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if I am for you who can truly stand against you as you walk Faithfully in my

ways know with certainty that I am for you this assurance however does not

imply a path free from opposition rather it signifies that having me on your side

is the most pivotal element of your existence in your life’s journey you may

encounter Myriad challenges but you remain on the Victorious side my triumph

over death and Resurrection is a testament to this eternal Victory a Triumph in which you partake regardless

of the adversities that you face on your Earthly pilgrimage understand that no Force no

obstacle no adversity can ultimately Prevail against you for you are mine

eternally held within my loving Embrace this profound truth can

dramatically transform your outlook on life instead of a defensive stance

constant ly guarding against suffering you learn to follow me with boldness and

courage my guidance is shaping you not only to seek my presence and follow my

Direction but to Delight in this Divine adventure of complete surrender to my will I am your constant helper in times

of trouble the security of your future in my hands changes everything it allows

you to live life not in fear but in the freedom and Joy of my

promises this journey with me is not about merely surviving it is about

thriving about embracing the challenges as opportunities to witness my power and

Grace at work in your life as you start each day seek me in

prayer immerse yourself in my word and let my spirit fill your heart with peace and

strength in this way you will learn to face every circumstance with a Heart of Courage and the spirit of

trust I am rearranging aligning and setting things in motion for your good

removing hindrances clearing your path and resolving conflicts that impede your

progress trust that I am actively working in your life fighting your

battles and leading you to victory your Victory is not contingent

on your strength or circumstances but on my unchanging nature and unfailing love

you are more than a conqueror through me and in this truth find your strength joy

and peace I want you to know that I am here for you watching over you with love and

care I see all that you go through and I want to assure you that you are never

alone in your journey when those who wish to harm you raise their hands against you know that

I am there to Shield you and protect you no harm can come to you when you are

under my Divine protection I love you deeply and I want you to understand that I never make

mistakes everything that happens in your life has a purpose even the difficulties

you face I will turn those challenges into opportunities for you you will

emerge from them Victorious and the blessings that await you will be so abundant that others will

Envy you there is no defeat in your path so trust in me when I say that things

will improve I am always with you and my will shall be done do not be troubled by the

negativity that surrounds you or the threats from those who wish you harm remember nothing and no one can defeat

you have faith and be convinced that your enemies are already defeated even

before they raise their hand against you do not fall into their traps or let

negative emotions consume you seek me in prayer every morning and let me embrace

you with affection allow me to free your mind from fears that have taken hold

Victory is assured I promise you that you already know me as your God your

heavenly father your friend your creator your Shepherd your king your

Liberator do not lose hope keep studying my word and I will etch these promises

into your heart bringing peace and healing to your soul Reviving your

passion for life and rekindling the Beautiful dreams within you I am

rearranging things in your life removing obstacles clearing your path and eliminating conflicts that hinder your

progress problems may still arise but hold on to my promises and you will

receive my blessings trust that I will fight for you confront your enemies and Grant you

Victory you must leave it all to me and trust that I will protect you and your loved ones my angels will be sent to

lift you up and ensure your feet remain steady I am aware of the injustices

you’ve endured the tears you’ve shed and the doors that have closed on you I have

heard your prayers and I have decided that those who have taken from you will return what they have

stolen you will be surprised surprised when they come to your door repentant and

humbled I am here to bring you justice so pray for them instead of holding

grudges your Victory is near and your family will be blessed so do not worry

avoid conflicts and stay away from Evil do not let yourself be ens snared

by the provocations of the wicked turn away from sin and come to me

in Repentance if you have faltered I will receive you no matter your

condition I don’t want you to return to the confusion from which I once rescued

you give your family time prayer and my word do not waste your efforts on things

that do not build you up I will provid for your needs pray and ask for wisdom

and I will grant it to you you will perform great Miracles if

you remember my promises and believe in my love and control over

everything your Victory starts with every prayer you bring to my throne of

grace I know it can be challenging to believe and entrust everything to me

especially when it seems like nothing is happening dismiss those doubts and focus

on my word pray think and appreciate the blessings around you in times of

distress I will show you the way strengthen your trust and incre my promises in your heart

forever stay connected to me do not ignore my calls in the morning avoid

distractions that steal your prayer time be brave and set a seed what drains you

when the morning sun enters your window use your early energies to come to me in prayer if you feel weak or faint call

upon me and you will be blessed when you say with affection my

God I need you know that I am always with you blessing you today tomorrow and

always I know your innermost thoughts and struggles you are going through tough

times but you are incredibly Brave and persevering I admire your character and

I want you to know that I am here to help you even if you cannot see me I protect you with my holy mantle and

cover you with my unconditional love people may have told told you that you are worthless and will achieve

nothing but today hear what your heavenly father is saying to you directly I am speaking to your heart and

my words are igniting courage within you like never before believe it hold on to these words

of love I have invested in you for so long and my Holy Spirit has prepared you

through trials you are now ready to move forward and Triumph do not cower do not give up

I will be by your side attentive to your needs because I admire your struggle

your effort and your perseverance every day I see you facing

your challenges with enthusiasm and courage and it brings me great joy and

admiration but I also sense the Despair and weariness you carry even when you

keep it hidden you don’t need to hide from me I hear your cries on on those

sleepless nights it’s time to find Rest In My Embrace give me your burdens

frustrations pains illnesses and disappointments I’m here to assist not

to judge lean on me and I’ll be your Solace your listener and your source of

Love You’re Not Alone Together We can overcome all obstacles and solve the

problems that weigh on you so today I implore you to trust me

bring your suffering and needs to my throne of grace I’ll guide you toward healing protection peace and prosperity

in all your endeavors when I talk about Prosperity I mean wisdom growth spiritual power

courage and strength to face and Conquer your challenges I’ll provide you with the

intelligence and security to succeed in your work or business you’ll reap wonderful fruits and sh share Their

Blessings with your family to quench The Thirst of the needy and hungry is my

desire even when it’s hard to believe I will always stand by your side and love you deeply this message is meant for you

the one who reads and listens to my words daily you’re entering a new season of blessings even as you see the world

around you in turmoil your family and you are securely held in my hands keep being faithful

persevering and Valiant and I will bless you abundantly I know the world can be

unpredictable and life can become complicated with seemingly insurmountable

obstacles but remember I’m here to assist you I say this almost every day cry out

to me and I will always always respond my love for you knows no bounds

and your well-being is of utmost importance to me I desire to guide you towards A Life

