you didn’t look back even as

you endured great struggles and your love for the world did not outweigh your love for me you know I can cry too my my

tears fall upon your soul I weep with joy because you are the vessel through which I choose to show my love to the

world I ask only that you love me with all your heart and mind without any

doubt and that you do not remain indifferent to the suffering of others it deeply touches me to see how

much you love me and how ready you are to support your family and be a blessing

to your people and your nation don’t hide I’m speaking to you even if you

think you’re too old to dream that’s not true I can renew all your desires

filling you with a new passion to live more intensely than ever

before in one year you will reach the goals you thought were Beyond

reach you’ve dwelt on the negative outcomes that nearly ruined your life

due to past mistakes and sins but hear me now believe with all your heart and

strength your case is closed don’t don’t sit in darkness lost in

despair don’t dwell on those who haven’t forgiven you they miss out on the grace of

forgiveness you are here with me and you won’t go back to the past I have lifted

you up I am right here with you I am both your Defender and your judge your

sins are forgiven you don’t have to pay for them again you’ve already suffered

the consequences you’ve walked through the desert the Lush living trees you now see

are real not just a mere AJ from your desperation here I am with open arms and

your freedom in hand you are no longer a captive declare it loudly write it down

share it so everyone can know I am forgiven I am alive my case is closed

there’s no punishment for me I accept forgiveness and open my heart to Jesus today I choose to rise and live my

dreams will come true because Jesus is my life my way and my truth a wonderful

future full of blessings and joy awaits me and my family never let doubt or

thoughts that belittle his love enter your heart think about all I’ve done for you

let these thoughts give you the strength to keep going to fight to push towards

your goals and not give up if you let negative words into your mind you’re

opening the door for the enemy to accuse and distress you if you rely more on the advice of

those who dislike you they will eventually strip away your peace your life your happiness I want you to speak

out loud think deeply write down and believe in me despite the storms today

and forever never doubt the Everlasting Love I hold for you it’s yours you know it I

will never withhold it from you and if you feel distant if you feel abandoned

it’s because you’re letting the trials of Life dampen the fire in your heart hold tight to me so the Winds

Don’t sway you remember whether in times of Plenty or in need I am your Shepherd

I will ensure bread is plentiful on your table and in the presence of those who scorn you I will fill you and your

family with joy my blessing and Mercy will follow you wherever you go when the

enemy tries again with his lies to deceive you stand firm and say my life belongs to God my soul is in his hands I

am loyal to my Lord promise me this tell me you love me

write it down loyal to my God forever believe it deeply for it was

true it is true and it will always be true this is the sign you’ve been

waiting for the answer answer you’ve been seeking you’ve cried out to me shed

tears and begged for a solution to your troubles and now I’m here to

respond this isn’t just happen stance you’re hearing these words exactly when

you need them most my Holy Spirit surrounds and strengthens you for days

you felt that I wanted to communicate with you but I waited for the perfect moment so you could feel my

love I’ve been preparing you in many ways through words and phrases with powerful

messages written in your Bible which glow before your eyes when you open it

with a sincere heart today you’ve opened your heart to hear me to renew the promise you made

with me to offer me your faith your trust and to put all your hope in me

believe that I hear your prayers so you don’t feel anxious thinking your words

don’t don’t reach beyond the ceiling from the moment you first cried out an angel left my heavenly throne with the

key to your freedom but you are very special there is a battle for your life happening in the Heavenly Realms the

enemy wants to see you defeated crawling on the ground not

Victorious but my armies are fighting for your future combating the forces of evil in the

heavens the sudden troubles that have come upon you are not by chance you must be aware and Discerning from this point

forward be careful with your words Keep Your Secrets close be cautious about

whom you trust the enemy seeks to devour you to find a weak spot in your

soul he aims to destroy you with lies and deceit trying to shake your faith

your future is full of Wonders and miracles a supernatural life awaits

you you might face hardships now but remember your struggles are temporary

and will soon end the sorrow you feel now will soon lift some who have wronged you will come

back asking for forgiveness and you will forgive them but your faith and trust should

remain solely in me though people may promise you everything under the sun do not believe them no one else has

the power to truly bless you and save you from evil no one else holds the true word word that I alone can give I never

fail and I never lie however if you start to doubt me and

put your trust in the false promises of deceitful people your blessings will disappear like Dust in the Wind and some

may never return now is your time anchor your faith in my powerful and Eternal Word

