Observe along with Heaven Says, and I Would Smiling Finally

as Dawn Paints the Sky with Hues of new

beginnings let the light remind you of

the empty tomb on Easter morning

symbolizing Jesus’s victory over

darkness and death and let Hope rise

within you for what the new day holds

while tying your shoelaces Ponder on the

humble Act of Jesus washing the feet

ofus disciples inspiring you to walk in

service and humility ready to act on the

opportunities to serve those you

encountered dot in the morning Stillness

recall Jesus’s moments of solitude when

he withdrew to pray and take time to

connect with God offering him the first

thoughts and decisions of your day

pouring cereal or preparing toast think

about Jesus’s words that man does not

live a be bread alone but by every word

that comes from the mouth of God and

feed your spirit with his sacred

teachings do as you glance through your

calendar remember Jesus’s Devotion to

his purpose even knowing the path ahead

was difficult and set out to fulfill

your own duties with a sense of mission

and willingness to make sacrifices for

the greater good facing the mirror

consider how Jesus saw Beyond physical

appearances into the hearts of people

and ask for the grace to see yourself

and others through his ice of love and

acceptance when you lock your door

behind you think of the safety of God’s

promises just as Jesus entrusted his

safety to the father and trust that you

are held in the S of protective hands

during your commute whether it by car BS

or train meditate on the journeys Jesus

Took by foot sharing the good news and

let your travels be a time of reflection

on the blessings and lessons you receive

each day when you sip your midm morning

coffee or tea Savor the warmth as a

reminder of the Comfort the Holy Spirit

provides akin to the Comfort Jesus

Promised his disciples before ascending

to Heaven as you engage in the day’s

tasks visualize Jesus’s steadfastness in

the temple as he taught with authority

and wisdom and strive to perform your

work with these same integrity and and

purpose dot at lunch when you say grace

think of the multitude Jesus fed and the

prayer of Thanksgiving he offered

inviting Divine Providence into the

simple yet profound Act of sharing a

meal if you witness any form of

Injustice or unkindness let it stir

within you the righteous indication

Jesus felt when he cleansed the temple

motivating you to stand for what is

right and good feeling the wind be

reminded of the Breath of God that

animates all of creation just as Jesus

was driven by the spirit

and let your own Spirit be mve to action

and life dot in your interactions

Channel The Compassion Jesus had for the

lepers the Blind and the oppressed

viewing every encounter as a chance to

manifest love and mercy taking a break

let your mind wander to the Sea of

Galilee where Jesus come th storm and

let his peace come any inner turmoil you

may be facing affirming faith is indeed

the master of all Seas as you tackle

difficult decisions remember the wisdom

of Jesus’s Parables which provided

guidance and insight and seek that same

wisdom to make choices that align with

your values and convictions heading home

as you watch the sunset reflect on the

completion of another fa that God has

made and just like Jesus did with his

disciples review the lessons learned and

the grace received during dinner share

stories with your loved ones just as

Jesus shared Parables using the power of

Storytelling to impart wisdom Foster

connection and pass on the values that

matter most before you retire for the

night consider the protective watch of

the night sky a reminder of Jesus’s

promise to be with us always even to the

end of the age and let this assurance

accompany you into restful slumber

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