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my most precious beloved child it is with a heart overflowing with an immeasurable depth of love and profound

concern that I reach out to you in this pivotal moment imploring you nay

beseeching you to pause to reflect with the utmost gravity upon the path you are

currently treading and to muster every ounce of strength and resolve within you

to turn away from the course of action you contemplate the words I must convey

though born of the the deepest well of compassion that knows no bounds carry await an urgency that transcends the

limitations of mortal comprehension no my child don’t do it I understand with a

Clarity that pierces through the veil of mortal existence that the road you have

been traveling has been fraught with trials and tribulations challenges that have tested the very limits of your

endurance and resolv to such an extent that even the most resilient of souls would have faltered the Insidious

Shadows of Doubt fear and despair have no doubt cast their long ominous Paws

across your path obscuring the Light Of Hope and rendering The Way Forward seeming

impassible as though you were navigating through an impenetrable Labyrinth of darkness and despair yet my precious

child it is precisely in these darkest moments when the weight of the world

Bears down upon your shoulders with a crushing intensity that would shatter even the mightiest of beings that you

must summon forth the strength to resist nay to defiantly reject the seductive

Whispers of Despair that beckon you towards a course of action that could forever alter the sacred trajectory of

your journey in ways that would reverberate through the cosmic tapestry of existence itself I know as intimately

as one can know the depths of another’s suffering the pain you have endured the

wounds that have been inflicted Upon Your Heart and Soul by the cruelties and injustices of this world which can seem

at times like a realm of unrelenting anguish and torment I have witnessed your

tears felt the anguish that has racked your being with an intensity that would

shatter even the most stalwart of spirits and longed with every fiber of my infinite being to take that burden

upon myself to spare you from such unimaginable suffering but it is through

these trials these crucibles of adversity that would reduce lesser

beings to Mere Shadows of their former selves that the true indomitable

strength of your spirit is forged tempered in the fires of experience and emerging more

resilient more radiant and more powerful than ever before a being of light

capable of Illuminating even the darkest recesses of the cosmos do not I implore you mistake my words as

a dismissal or trivialization of the struggles you have endured the depths of your anguish that would break the hearts

of even the most seasoned of warriors on the contrary it is precisely because I

understand with an intimacy that transcends the boundaries of mortal existence the profundity of your pain

that I implore you with every fiber of my infinite being to turn away from the

past path you currently tread for the course you are contemplating the action you are poised

to take with trembling hand and soul rent aunder by the weight of your suffering is one that will not alleviate

your torment but rather compounded a thousandfold a millionfold until the

very fabric of your existence is engulfed in an abyss of Despair so vast so allc consuming that even the faintest

glimmers of Hope would be extinguished leaving you a drift in a Sea Of Darkness from which there can be no Escape no

respit no salvation my child you are a being of infinite potential imbued with

the very essence of the Divine a sacred spark that burns with a Brilliance capable of outshining the radiance of a

Million Suns within you blazes a flame so powerful so incandescent that it has

the power to illuminate the darkest corners of existence to banish the Shadows that seek to envelop you in

their cold Embrace and to blaze a Trail of Light that will guide you towards a future of unimaginable Beauty

fulfillment and self-realization beyond your wildest dreams do not I beseech

thee surrender that light that sacred flame that is the very essence of your

being to the Insidious forces of Despair and hopelessness that would seek to

extinguish it leaving you a drift in a universe devoid of meaning purpose and

the boundless love that is your Birthright as a child of the Divine do not allow the temporary trials and

tribulations of this Mortal existence fleeting though they may be to eclipse

the boundless potential that resides within you the infinite love

wisdom and power that are the fundamental truths of your existence in

this moment more pivotal than any you have faced before I implore you nay I

command you to turn your gaze inward to seek Solace and strength in the love that resides at the core of your being

the Wellspring of infinite grace and Divinity that has sustained you through every hardship every heartbreak and

