NOTICE: “THE Fact I’VE BEEN QUIET” – THE LORD | God message jesus |

God is saying you right now your life may be shattered your soul may be

depressed and your future may be unknown yet you should have faith in what I have

promised you I am going to provide you with the love Grace forgiveness and

understanding that you require very soon I will put an end to all Discord

disagreements and separations that have occurred inside your family and a time

that you have been anticipating draws near you should be prepared to enjoy and

seiz it so that you do not let Joy slip away from you develop your character

allow wisdom to direct you and do not allow yourself to be deceived or

deprived of this gift please remember to remain Vigilant during this period of

your life I want to shower you with Abundant Blessings and I want you to

treasure everything that I bestow upon you always remember to stay rooted in my

truth even when those who are envious come wearing masks and attempting to

fool you it’s possible that the purpose of smiles and kind words to trick you

into believing lies to steal what is legitimately yours and then to make fun

of your emotions of distress I am bringing divine Prosperity into your

life a life that is devoid of sadness or anxiety full solely with joy blessings

peace and calm you have been seeking success from me for a long time and I am

presenting to you divine Prosperity during times of weakness you have

questioned my existence I have questioned my existence and you have

questioned the validity of the love that I have for you my reaction is as follows

you will physically experience it in your heart and you will see it with your

own eyes my child I assure you that I will shortly fulfill my word and that

everything that I say will in fact come to completion your heart is yours to

give to me and allow your eyes to follow the road I take I your beloved child am

am the recipient of your blessing you should entrust me with your worries have

complete faith in me and give me complete control over those difficult

challenged situations it is important to refrain from trying to handle problems

in your own way during times of such high stress your emotions can lead you

astray and making Hasty choices might result in important errors by taking a

little break in my presence you will be able to expeditiously improve your

condition and achieve the finest possible consequences by placing my

hands on you I shall bestow upon you the gift of Serenity as well as Infuse you

with fresh hope and divine calmness your manner will be characterized by elements

such as patience steadfastness assurance and fearlessness you will be able to

demonstrate to your adversaries that my holy spirit is at work in your life

bringing you answers and freedom if you allow me to enter your heart you will

accomplish a great deal more my strength will enable you to tackle challenges

headon and any fear that is still present will dissipate resulting in the

development of a new Inner Strength the heart of a conqueror which is Victorious

and strong and which is filled with unwavering belief to the fullest extent

today marks the beginning of your victory over this issue but your victory

was already locked in many decades ago it is sufficient for you to believe and

ask for it you should make use of all of your abilities with Joe and a persisted

look upon the final objective with my word in your hands and my promises in

your memory and with your eyes fixed on the prize that is waiting for you it is

not enough to fight for the sake of fighting you must impress not just

yourself but also yourself you should make it your goal to continue to achieve

spiritual wins in the domain of the supernatural this warning should be

taken seriously because your fight is very real during the time while others

continue you to stand still unable to escape the pits that they have made for

themselves you proceed to March directly into the center of the Storm at that

moment you are standing tall holding your sword in one hand and your flag in

the other for the moment of Victory is Drawing Near you will be able to

continue your Voyage after the storm has passed and you will plant your flag on

territory that you have conquered I am aware of the reasons why I encourage you

to face your challenges without getting afraid you may count on my support and I

assure you that I will protect you from harm and destruction I am your protector

and Fortress and you have triumphed over a great number of obstacles with my

assistance your winds are a direct result of my strength after after

receiving your call I answered it at a time when you were at your most vulnerable when you were on the verge of

being consumed by despair I reached out to you and delivered you from that

situation as of today you are still alive and in good health and the

challenges that you are currently facing will soon be resolved those who made fun