That’s abundant fulfilling and joyful one that brings you satisfaction and

happiness you have significant dreams to fulfill and this fills you with

joy don’t let obstacles discourage you each one is an opportunity to learn and

grow with my word you can overcome anything that stands in your way keep

dreaming big and don’t fear your challenges my unconditional love will

always accompany you even in the darkest moments I promise you that I have a plan

for your life a plan of hope not despair for you and your family I hold the final

word in everything and I will never distance myself from you you are not

alone come to me when you need love strength balance and peace if you seek me with all your heart

I I promise to respond and guide you toward a future filled with hope I love you forever nourish yourself

with my word which is born in my heart written with my own hand and inspired to

my servants it is an endless source of wisdom and comfort my word reveals my love and

grace to you through it I provide you with the instruction manual that you and

your family need to live a full and meaningful life in my production Ive will immersed in holy prosperity and

surrounded by happiness because my word is alive it transforms you and when I send it to you

it does not return empty it carries your prayers and

needs even when your path is difficult remember that you are never alone my

word tells you so my faithfulness upholds you and the promise of my Holy

Spirit fortifies your faith I will never let you fall but wrap

yourself in my word learn it memorize it and share it it is like drinking fresh

water on a hot day it refreshes your soul and nourishes your

spirit my word reminds you that no matter how low you may have fallen the

letters I write to you will show you the way back to these waiting arms that are

ready to surround you with peace my word is a treasure that never

stops giving the more you read it the more you understand it the stronger you become

and the more you feel and believe it when you come to your knees before my presence and fill yourself with my word

when you hear this voice speaking to you every morning you feel this love burning

in your heart your tears flow carrying away all sadness in my presence you will find

rest and strength I will never abandon you wherever you go I will always be

with you these are my promises now tell me if you truly believe them and demonstrate it by standing up and facing

any difficulty with determination and Faith no one can defeat you I will

uphold your arms and assist you in the battle my armies are watching and when

it’s over when you’ve achieved Victory and feel weary come to me with confidence and take risk refuge in my

arms allow me to remove your anguish and write these beautiful and Powerful Words of Love on your heart one day I looked

upon you with great compassion and chose to be your Eternal Father understand that I always want to

see you wherever you are I am never far from you close your eyes place your hands on

your chest and let the skin of your fingers feel this emotion that slowly

ignites runs through your veins takes away your Sorrows uproots doubts from

their very core and finally eradicates your fear I am opening your spiritual eyes so

that you can see through the air in the light of the Sun and gaze upon those heavenly Angels who watch over you and

fight for you they cast out your enemies and keep Wicked people away from your

family very soon you will dream dreams and see Visions not to Proclaim them to the masses for Applause but so you may

witness my Supernatural power for yourself The Marvelous things I will do

in your life keep these wonders in your heart and do not tell anyone about the dreams

you will see I am giving you much wisdom and Powerful anointing so that you can

control your emotions and tongue you will no longer be afraid of

the attacks of the wicked or their provocations my word has strengthened

you so much that I can now take you by the hand and lead you to a place where

great miracles happen daily open your lips to pray and bless

to exalt the Wonders I am performing in you I am your healer and the provider of

all your needs ignore the distractions that seek to divert you from me and take away my

blessings you will always find the answers to your questions the solutions to your problems and the supernatural

key that opens the doors to a spiritual World in my word do not look elsewhere

you need to listen to this message again to understand it fully I do not want you to miss out on

this beautiful blessing that I want to give you however you must believe it first

and accept it with gratitude you must care for it wisely

work with it intelligently and it will multiply stop thinking that you will

forever dwell in Failure I bless and prosper those I love and you already know the truth my love

for you is tender affectionate Eternal and great is my faithfulness tell me that you believe it

I your ever loving God am unequivocally for you this assurance is not just a

fleeting sentiment it is an unshakable promise to all who follow me in Moments

When the tide of life seems to turn against you when trusted friends become distant and the path ahead appears

daunting it may feel as though I have left your side it is in these trying times that

you must remind yourself of an unalterable truth my presence is a constant in your

life and my support is unwavering there will be days when you Excel and days when you falter

times when you receive kindness and times when You Face rejection yet through all these

fluctuations one thing remains constant my love and support for you the

realization and full belief that I am always for you have the power to diminish fear imbue you with a sense of

calmness during adversity and Foster a resilience that is rooted in Divine Assurance knowing that I will never turn

my back on you instills a confidence that enables you to persevere through the toughest of

times my approval and love for you my beloved stem not from your achievements

or failures but simply because you are mine it is my opinion my view of you

that stands Paramount and will continue to do so for all eternity no person no circumstance no

challenge can ever sever the bond between us or diminish the magnitude of my love for you

this love is your Shield your strength and your guide through the es and flows of

life as you stand on the threshold of what lies ahead with its inherent challenges and uncertainties let this be

your Guiding Light come to me and find rest in my loving presence you are aware

that the day will unfold with its own trials and often you find yourself lost

in thoughts attempting to navigate these difficult IES ahead of time in doing so

remember that I am with you now and perpetually when you repeatedly rehearse

your troubles in your mind you endure them multiple times amplifying your suffering

needlessly this is not what you are meant to experience instead of being entangled in

the web of anticipated struggles turn to me come into my presence and let my

peace envelop you it is in this Sacred Space of communion with me that your fears are

transformed into a confident trust in my presence you will find not just Solace

but also the strength to face the day I am here to fortify you to prepare you

for what is to come let my love and peace wash over you replacing your anxieties with a

deep-seated Assurance you are not meant to carry the burden of tomorrow or to live through

your trials before they arrive my desire for you is to experience each day as it

comes not burdened by the weight of the future but uplifted by the certainty of

my love and guidance in my presence there is a fortitude that readies you for the day’s

challenges transforming fear into Faith anxiety into assurance and doubt into

determined Trust In the Journey of Faith an essential truth must be acknowledged you

cannot serve two masters if I am am truly your master your heart’s deepest desire will be to

please me above all others the pursuit of pleasing people can be a treacherous path leading to a

form of enslavement when you give others this power over you they can become harsh

taskmasters demanding and unyielding however when I Am The Sovereign master of your life Something