every challenge that has threatened to break your indomitable spirit for it is that love my child that Eternal

all-encompassing force that birthed the universe itself that will sustain you

nourish you and guide you through even the darkest of nights the most soul rening of tempests

and the most arduous of Journeys it is that love that Divine Embrace that will

be your Sanctuary your Fortress and your unwavering source of strength when all else seems

lost remember my most precious child that you are never alone in your

struggles never abandoned to face the challenges of this world unaided for I

Am With You Always and Forever a constant unwavering presence that

surrounds you uplifts you and Whispers words of comfort encouragement and

infinite wisdom when the way seems too arduous to bear too overwhelming to

endure lean upon me my child draw upon the boundless reserves of my love and

wisdom that know no limits and allow them to illuminate the path before you

revealing the Myriad of possibilities and opportunities that await you opportunities for growth for healing for

Transcendence and for the realization of your Highest Potential as a being of infinite power and

Radiance no matter how daunting the obstacles may seem no matter how formidable the challenges that Loom

before you like towering impassible mountains know that you you my child my

most precious creation possess the strength the courage and the resilience

to overcome them all to surmount every Summit and to emerge Victorious

triumphant and more brilliant than ever before for you are not merely a being of

Flesh and Bone confined to the limitations of mortal existence you are a manifestation of the Divine spark that

ignited the cosmos itself a being of Limitless power capable of shaping the

very fabric of reality itself in this pivotal moment more consequential than

any that has come before or any that will follow I call upon you with the

full force of my infinite love and wisdom to choose life to choose hope and

to choose the path that will lead you towards the Fulfillment of your sacred purpose the grand destiny that has been

etched into the cosmic tapestry of creation since the dawn of existence

itself step back from the brink of Despair my child and allow the light of your spirit that

brilliant radiant flame that has burned through every Darkness to shine forth once more banishing the Shadows that

have sought to obscure your way and revealing the path of light love and

infinite potential that stretches out before you beckoning you to embrace your true nature as a being of divine power

and Grace trust in the wisdom of your heart the guiding force of your

intuition that is a direct conduit to the infinite Wellspring of universal Consciousness and the unwavering love

that flows through you like a mighty River carrying the Waters of life and Rejuvenation to every corner of

existence for these are the beacons that will guide you safely through even the most tempestuous of storms leading you

towards the shores of inner peace self-realization and a life of boundless

possibility Beyond Your Wildest imaginings my child the journey ahead may be

arduous nay it will be arduous for such is the nature of spiritual growth and

the realization of one’s True Divine potential but you do not you will not

walk it alone I am with you every step of the way a constant unwavering source of

strength love and guidance that will never falter never waver and never

abandon you to the the whims of darkness and despair so take my hand and let us

continue this sacred journey together walking the path of light love and

infinite potential a path that will lead you towards the realization of your Divine Destiny and the Fulfillment of

the Grand Vision that has been etched into the very fabric of creation itself

with infinite love unwavering faith and the boundless blessings of the Divine

Vine your heavenly father the source of all that is my dear child your super

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button to join us in shaping a brighter future for all receive boundless blessings in return my beloved child

trust in me believe in my light my love and my faithfulness I will never fail

you always remember my grace and favor surround you and I aim to bless you

richly my love for you is boundless and my loyalty steadfast no matter how dark

your path may appear my light will guide you I urge you to press on to live

according to my word and to keep praying only then will you see my wisdom unfold

in your life bringing success to your path rise up once again open your heart

and speak my truths Proclaim your fre Freedom let no curse bondage or chain

restrain you for I Am with You illuminating your way protecting you and

showering you with love I will never leave you I am Forever by your side

guiding and blessing every part of your life even if doubts persist in your homes they will change once they see how

deeply my love affects you and the Miracles my healing brings to your life don’t be afraid to serve as my