of you will find themselves in a position of embarrassment since no one

and stop the blessings that I have sent to you in the future sacred protection

is what I surround you with my shield is on top of you and my warrior angels are

surrounding you ready to protect you from any danger that may come your way

it is alone in my care that your future is guaranteed I am your all powerful and

ultimate God and my love for you is an Ending full with patience and kindness I

am your God when it comes to you I am dedicated to seeing my purpose come to

fruition your trust in me should be reaffirmed and you should let go of the

hurt that has been inflicted by damaging banter and false

allegations these remarks will vanish like chaff in the wind leaving you with

a sense of relief from the suffering they have caused you due to the fact

that you will be encircled by my love you will not be overcome by feelings of

mourning turn the deaf ear to those nefarious individuals who are trying to

control your future and open your heart to me and its whole know that I love you

in a variety of different ways and that I will instill you with bravery and a

sense of safety so that your feelings one not be influenced by the opinions of

other people it is important to keep in mind that I am aware of your true

identity before you attach any significance to those poisonous tongues

it is clear to me that you have a decent heart know that I love you in a variety

of different ways and that I will instill you with bravery and a sense of

safety so that your feelings will not be influenced by the opinions of other

people it is important to keep in mind that I am aware of your true identity

before you attach any significance to those poisonous tongues it is clear to

me that you have a decent heart your family and other people who genuinely

love you and will be there for you through thick and thin by the gifts that

I have bestowed upon you as part of of my specific purpose for you it is

important that you devote your time to seeking me out serving me taking care of

your loved ones and helping those who are in need it is possible for me to use

you as a vessel of blessing for the entirety of your city helping you to

serve as an example of honesty and righteousness as a result I raise you up

and encourage you to have the bravery and strength to be a blessing to others

for it is through you that I will do amazing wonders I want you to promise me

that you will not be afraid of anything or anyone I want you to keep moving

forward and not lose up hope because you have a promising future ahead of you my

kid I have a deep understanding of the difficult and trying circumstances that

you are currently going through and I am aware of every loss that you have

experienced your spiritual fire has been extinguished and your vision has become

clouded bringing you a great deal of grief fear and doubt have transformed

into Sadness the fact that your hopes have diminished has caused you to begin

giving up on a great deal of your aspirations and objectives you may feel

feel as like you are unable to continue as if you’re not going to be able to see

this through I am conscious of the fact that you spend each night ruminating

about your previous self and acts filled with a yearning for the times when you

were younger Once Upon a Time you place complete Reliance on your own

capabilities and actively sought acceptance from others so making your

yourself the primary object of attention it is then when you’re having a heart

that was once brimming with self-importance and arrogance you have turned your back on me and ignored the

lessons that I have taught you you are currently experiencing a profound sense

of melancholy and a sense of disorientation and you are having a

difficult time recognizing a path forward although it may appear that time

is passing without any beneficial improvements occurring please be assure

that I have not abandoned you you may count on me to be by your side at all

times you are being asked to pay attention to what I am saying today and

to listen to what I have to say I want to encourage you to come back to me to

return to my presence with a genuine heart I want you to to come over here

your faith will be strengthened as a result of my activity if you seek me

with all of your heart you will discover a life that is genuinely satisfying in

me all of the blessings that were taken away from you will be returned to you

the adversary’s goal is to rob you of everything you own and to bring about a

state of Ruin and disaster in your life because of this I am here today my child

to save you and provide you with all the assistance that you require you need

only direct your heart toward me and give me every aspect of yourself and I

will Purge you of everything that is wrong within in you the core of your

being will be restored and I will make your heart brand new everything that you

have misplaced or that has been taken away from you will eventually be returned to you in a multitude of

instances I ask that you put your whole faith in me putting your mind heart and

might behind me do not forget that I am trustworthy and truthful to my

commitments my son and my daughter if you have faith you will witness how

everything that you once lost can be restored to you transforming grief into

pleasure fear fear into peace and stability into security and poverty into

Prosperity are all aspects of Life simply put your faith in me have faith

in what I say and give me permission to shower with the love that you so richly

deserve allow me to lead you and I will cover you with protection at every step

it is important for you to realize my child that I have not abandoned you

regardless of how deep the whole you are in or how frequently you have turned away from me you can count on me to be

there for you and to guide you back to happiness you can witness your life

blossom into a new beginning if you put your faith in my ability to heal and

repair you will discover the tranquility and the strength to triumph over every

difficulty or struggle that you face in me know that you’re are not alone in all

the challenges and conflicts that you are going through despite the fact that

I am aware of every hurt that you are experiencing in your heart you should

not be to hard on yourself because my forgiveness is Limitless you will find

everything you require in me because there is no difficulty in your life when

you rely on my love and my knowledge the only thing you need to do is have faith

and I will heal your wounds refresh your spirit and guide you to the path that is

truly meant for you please do not give up my Offspring it is imperative that

you do not give up on your objectives give up on your aspirations or allow the

adversary to take away the desires that I have set in your heart you are still

in possession of a wonderful and promising future that is waiting for you

and me I urge you to get up grab my hand and walk with me we will work together

to undertake the task of rewriting The Narrative of your life the story of

Destiny is one that is filled with optimism love Faith and purpose always

keep in mind that you are never truly alone I am always on your side walking

beside you at all times in spite of the fact that things appear to be at their

worst my love for you is unwavering and my generosity is

absolutely boundless there is no way that I will abandon you regardless of

how many times you may begin to wander away please have faith in me and

understand that you do not have to carry anything by yourself to assist you in

bearing your burdens I am here if you take my hand you will realize that there

is no burden that is to great for me to carry you are welcome to find solace in

my warm arms I pay close attention to every word you utter and every waste

that you keep to yourself in silence if you are going through a difficult period

allow me to be your safe place and your strength when you are feeling weak the

present moment is the time to look forward with optimism putting the past

behind us taking pleasure in the present and looking forward to a more promising

future there is a new beginning at the beginning of each day and each morning

brings me my favor Grace and unlimited love even if you are unclear of the road

you should choose you should not be terrified I will serve as the beacon that

illuminates your path guiding you to a life that is rich in blessings and

satisfaction my blessings will exceed everything you could ever dream and your

day will be full with happiness This Promise should be trusted because I will

be actively involved in your life from the very beginning I will be pouring out

today you are going to be blessed with love Lov ly things yourself with grace

and favor making certain that your attempts are fruitful and successful in

the process not only do I want to bless you but I also want to make sure that

your heart is filled with joy and serenity in every facet of your life

having the knowledge that I am with you loving you and guiding you through each

step will help you feel confidence in your actions walk with courage and self assurance for