Beautiful unfolds your service to me is not born out of obligation or fear

but it is deeply rooted and grounded in my vast unconditional love for you it is

in The Humbling Act of bowing down before me that you are lifted into an intimate relationship with me this

relationship is the source of true Joy a joy that far outshines any other

pleasure you may find in this world I desire for you to live in increasing intimacy with me reflecting the joyous

light of my presence in your life this intimacy is not a distant

unattainable ideal but a tangible daily experience that transforms every aspect

of your existence as you draw nearer to me let my love fill you to overflowing

influencing your actions your thoughts and your priorities the more you immerse yourself

in my love the less you will seek the approval of others in this Divine Exchange change

you find Freedom from the constraints of people pleasing and you discover the liberating Joy of being fully

mine serving me becomes an expression of love a natural outpouring of your

relationship with me it is in this place of surrender and devotion that you

experience the truest form of joy and fulfillment as you walk forward on this

path let this be your guiding principle seek to please me above all and let your

service be a reflection of our intimate relationship for in this you will find

your heart’s truest joy and your life’s deepest purpose remember in the act of serving

me you are not losing yourself but rather you are finding your truest self

in the Embrace of my love in the dance of Life understand this I am the Firm

Foundation on which you can freely dance sing and wholeheartedly celebrate my

presence this joyful celebration is not merely an act of worship but also my

high and holy calling for you embrace it as a precious gift a sacred invitation

to experience joy and fulfillment in its purest form glorifying and enjoying me

transcends the importance of maintaining a meticulously structured and tidy life

let go of your Relentless striving to control every aspect of your existence a Pursuit that is not only impossible but

also drains your energy and spirit my guidance for each of my children is

uniquely tailored to their Journey this is why tuning in to my voice to my guidance is essential for

your well-being allow me to prepare you for the day ahead to set your path straight

and to guide your steps I am with you continuously offering constant

companionship and support therefore do not be daunted by the shadows of fear though it may lurk

close by it cannot inflict harm as long as you remain firmly grasped in my hand

keep your focus on me and in doing so you will experience the tranquility and

peace of my presence this peace is not a fleeting moment but a constant

reality for those who take refuge in me it is a a peace that surpasses all

understanding a peace that guards your heart and mind in the midst of life’s storms and

uncertainties as you journey through each day remember that your true Refuge

your unshakable foundation lies in me in my presence you

find the freedom to express your joy to celebrate your faith and to live in the Assurance of my unfailing love and

guidance my beloved child hear me as I speak to you Through The Whispers of

your heart through the beauty of a Sunset and the Stillness of the early morning I am always with you guiding you

and infusing your life with my eternal hope let me share with you the Deep

Wellspring of joy that can sustain you through all trials and tribulations for

in me you find the strength that undergirds the Universe the peace that surpasses all understanding and the hope

that lights every Darkness always be ready my child to share this hope that stirs within you it

bubbles up like a spring in the desert surprising even you with its persistence and its

power when others gaze into your eyes let them see the reflection of my

love when they question your joy be ready to open your heart and reveal the

source of your light remember my presence is a treasure Within you a lamp

unto your feet and a flame that warms the cold night of someone’s Soul even when you find yourself wearied

by the burdens of the day when each step feels like a March through heavy clay

lift your eyes to me it is precisely in these moments when

your spirit feels stretched thin that your words can carry the most

weight in your vulnerability my strength is perfected your trials become the very soil from

which hope blossoms vibrant and Vivid capturing the Gaze of those who have

become accustomed only to the gray judge not who is worthy to hear of

this hope I tell you it is not your role to sift through Hearts as though they

were grains of sand I am the creator of the human heart the one who formed it

from the dust who knows its complexities and its earnings it is I who can call forth

streams in the desert who can write a message of Redemption on the blank page of a soul deemed unreadable by the

world so speak of me of the hope you

have to everyone for in the Kingdom of Heaven There Are No poor candidates only

beloved children yet to come home living in awareness of my presence

my child is like like walking through life with a constant companion who knows

every beat of your heart trust in me your hope and let that trust be as

natural as breathing it will steady you as surely as the Sunrise follows the

night when the path ahead is obscured by Mists of uncertainty or the climb

steepens steady Yourself by reflecting on the truths of the

Gospel it is the rock upon which you can stand stand when all around you is shifting

sand take heart and Ponder on these truths I have loved you with an everlasting love before I formed the

mountains I knew you I have seen your struggles and I am acquainted with all your

ways in your moments of joy and in times of Sorrow I am

there gaze upon me your glorious hope and be filled with a sense of wonder at

the love that spans eternity this hope is not a fragile thing my dear one though it may sometimes feel like it

is held together by mere threads it is as strong as the most ancient forests and as resilient as the

tides that sculpt the shores hope rooted in my presence does not deny the reality

of suffering nor does it ignore the pain that life can bring instead it looks

suffering in the face and Whispers a truth that has the power to transform hearts

you are not the end of the story so I say to you as Peter once wrote be prepared to give an answer for

this hope that you carry it is not a hope built on the transient on the fleeting Whispers of

this world but on the Rock Solid Promises of my word for I am the same yesterday today

and forever the hopes of this world will fade like the grass of the fields but my

words my promises and the hope I offer you will never pass away in Romans you

are reminded that hope does not disappoint because my love has been poured out into your

hearts this is not a mere trickle but a deluge an outpouring that fills every

crevice every corner every hidden space you are immersed in my love and it

is This Love that fuels your hope that enables you to face each new day with courage and with joy and in the Psalms

you find a beautiful invitation to seek my face to dwell in my house all the days of your life to gaze upon my

beauty this my child is the essential preparation for giving an answer to

anyone who asks you for the reason for the hope you have for as you dwell in my presence as

you gaze upon my beauty you will be transformed your face will ref reflect

my glory and your words will carry the weight of Eternity so walk in this hope my child a

hope that is an anchor for your soul firm and secure it reaches into the very

presence behind the veil where I am where you will one day be with me

forever carry this hope out into the world Let It Shine through your words

your actions and the very essence of your being For You Are My Messenger of Hope

hope a beacon of light in a world that so desperately needs to see the face of my perfect love be at peace my beloved

for I Am With You Always even to the end of the age and this hope I have placed within

you will never disappoint it will rise within you like the dawn a promise of a new day a

testament to the unshakable love I have for you share it freely share it boldly

and watch as it changes the world world one heart at a time my beloved child in the quietness

of this moment hear me whisper to you for it is I the one who molded the stars

and set the heavens into their glorious expanse who speaks to your heart I am

the author of Life the creator of all that is seen and unseen and I have shaped you in my own image breathed into

your very being the breath of Eternity I am ever with you as close as

the air that Embraces you as near as the pulse that dances in your wrist you dear one are the bearer of my