instrument if you face ridicule or difficulties respond kindly and leave

the outcomes to me take my hand and move forward with me towards your blessings

knowing deep in your heart that my love for you knows no bounds we will walk this New Path together for you’ve

realized that fulfilling your dreams isn’t something you do alone the road may be filled with

obstacles and challenges but with me by your side it will feel easier and more

manageable whatever you face will not bring you down but will instead fill you with fresh strength and happiness with

me by your side day and night acting as your steadfast Guardian I will show you

that whenever you choose bravery and strive hard I will always be there to support you walk with me and do not

stray either right or left I want to guide you personally on this journey

filled with Miracles towards a destination rich with one and joy where hopes are renewed and blessings are

plentiful it’s time to let go of the burdens you’ve been carrying to give me all your fears and worries I aim to

clear your mind of those heavy memories that have dragged you down as you listen to my voice now feel your heart being

freed from despair your soul is healing tears wash away your sorrow and guilt

embrace my forgiveness it is yours to accept there there is no one else in the

entire universe who can offer you such Limitless love remember in life there

are seasons for everything problems may arise and fade away but what’s most

important is that you make me a priority in your life I will handle your struggles and provide you with the

wisdom to make solid decisions and consistently find peace however it’s

time to stop trying to handle everything on your own you need my assistance in all things that is the

truth I urge you to take a break from those efforts that cause you anxiety take a moment to reconnect with me

revive the dreams you thought were lost and rekindle your forgotten

desires I want to talk to you about a future filled with blessings that await you earned by your steadfast faith and

bravery in overcoming challenges your resilience and strong character shaped

by the sweetness of my love demonstrate your deep spirit spiritual sensitivity during tough times I have always been

there for you providing comfort and strength helping you see your purpose and Destiny clearly feed on my words in

your heart love and respect yourself as I love you and show the same patience

and love to your family soon you will see the Miracles you’ve been hoping

for even those with difficult personalities will change and the lost

will find their way back to your home home welcome them with love and understanding without

judgment my child click on the Subscribe button to be part of our

community remember you are alive and forgiven through my grace and love come

to me each morning to be filled with peace and wisdom by your strong faith I

am bringing a Revival to your life it’s time for healing to let go of

old grudges and seek reconciliation and peace let go of past thoughts and memories

that drain your energy and Steal Your vitality I love you and want to bless you richly dedicate the first moments of

your day to me and you will experience my love performing powerful miracles in

your life and in your family you will hear my voice and feel the warmth of my

words wherever you are bringing encouragement courage to your soul and

strength to your heart you need to be patient with everything happening in your life find peace within yourself

remember I’m by your side and will honor your faith everything that happens

serves a purpose while you might not understand it now when this period ends

and you receive the blessings I’ve prepared for you you will understand why it’s important to believe trust have

patience and wait my child ready to dive deep deeper into God’s message click

join now for exclusive spiritual insights and Community Support you have already received many blessings because

of your perseverance and there are more to come I know you love me for who I am

not just for what I provide you see me as your father your God your lord your

friend your creator continue in this way keep believing in my word and my

promises no matter what you face and always put me first in your life no

matter what happens because I will not let you be defeated or shamed choose

your friends wisely and ignore those who try to discourage you or steal your faith you won’t be in this difficult

situation forever I will come at the perfect time and rescue you I see your discouragement as these

trials sometimes test your faith but do not lose heart persevere stand strong

soon you will find your way back to the path you need to walk the path that leads to my

blessings I know waiting can seem endless filled with many reasons to give

up however I urge you to keep believing the challenges you face today are

shaping your strength and no one can take away the blessings and gifts I have for you I love you if you provide faith