I am keeping a watchful eye on you and ensuring that you remain safe under my

watchful care although I am aware that you experienced feelings of sadness and

discouragement the day before I want you to know that today is a day that is

bright and wonderful full of light hope and wonderful opportunities a day in

which I will bless you and make known to you the things that your heart longs for

feel the warmth of my love and the sensitivity that I am imparting in You

by closing your eyes and focusing your emotions permit my presence to permeate

every cell of your being and allow my spirit to fill your heart with my

unadulterated and unending love until it completely saturates your soul it is my

sinc sinere request that you my beloved child put all of your faith in me today

there is a possibility that today will be a wonderful day filled with many

blessings nevertheless it is also a fact that you will face substantial

difficulties and tests you will face challenges and tests as well as moments

of difficulty however you should maintain your composure since everything

will turn out well and you will not be harmed these are events that are a

natural part of life and are necessary for your development to bless you I am

on this day I declare that you are blessed with prosperity health and

well-being a float of blessings will come pouring into your life and the

lives at your family members as doors that had been tightly shut will swing

wide open today is the day when you will receive the kind of fantastic news that

you have been patiently waiting for through the application of patience and faith you will be able to observe the

accomplishment of numerous objectives and goals that in the past appeared to

be unattainable causing you to feel sorrow I will be at your sigh providing

you with the strength you need and surrounding you with my love nothing

will be able to stop you from achieving your goals when other people try to

resist you maintain your determination and fearlessness I will

guard you and guide you forward bestowing upon you the qualities of wisdom love and courage and guiding you

down the way to avoid potential traps keep in mind that I am the one who is

concerned about you at all Old Times despite the fact that many people may

rise up against you and try to make you feel uneasy I will fight decide you when

other people have malicious intentions toward you I will serve as your defense

and power against their assaults it is not possible for you to suffer any

damage because I will be by your sigh directing you along the route that leads

to Triumph light and prosperity maintain a constant

awareness of the fact that I will keep the commitments I make to bless you

therefore beloved Son and beloved daughter avoid becoming intimidated by

the situations that are currently occurring won’t ever lose sight of the

fact that I hold you in the highest regard as you are the most Exquisite

creature for the the same reason that I am able to view your outside appearance

I am also able to perceive your deepest existence I am aware of all of your

goals and initiatives I am able to glimpse into your heart and am am

affected by the beauty that is within you it is for this reason that I have

prepared a great deal of wonderful things for you things that neither the eye nor the ear as ever seen before

things that are reserved for people who love me in the present now I bestow

these things upon you without any additional delay for even at this very

moment I am working in your favorite to fulfill all the gifts that I have

promised you what you need to do is put your complete confidence and faith in me

because I am going to provide you with a great deal more than you could ever

comprehend not only will you be bestowed with tremendous material and spiritual

rewards but you will also be blessed with Serenity joy and satisfaction

maintain your onward momentum without any uncertainty for I have bestowed upon

you the ability and authority to thwart any and all Taps towards evil your tale

will have a profound end impact on a great number of people’s lives making

you a Beacon of Hope in the midst of obscurity be courageous and take on the

problems that today brings for I promise that you will emerge Victorious you will

accomplish what you set out to do and there will be nothing or no one that

stands in your way just have faith and confidence in me because I guarantee

that I will be right there with you providing you with support and strength

throughout the entire process you have my love now get up move forward with

confidence and determination because dot dot all of your hopes and dreams will be

surpassed by the blessings that are heading your way it is important to bear

in mind that your adversaries do not have access to you rather you are in my

custody to deliver to me all of your problems and concerns hand over to me

everything that you believed to be lost every challenging condition and every

dead end that you are confronted with please bring everything to my attention

and I will do my best to organize it for you your adversaries May shout that you

are unable to do something or that you are lost but I am here to tell you that

you are able to do something an that you are not lost don’t worry I won’t let you

get lost I am the light that sheds light on the way forward for you in order to

rescue you from the depths of the Abyss I will extend my arms and wrap you in

the Heavenly Grace and love that I possess I Supply you with inspiration

peace and Delight in addition to meeting your fundamental requirements

I am your source of fulfillment my presence is always with you and I am

always attentive to your requirements in this entire world there is no one who

loves you more than I do you can liberate yourself from dependence on

others who are just interested in themselves if you learn to trust and

rely on me put an end to compromising your value in exchange for Trent friend

chip I want you to close your eyes and tell me what you are thinking regardless

of where you are situated do not be afraid to confide in me putting your

life in my hands will ensure that your heart is never filled with sorrow you

are not going to be mobilized by Melancholy or despair rather I am

requesting that you have a faith that is more profound and more active every day

not just once a week we get together for meetings in addition to being your God

on the weekends I want to be your God at all times since the beginning of time I

have been your father and I am always accessible to you when you need me

continuously I keep a watchful eye on you I never take a break it is safe for

you to be In My Embrace deep conscious of the fact that my yearning to bless

you is genuine and you will start to see the great Marvels that I perform in your

