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God is like a loving parent who guides

us to make good choices and helps us

when we make mistakes just like how God

warned Samson about the wrong path there

are times we’ve done things we shouldn’t

but when we realized our mistakes and

asked for forgiveness God gave us a

fresh start but remember it’s not okay

to keep making the same mistakes

thinking God will always forgive

repeating mistakes can lead to trouble

so always pray and follow God’s plan

prayer Keeps Us close to God and

prevents things from coming between us

type amen if you believe in God if you

want to see Miracles keep reading the

Bible and remember these five things one

with God we can do anything two God

gives us courage not fear three trust

God not just yourself four be strong and

brave God is with you five don’t worry

about tomorrow Focus focus on today

sometimes we feel like our dreams are

taking a long time but don’t give up

keep believing in yourself and your

dreams even if it seems like no one

notices God sees your efforts there

might be times when we need to say

goodbye to people or things that hurt us

it’s hard but it’s part of God’s plan to

keep us safe and happy subscribe to this

channel if you believe in God remember

God has a plan for you and he will

provide for your needs seek God first

and have Faith your true worth isn’t

about stuff it’s about your connection

with God and don’t forget to be grateful

even when life is tough being thankful

can bring happiness think about all the

good things God has given you if you

believe in God show it by liking and

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