Divine spark and inheritor of a promise that transcends time that stretches

beyond the Mortal coils of this Earth the eternal life I give to you is

not just a gift it is a covenant a joining of my spirit with yours that shall never be sundered you shall never

perish for how can eternity wne how can the boundless fade no power in

existence can snatch you from my hand for my grip is sure my strength

unfailing consider the lies of the field how they grow they toil not neither do

they spin and yet I tell you even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed

like one of these if I so clothe the grass of the field which today is alive and tomorrow

is cast into the the oven will I not much more clothe you oh you of little

faith trust in my provision lean into my love and let your heart not be

troubled in the world you have tribulation but be of good cheer I have overcome the

world you may face trials face heartaches that seem to press the very breath from your lungs but within these

trials lies the making of your faith the deepening of your your Soul’s Reliance

on me the gift of eternal life illuminates your path a beacon in the darkest night

a comfort in the fiercest storm it is a light that not only shines

but also warms a Perpetual presence that chases away the shadows of

Despair do not let the Thorns of Life deter you they are but brief they are

transient the glory Glory that awaits you outshines every fleeting pain every

temporary loss it sparkles on the horizon calling you beckoning you to press on to endure

with joy the vistas of heaven await filled with a Radiance that dims the sun

humming with a Melody that soothes every woe and yes there will be deep

Waters you may sometimes feel the waves lapping at your soul threatening to

overwhelm but remember this my precious child when you pass through the waters I am with

you and through the rivers they shall not overflow you you are not abandoned

never forsaken my hand is there for you to grasp firm and

unwavering hold on to me clasp onto the shity of my love I have engraved you

upon the palms of my hands your walls are ever before me know that that

nothing can separate you from my love not tribulation nor distress nor

persecution nor famine nor nakedness nor Peril nor sword for in all these things you are

more than a conqueror through him who loved you let not your heart be troubled

neither Let It Be Afraid as the mountains surround Jerusalem so I surround you now and

forever the challeng is ahead they are but opportunity unities for you to witness my faithfulness to experience

the depth of my love to grow in the grace and knowledge of your lord and savior walk with me not in the shackles

of dread but in the freedom of Grace embrace the adventure the Divine

Journey that is your life in me your days are not a series of chances but a tapestry woven with Divine

Purpose each thread each color vibrant or dark has its place in the Masterpiece

I am creating with your time on Earth and so as you navigate the EB and

flow of your days as you climb mountains and Traverse valleys remember who you

are you are mine beloved and cherished

you are the joy set before me as I endured the cross despising its

shame you are the reason I Proclaim it is finished for in my Redemption lies

your victory in my resurrection your hope draw near to me and I will draw

near to you speak to me in the quiet places and I will listen look for me in

the ordinary and the mundane and you will find glimpses of the Eternal for I am not a distant deity but

a present father a Relentless lover a steadfast

friend in your waking and in your resting in your laughter and in your tears I am there

cast all your anxieties on me for I care for you with an everlasting love and when the last page of History

turns and time yields to the age to come you will step from Glory into greater glory and you will know as you have been

known so come take my hand let us journey together for in my presence is

fullness of joy at my right hand are Pleasures forever more and it is there

in the Embrace of your father you will find true life eternal unshakable

unending therefore do not fear for I am with you do not be dismayed for I am

your God I will strengthen you and help you I will uphold you with my righteous

right hand fear not for I have redeemed you I have summoned You by name you are

mine and this is the heart part of the Gospel this is the essence of the good news I give eternal life to you and you

will never perish no one will snatch you out of my hand lend me your heart and your ears

for I am here to fill the expanse of Silence that your worries cast upon you just as the shepherd knows the

Meandering paths that the Sheep cannot discern so do I comprehend the intricate

map of your life you may find yourself in the shadow of UN un certainty where the next step

is hidden by the mist of life’s complexity but remember I am the light

that guides you through in moments when the ground beneath you feels as though it will give

way when you tremble at the thought of an unseen tomorrow reach out and you will find my hand already extended to

you grasp it tightly and let me lead you for my hand is steady and my grip is

sure do not look to the right or the left but straight ahead where my light is brightest leading you

home as the stars are fixed in the heavens by my command so are your days

numbered and your path set you may gaze upon the stars and

wonder at their purpose but they follow the order I have given since the beginning of

time so it is with you my child your path may seem to twist and turn but

there is an order a divine purpose to every step you take even when you cannot

see it when the night is at its darkest that is when The Whispers of Doubt grow

the loudest but listen to my voice instead for it is then that I speak into the

depths of your heart fear not for I have redeemed you I have called you by your

name you are mine when you pass through the waters I will be with you and

through the rivers they shall not overflow you you when you walk through the fire you

shall not be burned nor shall the flame Scorch you yes there will be times when you

feel alone when the silence around you Echoes louder than Assurance in these

moments remember that I am closer than your very breath in the quiet in the

Stillness I am there you need only to be still and know that I am God I am the

one who has never left your side the one who has seen every tear that has fallen from your

eyes speak to me not in formal platitudes but as a child speaks to

their father with openness and Trust pour out your heart to me for I am

listening and my ear is inclined to you the most important conversation you

will ever have is not with the powerful or the influential but with me your

creator your father father your friend do not be disheartened by the

uncertainty of life for like a tapestry you see only the Twisted threads on the

reverse side while I see the beautiful picture that is being woven one day you will see this tapestry

from my perspective and Marvel at how every thread was necessary how every

color was needed to complete the Masterpiece that is your life I

understand understand that there are days when the clouds hang low and the rain obscures your