life thank you come be with me and let us take a time to relax together you

should set aside some time in solitude to think about all you have to be

grateful for today including your life the people you care about your health

the air you breathe and the food that you have on your table I give protection

above you my Divine protection over your home and guardian angels who are ready

to protect your Slumber and fight for you I am your Sanctuary your life is

filled with endless reasons to feel fortunate and you are surrounded by

wonderful blessings that you should treasure each and every day thinking

about these gifts will help you fill your head with thoughts that are positive Main maintain a wide open gaze

in order to recognize my presence in your life and do so with the knowledge

that I am in charge of your future I am present in the heart that is grateful

and acknowledges its need for me and it is looking for me with unwavering faith

and expectations be conscious of the fact that you are actually blessed I observe

that you are occasionally andc ear by the events that are taking place around

you but that is perfectly natural avoid worrying and excessive amount I can

empathize with the weight of your obligations and the hopes that all will

go smoothly that there will be provision in your home that your family will be

healthy and that there will be no disruptions to the Serenity and

stability that you have always had on the other hand and there are sometimes

negative days when you forget to be grateful and the adversary comes to you

in the form of Whispers introducing dirty thoughts into your mind and

transforming your worrying into Terror your adversary will surround you with

lies turning your fear into dread misery and despair as you raise your arms to

the heavens and scream those words that will cause the adversary to flip

I will be watching and waiting for you to do so I want you to Express gratitude

to me for your life your family your health and everything else that you are

and for everything that you have when you wake up to a new day your real

belief and thankful heart are like Shields protecting you and giving you the power to carry out your daily

activities I eagerly anticipate your first expression of gratitude your

sincere thank you thank you for life I say this with a lot of anticipation pay

attention to these words for a moment if time is running out and you need to get

away quickly however if you have the opportunity to linger for a moment you

should embrace this message since it is full of joy and comfort there is a great

deal of happiness in you you have influenced my own being and sparked my

spirit your faith in me continues to be constant and unbreakable despite the

challenges that you face along the way because of your unwavering commitment I

assure you that further blessings will come your way not only to you but also

to your relatives keep moving forward without letting up keep moving forward

without showing any fear even when an exhaustion is clinging to you you should

still use your hands to reach for the heavens please make the effort to sit

down with me engage in conversation and share your views your objectives and

your deepest feelings I want you to keep in mind that one does not survive solely

on food but rather on every word that emanates from my Throne right now I am

going to offer you a feast a meal that has been prepared specifically for your

blessing the senses of sustenance breath tranquility and Assurance are all

present in it I give you my Tranquility I bequeath it to you I leave you with it

accept it now deep inside your heart my peace and it will be bestowed upon you

it is important to keep in mind that the flame of my love is a gentle reminder

that I am always present with you during times when the weight of the world feels

to heavy to Bear try not to concentrate primarily on your hands because they

could get weak it is important that your spirit does not rely exclusively on the

love and acceptance of other people my compassionate love is the only love that

will ever be Eternal and unchangeable for you throughout all of eternity this

is a profound truth despite the fact that it is true that I created you for

love to give and to receive you are never let down by it it is always close

and always assured you should not entrust your heart to those who might abandon you and you should not give your

future to those who after taking everything from you might stop loving

you do not put those who could turn your back on you cause injury your heart or

cause disruptions in your life at the Forefront of your soul you looked for

Hope and lo and behold it comes with a rational explanation here it is in spite

of the fact that your parents family or children may leave you or abandon you

you should remind yourself that you are never alone and that you are never

abandoned you will always have access to the love of your heavenly father who

nurtures you which is the most precious and Priceless affection that can ever be

found it has come to my attention that you require these particular terms in

order to help you triumph over your difficulties to overcome your feelings

of discouragement and to guide you through each and every task

I am here for you because I am your heavenly father you should put your trust in me so that you can continue on

your journey without losing faith so that you can flourish and accomplish

your goals feel free to engage in conversation with me and reveal your

requirements since it is my hope that you would consider me to be a close

friend and experience me as such I am so excited to extend my hand to you and I

will make sure that my ear is constantly turned in your direction being able to

communicate with me is beneficial to you since it calms your spirit and brings

Serenity to your mind through the process of expressing your emotions

through the use of your own words you spark your faith and miracles begin to

start happening this day is the occas for you to communicate anything that you

want to communicate but at the same time you should pay attention to my voice

when I speak to you it is not my intention to pass judgment to reprimand

you or to bring up previous failings take note of the gentle utterances that

my spirit is making to your ear I will continue to reinforce my love for you

and will wait for your act acknowledgement each morning this will ensure that when you awaken and with