Alive strong and true forever the moment to decide is coming

soon choose my my love my comfort my peace My

Embrace commit seriously to meet with me each morning to be filled with my word

that guides you and gives you a reason to keep going come without

fear I want to hear from you no matter how you come or what state you’re in my

doors are always open my ears always listening come before the dawn it’s the

perfect time to present your request to me and to experience my loving

Embrace talk to me because your words reflect your thoughts knowing that you keep a place

for me in your mind is like sweet incense to me a gentle praise a pure

worship share your dreams needs frustrations and doubts with me tell me

everything for I am your friend the only one who truly understands and knows you

completely you have faced Strong Winds of hardship walked through unexpected times of

anxiety and felt the sting of scorn and cruelty break your spirit leaving you

gasping for peace my word brings you that peace you

will find peace I will fill your heart with strength even in tough times you

will feel calm when you feel weak you will be strong and when you feel overwhelmed you

will not fear hold on to my promise and when your burden feels too heavy come to

me always remember that I am with you do not let doubt take away the blessings

that lie on your path I bless you because I love you and because I have chosen to do so I shower you with favors

and mercies because you are precious to me beloved and mine my love for you is

unbreakable and everlasting today marks a special day a day of Victory you will always remember

I have sealed these promises with my own blood you will be filled with joy I will

grant you eternal life in my presence there will be no more tears or pain this

is your sign open your eyes the challenges you face will

disappear the help you’ve been waiting for is on its way and the provision you need will be met I love you today that

is proven Tell Me You Love tell me you believe in me even in this tough moment

I am here to extend my hand to you grab it hold on to me with all your strength

let go of your deep Sorrows put aside the worries that plague you and come

with me with my loving Embrace and my Divine Touch I will heal you it’s time to heal

I will perform a miracle in you I will surely heal all the wounds that have

troubled you and erase the them no one will see on your face the painful

experiences you have [Music] endured you will bear no marks it is

better this way so that you too may forget and look forward to a better

future the enemy tried to defeat you to destroy you but with my love I will

remove the scars I am lifting many burdens I’ve forgiven your sins you will not be the

same the time for change has arrived it is time for you to understand and believe that I

have chosen you something great is happening it is time to come home if you

feel lost it is time to reflect and return to the right path the holy path

you had chosen though life circumstances made you falter it is not too late I have come

for this though you felt distant my love for you has been

greater I do not want to see you lost I want us to walk into the future together

to the time of your Harvest I want to see in your eyes The Gaze of Hope when

Miracles you have longed for come to pass when you witness the birth and growth of the fruits of your hard work

despite the tears it has cost you begin each day with gratitude speak

no words of defeat do not berate yourself in your own thoughts when people ask you where you’re headed

or why you’re walking alone tell them God loves me he has restored me he has

erased my sins my past is behind me and I am not walking alone God will never

leave me he walks with me he wants me to succeed and I trust in my God in his

grace and in his goodness this is your time of Victory my

child I am healing your entire being cloaking you in my power and Glory stay

vigilant do not lower your guard I am here to help you but you must keep your

mind and soul alert and prepared you’ve said you feel there’s no

rest for you but trust in me and come into my presence when you’re troubled I

will give you rest do not let your worries steal your faith or your

peace the enemy is Relentless always trying to make you falter let traps to

make you lose heart and abandon your faith this has always been the case but

I’m watching over you protecting you from the onslaughts of your adversaries even while you

sleep you may sometimes feel the intensity of this harsh and violent struggle but remember you’ve also