vision but the rain also brings life it Waters the parched Earth and causes the

hidden seeds to burst forth into bloom so too will the trials and the

storms in your life bring growth and New Life trust in me for I am the master

gardener and I tend to you with love and care

walk by faith not by sight for faith is the Assurance of

things hoped for the conviction of Things Not Seen have faith in my love

for you faith in my goodness and faith that I am working all things together

for your good for those who love me and are called according to my purpose not a

single detail is left to chance as you hold on to my hand remember the promises I have spoken over

you they are yes and amen my word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your

path so even when the path grows dim my words will guide you hide them in your

heart for they are life to those who find them and health to all their

flesh come now walk with me talk with me and let me lead you through the

Landscapes of your life with each each step know that you are never alone for I

Am With You Always even to the End of the Age let my presence be your comfort

and my word be your guide for you are my beloved and you are safe with

me my beloved child trust in me for I have a plan for you filled with joy and

Abundant Blessings I’m your God and Father your unshakable rock the strength that will

lead you to victory over all your challenges I provide for your soul meeting all your

needs I am the light that illuminates your path and guides you to success in your destiny do not be discouraged by

those who see you as weak or unsuccessful they do not understand the plan I have for

you the world may tell you that you don’t need God to be happy but I assure you only through my power can you

experience a truly fulfilled and Abundant Life do not let the currents of this era drag

you towards fleeting and empty Pleasures be wise and avoid

evil even when faced with economic challenges keep your faith strong and do

not let anything take my place in your heart do not try to solve your problems alone instead place your trust in me and

my love for you believe in my wisdom and I assure you that with me you can

overcome any challenge put all your trust in me and you will experience a Unique Piece one

that goes beyond all understanding and keeps you safe even in the midst of life’s

storms trust in me and I promise to bless you abundantly in every area of

your life I will bring Prosperity not just to you but also to your loved ones

including your children and their children remember you can find

everything you need in me you don’t need to seek happiness in the things of this world especially not its material things

seek me immerse yourself in my presence and delve deep into my

word there you will find the path to all my promises and understand the right way to claim my blessings just trust in me

seek my presence and walk obediently according to my

commands you will see how I transform your life life into a story of Hope and

success as only I can don’t give up when faced with life storms fight to the end

give your all and keep believing in my promises for they are true and

steadfast even when the world brings doubts challenges and difficulties hold

tightly to your faith in me stick to my word for I am the god who makes the

impossible possible nothing nothing is too complicated for me to handle for I

am the one who can provide for every one of your situations don’t be influenced by false

ideas or negative opinions from those who don’t understand my word or my plans

for you often the world’s wisdom contradicts the wisdom found in my

word but stand firm on the Rock which is my word and I assure you that every step

you take will move you closer closer to the fullness and abundance I have prepared for you do not fear when You

Face problems challenges or moments of uncertainty instead exercise your faith Remember My

Endless Love will support you and I will be with you in every situation and decision you

face just put all your trust in me and let me direct your life I will be your

guide your protector and your strength strength together we will navigate

life’s Rough Waters confidently and securely so know that you are not alone

at this moment my holy spirit is within you never leaving you or forsaking you

he fills your life even now offering Comfort guidance and insight listen to

his voice inside you be still and follow it for he will lead you to the truth and

remind you of my promises during times of trial and uncertainty trust what I

tell you today rest in my love don’t let discouragement or hardships knock you

off your path give me all your needs for I am your help and immediate

support remember every challenge you face in this life is just a step toward

a life filled with blessings where you can grow and fully Thrive move forward with confidence

knowing I’m with you and the true happiness comes from living a meaningful life loving others and obeying my

Commandments go forth for my grace and favor are upon you tonight sleep in my

loving arms let my peace fill you bringing rest and comfort through the

quiet of the night let me fill your heart with Words of Love That Flow from me like a

river tonight I want to tell you how deeply I love you I will never leave you

I am with you from morning to night every heartbeat of yours Echoes Within Me reminding me that you are my finest

creation made with love and shaped by my hands know that I have been with you all

along your journey guiding each step you take I have been the gentle breeze on

your face the strength in your stride and the light shining during your

darkest times today has been tough I know it’s been hard navigating through the constant bad

news and unexpected challenges that bring anxiety stress and frustration you feel overwhelmed by the

pressures and the endless tasks of the day you’re tired that’s why tonight I

open my arms to you come and rest In My Embrace let the light of my presence

fill and comfort you renewing your strength I will take away your worries and fears

my light will brighten every part of you chasing away the shadows of

fear in their place I will instill a feeling of accomplishment and

satisfaction because you have bravely faced every challenge life has thrown your way remember even though storms Roar and

winds blow fiercely I am your safe haven my arms are always open ready to offer

you comfort and strength so when tomorrow comes with its

challenges struggles and trials do not be afraid for I will be there to guide

you I will be your compass with every step you take my light will always chase

away the darkness that might appear on your path tonight entrust me with your

thoughts give me all your burdens and worries put all your desires into my

hands I will give you the rest that your body and soul need In My Embrace you

will find the peace and Tranquility you long for tonight I promise to watch over

you and your loved ones My Loving Hands will protect your dreams wrapping you in my cloak of protection driving away any

shadow of fear or danger while the world sleeps I will keep watch over you like a shepherd with

his flock my gentle hand will protect you from any Shadows that try to disturb

your peace because you are my cherished child I deeply desire for you to live

the Abundant Life I have planned for you before you go to sleep let go of any

bitterness in your heart and forgive those who have wronged you remember

forgiveness is a powerful gift you can give yourself and others let the act of

forgiving free you from the weight of resentment allowing you to rest peacefully in my Everlasting

Love sleep peacefully like a child in the arms of their father tonight May my

words soothe your tired soul and may you wake up refreshed strong and filled with

excitement ready to welcome the new day I have set before you tomorrow as I stay close by lighting

up your life with my words renewing your strength and filling you with hope Every

Beat of your heart will remind you of my love for you every step you take will

show that I Am with You guiding you with my grace and wisdom as you go about your day do so

with love kindness and respect for others these qualities show my

unconditional love for all people my dear child tonight I bless you with restful

sleep when morning comes wake up with a heart full of gratitude knowing that a

new Day brings Joy blessings and chances to grow in love rest now my beloved Son in my

everlasting love my dear child remember that I am with you in every heartbeat and Every