your first thoughts you will recognize your need for me and your love for me

your worship and praise which Rises to my throne with the first light of the

Dawn are expressed through these sincere expressions of your heart your life your

family and your home are all infused with love and protection as a result of

my presence my beloved child I want you to keep in mind that whenever you are

confronted with difficulties I will be here to assist you don’t be concerned about anything in

the event that it is something that will bring blessings into your life I will

grant you the nice things that you ask for immediately with all of my affection

I will respond to you keep in mind that neither other individual know the world

can provide you with the same level of love and peace that I provide there is

Faith strength courage and perseverance that I have bestowed upon you with these

presence from me you will be able to triumph over any Challenge and Triumph

in every conflict you have faith in and serve a God who is powerful real and

operates in ways that are beyond our ability to see tell me that you believe

in me and that you can sense my presence talk to me raise yourself up and have a

joyful attitude toward life today put into practice the words that you read

and hear from me share with me the amount of affection that you require

today I am prepared to shower you with a love that is thoughtful sweet energetic

patient understanding and never ending my heart

is overflowing with love for you and I am ready to shower you with this love I

am able to handle that matter that has been on your mind for quite some time

having faith in me laying out your root in front of me every day and trusting me

entirely will allow me to guide you through the process as you open your eyes you will experience a sensation of

revitalization and you will be filled with a powerful sense of Faith this

sensation is a gift from me and it will elevate your spirit and provide you with

a solid cause to get out of bed face the day with seal approach your chores with

energy seek out new acquaintances and seize the

possibilities that I have laid out in front of you observing your success

brings me much joy take pleasure in the tears that you shed and the profound

happiness that you experience as a result of the Delight that you see in

your eyes when you receive my presence and the manner that you express your

gratitude I am filling you with such joy that it will overshadow any tragedies

that you have experienced in the past I will provide you the very greatest

blessings that feed your soul and keep you in my presence assuring that nothing can drive you away from my

love your time of release is drawing near the answers to your prayers are on

their way and I will grant you the opportunities to experience happiness

the struggle that you are going through on your own is burning you out instead I

would like you to take a moment to close your eyes and give me an account of your

concerns simply place your trust troubles at my feet and you will not be

defeated or humiliated in any way you may count on me to help you with your

requirements your hearts should be protected and you should disregard those

who want you to find failure you must not allow hopelessness to take hold in

your heart maintain your distance from those individuals who would rather see

you in a state of dissatisfaction or who assert that you are useless sense in my opinion you are

Priceless your confidence in me is well known and you are aware of the extent to

which I cherish and adore you I have come to remind you of the magnitude of

my affection for you and of all the amazing things that I intend to do for

you in the future I am aware that you are experiencing a strong sense of my

present today and I am confident that this Sensation will continue to

intensify as time goes on your difficulties will be overcome you will

discover freedom and you will be blessed I will make your wounds well reduce the

discomfort alleviate the aches and pains in your body and calm the emotions that

are causing you to feel Agony I will restore a radiant Grand to you your face

wipe away your tears and fill you with the Exquisite joy and happiness that all

the world has to offer you are going to sing and tell a story about how much you

love me using your voice I will make it clear to those who did not wish you well

that I hold you in high regard and will always look out for you you will be

certain of my actuality and despite the fact that some

people may question and deny my presence you will be able to remain firm in the

position of blessing that I have established for you there will be no one

who can shake you from your position since your foundation will be strong I will bring you happiness I will Infuse

you with strength and I will reignite in you the passion for life as well as the

desire to assist and serve other people throughout the day embrace the

opportunity I am providing you to live a life that is Meaningful by taking in my

uplifting message you will develop in both wisdom and love on a daily basis

you no longer have to let yourself suffer or blame yourself for mistakes you’ve made in the past allow yourself

to be forgiven by me and know that my presence will be with you hours a day

days days a week ready to assist and react whenever you pray to me because I

am familiar with the language of your heart I do not require you to

communicate with me using my words anytime you say help me I will be there

to assist you in response to your cries if I need you I shall extend my hand to

you I will be there for you when you cry and say I can’t take it anymore more

because I will love you I am going to come to you as soon as possible I am

going to take you in my arms and in the Stillness of your weary soul I am going

to speak to you in a gentle voice how much I love you you are able to approach

me with complete assurance and discuss your requirements with me because you

have access to my throne in addition I take pleasure in hearing you I want to

respond to you so that you can experience a sense of safety regardless of the circumstances you are not

battling alone you should not give fear the time it deserves no matter what

occurs I will always make it a point to listen to you and I am always available

to assist you in any situation fight for your own life I have placed that in you

as the reason for your being devote some of your time to your family and

concentrate on the individuals you care about make sure they receive the

attention they require be steadfast in your work AV vote engaging in pointless

arguments and refrain from entertaining Notions that are destructive take a

joyful stroll raise your arms in a gesture of praise to the Clear Blue Sky

and Express gratitude for your life as the one and only holy and

Supernatural remedy for all of your sufferings I stand before you it is

important to keep in mind that I am holding both your family and your future

in my hands defy the urge to give in I will never leave you behind you are the

recipient of an abundance of rewards in heaven Each of which Bears your name you

should put your complete faith in me because I am completely aware of the

plans that I have for you elements are converging over the skies and the Earth

and a multitude of conditions are developing in a way that is favorable to

you I have announced with unwavering assurance that you will be blessed with Apple supplies freedom from indebtedness