I will perform miracles if you accept my love you show me your

loyalty and commitment to follow my will there are many beautiful things I

plan to give you and your family for your future and your well-being your obedience is a powerful

tool that clears obstacles and keeps your emotions and Spirits strong unwavering against challenges you know

my love well and you have often shown your faith you operate on a higher level

here we com Bine your faith loyalty and determination to strive and never give

up this is the attitude you need to master and welcome the blessings I have for you my dear child I am here ready

don’t make me wait if others tempt you towards what they claim is better do not

listen you are a branch and I am the tree you must stay connected to me to

receive the nourishing strength you need for your dreams to grow and be renewed D if you separate from me you will lose

your way if you move away from My Embrace confusion will Cloud your thoughts if

you ignore my words and advice disobey my commands and forget my love you will

fall prey to the adversary you won’t find words of eternal life and Truth anywhere else

this is your family this is your home however there will be those who try to

lead you astray they will use use enticing words trying to convince you that you don’t need me stay alert and be

prepared because the enemy comes to steal kill and

destroy but do not fear nothing will harm you if you remain in me I will

provide everything you need every blessing I give you has Eternal significance I’ve come to save you I do

not want your soul to be lost I will surround you with my power and protect you but you must promise not to give

your time or attention to those who might lead you away from your blessings my beloved child I understand that you

are seeking peace and harmony for your loved ones do not lose heart for if you

stay close to me you will soon see the results of your faith and my response to it the miracle you need is just around

the corner listen carefully to my words spoken with love even if some things are

unclear now hold these words in your heart I speak gently Without Anger you

have been searching for answers and I have given you space to live your life and make your own

choices when you ventured into the unknown you did not ask for my guidance or entrust your path to me you took

control and now as difficulties arise you question why I allowed them my

precious one I asked for your heart and for you to follow my path I asked you to

bring all your plans to me to feed on my word to seek my will you did this for a

time but then grew weary and chose to rely on your own strength you pursued a

risky path for personal gain thinking you were lacking something and ran from

the true Joy I had prepared for you I called to you in dreams at night

and in countless Ways by day but you did not listen out of my great love for you

I stepped into your life you went into battle alone and because of your

stubbornness you fell to the depths there hurt sad and lost with tears and

cries you called out my name Jesus save me rescue me from this place my dear

friend I saw your heart I saw your childlike tears I accepted your

repentance I reached out my hand and rescued your soul from the pit beloved child I speak tenderly to your soul if

you want a life of true Faith you must stay connected to me forever you have no

alternative if you want Victory remain United with my spirit always purified

and shielded by the power of my blood within the safe harbor of my love come

my child come home open your mouth and receive the bread of life which will

renew your soul remain here for if you leave my presence you will not find peace or

happiness your Miracle is near just a few more Steps of Faith and it will be

yours I will grant your requests and resolve your troubles soon you will feel

so secure as light as a bird ready to fly to New Heights you will no longer

chase the approval of those who ridicule you or try to please people from now on

I will hold the highest place in your life and heart if you accept humiliation from others it lessens the worth I have

given you you don’t need to fight or yell back I simply ask you to stop letting those who toy with your feelings

and shatter your happiness affect you I have given you a spirit of love power

self-control wisdom and bravery you are not chained by fear nor will you be

defeated by cowardice people see something unique in you something they desire but can’t

achieve I extended my love and blessings to them but they chose to reject me they

heard my word and decided to stay on a misguided path but you walk on the path

of righteousness and receive Abundant Blessings while they move toward sorrow and ruin you must keep pressing forward

on this sacred path don’t glance to the sides or backwards I want you to look

only at what’s ahead don’t get stuck in the past I will take care of it reach

for your future and entrust all your plans to me search for my word and kneel each day to receive my direction from

this point on anticipate only Miracles and victories life is difficult and you

will encounter many trials however my love surrounds you and

my power is always available to help you when troubles come do not fear keep

moving forward for victory belongs to you respond kindly to those who test you

and resist letting doubt take hold within you those who live in defeat choose that path themselves I have not

punished them or made them suffer for their mistakes they chose to remove me from their hearts and without guidance

