Don’t Skip If You Want To Go To Heaven | God message jesus |

my beloved children let us delve into

the sacred words of scripture for in

them lies the wisdom and guidance that

can illuminate the path to true

blessedness as I sat upon the mountain

side surrounded by a multitude of souls

yearning for truth and understanding I

spoke these words unto them words that

resonate with Timeless significance and

offer Solace to the wey Hearts blessed

are the poor in spirit for theirs is the

kingdom of heaven to be poor in spirit

is to recognize the depth of one’s need

for God to humbly acknowledge our own

limitations and

shortcomings it is to surrender our

pride and

self-sufficiency opening our hearts to

receive the abundant grace and mercy

that God freely offers in embracing our

spiritual poverty we find richness

beyond measure the Kingdom of Heaven

itself where God Reigns Supreme and his

love knows no bounds

blessed are those who mourn for they

will be

comforted in the midst of life’s trials

and tribulations there are moments of

sorrow and grief that weigh heavily upon

our souls yet even in the depths of

Despair there is Comfort to be found in

the arms of our heavenly father he is

the God of All Comfort the one who wipes

away every tear and soothes every ache

as we mourn let us turn to him in faith

trusting that he will bring healing and

restoration to our

Brokenness blessed are the meek for they

will inherit the earth the world often

values strength and assertiveness But

True blessedness Lies in meekness and

humility the meek are not weak but

rather they possess a quiet strength

that comes from surrendering their will

to the will of God they do not seek to

dominate or control but instead they

trust in God’s Providence and wait

patiently for his promises to be

fulfilled in the end it is the meek who

inherit the earth for they are the ones

who walk in harmony with God’s creation

stewarding it with care and compassion

blessed are those who hunger and thirst

for righteousness for they will be

filled there is a deep longing within

the human heart for righteousness for

Justice For Truth For Goodness blessed

are those who pursue righteousness with

fervent passion for they will find

satisfaction in the abundance of God’s

righteousness they will be filled with

his Spirit empowered to live lives of

Holiness and integrity that reflect his

character to the world blessed are the

merciful for they will be shown Mercy in

a world often marked by judgment and

condemnation Mercy shines as a beacon of

light and hope blessed are those who

extend Mercy to others for they will

themselves receive Mercy from a gracious

and compassionate God let us be quick to

forgive slow to anger and generous in

showing kindness to all whom we

encounter knowing that in doing so we

reflect the heart of our heavenly

father blessed are the pure in heart for

they will see God the purity of heart is

not merely external Conformity to moral

standards but a deep inner

transformation that comes from a genuine

love for God and others blessed are

those whose hearts are free from

hypocrisy and deceit for they will

experience the intimate presence of God

in their lives they will see him not

only in the beauty of creation but also

in the faces of their fellow human

beings recognizing the Divine image

imprinted upon each

Soul blessed are the peacemakers for

they will be called children of God in a

world torn apart by strife and division

the peacemakers stand as ambassadors of

reconciliation and unity blessed are are

those who work tirelessly to promote

peace and harmony for they reflect the

very nature of God himself who is the

author of peace let us be instruments of

peace in our homes our communities and

our world striving to build bridges of

understanding and empathy where there is

conflict and Discord blessed are those

who are persecuted because of

righteousness for theirs is the Kingdom


Heaven the path of righteousness is not

always always an easy one for it often

leads to opposition and persecution from

those who reject the truth but blessed

are those who endure persecution for the

sake of righteousness for their reward

is great in the Kingdom of Heaven let us

stand firm in our convictions knowing

that our ultimate Allegiance is to God

alone and that he will reward us for our

faithfulness in the face of adversity

and finally my beloved children blessed

are you when people insult you persecute

you and falsely say all kinds of evil

against you because of me rejoice and be

glad because great is your reward in

heaven for in the same way they

persecuted the prophets who were before

you when the world reviles and rejects

you because of your faith Rejoice for

you are in good company joining the

ranks of the prophets and martyrs who

have gone before you your suffering is

not in vain but rather it is a testimony

to your unwavering commit ment to follow

me even unto death so rejoice and be

glad knowing that your reward awaits you

in heaven where every tear will be wiped

away and every pain will be no more my

dear children as you Ponder these words

may they stir within you a deep longing

to pursue true blessedness not the

fleeting happiness that the world offers

but the enduring joy that comes from

knowing and walking closely with your

heavenly father may you embody these

virtues in your your daily lives

becoming beacons of light and hope in a

world that is desperately in need of the

transformative power of love and may you

always remember that I Am with You

guiding and empowering you to live lives

that reflect the glory of God Amen like

if you believe in God

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