Heavenly insight and blessings that are spe specifically designed for you and

your family their Divine inheritance that is rightfully yours you did not

come into being by a random occurrence I had already started to love you before

you were born and I had already planned a lot of great things for your journey

among all these the most important and significant blessing is the love that I

have for you forever I loved you even when you were some distance away and

that Love Remain even after you came back to be in my arms Please be aware of

the following the occasional mistakes you make do not provoke my anger or

cause me to withdraw from you should you have a different opinion you are completely wrong I am not surprised by

your mistakes I will not disregard you because of the faults that you have

committed your love for me is something that I recognize every time you come

back to me with a heart full of regret and a sincere expression of sentiment

when you falter I am able to determine the sincerity of your heart and the

reasons behind your actions I respect your directness there is no deception

that can conceal the truth from me in contrast to those who put on masks of

perfectness and Holiness and approach my presence with the intention of casting

aspersions on those who are different from them or who have beliefs that are

different from their own you do not belong to those who judge everyone and

consider themselves to be perfectly good even when you are going through

difficult times your soul is so calmed your manner so peaceful and your

thoughts are so pure in the event that you fall you will pers severe with self

assurance and trust you should never let May Whispers point fingers at you nobody

in this world has the authority to act in such a manner please continue to

maintain this attitude of Faith come into my presence each day with a heart

that is humble eager to listen to me and learn and I will reply to your efforts

with an abundance of rewards I am aware that you are not interested in acquiring

material belongings you are only looking for blessings and security for your

family both of which I will provide for you and More in order to ensure that you

are prepared and ready to enter when doors open I will prepare you to be

ready even at this very moment as you listen Miracles are taking place in the

realm of the supernatural new people are entering your life opportunities are

appearing like they have never been seen before and circumstances that may appear

to be problematic but will with your faith and patience transform into

blessings bringing peace to your home providing for you and the most important

beautiful things are already yours you have my undying love tell me that

you have faith in me that you believe in me and that you relax in my arms because

I am the one who is in charge of your life you should not be concerned since

I’m always keeping a watchful eye on you and safeguarding you throughout each and

every day I am at your sigh as your eyes first open in the morning I want you to

feel my presence as you awaken I want you to be aware of my existence in these

first few moments you should not let other issues distract you instead come

in listen to what I have to say this is my word listen to what my spirit has to

say to you I want to reassure you that I have everything under control and it is

really important that you have faith in me when you have me by your side there

is no power or thing that can cause you damage therefore for you should not be

afraid of the challenges that lies ahead the majority of the problems that are

currently weighing you down will be resolved far more quickly than you

imagine the explanations that you are looking for will present themselves to

you at the precise moment while you are praying make sure you are aware that I

am describing your journey and writing your story in my wisdom and desire

nothing is beyond my reach I will open the door to those blessings that you

have been praying for with all your heart I will unlock the portal through which you have poured forth your sincere

petitions this is a time of strengthening your faith I have come to

help you rise above your circumstances to guide you toward a new beginning a

fresh start in which everything will be transformed refuse to be concerned about

how other people perceive you instead maintain your dignity and navigate Your

Existence with faith and honor even though those who are tainted by jealousy

will never stop expressing their resentment the only thing that truly

matters is how I perceive you from my perspective you are truly amazing

possessing a heart that is both genuine and un adulter ated my words should be

etched into your Consciousness and when you are being attacked you should seek

comfort in my arms throughout every crisis that we have endured I have been by your sigh I am

conscious of every failure as well as every Triumph have faith in me for I am

directing you toward the road of greatness that is predetermined for you

every failure every vict Victory and every battle you’ve ever endured has

brought you to this point in time the time has come for you to ascend to take

your existence to far higher levels let go of the battles that have already

occurred and open yourself up to a new er of Triumph and

revitalization it is at this point that I transform your reality the point at

which your new chapter begins give me the opportunity to guide you along a

path that is replete with wisdom and blessings I extend to you my love of and

Tranquility in order to compose your mind and your spirit would you be

willing to take it in from me I will open the heaven so that you can receive

blessings poured forth on your hands my word will be written in your heart so

that your steps will be firm and you will never straight from this love that envelops you and forgives your mistakes