endured great battles without even realizing it I fight for you in Heavenly Realms I

battle against dark spiritual forces and ensure they cannot harm you when they try know that you are especially blessed

and protected for you have an enormous advantage over those who oppose you this is because you have me your

heavenly father almighty and Invincible do not view your problems as

greater or stronger than me do not feel trapped by difficulties or afraid when

you hear their threats you don’t have to be perfect or never have made mistakes for me to love

and protect you your family and your entire household enemies May hurry to bring you

down with lies and empty threats with madeup problems and baseless

accusations I will shield you from these cruel attacks and Lead You Out of these challenges triumphant and Victorious do

not focus on your past errors your shortcomings or your weaknesses my word reassures you and

promises that my victory is is your Victory from my Throne the rewards for

your suffering will soon be yours the reward for your bravery the medal for

your resolve to Prevail the Crown of Life and countless blessings waiting for

your acceptance and Faith declare with your lips and your heart that you will receive them today

is a truly special day for you filled with surprises and Abundant Blessings as

you begin a new remember my joy is your strength many wonderful things are in

store for you be thankful and keep trusting in me don’t be discouraged by any

challenges that come your way don’t be scared you know I love you and my

blessing is upon you you have consistently trusted in me and believe

that I can assist you in all things if you believe it it will happen over the past year you faced

numerous battles and trials and though it was tough you held on to my grace and

triumphed in each one you’ve also sown many good seeds of

Purity love Faith and commitment I assure you my child you

will harvest many good fruits everything will occur in my perfect timing just right for you to fully enjoy every

moment every minute every detail Every Blessing I believe in you I know your

heart I understand your desires and I’m delighted by your

dreams I see all your struggles and I have been by your side fighting your

battles with you every day I am with you and when you sleep at night I provide

the rest you need and strengthen your faith now as the sun rises I speak to

your heart again reminding you that your life is in my hands and today can be

another wonderful day today you are cared for by a real omnipotent and

merciful god never underestimate how much you mean to me you are incredibly

important I will watch over you wherever you go and if you ever start drifting

from my love I will gently bring you back and keep you safe in my

heart after reading and listening to these words close your eyes for a moment and talk to

me tell me how you’re feeling and what you need today give me a chance to show

you my wonderful love hello how are you do you have a moment to talk do you have

a few minutes for a good friend I want to speak with you to spend some time and Trust on issues that matter to both of

us about your life the most precious gift you’ve received saved from Death by

a great sacrifice the enemy tried to throw you into the darkest depths but the gates of

hell did not overcome no one can pull you from my hands not the highest Heights the

deepest depths nor the enemy with all its forces can challenge me I saved you and gave you divine’s

encouragement I saw you faltering and out of my love for you I did everything to keep you alive think about this

feeling in your heart recognize that something special is happening the time

has come for me to reveal myself to you in a powerful way get ready for the incredible things you’re about to see

the world around you will shift and many will begin to see that they can’t live

without me I plan to do amazing things with you to make you a living testimony

of the infinite power of your God let others come to you and see my

presence in your actions I want to use you to heal the sick and feed the

hungry I want all your family and friends to be astonished by the changes

in you everyone will witness your transformation and acknowledge that I am

real that I can help them too you will be my tool like clay I will

shape you into a valuable and sacred vessel believe me you can

change I can transform you you just need to let go and let me work in you don’t

hide anything from me it’s better you tell me directly than for me to have to unearth those

deep-seated issues you’ve prayed for peace freedom

relief and stability now the time has come the door

is open but don’t be scared I approach you as a friend take my hand and let’s

start on this new path to a new life filled with blessings so you can share my grace with the world I love you get

ready for this marvelous transformation I have a question for you listen

closely answer me without fear no matter your response my love for you remains

unwavering I support the good you do I will continue to bless you and keep you

safe it’s a simple question yet some who claim to seek me hesitate unsure of what

to say or do you might not fully grasp who you are or what you can become

before you answer reflect on this message write it down share it with others feel how these words clear away