Breath You Take may my peace and love be with you as you sleep preparing you for a new day

filled with the wonderful things I have planned for you at this moment I bless you with love

love peace and protection my angels will watch over you

as you dream showing you the beautiful and amazing things I have in store for

you I love you my son I love you my daughter tonight sleep in the comfort of

my loving arms listen to me for a moment please give me just a few minutes of your time

today I want you to spend a little time with me just a few moments

you don’t need to be in a church or Temple you just need to pause and listen to my words with your mind and

heart know that I am observing your actions hearing your prayers and I am

always with you you are never alone I am with you at every moment with every

breath and heartbeat in your joyful times I celebrate with you and I also

stay close during your struggles I am here to support you to give you comfort

in strength to remind you that you are loved and that you can rely on

me no matter how dark or confusing your path seems I am the light that will

brighten your way the compass that guides you the force that drives you

forward just trust in me and my Everlasting Love and you’ll see how obstacles become opportunities hardships

turn into valuable lessons and tears transform into smiles of

gratitude I understand that after facing many challenges it might be hard for you

to believe what I tell you today but remember my love for you is greater than

any mistake you’ve made stronger than any fear and more healing than any

medicine on Earth no matter how often you’ve stumbled or Fallen I am here to pick you

up to support you and to remind you that you are worthy of love and

forgiveness there’s no mistake that can’t be made right no wound that can’t

be healed no pain that can’t be turned into joy and celebration except my unconditional love

let me lead your life I promise to guide you on the right path give you the

strength to overcome any challenge you face let go of the weight of the past

and the burden of guilt allow me to lead you to a future filled with possibilities joy and love where peace

dominates your life and hope keeps the flame in your heart

alive let my spirit fill you and Let My Words refresh your mind here you’ll find answers to your

questions and worries feeling my unconditional love and endless Grace

always at your reach let go of the tension and stress you’ve built up raise your hands to the

sky and take in my strength to keep moving forward remember no matter what you’ve

done or not done before I’m always here to forgive you and give you the chance

to start over my love for you is unconditional and everlasting and

nothing you do can change that now my child close your eyes and soak in

the Peace of my presence let go of your Sorrows your worries and Fears let me carry them for

you let me lighten your load and fill your heart with hope and

joy let your concerns fade and your fears dissolve in the light of my

presence do not let the Shadows of the past darken your present or Cloud your

future stand up with courage and resolve knowing I Am with You empowering and

guiding you to a place of Peace where Harmony and serenity Prevail May today

Mark the start of a new life for you filled with purpose and meaning where hope shines brightly within you like a

star guiding you toward fulfillment and achievement from now on walk confidently

Knowing You Are Not Alone on this Earthly Journey I’m here with you as your companion your safe haven in storms

the light that clears all Darkness the peace that soothes your troubles and the

love that heals your deepest hurts believe that my love will transform your

life your being and your destiny open yourself to receive my blessings my

gifts and my boundless Grace Embrace The Wonder of being loved

unconditionally let these words reside in your heart soothing and healing your

soul whenever you think of them feel my loving presence in your life guiding

protecting and caring for you you are more pre precious than anything in the universe except this with Love Now and

Forever the path I have set for you is filled with blessings victories and prosperity if you are anxious about the

future or unsure what to do feeling unprepared for upcoming challenges do

not be afraid once again I am here to embrace you with my love and ease your

worries even though you can’t see me know that I am here working in your

favor with Limitless power I am bringing forth a spring of

Living Water to quench The Thirst of your soul and to

provide you with the peace and strength you need you shouldn’t have to live in

distress it has never been my intention for you to suffer or be trbl it let the

transformative power of my love fill your being and guide you out of your difficulties just believe in me and

you’ll see how I calm the fiercest storms in your life

remember I’m the god of the impossible the one who fills your life with goodness and rescues you from evil I am

the one who crowns you with favor and mercy your lord your provider the one

who looks at you with eyes full of love despite your mistakes and

Imperfections I am your God your Shepherd leading you along paths of

righteousness even in the darkest valleys through shadowy places and the Valley of Death do not fear any evil for

I am with you trust with all your heart my child I will strengthen you in weakness lift you

up in adversity and sustain you in the storm fear not for in me you will find

strength and the comfort you need I am your strong rock your proteced shield

and your secure salvation trust in my love and Trust in this promise you will see that with me

by your side you can Traverse the deepest valleys and the highest mountains please listen only to my voice

and cling to This Promise close your ears to the voice of the enemy do not

heed his words or follow his schemes he seeks to lead you into the

alley of fear seeking to confuse you so that you do not seek my light he wants

you to embrace your fears and sink into darkness be strong and courageous

remember my words when I tell you that you are my child the best of my Warriors

Victorious and brave I will cause Springs of Living Water to burst forth from you in the

midst of the dry land Springs that will quench your thirst and protect you from

the sun when you pass through the desert dear Child cast aside your doubts

and Proclaim my word so you may receive healing provision and protection remember there are countless

blessings in heaven waiting for you you only need to believe and all that you

ask for will be granted remember nothing is impossible for me do not fear when

the evil one tries to block your path with illusions of barriers do not be intimidated ated or discouraged when

facing his tricks let your eyes reflect bravery not fear stand strong in your faith and move

forward knowing I’m with you indeed I have given you the power to overcome

obstacles and to defeat every evil force that comes against you tonight close

your eyes and feel my loving Embrace listen as I tell you that I love

you that through Christ who strengthens you you you can do all things and that

you are more than a conqueror through him ignore the criticisms of the world

and the lies of the devil trust in my word and my promises you will see how your sadness

turns into Joy your tears into laughter and your lack into a life full of

abundance believe my child truly believe with all your heart and you will see

everything I am telling you today come true now is the time to stop undervaluing yourself and feeling guilty

for sins I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and forgiveness you don’t need to live

chained to your past stop punishing yourself do not let others make you feel

worthless as if there is no hope for you I am the one who died for you I shed my

blood so that you can live forgiven and hold your head high you’re not defined

by what people say you are who I say you are through my word you are my child my

warrior my most precious treasure do not let yourself be influenced by those

voices that condemn you and seek the worst for you you were created to win battles and Conquer victories I chose

you to be blessed and to live an Abundant Life today I give you victory

over every problem that afflicts your life over every sickness over every poverty and scarcity I give you power

and authority to undo every work of evil so rise and shine rise and shine

with the light of my love remember you are my perfect creation made with love

and attention to every detail you are a Victor a conqueror and heir to my eternal