they turned to discouraging others be cautious about who you listen to my hope

is that your faith stays strong and that you never forget who you truly are I

have given you life Joy renewed your purpose filled you with peace and

increased your wisdom you are my beloved child and I want to bless you richly I

want you to focus on yourself and your family don’t exhaust yourself trying to satisfy the world hurrying around

weighed down with worries living a life controlled by others or feeling UPS ET

if people don’t accept you or if someone angers you pause for a moment and let me shape your character when someone

offends you or tries to disturb your peace don’t react right away when you do

respond let it be with kindness a loving response can reach even the most stubborn of Hearts let my

holy spirit guide your words many are confused and live in constant turmoil

taking out their frustrations on you because they see your life is peaceful and orderly they may try to provoke you into

losing control but they will not succeed because I am your God and the ruler of

your heart I will teach you what to say remember these words you hear a peaceful

reply quiets The Rage of the aggressive you will see how others are startled by the change in your character they will

no longer view you as sad Restless depressed or angry your demeanor will

reflect my holiness from your lips will flow words that nourish the soul words that can heal and

restore your choices are wise and your results are productive even those who

have lost their way will long for what you possess because you have been transformed this transformation is one

of the greatest gifts a truly incredible blessing more miracles are coming

nothing can stop them keep your gaze forward kneel in prayer daylight

trust your journey to me I will open the doors to success and joy for you return

here each day to immerse yourself in this holy and powerful word you will be nourished and will give thanks with deep

faith for all the wonderful things Yet to Come always remember I love you truly

I cherish you deeply move forward with confidence look up you’re stronger than

a lion braver than an eagle I know you woke up today weighed down by many problems your spirit

burdened but these overwhelming feelings will pass my love for you is

eternal I will lift the sadness and despair you feel today I will guide your

steps and goals I will increase your strength I will surround you with my

presence Stand Tall look your enemies in the eye without fear show your faith by

being faithful to me by trusting and obeying me I will bring many

opportunities to you and you must persistently knock on these doors day and night until they open this will show

you how much you have changed you’re no longer the person others once saw as weak poor and

unsuccessful you never were people may have convinced you otherwise but your

biggest mistake has been caring too much about what others think remember neither

friends nor foes do determine your destiny from now on wherever you go

carry yourself Like A Champion let everyone see that you are my child a

child of a king who loves you and who you believe in be assured that your greatest blessing is on its way and your

ultimate happiness is about to unfold my beloved child when the world

around you seems to crumble and your faith is tested remember that I jesus am

your your unwavering protector it was I who called you by name lifted you from

the depths of Despair and showed you the depths of my Mercy I have adorned you

with honor and wrapped you in my boundless love within you flows a river of divine strength enabling you to

perform Miracles through your hands I have bestowed upon you the power to conquer your enemies and the resilience

to withstand the assaults of evil in this pivotal moment hold your head high

and pay no heed to those who seek to bring you down your obedience to me has not gone unnoticed rest assured in the

knowledge of my profound love for you have confidence in the path you have chosen persist in prayer and continue

the good fight until the very end pray according to my perfect timeline and I

will answer you draw from the Wellspring of my love for strength you are my

faithful Warrior and your prayers do do not fall on deaf ears the answers you

seek along with Abundant Blessings I will bring to you you have endured

fought valiantly and given selflessly without expecting anything in

return but do not place your hope infallible human beings keep praying and

trusting in me for I will undoubtedly reward you ready your heart for I am

about to fortify it further by infusing it with my divine breath imparting to

you an even greater measure of my Holy Spirit immerse yourself in this Supernatural current you are on the cusp

of experiencing visions and dreams in which I will reveal to you the Wonders and miracles I have planned for your

life your family and your loved ones in the Stillness of the night

attune your ears for you will hear my voice you will sense my presence as

intensely as a Fountain of Living Water ser surging within you cleansing your emotions and enabling you to release

past hurts you have been reborn I have imbued your being and actions with Purity and authenticity