I will do this so that your steps will be firm you are weak because you are a

human being now however I am a deity of Mercy I hear and accept your confession

of sin and I will save you even from the depths of the Abyss the things that I

have for you are more valuable than all the goods that this world has to offer

and my blessings are far more significant than any tangible wealth that you could possibly own receiving my

promise with trust and responding to me is necessary if I am telling you that I

will open the heavens for you since this is not a game you should take my word

seriously and believe what I say there is no concealment of my love for you the

devotion that I have for you is not a mystery you are the recipient of gifts

from me and there are manifestations of my unending love and concern for you

take a moment to step outside and look up at the sky feel the air you breathe

and feel the sunlight caressing you it is my method of expressing that I love

you and that I am present innumerable times I have provided care for you

rescued you from suffering and even saved you from death for me the fact

that you walked in the dark and made mistakes is of the utmost importance and

value and I have entrusted you with a particular mission to complete the

manifestation of my love and power through you is my desire and I want to

fill you with my Holy Spirit on a regular basis you are on the verge of

experiencing a significant shift in your spiritual awareness in the near future

you will be able to look Beyond superficial appearances and recognize the genuine

intents of other people I will bestow upon you an abundance of wisdom boosting

your intellect to a level that defies natural expectations you will have the ability

to make a significant difference in the lives of many people and to provide

assistance your ction should be a testimony to my word others should be

able to see the fruits of your faith and the transformative influence that comes

from knowing me in your life please put your faith in my power and stretch your

hands to receive the Abundant gifts that I have to bestow maintain a sincere

attitude and accept them with unwavering Faith as you read this the stars are

aligning the themselves in a way that is favorable to you nevertheless I beseech

you to never leave my sigh and to keep your heart in tune with mine at all

times declare your love and confidence in me to the very end putting all of

your concerns to rest and giving me complete control of everything your

worries and concerns about the world around you will be alleviated by me me

you are the recipient of my love and I reveal the Wonders that my power is

capable of accomplishing in your life this day is going to be amazing you are

going to notice a transformation in your surroundings as well as a variety of

changes in your life within your family and in the attitudes of other people you

will observe how Smiles appear on people’s faces when they become aware of

my powerful presence within you they will recognize me and you will observe

their astonishment as you approach them with a sense of camaraderie and joy I am

bestowing upon you today an abundance of insight and a profound preparedness to

bring about the Fulfillment of your heart’s aspirations because I am aware

of your profound desire to experience Joo I urge you to put your faith in the

de ation that I have made my goal is to protect you from difficulty strengthen

your character maintain your honor Infuse you with vitality and protect you

from disgrace I am sensitive to your feelings and every incident that occurs

in your life make the appropriate adjustments to your perspective where a

smile with pry seek me out every day shed tears if you feel it’s necessary

and have faith that I am here to support you in every way I want you to rejoice

in the love that I am bestowing upon you as you bring praise and worship to me my

presence will surround you calming your concerns and filling you with my spirit

despite the challenges you are facing have a pleasant attitude gr and sing out

loud offer praise and prayers and raise your hands in

salutation allow your happiness and Faith to come through when other people

ask questions so Illuminating their path as well about your happiness you should

Proclaim that it is because God is on your side don’t let the fact that some

others might not understand it disrupt your peace of mind as you raise your

hands and surrender bend down and submit Miss let go of all burdens and rely on

my grace my formidable forces will be there to support you in the conflict you

have a strong desire to undergo change and I want to meet that need by giving

you a refreshed heart in the near future you will be able to witness how I unfold

you in my care continue to have confidence do not entertain any doubts

in the same way that the rising Sun bathes you in daylight my magnificence

will illuminate your path and brighten your existence if you seek me out at the

beginning of the day while the darkness dissipates your heart is filled to the brim with my truth your soul is

strengthened with fortitude and your mind is freed from the burden of mourning Encourage

Yourself to rededicate yourself to prayer to pursue me to avoid distraction

and to submit your thoughts and choices to my guidance I will help you make the

right decisions it is for this reason that I reaffirm assert direct and

beseech walk in faith for everything is attainable for those who believe in me

who recognize my presence and who trust in me completely in spite of the

obstacles they face on their journey I am confront Ed with serious challenges

and complex circumstances moments filled with uncertainty I want to provide my

unflinching support and unending Grace to those individuals who are aware of

and experience my love who continue to cling to me even when they are confronted with difficulties and

problems this will bring back the dot tell me my sweet child that I have never

abandoned you I have never abandoned you you should be aware that my love for you

is unending and unwavering you can always count on me to be there for you

and I will always look out for you maintain your trust and I will make sure

that your root is clear and that you are protected it is necessary for you to

have a strong faith in me your life your future your power and Your Guardian are

all in my hands you must move on in faith having faith that the Miracles

that you are unable to perceive at this time will come to happen your trust is

sufficient for me even if it seems to be on the smaller side it is sufficient to

provide a steady stream of benefits keep in mind what I have promised you and

make it a point to listen to my words on a daily basis give me control of your life and turn