Kingdom so walk with your head held high knowing I am with you and your destiny

is secure cure in my hands and here I am again embracing you

with my love and easing your worries you may not see me but I am here

working on your behalf with Limitless power I am bringing forth a spring of

Living Water that will quench your soul providing the peace and strength you

need you shouldn’t have to live like this I never wanted to see you suffer or

be in stress let the transformative power of my love fill your being and

show you the way out of all your troubles just believe in me and see how I calm the fiercest storms in your life

remember I’m the god of the impossible the one who fills your life with goodness and rescues you from

evil I’m the one who adorns you with favors and mercies I am your lord your

provider the one who gazes upon you with eyes of love despite your mistakes and

shortcomings I’m your God your Shepherd guiding your soul along paths of

righteousness where you will walk securely even as you Traverse through

Darkness through places of Shadow and death fear no evil for I am with

you trust with all your heart my child I will strengthen you in weakness lift you

in adversity and sustain you in the storm fear not for in me you will find

strength and the comfort you need I am your Solid Rock your protective shield

and your sure salvation Trust In My Love in This Promise with me by your side you can

cross the deepest valleys and climb the highest mountains listen to my voice and hold on

to this promise ignore the enemy’s voice do not

fall for his deceitful tricks he tries to lead you into fear

aiming to confuse you so that you don’t seek my light he wants you to cling to your fears and sink into darkness be

strong and courageous remember my words when I say you’re my child the finest of my

Warriors Victorious and brave I will cause Springs of Living

Water to flow from you even in arid places Springs that will quench your thirst and provide shade as you travel

through the desert beloved Child cast aside doubts speak my words and you will

receive healing provision and protection remember I have many blessings in heaven waiting to be poured

out on you all you need to do is believe and everything you ask will be granted

to you remember nothing is impossible for me do not be afraid of the evil one

when he tries to block your path with imaginary walls of iron don’t be

discouraged or give up when faced with his tricks keep your gaze Fearless stay strong in your faith and move forward

knowing that I am with you I have given you the power to tear down strongholds and to overcome every

evil effort against you tonight close your eyes and let me wrap you in my arms

of Love listen as I tell you how much I love you you have the strength to do all

things through Christ who strengthens you and you are more than a through

him ignore the opinions of the world and the lies of Satan trust in my words

believe in my promises and you will see how your sadness turns into Joy your

tears into laughter and your lack into an overflowing abundance believe my child truly believe

with your whole heart and you will see how everything I’m telling you now will come true it’s time to stop doubting

yourself and feeling guilty for past mistakes that I have already forgiven I am a god of Mercy love and

forgiveness you’re not meant to be chained to your past stop torturing

yourself don’t let others make you feel worthless or without hope I am the one

who died for you I shed my blood so that you can live in forgiveness and hold

your head high you’re not defined by what others say you’re def finded by what I declare

in my word you are my child my warrior my most

precious treasure do not listen to those who condemn you or wish for your downfall

you were created to win battles and achieve victories I chose you to be blessed and to live a life of

abundance my child today I grant you victory over every challenge in your

life over illness poverty and lack I give you the power power and authority

to overcome every force of evil stand up and shine with the brightness of my

love remember you are my perfect creation made with love and attention to

every detail you are a Victor a conqueror an heir to my Everlasting

Kingdom Walk Tall knowing I am with you and that your future is secure in my

hands I hold the miracle you’ve been waiting for do not lose hope for

something wonderful is headed your way my child in this moment as your soul

cries and your heart feels hurt and weary let me wrap you in my words of

Love comfort and hope do not think you’re alone or that I have left you for

you have never been alone even if you felt lost in darkness at times know that

I have always been right beside you cradling you in my arms of love and compassion today dear child I want you

to fully embrace my love and grace I hold in my hands the miracle you’ve been

waiting for a blessing so profound it will bring you strength health and

prosperity this is the miracle you’ve yearned for deep within your heart through all your trials and tribulations

your faith has never wavered each tear you’ve shed has been seen by me none

have gone unknown noticed every prayer every sigh every cry in the night has reached my

ears that’s why I am here now to dry your tears and heal your deepest wounds

I know your journey has been tough marked by trials that have tested your spirit and left scars on your soul you

faced illness pain sorrow and despair yet through all these struggles your

faith remained strong anchored in the belief that I would respond to your

call so understand my love for you has never waned even in the hardest times I

have been right by your side you are my cherished child and it

is my deepest wish to see you heal and flourish in every area of your

life do not give up my child never let go or feel disheartened and don’t allow

your circumstances to pull you away from hearing my words I understand that sometimes the burden feels too heavy as

if the entire world is against you and your strength seems to be fading but

remember even in your darkest moments when it appears All Is Lost I’m right

there with you closer than you can imagine I am holding your hand guiding

you through every storm life is indeed full of challenges and trials but each one offers a chance

to grow learn in my care your toughest experiences will turn into valuable

lessons strengthening you just hold on to faith and patience

for often the greatest blessings come after the hardest trials move forward my

child remember you have a significant purpose in this life greater than you

can comprehend a purpose that goes beyond any illness or Earthly

need so when you feel overwhelmed and unable to see the path ahead hold

tightly to me Proclaim my word with me you will gain a broader

perspective I am weaving every aspect of your life into a magnificent tapestry

and in this design everything will work together for

your good do not fear what tomorrow may bring my child nor be swayed by the

judgments of others for in my hands your future is not only secure it is filled

with possibilities you might not understand the plan I have for you right now but

know it is crafted with love and filled with hope I am quietly at work in your

life performing Miracles you may not yet see but in time the results of my loving

care will become clear all I ask is for your trust believe that what you ask of

me in faith I will bring to fruition remember you POS possess the

power of Faith a Divine spark that lets you see beyond the immediate beyond your

current struggles your faith in me Bridges your prayers and my responses it is through

your faith that a great and powerful Miracle will unfold in your life keep hope alive in your heart and

maintain your fervent Faith even as storms rage let them not

snuff out the Inner Light you carry that light is my presence and it will continue to

shine brightly even in the darkest times always remember that you are

deeply loved and cherished my love for you knows no bounds it is unconditional

and steadfast no matter how many mistakes you make or how often you might stumble my love for you remains