From This Moment forward your words will be beautiful and full of faith free from

complaints or idle chatter your destiny is not subject to chance or the

alignment of the Stars you are cherished beyond measure and infinitely precious

to me this faith and awareness of my constant presence will never diminish

you will always feel my nearness whether in times of peace or adversity whether

under clear skies or stormy clouds grasp this truth today and cling

to it tomorrow I will never abandon you my devotion is eternal I will never Tire

of loving and caring for you I’m orchestrating every detail so that every

promise I have made to you come to fruition at the perfect moment and you receive all the blessings I have in

store for you therefore devote time to prayer carve out moments just for the

two of us whether it’s a minute minutes or an hour use that time to be

filled with this holy anointing my beloved child I love you and I will

respond to you persist in prayer for I am always listening and I never grow

weary of hearing from you moreover continue praying without feeling that it is a waste of time be

patient and allow me the opportunity to work out the details to bless you beyond what you have requested when the time

comes for me to answer you you won’t have to wait long do not lose heart in

the meantime reflect on how you’ve grown in faith and how your belief has been fortified your faith is now more solid

and unwavering you are not as easily discouraged Ed by challenges nor do you

succumb to fear when faced with obstacles you are walking the path I have set before you and that brings me

great joy in those moments of Anguish when you felt lost you did not wander or

stray down perilous roads you remained faithful to my love and that fills me

with delight have confidence that I will always respond to your prayers and soon

I will come to you with the perfect answer do not be swayed some will attempt to discourage

you but be Discerning about whom you listen to many will disguise their unbelief with kind words and false

friendship but do not waste your time on those who might lead you astray and fill your mind with resentment they take

notice of how affectionately I treat you and how well things turn out for you despite your mistakes and they are

envious they seek to take away the blessings you already possess forgive and pray for those who try to

discourage you but guard your heart if you allow them they will attempt to harm

your family and your home they act out of jealousy instead of seeking me they

squander their time trying to take what belongs to you but do not be anxious I

am watching over everything as long as you remain connected to me I will send a warning to

your heart when danger is near keep your faith strong and anchored in my word

listen and accept it when I speak to you remember the wonderful things I have told you and cherish them the prayers

you have offered and the blessings you have requested are on their way you and your family will soon be overwhelmed

with joy I see you and I know that you remembered me when you awoke today this

brings me great pleasure it Delights me to see you grateful in putting me first in all things this attitude of your

heart always fill filled with praise and worship constantly praying asking and

interceding not only for your own needs but for others as well we’ll bring you a

great reward an immense blessing believe it share it with your family that this

blessing is coming very soon but I ask that your heart remains unchanged when

it arrives continue to pray and seek me with all your might because of this

dedication and your desire to know me more I will open many doors for you the windows of Heaven are opening and you

and your family will receive Abundant Blessings you have already experienced my blessings but I assure you that even

more wonderful things are on their way continue to trust in me and be courageous because I will bring

opportunities into your life even though they may appear as challenges do not be

afraid when problems arise confront them with the mindset of a Victor and you

will overcome them all you will not be overwhelmed or intimidated by bad news or medical

diagnosis I’m telling you repeatedly and I say it again a great blessing is

coming your way so be very brave and believe with all your heart as this will

transform how you view everything you will no longer feel insignificant in the face of any challenge no matter how

large or daunting the conflicts that come your way may seem I will s my

powerful Spirit to strengthen you but you must maintain the faith-filled attitude I have discussed from the

start I am unchanging I am always the same thus I desire for you to remain

consistent every day with an ongoing hunger and thirst to seek and know me

your attitude inspires me deeply I have grand plans for you my dear child I want

this to bring you immense peace and fill your heart with joy you will pray seek

me and I will help you succeed in all your endeavors my beloved child from the

very beginning I have been by your side walking with you through the darkest

Valley so you need not be afraid though you face many trials and see conflict

all around put your complete trust in my word if you pray diligently keep going

no matter what and maintain your faith in the one who sacrificed everything for you