away from the mistakes you’ve made in the past it is my knowledge that you have faith in me and that faith will

enable you to continue walking securely in faith and then when you are least

expecting it happiness will suddenly burst forth in your heart and your

spirit will be taken AB by the Delight that it brings the dreams that you had

thought were no longer longer possible will come back to life and the hopes that you had put on hold during times of

uncertainty will be brought back to life you may experience a Resurgence of

Despair but the presence of religion will Revitalize your life when you were

younger you had the idea of giving up because you believed that you lack the

strengths to continue it seemed as though your problems were too large and

life was difficult to endure however I am here with you today sharing my love with you

and bringing you lovely gifts which include happiness and a great deal of

other amazing things in your mind and emotions get ready because I am about to

tell you something people who you thought were no longer a part of your life will come back into your life

because of the growth of your faith it is now not time for you to assist those

who are suffering be ready for the moment when doors will open and

barricades will break the impediments that are preventing you from receiving

blessings will fall apart to those who have faith in my words and are aware

that I am capable of accomplishing anything everything is feasible prepare

yourselves my dear child because what is going to happen is even more enormous

than your wildest thoughts you are going to see The Mending of your family ties

where forgiveness and healing are literally waiting for you to receive them with open arms I am able to provide

you with not only a better career but also genuine success I will introduce

you to people who will recognize your value and acknowledge your efforts and

talents I will bring them into your life maintain honesty at all times do not

tell lies or speak negatively about other people refrain from getting

entangled in rumors or stories that are not true de own the lookout for people

who could want to take the things that are intended for you that are beneficial

for a specific reason I have been directing you and I will continue to do

so in the future put your faith in me and together you will find a method to

overcome any obstacles that may be thrown in your path this is my

commitment because I am dependable and honest while you are standing here at

this very moment where you are posed to ascend to a higher Dimension you should

expand your understanding of my teachings and establish absolute trust

in me one should not put all their faith and world worldly Prosperity nor should

they hold resentment in the event that they lose their employment or assets my

intentions for you are going to be of the highest quality the time has come to begin on a trip into a phase of

existence that is filled with Supernatural occurrences thus you should

entrust me with your whole faith and give your heart as you demonstrate your

love and faith in me you will see how my love and power affect your life and the

lives of your family members today I adore you my lovely child in order to

bring about a significant Miracle Within your home I have a strong desire to

enter it you can hear me crying out to you as I stand at the threshold in order

to bring something fresh magnificent powerful and Supernatural into your life

would you be willing to let me in and give me permission to enter your predicament has been brought to my

attention and I solemnly sway that a lack of resources will not intrude upon

your household or affect your family your home will be showered with so many

blessings that it will be overflowing for a considerable amount of time you

have retained your faithfulness by fervently praying fasting crying and

putting me at the Forefront of your thoughts and deeds as a result the

moment has come to appreciate the benefits that your unshakable dedication

has brought you it is my intention to bring Prosperity happiness vitality and health

into your home be sure that you may rely on my commitment because I am dependable

and honest I will continue to be by your side even if they turn their backs on

you prepare yourself for a huge change and let go of the chains of your

previous worries and feelings of hopelessness my promises will be

realized wisdom power and the ability to make decisions that are in my best

interests come handin hand with my blessings you should take care of the

gifts that have been bestowed upon you and make make sure that they are multiply for the benefit of other people

stay grateful and have faith in the transforming potential that I possess I

am getting you ready with the numerous possibilities that will inevitably come

your way in the near future you will reap an abundant crop if you plant your

faith over a period of time you never wavered in your conviction in my power

and as a result you emerge Victorious despite the fact that you were subjected

to terrible challenges the faith you have is priceless and the humility you

exud is admirable these qualities will go you a long way you need to get ready

because I am about to open new doors for you leading you to unexplored Regions

and bringing abundance into your home believe me when I say that I love you

and that you are not alone the day before yesterday you tears at

unexpected challenges and betrayals feeling as though everyone you held dear

had abandoned you nevertheless I can guarantee you that your tears have made

their way to the sky and have arrived at my holy Throne I am here to bring you

comfort in your time of need where your future is being molded

where your sicknesses are being cured and where your problems are being answered you are not abandoned despite

the fact that people from whom you placed your trust may have abandoned you

I will continue to stand by your side without wavering I will never leave your

sigh T my love for you will only grow stronger with each passing day put your

faith in the fact that I am present to listen and be assured that you have

direct access to my divine presence thanks to the power of my grace tell me

about the most profound aspirations that your heart has when it comes to being a

true friend I am patient and compassionate because it is essential

for you to let out your Terrors I do not request that you stop crying allow me to

be the one to fill you with Serenity and let go of the burdens that are on your

soul keep in mind that Joy will follow sadness and the joy you experience will

be tremendous this is the time for you to bestow your blessings the gifts that

I have in store for you are ready to be accepted by you the challenges that you

have overcome have given you the ability to thrive during this time of plenty

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