your fears and fortify your beliefs and Faith the fire growing within you cannot

be extinguished my holy spirit is with you now and starting today wonders and

miracles will occur in your life my dear child please answer me in the midst of

the challenges you face what will you do will you move forward like a brave Soldier or will you shrink back in fear

will you endure insults and let the malicious steal your blessings or will you rise and in my Holy Name seize the

victory I have secured for you tell me that you will fear nothing

and no one no matter how powerful wealthy or smart they might be even if

your foes dress grandly and their threats make others Quake you will not be afraid because the almighty God is

with you what right do these evildoers have to intimidate

you they only aim to instill fear understand this if you take your

faith seriously also recognize the authority I’ve given you this power is not for humiliating or harming others

nor for boasting my power doesn’t work if you lack humility but in a peaceful heart my

presence dwells and with the right attitude you can conquer Nations so remember even

when you feel weak sometimes you are not even when the evil one Whispers doubts about your

worthiness know that you are worthy worthy of my embrace my love my

forgiveness and this home filled with love waiting for you you have an

inheritance you’re already receiving you are my child and I desire to see you Triumph for your sake and for your

families I am ready and able to bless you abundantly Believe In This

Promise the time to move forward is now do not stop despite everything happening

around you I am always with you keep moving forward without looking

back hold on to the progress you’ve made and continue with determined steps

holding tightly to my hand know that even as you walk through valleys shadowed by threats

I am there with you I am your father your creator your companion your

protector and your shelter it fills me with joy to help you

I take pleasure in blessing you and staying close by your side I will never turn away from you or be

unfaithful I know that sometimes you may receive news that makes you anxious but

remember nothing in this world can separate you from me in me you’ll find

the strength needed to keep going to enjoy the blessings I have for you and to successfully reach your

goals you’ll hear many things in life but don’t let them disturb your peace or

disrupt your sleep don’t be frightened by threats or worried by a doctor’s diagnosis your

life is in my hands your well-being is part of my plan your future is bright and secure so

don’t let fear stop you so take these promises to heart after listening to me

spend a few more moments in my presence with all your requests thoughts and

fears I know you’ve made mistakes and I want to forgive you and cleanse you with

my powerful blood so you no longer carry unnecessary guilt and remorse that could

block your way I shall strengthen you twofold bless you and multiply all your

blessings each time you come to converse with me I shall assist you in overcoming and

triumphing however remember what I’m imparting to you today you have many

tasks to fulfill do not allow anything or anyone to hinder you do you

comprehend my message the curses of your adversaries shall not touch you the pit

they have dug for you will ens snare them I always watch over your comings and goings your sleep and your waking

moments my angels surround you protecting your life and well-being with flaming swords I give you the power to

step on serpents and scorpions nothing will harm you none of them will have

power over you seek my word pray fast and kneel

before me daily to receive my blessings to hear my words and to be shielded by

by my protection I will intervene in the lives of those who oppose you they will feel

ashamed and will not dare to harm you again they will understand that no one

can mock my holy name and they will realize that faith is not a trivial

matter they will see that your faith in me represents power honor integrity and

Truth many around you including yourself will start to take their SP spiritual lives more

seriously this is important walk with confidence looking up at the

sky do not look back at those who tried to bring you down I hold you in my hands

and will not let you fall or trip over the obstacles they set in your

path stand strong and do not be scared by threats or ridicule from others

because if you show Fear they will see it in your eyes some may think you’re weak and try to

attack you but they are nothing they cannot harm you because they will face me and their true cowardly nature will

be revealed by my glorious light keep Faith stand firm and upright

Victory is already yours now you can rest and live in peace knowing that no

harm no person no evil can come near you or your family live your life in

complete peace let go of those who wish you ill hold on to my love and evil will

not touch you Embrace this day with joy placing all your worries in my hands my

Army of angels will be with you wherever you go and I will never stop showing you

and telling you how much I love you amen

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