unchanging my arms are always open ready to embrace you with warmth and compassion no know that I am always here

to listen to you whatever you are experiencing bring it to me in

prayer no detail of your life is too small and no burden is too heavy for me

to shoulder with my guidance you will surmount any obstacle trust that the

miracle you seek is within my power to give and I will place it in your hands at just the right moment so do not lose

heart or grow weary maintain your faith for your future holds a tapestry of beautiful

blessings Rejoice for a great miracle is soon to unfold in your life today I

bless you and declare you free from chains restored in your finances and prosperous in all your

ways my dear child in this sacred moment hear my words filled with promise and

power I want to plant these words deep in your heart I am your heavenly father the

almighty God always watching over you out of my immense love for you I

choose to speak and reveal my plans for your life I understand your needs and

the deepest desires of your heart even before you voice them today I assure you

that I will meet all your needs fulfill your heart’s desires and restore your finances do not be afraid or

overwhelmed by what I will do in your life I will heal heal your soul and

bring back the peace you’ve lost the debts burdening you will be cleared all

that seems impossible to overcome you will conquer because I will give you the strength and the push you need to move

forward I promise that everything you undertake will

flourish your efforts your work and your dedication will not go

unnoticed every seed you plant in faith will grow and produce Bountiful harvests

there won’t be any Financial Obligations you can’t meet because I will give you

the wisdom to manage the blessings I put into your hands you will see how the

doors to Blessings swing wide open before you Prosperity will come into

your life in many forms materially emotionally and spiritually improving

your life and the lives of those around you significantly but remember my dear child

Prosperity isn’t just about Earthly riches it’s a state of completeness that covers all aspects of your

life as you prosper I ask you to remain faithful in the small things and I

promise to entrust you with more remember my blessings are a call to obedience to responsibly manage

everything I give you so keep your heart humble and generous ready to help those in need

those who have less prepare your heart and let me use you as a conduit of

blessings for many my dear child know that as you walk your path you will face

trials and obstacles that will test your faith but do not be afraid for I am with

you every step of the way strengthening and guiding you don’t let hardships discourage you such challenges shape

your character and deepen your trust in me remember my plans for you go beyond

the material world while I may restore your finances and clear your debts my

deeper wish is for your spiritual growth I want your relationship with me to

strengthen and your faith to deepen through every Victory and challenge you face trust in my word for I am faithful

and true to my promises my love and power know no

bounds if you hold on to me if you trust in my mighty hands you will witness the

flow of my Supernatural blessings in your life so cling to my love and grace dear

one and rest assured that your finances will be restored your debts will be

settled and your financial worries will be relieved you and your family and your children and their children will not

know scarcity I promise to bless you abundantly in every aspect of your life

fear not for my grace is more than sufficient for you and my Mercy is

Everlasting simply walk in obedience and faithfulness trusting that I shall never

abandon nor forsake you you shall bear witness to my miraculous provision and

those around you shall see that my promises are faithful and true in your

life therefore my child receive this word with joy and gratitude in your

heart declare with conviction that your finances shall be restored your debts

shall be paid and everything you undertake shall prosper for you are my

beloved child and I long to see you walk in the fullness of my provision and

blessing I ask this of you my child always keep your heart open to hear my

voice and follow my guidance in every step seek my wisdom

and trust in my perfect plan for your life don’t be discouraged by

difficulties see them as chances to grow and strengthen your faith in me will be

greatly rewarded from now on do not worry about tomorrow or fear what may come focus on

me the one who begins and completes your faith trust that I am your provider and

I will never leave you my love for you is without conditions and my wish is for you to

succeed in every aspect of your life beloved child hold these words close let

them be a mark on your heart reminding you always of my promise to you my

endless love and my wish to bless you greatly today I bless you in my name

declaring you free from debt restored in your finances and thriving in all you do

I am with you I will never leave you trust and you will be blessed beyond what you can imagine do not fear for I

am with you do not be dismayed for I am your God I will strengthen you help you

and uphold you with my Victorious right hand behold everyone who opposes you

will be embarrassed and defeated they will become nothing for I am your God I

hold your right hand and tell you do not be afraid I’m here to help

you when you face difficulties I will resolve them if you walk through Darkness I will be with you and if you

are ill I will heal you for I am your heavenly physician I am the one who

lifts you from Despair and blesses you with favor and

mercy always remember my child I will never leave you or abandon you I will be

your faithful friend your comforter and your guide at all times know that I live in your heart

through the Holy Spirit no matter what I’m always close to you I will never

forsake you even as you walk through the darkest times I am there with you just

trust in me for I have control over everything and nothing that happens is

unknown to me always remember that I want the best for you even when others Mock and try to

hurt you entrust your life and your path to me give me your heart and I will mend

your finances you will regain all that you have lost and I will increase it you

will never be destroyed again for it is my wish to see you prosper and become

fruitful put all your trust in me I will fill your heart with joy bless your life

and that of your family bless your children and your children’s children remember no righteous person is ever

abandoned nor do their descendants beg for bread I will keep the promise I made to

you my child no matter what’s happening in the world I won’t let you be in Need For You

are my beloved child my most precious treasure and my plan for your life is

always to bless and prosper you you might think that your repeated

mistakes could lessen my love for you but that’s not true I I love you with a

deep and everlasting love and nothing you do can stop me from fulfilling my purpose in your life doubt no more and

Trust in my power I Will Bless You So profoundly that everyone will see that I

am God the source of all blessings today my beloved child let the

light of my words brighten your understanding bringing Grace and prosperity into your life

let me carry your burdens and give you rest allowing me to do great things in your life as I

promised when you first turned to me do not forget that I am your creator

intimately familiar with every part of you I know you completely your strengths

and your moments of weakness I am aware of all your hopes and deepest desires so do not be afraid

for I am here to help you I am your king who will never never abandon you or

leave you helpless you are my child and it is my will to bless and prosper you

to fill your soul with happiness and joy and to provide you with

abundance so you may know that I am not a god of scarcity but a god of

plentifulness who keeps his promises trust in me and let me lead

your life rely on me wholeheartedly and do not depend solely on your own

understanding standing immerse yourself in my word hold on to it day and night I

will fulfill all your needs reaching deep within your soul nothing will prevent my promises

from being realized in your life I will envelop you and your family in immense

blessings turning every tear into a moment of joy and reward



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