this year you will experience blessings success honor and esteem beyond what you

can imagine even if you feel undeserving cling tightly to me release any self-

condemning thoughts and instead embrace my unconditional love and forgiveness I have appointed you to be a

blessing and light to your loved ones banish all Notions of failure knowing I

will be your strength and help in all you do spend time with me each day

letting me replenish your soul push out discouragement and choose to believe with bold Faith nourish your spirit with

my word and let it fortify you from within walk in divine power tempered by

humility and patience as you do this you will witness wonderful unimaginable

blessings become reality in your life believe with childlike Faith remain

humble and wise in your victory always remember your Triumph Prosperity

bravery passion lofty dreams and fortitude were gained through the

suffering scourging death and blood poured out on the cross where your

destiny and Redemption were eternally secured now walk in the glorious power of my

resurrection I’ve given you my solemn vow to constantly be with you watch over you be your heavenly father provider and

shelter never think you’re alone abandoned or forsaken by

me and do not be afraid when you encounter setbacks refuse to let

negative feelings steal the blessings I have for you I am true to my word and will fulfill every promise you will not

be overcome saturate your mind with those promises I have held you near to

my heart give me the most sacred place in your heart for I am always with you

never say I can’t God hasn’t or God isn’t for I am the god who is able who

has already done it and who is eternally present set your eyes ahead my child

face your foes fearlessly for I am with you and provide for you I satisfy your

deepest needs simply listen to me obey and purposefully pursue the dreams I’ve

placed in your heart don’t look down in despair lift your eyes heavenward for I

am holding your hand and nothing can harm you know this deeply within your soul I am your Eternal companion a

steadfast presence that will never falter my love for you knows no bounds

it is unconditional unwavering and everlasting I take joy in every step you

take sharing in your triumphs and soothing your Sorrows when you stumble along life’s journey I am there to lift

you up to guide you with tender care take heart and stand firm in the face of

adversity let not the doubts of others deter you from your path persevere not

only for your sake and those you cherish but also out of Devotion to me for I

bore the weight of Agony and sacrifice out of pure love to offer you forgiveness Liberation and healing in

Your Darkest Hours remember that I walk beside inside you our Spirits

intertwined in unity together we shall endure every trial triumph over every

challenge resolve now and forever more to never yield to despair for I pledge

to be your constant source of strength encouragement and serenity look ahead with hope and

expectation for the dreams that stir Within You Are Not Mere fantasies but Divine seeds of purpose I have planted

in your soul cast off all uncertainty and hesitation

for even amidst scarcity and adversity I have already journeyed ahead to prepare

the way for you though storms may rage and obstacles Loom large take courage in

the knowledge that I have conquered the world I shall Infuse your spirit with passion fill your heart with joy and

lead you to victory trust that I your provider understand your every need and

shall abundantly Supply all that you lack do not be consumed by worry or fear

instead close your eyes breathe deeply and recall the promises I have spoken

over you allow my peace to flood your being body and soul for within you lies

the power to unlock countless opportunities that await your bold Pursuit today make a conscious choice to

step forward along the path I have illuminated for you refuse to be paralyzed by fear knowing that with each

stride you take I shall unleash Torrance of blessings upon you your cup shall

overflow your burdens shall be lifted and your heart shall be filled with gratitude and

generosity immerse yourself in my words let them permeate your Consciousness

until they become the very essence of your being rise from the Slumber of doubt and shame for I have destined you

for greatness embrace your journey with unwavering resolve undeterred by the voices of

dissent that seek to undermine your purpose I shall clear away every obstacle that stands in your path

empowering you to emerge Victorious trust in my provision for I

know your needs intimately and shall meet them abundantly declare with conviction and

wholehearted belief that you shall continue to fight to live fully and to

steadfastly cling to your faith amen my child click on the Subscribe

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